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Development Lead Adam Daigle

Author Adam Daigle

Cover Artists Kent Hamilton, Hugh Pindur, Firat Solhan

Interior Artists Eric Belisle, Tim Kings-Lynne, Hugh Pindur,
and Bryan Syme
Cartographer Robert Lazzaretti
Design Elements Tomasz Chistowski

Editor-in-Chief F. Wesley Schneider

Creative Director James Jacobs
Creative Design Director Sarah E. Robinson
Executive Editor James L. Sutter

Senior Developer Rob McCreary

Pathfinder Society Lead Developer John Compton
Developers Adam Daigle, Crystal Frasier, ADVENTURE PATH
Amanda Hamon Kunz, MarkMoreland,

OwenK.C.Stephens, and Linda Zayas-Palmer
Managing Editor Judy Bauer
Senior Editor Christopher Carey
Editors Jason Keeley, Elisa Mader, and Josh Vogt
Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn
Designers Logan Bonner, Stephen Radney-MacFarland,
and Mark Seifter Coming Together 3
Art Director Sonja Morris
Senior Graphic Designers Emily Crowell and Adam Vick
Fugue State 4
Publisher Erik Mona
Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens
Chief Operations Officer Jeffrey Alvarez But I Dont Want to Be in a Fugue State! 4
Director of Sales Pierce Watters
Sales Associate Cosmo Eisele
Marketing Director Jenny Bendel
Character Tips 5
Chief Financial Officer John Parrish
Staff Accountant Ashley Kaprielian Campaign Traits 8
Data Entry Clerk B. Scott Keim
Chief Technical Officer Vic Wertz
Software Development Manager Cort Odekirk About Ustalav 10 1187820

Senior Software Developer Gary Teter

Project Manager Jessica Price
Organized Play Coordinator Tonya Woldridge
Adventure Card Game Designer Tanis OConnor

Community Team Liz Courts and Chris Lambertz

Customer Service Team Sharaya Copas, Katina Davis,
SaraMarie Teter, and Diego Valdez
Warehouse Team Laura Wilkes Carey, Will Chase,
Mika Hawkins, HeatherPayne, Jeff Strand, and
Website Team Christopher Anthony, William Ellis,
Lissa Guillet, Don Hayes, JulieIaccarino, and Erik Keith

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Advanced Class Guide ACG Monster Codex MC

Advanced Players Guide APG Occult Adventures OA
Advanced Race Guide ARG Ultimate Magic UM
Harrow Handbook HH

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The Strange Aeons Adventure Path begins with your other encounter. As with all Adventure Paths, the story
characters waking up in an asylum with no memory of presented in Strange Aeons unfolds best when there is a
how they arrived there or who they are. Your first glimpse continuing thread of characters from start to end. They
of the asylum is like a snapshot of nightmarish chaos. may emerge with scars (both mental and physical) when
Things are certainly not what they seem, and carnage fills all is said and done, but overall, the encounters in this
the grim stone halls of the sanitarium. You must face the campaign arent designed to be insurmountable.
challenges of the asylum and your own foggy memories
if you hope to survive. COMING TOGETHER
Strange Aeons embraces numerous themes of The Adventure Path opens with the PCs awakening in
Lovecraftian horror to present an entire campaign that the basement of an asylum and witnessing a frightening
pits Golarions latest batch of heroes against maddening and gruesome scene. Regaining their senses, the PCs
menaces from beyond time and space. In this Adventure feel as if they are emerging from a fog or a dream, but
Path, youll find encounters focusing on locales such have trouble remembering who they are and how they
as insane asylums, creepy old houses, musty libraries, got into their current situation. The only memories that
forgotten desert cities, and far stranger locations. At remain are but vague hints and gut feelingshardly
the same time, Strange Aeons remains fundamentally clear recollections. A PC may recall only bits of an early
a Pathfinder game. Your characters will continue to childhood in a merchant family, while another might
gain power as they rise in level, and the expectation is remember being born in Oppara, but nothing else. It
that they will survive and persevere against seemingly is up to you to determine how little or much you can
insurmountable horrors. There may be casualties along recall. Feel free to begin the campaign as a complete
the way, but in the end, Strange Aeons is not meant to give blank slate. However, this campaign assumes that the
ruthless GMs a blank check to kill off the party in every player characters cant recall anything about the past few

