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6/21/2017 HondaCliqvsHondaActiva4GvsHondaDio:SpecComparisonNDTVCarAndBike

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Home News Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G vs Honda Dio: Spec Comparison

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Honda Cliq vs Honda Activa 4G vs Honda Dio: Spec Comparison
How the does the new Honda Cliq stack up against Honda's well established models - Activa and Dio? We do a quick comparison to nd out.
By Sameer Contractor Jun 21, 2017 04:54 PM


The Honda Cliq is targeted at the rural

market in India

Despite the price tag, features on the

Cliq are on par with its rivals

The Cliq is Rs. 6000 cheaper than the

Dio & Rs. 8000 than the Activa

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) nally

pulled the wraps of its secret new offering - Honda Cliq yesterday and the scooter has
brought some surprises along with it. The all-new model is targeted at rural India as a
cross between convenience and practicality, and is the most affordable offering from
Honda's stable. Now, we've told you all you need to know about the Honda Cliq, but we
can't help but ask, how the does the new Honda Cliq stack up against Honda's well
established models - Activa and Dio. Both models need no introduction in India with the
Activa being the bestselling scooter in the country for the longest time. So, how does the
Cliq compete against its siblings? We do a quick comparison on paper to nd out.

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https://auto.ndtv.com/news/hondacliqvshondaactiva4gvshondadiospeccomparison1715192 1/8
6/21/2017 HondaCliqvsHondaActiva4GvsHondaDio:SpecComparisonNDTVCarAndBike
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The Honda Cliq looks rugged yet funky with its dynamic body work EXPLORE NOW

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Both the Honda Activa 4G and Honda Dio have a strong following in the Indian market. The Honda Cliq Alternatives
Activa 4G is easily one of the most universally accepted scooter there is and that shows up Okinawa Ridge
in its design too. The styling is conservative on the Activa but has received trims and 44,968 *

tweaks over the years, keeping it relevant and practical. Meanwhile, the Honda Dio has
always been the younger offering between the scooter with a sporty design language and Honda Navi
edgier body work. The body mounted front headlamp gives it the distinctive touch and we 44,408 *

really like the LED DRL that was introduced on the 2017 edition.

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In contrast, you could have a polarized opinion about the Honda Cliq. The design isn't the 44,363 *

most likeable and that has to do with the utilitarian factor thrown in. Think of it like the
Mahindra Bolero of scooters. The body work takes sometime to get used to and there is a Lohia Omastar
strong likeability for the scooter. The headlamp cluster is reminiscent of the Dio, while the 43,702 *
side panels look funky with the striking decals and the additional cladding borrowed from
the Navi.
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https://auto.ndtv.com/news/hondacliqvshondaactiva4gvshondadiospeccomparison1715192 2/8
6/21/2017 HondaCliqvsHondaActiva4GvsHondaDio:SpecComparisonNDTVCarAndBike

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The Honda Cliq gets USB charging socket along with CBS and AHO
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The Honda Cliq is on par with its siblings with a USB charging socket, wide seat and ample increaseyourgains.com

of under-seat storage space. The wider oorboard has been incorporated to accommodate
the legs and luggage, given the scooter's utilitarian application. You also get a rear luggage Horoscope Today - The Most Accurate Horoscopes
For all Zodiac Signs
carrier on the Cliq scooter. The biggest difference on the Cliq though are the knobby tyres SaranSaro

that offer improved grip even on poor road conditions. Given the road quality in the more
inland parts of India (and some cities too), the tyres should really be helpful. byTaboola


The CNB Daily - June 21, 2017
All three scooters get auto headlamp on function and Combi-Braking System (CBS) as part
of the standard kit. The Dio is the only scooter here to get tubeless tyres, however, it
misses out on the USB charging socket which is optional on the Activa. BS-IV Compliant Ducati Monster 821, Scrambler,
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Design Dimensions and Weight

