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Prof.Paula OANCEA


ISBN 978-973-0-24752-7
Everyone has got a mission in life ;as for me ,my mission is that of teaching English
to the others ,enlarging their horizons of knowledge.Firstly,being a teacher of foreign
languages means teaching students how to learn,how to discover new things,new places,new
realities. Secondly,it means helping students to discover themselves,their intellectual
potential,to make them self-confident and endowed with logical thinking.A talented and
committed teacher is supposed to build an intellectual and emotional bridge,to reach his
studentscapacity of absorbing the knowledge.I have been doing the job of a teacher of
French and English for many years .20 years ago I shifted perspectives and I decided to teach
English only.That moment proved to be a cornerstone in my life.From that moment on,I
perceived the English language as an important linguistic tool meant to help me to approach
my students in a more efficient and modern way through different teaching methods:group
works,pair works,projects,student-centred teaching.All of these new approaches filled my
existence of a fully devoted teacher.English has become for me not only an important
linguistic tool to earn my living ,but at the same time an important subject to be thought. I
have made a great contribution to developing my studentspersonalities,to quenching their
thirst for knowledge.Thus,my work as a teacher, has proved to have a double tremendous
impact:on one hand,teaching English has given a meaning to my life,helping me to live a
decent life and to travel ,and on the other hand ,it has helped me to assume the responsibility
I was born for :teaching English to other students,developing their personalities,establishing
social contacts ,being the promoter of a widely spoken foreign language.

Two years ago,destiny led my steps to very special school,included in the Waldorf
system,that is Ita Wegman highschool.Through English, I discovered special pupils ,aged
between 12-18 ,coming from well-off families and preoccupied with their kids
development.Well-oriented by their parents,endowed with ambition and willingness to
learn,these pupils brought a tremendous motivation in my career.Owing to their innovative
and open- minded personalities,I successfully worked with them and managed to make them
pass some Cambridge exams.We spent together many hours of interesting and hard work.I
have learnt that a teachers fulfillment relies on his students support.I owe this lesson to my
In conclusion,I feel very proud of building my career and existence with the help of
the English language and happy about paving my studentspath with solid and useful
knowledge .