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the course of this Adventure Path. Players in Strange

Aeons should trust the GM and know that the latter
You dont know how this happened, who or what did this
has additional information about their characters past
to you, or why it occurred. This may distress some players,
and future beyond what they may have envisioned. In
but rest assured that you will find the answers during the
the hands of a good GM, this slow reveal of characters
course of the Adventure Path. When the Adventure Path
histories adds an exciting element to the campaign, but
begins, you have no memory of who you are, but you
this kind of narrative device also has the potential to feel
have a vague recollection of your childhood and a hazy
exclusionary or antagonistic. If at any point during this
grasp on your early memories. Whats most disconcerting
Adventure Path you feel like your characters agency has
is that the last few years of your life are beyond your
been taken away, talk with the GM and the group about
ability to recall, as if they never happened. Over time, as
ways that the story can be amended or changed to restore
you discover more clues, you learn more about yourself
a comfortable level of personal control. Remember,
and those responsible for your condition and eventually
uncertainty can be fun, and consensually surrendering
restore your locked-away memories (along with any ugly
some control is a crucial element of the horror genre.
revelations that may bring).
As the Strange Aeons Adventure Path is steeped in
Despite this condition, you are still capable of
Lovecraftian themes, occult elements, and otherworldly
performing all tasks normally. You discover that you
mysteries, it might seem like a good idea to make a
still know how to use your class abilities. Access to
character familiar with those forces. However, it might
your skills and feats are not hindered in the slightest,
prove fun to play someone completely ignorant of the
and you can inexplicably recall trivial information
Elder Mythos instead of one steeped in the occult. Its up
about the world that you knew before this condition
to you and your group to determine a preferred approach
took hold of you.
this Adventure Path, and there are few wrong ways to play
You might be initially inclined to forsake all other
through Strange Aeons. Its more important for players
tasks in order to heal yourself of this state, but any
to be interested in cosmic horror or the Lovecraftian
attempts are in vain. Due to the unusual and powerful
Mythos than it is for their characters to be aware of the
circumstances of your memory loss, nothing short
things both terrible and unknown. Furthermore, players
of a wish or miracle can repair this damage, though
dont need to be experts on Lovecraftian lore to find
9489713 1187822

your actions in future adventures may restore your

frightening enjoyment from this campaign.
fractured mind.

But I Dont Want to Be in a FugueState!

Not all groups are going to want to start the campaign
years. Over the course of the adventures, the characters with their memories impaired. Some might not like the
begin to piece together what happened to them, and implications that they cant determine certain events that
they regain their full memories midway through the happened to their characters in the past. Fear not! You
Adventure Path. can still play through the Strange Aeons Adventure Path.
Upon waking, your character senses the presence You and your GM will certainly have to make changes
of the other amnesiacs, each with the same lingering and will miss out on one disturbing element of the
doubts, occupying the same cell. Your character feels a campaign, but the lack of memories isnt the only driving
vague kinship to these people for unknown reasons. The factor in this Adventure Path.
first thing your character likely realizes is that they are all If you remove the fugue state element in this campaign,
trapped together in a terrifying situation and that these you will need to provide an alternative explanation
others might make the difference between escape and for why your character ended up in the asylum as it
perishing in an asylum that has erupted into chaos. descended into chaos. Perhaps your character was
A lingering sense of servitude also nags at your visiting a friend or loved one in the asylum. Maybe your
characters memories upon awakening. Its hazy, but character was committed by a friend or family member
some recollection tugs at the back of your characters (or perhaps even self-committed). It could be that your
mind of having been captured, along with a sense of character worked at the asylum as an orderly, or was a
dread that he or she had committed some dark deeds scholar of sorts that heard about weird goings-on at the
in the past, perhaps under duress. Your character might asylum and decided to investigate. All of these present
even consider this blank slate a blessing in disguise. viable options for beginning Strange Aeons without
Beginning a campaign on such unsteady footing memory loss, but keep in mind that going this route does
requires groups to trust one another. The players need alter many plot events in the first half of this campaign.
to give up some control over their characters past in Its also possible to play Strange Aeons with only some
order to let this story of uncertain dread play out during of the PCs affected by the fugue state. This requires the