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The Honda Cliq is the most affordable offering here and the most compact as well. At
1745 mm in length, the Cliq is about the 36 mm smaller than the Dio, which is the longest
2017 Skoda Octavia Facelift Review - NDTV
scooter here, and 16 mm smaller than the Activa. The Cliq is also narrow at 695 mm, when CarAndBike

compared to the 710 mm width of the other two scooters. Honda's rural offering remains
the shortest at 1039 mm, while the Activa is the tallest scooter in this comparison at 1149
mm. Interestingly though, the Honda Cliq gets the longest wheelbase at 1241 mm, which 3
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mm longer than its siblings.
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The Honda Activa 4G is the oldest offering in this comparison and also the heaviest too at
108 kg. However, the sturdy scooter gets an all-metal body that is appreciated by many
which makes for the additional weight. In contrast, the Honda Dio is considerably lighter
with a kerb weight of 103 kg, whereas the all-new Honda Cliq sharing the same Before & After: Celebs Who Aged
underpinnings is marginally lighter at 102 kg. Interestingly, the Honda Cliq weighs the Horribly
same as the Navi, despite the additional bodywork.

https://auto.ndtv.com/news/hondacliqvshondaactiva4gvshondadiospeccomparison1715192 3/8
6/21/2017 HondaCliqvsHondaActiva4GvsHondaDio:SpecComparisonNDTVCarAndBike

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2017 Honda Activa 4G Fropky

Engine and Performance

The CNB Daily - June 19, 2017
Much like the Navi, the Honda Cliq is derived from the Honda Activa and shares the same
underpinnings. In fact, all three offerings here use the same 109.2 cc single-cylinder engine
tuned for 8 bhp of power and 9 Nm of torque. The key difference though is that power
comes in earlier on the Dio and Cliq at 7000 rpm, 500 rpm before the Activa 4G. Torque, on Rare Photos Taken Right Before The
the other hand, is available at 5500 rpm on all three models. Most Tragic Moments In History

While the output remains the same, the kerb weight will make a major difference is
performance. Compared to the Activa, the Dio is much appreciated for its peppy nature
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being 5 kg lighter. Expect something similar from the Cliq as well, which is 6 kg lighter than
Activa and gets plastic body work.

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2017 Honda Dio


https://auto.ndtv.com/news/hondacliqvshondaactiva4gvshondadiospeccomparison1715192 4/8
6/21/2017 HondaCliqvsHondaActiva4GvsHondaDio:SpecComparisonNDTVCarAndBike

The Honda Cliq is the latest result of the manufacturer's domestic R&D division after the
Navi. And much like the latter, the company has kept costs low on the Cliq scooter.
Targeted rural markets where the market penetration of automatic scooters is still low, the
Honda Cliq gets a signicant advantage with its pricing of 42,499 (ex-showroom, Delhi).
The model is about 6600 cheaper than the Honda Dio and a healthy 8200 cheaper than
the Activa 4G.

The price difference over Honda's older scooters should play in an important role in
attracting new buyers towards the Cliq. It's practical design makes it more diverse as well Get to know the
in terms of usability and that adds to the perks of the scooter. Prices, Specs & Features

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The Honda Cliq will be available across India in a phased manner


The Honda Cliq looks promising and has been designed keeping smaller towns and cities
in mind. Fortunately, Honda decided to not make it boring then. The Cliq offers similar
features and powertrain as its siblings, albeit for a much lower price tag. What also works
are the thoughtful additions like the wider oorboard and luggage rack that will help small
business owners to transport luggage with less hassle. The Honda Cliq is built to a cost
without feeling like one and that just might work in the scooter's favour.


Honda Okinawa
Cliq Ridge

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Honda Activa 4G vs Honda Cliq Honda Activa 4G Honda Dio

https://auto.ndtv.com/news/hondacliqvshondaactiva4gvshondadiospeccomparison1715192 5/8
6/21/2017 HondaCliqvsHondaActiva4GvsHondaDio:SpecComparisonNDTVCarAndBike
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https://auto.ndtv.com/news/hondacliqvshondaactiva4gvshondadiospeccomparison1715192 7/8
6/21/2017 HondaCliqvsHondaActiva4GvsHondaDio:SpecComparisonNDTVCarAndBike

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