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Terry Vechinski

WiscAd 2016

640 #2 Standard 3


Dr. Jesse Jackson

Standard # 3 The administrator manages by advocating, nurturing and sustaining a school

culture and instructional program conducive to pupil learning and staff professional growth.

Dr. Jackson says its okay to be where youre at, but its not okay to stay there. We always want

to improve and we are always learning. We are professionals that are committed to educating

our young people the best that we can. There is no exact recipe for school improvement and so

very often we try and try again. We identify an area that needs improvement and we proceed

with purposeful planning and specific actions that can lead us to a goal of higher achievement.

We have identified math as an area in need of improvement across the district. Each individual

school has identified a sub category to focus on. After a three year period we did not see

significant change, so we targeted a new area. We continue to collaborate, plan, and look at data

in order to achieve more.