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unaffected characters to help drive the story by wanting The suggestions found in the remainder of this
to see their companions minds restoredor potential document are presented as good choices for fitting the
sins undone. There is always the chance that a character flavor and tone of the Strange Aeons Adventure Path.
might not survive an encounter early on in this campaign
and a new character unaffected by the fugue state would Classes, Archetypes, and Prestige Classes
come in to replace the fallen character. In this case, the While many of the same options that make great
player and the GM should work together to find the best characters in any Adventure Path work well for this
way to integrate a new character, depending on where the campaign, a few class options are especially suited
party is in the campaign, as many of the stakes in Strange to a campaign where the characters struggle against
Aeons are more personal than in other Adventure Paths. indescribable horrors.
Lovecraftian horror touches upon the disquieting
CHARACTER TIPS aspects of the unknown and the insignificance of mortal
Youre starting the Strange Aeons Adventure Path, but life in the vast cosmos. This idea of peeling back the
what kind of character should you play? How much layers of reality to find unknowable truths fits well with
should you develop your characters backstory, knowing the occult classes introduced in Pathfinder RPG Occult
that the characters cant remember much of their past? Adventures, but players might also relish playing someone
What are the best options for fighting against cosmic ignorant of these hidden truths. That said, while psychic
horrors from beyond time and space? The following casters tie in well thematically to this Adventure Path,
tips and suggestions can help you create characters they might also encounter more difficulties with this
perfectly suited to conquering the campaign than usual, since there is a greater chance
threats and challenges in store for to run into fear effects and effects with the emotion
you and your party. These descriptor. Keep this in mind when making a
ideas are not exhaustive, psychic caster for this campaign. It should also
and there are thousands be noted that any character classes that excel
of viable character at removing negative conditions from
concepts that can excel themselves and other characters would be
in this campaign. For useful in this campaign.
9489714 1187823

more discussions of The following suggestions are

characters in the Strange for archetypes that could prove
Aeons Adventure Path, both useful and thematically fitting
visit the messageboards throughout the Strange Aeons
at paizo.com. Adventure Path.
When making a character Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class
intended for the Strange Aeons Guide: counterfeit mage (rogue),
Adventure Path, simply proceed as disenchanter (warpriest), divine tracker
you would for any other character for any (ranger), empiricist (investigator),
other campaign. Choose hex channeler (witch), infiltrator
your race, class, feats, (investigator), mutation warrior
skills, traits, and (fighter), possessed shaman (shaman),
starting equipment. psychic searcher (oracle), sleuth
Your GM will let (investigator), speaker for the
you know what you past (shaman), spirit warden
have on your person at the start of (shaman), spiritualist (investigator),
the campaign, but the remainder underground chemist (rogue),
of your starting gear will eventually visionary (shaman).
be recovered. Pathfinder RPG
To heighten the horror elements in Advanced Players Guide:
this Adventure Path, consider making a archivist (bard), detective
character that has an obvious weakness (bard), hungry ghost monk
or vulnerability. This requires an (monk), infiltrator (ranger),
element of trust between you and investigator (rogue),
the GM that the latter not abuse this superstitious (barbarian),
vulnerability, so talk with your GM urban druid (druid),
about your concept ahead of time. urban ranger(ranger).

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Magic Tactics Toolbox:

