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Erucic acid has desirable properties for a variety of applications.

The use of high-erucic

acid oils is currently receiving increasing attention, due to the great interest in chemical
compounds derived from green feedstock. At world level, the production of eurucic
acis is constantly growing, and a real niche market has progressively been created.
Erucic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid (C22:1) with a large number of applications in
the chemical industry because it confers desirable technological characteristics, such as
high lubricity, cold stability and fire resistance, on oils and derived compounds.

Erucic acid is used lubricants in continuous steel casting, in formulated lubricants and
in the manufacture of rubber additives.

Both the hydrogenated oil and derived wax esters have properties comparable to
commercial waxes and are used in cosmetics and candles.

Useful nitrogen derivatives can be prepared from either the erucic acid or mixed acids
from the oil; behenyl amine is used in a corrosion inhibitor, disubstituted amides are
effective plasticizers and erucamide is an excellent slip and antiblocking agent for
plastic films. Erucic acid is mainly transformed into erucamide, a slip agent for plastic
film production. It is also used for waterproofing and paper coating compositions.

Erucic acid derivatives such as behenyl alcohol for use in markets such as paper,
water treatment, personal care, lubricants, oil and gas, paints, inks, coatings and
adhesives. Derivatives of erucic acid, silver behenate, has applicaton in photography.
Oxidative ozonolysis of erucic acid produces the dibasic acid, behenic, brassylic, and
the monoacid, pelargonic acids. Mixed diacids, mainly brassylic and azelaic, can be
obtained by ozonolysis of fatty acids from the oil. Alkyl diesters of brassylic, or of the
mixed diacids, are excellent low temperature plasticizers. Brassylic acid can be
transformed into a liquid wax for use in high-pressure lubricants and industrial
paints, and it can be used to make industrial nylons, such as nylon 13 and 1313, These
two new nylons contain repeating units that have longer uninterrupted
polymethylene chains than other nylons. Moderate melting points and exceptionally
low water absorption are a consequence of this structure. The low-melting
characteristic is an advantage in adhesive uses and facilitates fluidized-bed coating,
molding and extrusion; low moisture affinity contributes to excellent electrical
properties and dimensional stability. Commerial use of these nylons is in electrical
insulation, automobile parts, and other high-temperature applications. Pelargonic acid
can be used in lacquers and plastics. The protein meal derived from HEAR (High
Erucic Acid Rape) could be used as a livestock feed, or as an adhesive for plywood.

Demand Scenario and Competitive Insights

With the characteristics of wide uses,high added values,increasing market demand and
renewability,erucic acid is an important material for fine chemical industry in 21st
century,from which a lot of excellent derivative products can be developed. Erucamide
is a primary amide and is synthesized by reacting erucic acid with gaseous ammonia.
Around 35% of erucic acid produced globally is used for commercial manufacturing of
erucamide. The current demand world level is nearly 20,000 tonnes of erucic acid,
corresponding to about 57,000 tonnes of oils, used for deriving erucamide and various
others chemical compounds.

According to a new market report published by Persistence Market Research titled,

Global Market Study on Fatty Amides: Increasing Demand from Film & Sheets
Industry to Drive Growth of Market during the Forecast Period 2016 - 2022, the
global fatty amides market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.2% in terms of value
over 2016 - 2022. Global Fatty Amides (Erucamide, Oleamide, Stearamide, and
Behenamide) Market is Expected to be Valued at US$ 223.1 Mn by 2016 end. Erucamide
market is expected to reach over US$ 276.6 Mn by 2022. On the basis of regions, the
fatty amides market is segmented into Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin
America, and the Middle East & Africa.
Asia Pacific dominated the global erucamide market in terms of demand in 2016. Food
packaging industry is the major factor contributing to the growth of erucamide market
in the region. Erucamide is also used in the textile industry, thereby gaining high
demand from the emerging countries such as China and India. North America and
Europe are also anticipated to boost market demand for erucamide due to high demand
for manufacture of dye dispersants from the printing & dyeing industry in the regions..
Other regions such as Middle East & Africa and Rest of the World are projected to fuel
demand for erucamide during the forecast period from 2016 to 2022.

Key Trends
High demand from food packaging industry
Manufacture of dye dispersants
Slip agent for polyolefin film processing
Opportunities from increasing applications of erucamide in Asian untapped
The major players in global Erucic Acid Amide market include:

Croda Sipo
Tianyu Oleochemical
Nipo Fine Chemical
Weike Axunge Chemistry
Alinda Chemical
Zhilian Suhua
BELIKE Chemical
Changsha Hengchang
Huayi Plastics Auxiliary
PCC Chemax
AAKASH Chemicals
Fine Organics
PMC Group
Astra Polymers
Haimen Zhongteng
Guangzhou Ouying
SCM Chemical
Haimen Hualong