cryptid scholar (investigator).
A number of other books can help complement your
Pathfinder Player Companion: Occult Origins:
Strange Aeons Adventure Path experience. Listed
Harrowed Society student (arcanist), fate guide
below are various sources that, while not necessary,
(spiritualist), id rager (bloodrager), reliquarian (occultist),
can greatly enhance the experience of playing through
supernaturalist (druid), true silvered throne (shaman).
this campaign.
If you plan to take a prestige class, down the line
consider some of the following options. As your
FOR GAME MASTERS character will be delving into books full of dangerous
To explore exciting new mechanics and try out some
knowledge, the loremaster prestige class in the Core
optional rules subsystems that fit well with this campaign,
Rulebook might provide an enticing option. If you
check out Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures. When
plan to have a religious character, take a look at the
using the research rules in this campaign, make sure to
evangelist, exalted, and sentinel prestige classes in
reference Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue, and keep
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods. If you intend
Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures handy for experiences
on creating a sleuth as a character, consider looking
with dreaming. If you want to learn more about the Elder
into joining the ranks of the sleepless detectives by
Mythos and have some additional Lovecraftian monsters
taking the sleepless detective prestige class in Pathfinder
to throw at your players, check out Pathfinder Adventure
Campaign Setting: Paths of Prestige. The riftwarden
Path #46: Wake of the Watcher. Finally, if you want to
prestige class also appears in Paths of Prestige and works
learn more about Ustalav, look to Pathfinder Campaign
well for characters devoted to shutting down dangerous
Setting: Rule of Fear.
portals and fighting against the horrors that emerge
from unstable boundaries.
If youre interested in finding flavorful character options
Bloodlines, Mysteries, Patrons, and
for your Strange Aeons characters, pick up Pathfinder
Psychic Disciplines
Player Companion: Occult Origins and Pathfinder RPG
While nearly any bloodline is a good choice, sorcerers
Occult Adventures.
who are wishing to mesh well with the themes of
9489715 1187824

Strange Aeons Adventure Path should consider the

following bloodlines: aberrant, accursedUM, destined,
Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures: cult hunter dreamspunAPG, ectoplasmOA, ghoulMC, harrowHH,
(investigator), elder mythos scholar (wizard), gravedigger imperiousARG, and psychicOA.
(investigator), haunt collector (occultist), hexenhammer Bloodragers have fewer options, but their most
(inquisitor), living grimoire (inquisitor), mad scientist thematic choices of bloodline are aberrantACG, arcaneACG,
(alchemist), soul sentinel (paladin), talisman crafter and destinedACG.
(occultist), witch killer(slayer). The oracle mysteries that have the strongest ties
Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures: esoteric (magus), to the themes of the Strange Aeons Adventure Path
false medium (rogue), psychic detective (investigator). include the dark tapestry and time mysteries found in
Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat: spellbreaker Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic, the lore mystery from
(inquisitor), witch hunter (inquisitor). Pathfinder RPG Advanced Players Guide, and the streets
Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue: conspirator mystery found in Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of
(investigator), enigma (mesmerist), eyebiter (mesmerist), the Streets.
faith hunter (inquisitor), forensic physician There are a number of witch patrons well suited to the
(investigator), hallucinist (investigator), phantom thief themes of Strange Aeons. Pathfinder Player Companion:
(rogue), secret seeker (inquisitor), sharper (rogue), snoop Champions of Purity has the boundaries patron, which
(rogue), warlock (vigilante), zealot (vigilante). works well for characters fighting against otherworldly
Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic: chirurgeon (alchemist), evils. Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures contains the
infiltrator (inquisitor), mindchemist (alchemist), ethereal and mind patrons, both apt thematic choices
oathbound paladin (paladin [oath against corruption]), for this campaign. Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic
psychonaut (alchemist), vivisectionist (alchemist). includes the insanity, occult, portents, spirits, stars, and
Pathfinder Player Companion: Arcane Anthology: time patrons, and Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures has
eldritch scoundrel (rogue). the conspiracies, decadence, and space patrons.
Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the Streets: The following psychic disciplines found in Pathfinder
urban bloodrager (bloodrager), urban hunter (hunter), RPG Occult Adventures make good thematic fits for this
urban skald (skald). campaign: abomination, dream, lore, and psychedelia.

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Animal Companions, Familiars, Races

andOthers Since your character can theoretically come from
The fugue state that afflicts the player characters anywhere on Golarion, all races in the Core Rulebook can
also extends to any animal companions, eidolons, offer good choices for this campaign. If your character is
familiars, phantoms, or spirit animals, who likewise find from Ustalav, where the campaign begins, that characters
themselves unable to recall or relay any recent memories. likely to be human, since humans make up most of
Your kinship with such a creature remains strong and the nations populace. Humans in Ustalav are most
true, even if your character may not remember ever commonly of the Varisian or Kellid ethnicities.
having it as a companion! Races rarer than those found in the Core Rulebook are
Even though the campaign begins in Ustalav, your possible options, but take care in your selection, because
character can hail from anywhere and can begin with any odd races can distract from the atmosphere of horror.
animal companion or familiar option your GM allows. A changeling might be a flavorful choice of race for this
Your character could have picked up an exotic pet long campaign, but a nagaji would feel out of place.
before arriving in Ustalav.
Since much of Strange Aeons takes place inside Religion
cluttered estates, mystical libraries, and haunted Even though religion isnt a primary focus in this
laboratories, characters with mounts are not suggested. Adventure Path, your group will still need a cleric or a
Likewise, characters with exceptionally large animal similar character to provide treatment for the inevitable
companions might have trouble getting their companion wounds collected along the way. You might be tempted
into some (but by no means all) of the adventure locations to play a character that venerates a Great Old One or an
in this campaign. Outer God, but that isnt a great option for this Adventure
Path. Youll be fighting against cultists who worship
Favored Enemies and these foul beings, and knowing all about the Elder
FavoredTerrains Mythos hinders the horror of the unknown. Any
Solid favored enemy choices in Strange of the other gods in the setting work just fine
Aeons include aberration and humanoid in this campaign, but if you want a deity with
(human). Good secondary choices are a connection to Ustalav (where the Adventure
9489716 1187825

outsider (evil) and undead, and useful Path begins), consider choosing Desna or
tertiary choices include magical beast and Pharasma as your patron.
ooze. These dont cover all the monsters If you worship a deity and draw power from
and challenges your character will your god, you awake with an understanding
face, but they appear frequently as of that faith and can feel your divine
opponents in the campaign. connection. If you venerate a
A fair portion of this adventure good deity, you might awaken
path does take place in urban with a vague sense of guilt or
environments, so an urban favored shame that you cant quite put
terrain will prove useful. However, your finger on. Regardless of
the PCs also experience a lot of boat this lingering doubt, you
travel, and later desert climes, making feel that your god has
aquatic and desert favored terrains useful granted you a second
secondary choices. chance to redeem
any misdeeds.
Common is the most prevalent tongue Skills and Feats
spoken by enemies and allies in this Feats that could help a character
campaign. The majority of the texts your explore loathsome lore, survive
characters will read will be in Common in strange and distant locales,
as well. To communicate with some and fight unspeakable horrors
of the stranger enemies in this are all solid choices, but none
campaign, learning Aklo might help, in particular stand out as
but the language of aberrations an aptitude that your
and dark fey is an unusual skill for character will absolutely
beginning characters and requires need to complete
a solid justification. thecampaign.

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The Strange Aeons Adventure Path contains a number your characters motivations and your own personal
of encounters and events where the PCs must use their boundaries will hopefully keep everyone on the same
wits to achieve success. Research plays a part in a few page and having fun.
of the campaign adventures. While the players dont Dont Be Afraid to Be Cautious: There are a few times
need to have expertise in research mechanics, it would during the course of the Strange Aeons Adventure
be an excellent idea to have at least one party member Path where your character might face exceptionally
with access to a number of Knowledge skills. The most challenging foes. Remember that its occasionally
useful among these are Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge smarter to retreat than to keep fighting, and that
(dungeoneering), Knowledge (history), Knowledge sometimes its best not to rouse the wrath of a potential
(nobility), Knowledge (planes), and Knowledge (religion). threat. Holding these caveats in mind will help keep
There are also plenty of social interactions throughout, your character alive, and it can enhance the fear-
so having a player character in the group who is skilled in saturated atmosphere of the campaign.
Bluff and Diplomacy is a good idea. As the party starts off Talk to the Group: The Strange Aeons Adventure
in an asylum and later delves into mysterious libraries, Path is a cosmic horror campaign. While cosmic horror
creepy estates, and forgotten places, including a party doesnt carry some of the frightening and gory elements
member with ranks in Disable Device will prove useful of slasher horror or body horror, there are still plenty
for many challenges. of disturbing elements your character will encounter
during the course of this story. Some players arent
Things to Consider comfortable with all components of a horror story.
In addition to the previous advice regarding You should know up front what it means to participate
character creation and the earlier explanation in a horror adventure and prepare yourself for
of how the PCs begin the campaign, here are these contingencies. There will be events
a few more matters to consider when youre that are unsettling, as well as characters
playing through the Strange Aeons and creatures that are disquieting. If you
Adventure Path. have any particular sensitivity, make sure to
Trust Your GM: Since this Adventure communicate that with your GM and fellow
Path presents a nonstandard opening, players so that they can be conscious of your
9489717 1187826

it requires a high element of trust needs. For more information on the importance
between the GM and the players in order of consent in horror-themed adventures, see
to work smoothly. Your character begins Chapter 6 of Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures.
the campaign with little control over the past
but still retains agency in the present. Your CAMPAIGN TRAITS
characters strongest drive at the start of this These campaign traits tie characters to the
campaign is likely surviving and escaping Strange Aeons Adventure Path, where the
the asylum, as well as piecing together those party wakes up in a nightmaretrapped
missing years. Over time, as your character in an asylum and confronted with a
uncovers more clues, new facts you learn terrifying scene. Though the PCs dont
about the past might prove uncomfortable remember their past, these traits provide
or frustrating since you as the player a feeling of who they are or may have been.
didnt get to make those decisions. Roll Though these just consist of vague feelings
with these events and explore your and personality elements, they can help the
character more deeply in order to character better integrate with a Strange
justify what has happened. To enjoy Aeons campaign.
the story to its fullest, use whatever Driven By Guilt: You awake after your
frustrations arise from this outside ordeal with a lingering feeling that you have
control and corruption to fuel your taken part in something outside the normal
ire toward the antagonists of the bounds of your morals. Whether you were
campaign instead of turning corrupted at one point or compelled to
them on your GM or fellow perform some forgotten actions, this guilt
players. The GM should drives you to fight against those forces in
not hold this trust in light the world that prey upon the good. You
regard, and maintaining see your present condition as a chance
positive communication to redeem yourself and banish this
with your GM about unsettling emotion.

paizo.com #4354720, Kazsa Fahrenthold <kzsa7@aol.com>, Jun 21, 2017 9489717

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You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against Once per day, you can reroll one Knowledge check
any spells or spell-like abilities cast by evil creatures. In that you have just failed. In addition, you can attempt
addition, once per day as a swift action, you can add your untrained Knowledge checks with DCs up to 20 instead
Charisma bonus to your attack rolls and deal 1 additional of 10.
point of damage for each class level you have against evil Methodical Mind: When you awake with nothing
creatures for 1 round. You must have a good alignment to but hazy memories, you begin carefully cataloging
take this trait. your thoughts to determine the reasons for your
Enduring Stoicism: Even condition and where you might be. This
though your pulse is pounding comforts you, and you know deep down
in your ears when you awake in that you have always relied on your
the asylum, you feel strangely ordered mind and pragmatic
nonplussed. You can recognize that approach to face challenges.
the situation you find yourself in You use this focus and
is horrific, but you refuse to let that sensibility to your advantage
fear control you. It doesnt feel like its as you investigate your current
worth worrying over too much. You know dire situation.
that when you face unspeakable forces, Choose three Knowledge
keeping your cool will keep you alive. skills. You gain a +1 trait bonus
You gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws on Knowledge checks of these kinds and on
against spells or effects with the fear or emotion concentration checks. In addition, choose one Knowledge
descriptors. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on skill. When researching, you are considered to have Skill
Intimidate checks due to your intimidating presence, as Focus for that Knowledge skill when determining what
people dont know what to expect from you. die you roll to reduce a librarys knowledge points (kp).
Foe of the Strange: You awake feeling emboldened See Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue for more information
after a terrifying nightmare. Instead of being frightened on research rules.
by the bizarre creatures from your nightmares, these Pugnacious: You awake in the asylum with sore
experiences have steeled you against these startling muscles and bloody knuckles, as if you were recently in
9489718 1187827

alien beings. You know that you fell victim to strange a fight. You even have a vague feeling that you won. You
circumstances and loathsome forces, but you refuse cant explain it, but you know that youve always been
to give in to a creeping sense of helplessness. Instead, easy to set off, and your first instinct when pressed into
you vow to fight back against whoever or whatever is a corner is to lash out. Stuck in the asylum sets you on
responsible for your current situation. The creatures of edge, and you not only want to figure out what happened
your nightmares wont hold fear over your head. Youll to you, you want to free yourself and find whoever did
take the fight to them. this to youand make them pay.
You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls when
extraordinary, spell-like, and supernatural abilities threatened by two or more enemies. In addition, once
of aberrations (for example, a gibbering mouthers per day you can gain one of the following effects as an
gibbering or an intellect devourers confusion). In addition, immediate action: You can increase the reach of your
whenever youre confused and roll to determine behavior melee attacks by 5 feet for 1 round, or you can treat your
in a given round, subtract 10 from the result. weapon as one size category larger than it actually is for
Formerly Mind-Swapped: You awake with a strange purposes of determining damage for 1 round.
sensation beyond the frightening experience of extensive Ritualistic: You awake with a sense of purpose and
memory loss. Full recollections of the experiencelike a tingle of magical power. Though its unsettling that
so many othershave been wiped from your mind, but you cant recall your past, you have a hunch that if you
at some point in your past your mind was swapped with and your companions do everything just rightfollow
that of a yithian, an alien being from beyond time and the correct steps and orderthe answers will reveal
space. You dont remember details of your experiences themselves and you will be free of your condition. You
wandering the yithians peculiar city in a foreign body get the feeling that youve always fallen back on careful
and even worry whether this might be some strange planning and time-tested evidence in the past, but a
hallucination but every so often, a flash of insight nagging sensation also tells you that you used these skills
strikes you as a result of this experience. You know in less-than-kind ways all too recently.
that you can rely on these alien flashbacks during your Choose one 0-level spell. You can cast this spell once
investigation into your current situation, as it gives you per day as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to
greater perspective into an otherwise confusing world. your character level. The spell-like abilitys save DC is

paizo.com #4354720, Kazsa Fahrenthold <kzsa7@aol.com>, Jun 21, 2017 9489718

paizo.com #4354720, Kazsa Fahrenthold <kzsa7@aol.com>, Jun 21, 2017

Charisma-based. In addition, you gain a +2 trait bonus a sudden urge to find safety. You feel like everything
on all skill checks when performing occult rituals. around you, aside from your companions, might threaten
Sensitive Mind: You awake in the asylum horribly you and youre always ready to react. You have a hard
aware of dangers lurking nearby. While your memories time staying still, and youre constantly surveying your
are hazy and indistinct, everything around you looks surroundings. Maybe you are paranoid, or maybe its just
vibrant and clear. You have an inkling that you have an overactive imagination, but whatever it is, you know
always been perceptive and can tell a lot about a person that keeping these feelings honed will help you stay alive.
even in a quick meeting. This sensitivity can overwhelm You gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks and a +1
you at times, especially in your current situation. trait bonus on Reflex saves
You gain a +1 trait bonus on Appraise, Perception, and
Sense Motive checks, and one of these (your choice) is ABOUT USTALAV
a class skill for you. In addition, once per week you can The storyline in the Strange Aeons Adventure Path
use the psychometry occult skill unlock even if you are takes the PCs from an asylum in Ustalav in the first
not capable of casting psychic spells or have the Psychic adventure to a neighboring town in the second
Sensitivity feat. See Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures for adventure, before leading them south through a
more information on psychometry and other relevant number of other locations as the PCs attempt to
occult skill unlocks. uncover what events led to their being committedand
True Devotion: You wake from your recent earn a chance to take revenge on those responsible.
ordeal with a sense of What follows is some general information about
shame, as if you had sinned Ustalav. If you want to know more, see Pathfinder
deeply against your morals Campaign Setting: Rule of Fear.
and beliefs. However, you feel a The Immortal Principality of Ustalav lies on
bit of relief as well, as if your god the northern shore of Lake Encarthan,
had granted you a second chance. a grim bastion of civilization
You not only have a drive to figure out surrounded by the barbarian
what happened to you, but an urge to fight north. A harsh landscape and
back against the unspeakable forces of evil. a history rich in tragedies
9489719 1187828

If, during the course of your investigation, inspire a wary population

you discover that you took part in unsavory to skepticism, religious
activities that would normally be opposed devotion, and superstition.
to your faith or alignment, this event A conglomeration of loosely
no longer has any impact with your affiliated counties run by feuding
standing in the eyes of your god due to nobles vying for power and influence,
your renewed righteous convictions. Ustalav is a pitiful shell of its former
Once per day when casting a glory, before it was subjected to
divine spell, you can attempt to cast centuries of slavery at the hands of the
the spell without losing the spell Whispering Tyrants undead armies.
from its spell slot or using one While the nations upper classes struggle
of your allotted spells per day. to compete with the very nations that
There is a 20% chance that abandoned them to fend for themselves
this attempt is successful. after the Whispering Tyrants defeat, the
In addition, select one average Ustalavic citizen faces far more
domain or inquisition you gruesome realities.
have. You can use the first Hundreds of years of subjugation and the
granted power of that domain residual horrors that plague the countryside
or inquisition one additional have left the people of Ustalav suspicious of
time per day. You must have a good magic, religion, foreigners, and even their fellow
alignment and be class capable of citizens. Beyond their eccentric and insular
casting divine spells in order to select qualities, the people of Ustalav often
this trait. have a dour worldview. They resign
Twitchy: Your first thought themselves to lives of suffering,
upon awaking in the asylum isnt seeing nothing in their peoples
confusion over why you cant history to suggest there exists
remember anything clearlyits any hope for a better life. Despite


paizo.com #4354720, Kazsa Fahrenthold <kzsa7@aol.com>, Jun 21, 2017 9489719

paizo.com #4354720, Kazsa Fahrenthold <kzsa7@aol.com>, Jun 21, 2017



Old Manor
Old Chapel
Iris Hill
Fort Hailcourse

The Silver Wagon

High Mart
Healer's House
Builder's Hall
Star Stela
The Stain
Binter's Smithy
Sleepless Building
Farmer's Square
Pier 19 Fish Market
The Booklayer
Smokehouse Hasok's Studio

New Chapel

Star Stela
Wailing House

0 600 FEET

the physical and psychological strains upon its populace, Originally established by Kellid wanderers, a
9489720 1187829

Ustalav nevertheless fosters extremely hardy and settlement has existed in some form at the mouth
tenacious stock: men and women who firmly believe that of the Danver River for nearly seven centuries. Early
no matter how bad it gets, history shows it could always settlers found a bounty of clean water and abundant
be worse. fishing here, though many felt that the area was cursed.
Although Ustalav has little to offer its rural peasants, Even though the people enjoyed all the resources they
inhabitants of its many metropolitan areas fare needed to survive, danger lurked behind every shadow,
somewhat better, and the centers of learning and culture and something always seemed to go wrong with their
they provide draw trade and travelers from throughout efforts to tame the land.
the Inner Sea region. The capital, Caliphas, stands on the Thrushmoor is the seat of power of the Ustalavic
banks of Lake Encarthan, and its fog-shrouded streets county of Versex and home to the regions ruling family,
host some of the nations most esteemed trade and the Lowls. The town maintains a veneer of propriety
academic establishments. In the north, the city of Karcau despite its sinister underbelly. Count Haserton
boasts a thriving culture of music, theater, and other fine Lowls IV takes a largely hands-off approach to rule,
arts, and its opulent architecture rivals the excesses of leaving much of the countys governance to elected
even the most exotic Taldan palace. Meanwhile, Ustalavs or appointed mayors. In the case of Thrushmoor, this
northwestern counties have broken from aristocratic bureaucrat is Magistrate Tillus Padgett. The counts
rule and formed their own local, democratic government reclusive tendencies rarely impact Thrushmoors daily
without nobles, calling themselves the Palatinates and activities, as the noble spends most of his time holed
providing a glimmer of hope for the downtrodden up in his estate, Iris Hill, poring over arcane tomes and
people of provincial Ustalav. ancient grimoires on unknown topics.
Thrushmoor is primarily a fishing town, as the
Thrushmoor temperate climate and fecund waters of Avalon Bay
Though the characters wont actually reach the town of provide the anglers with profitable activity all year
Thrushmoor until the second adventure, the asylum they long. The boats stop moving only for the few days on
find themselves in initially was built on Briarstone Isle. which the surface of the lake freezes, and even then,
This island is situated in the Danver River, not that far the tranquil inlet of the port provides an ideal spot for
from Thrushmoor. ice fishing.


paizo.com #4354720, Kazsa Fahrenthold <kzsa7@aol.com>, Jun 21, 2017 9489720
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