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VELOCE (Deliver only Pizza service in Lahore)



Veloce is an Italian word meaning Fast Delivery. We are aiming to deliver pizza in 25 minutes
and quick delivery is our main motive. We are introducing new Italian flavors and we are using
traditional Italian brick ovens for baking purpose. We are using Artigiano Italian Brick Pizza
Oven which is a line of true brick pizza ovens handcrafted, one at a time, in Italy by skilled
craftsman. Its a unique and wonderful oven perfect to create real Italian taste. We will use true
recipes for Italian pizzas and will use organic cheeses like mozzarella (accounting for about
30%), provolone, cheddar and Parmesan, Romano and ricotta.

We are going to open several hubs in different areas of Lahore such as M.M Alam road, DHA,
Faisal Town, Johar Town, Wapda Town and Cantt. Our main concern is to get every single order
and made it up to endless orders from the people by giving our satisfying quality and customer
service. We want to have our presence everywhere in order to make sure we deliver the ordered
pizza in a promised 25 minutes.

New Product Development

Core Benefit

The core benefit of our product is that we are present in all prominent areas of Lahore with our
small kiosks which helps us give customer quick delivery in only 25 minutes. Our Veloce app
also will help people build their own pizza from scratch and will also help consumers track their

Basic Product

The basic product is that it is satisfying our customer by Quick service & Availability

Expected Product

The consumer of our product seeks good quality, taste & convenience so we deliver these all
four to meet their expectations.

Augmented Product

We are offering totally new Italian pizzas with exciting flavors and we have the motive of
delivering pizza in 25 mins all over Lahore.
Potential Product

Veloce can move towards adding a variant of new flavors to our customers so we can make new
customers in every area and try to retain them by satisfying with our service.

Value Proposition (Positioning Statements)

The value proposition of Veloce is Veloce is committed to serve customers the true Italian
taste outside of Italy, at your doorstep. Veloce will position itself on the basis of taste it will
provide by using original Italian brick ovens and authentic organic cheeses.


Love at first slice. The slogan uses the love to portray how it will be the best pizza ever that a
pizza lover tries. Love at first slice is the true representation of Veloce and its promise to deliver
the most authentic Italian pizzas in Lahore.


Veloce will open its kiosks in urban areas of Lahore that comprises of population that are upper
middle and upper-upper class. M.M Alam road, DHA, Faisal Town, Johar Town, Wapda Town
and Cantt are our initial spots. We will open 2 kiosks in each town to cover more radius and
make our 25 minute delivery promise possible. This intricate mapping of our kiosks will help us
differentiate ourselves from that of competitors.


We have priced our product according to the value we are offering in our product and the chosen
target market. We have priced our product in the following way:

- Rs 429 for small (6 inches)

- Rs 849 for medium (10 inches)
- Rs 1249 for large (13 inches)
- Rs 1649 for family size (18)
- Rs 80 For sauce (Salsa, BBQ Sauce, Hummus, Marinara)
- Rs 100 for Veloce Pizza Special Sauce
- Rs 250 for Potato Wedges (8 pieces)
- Rs 500 for Salads (Sicillian, Antipasto, Grilled bread salad with goat cheese)


The creative strategy comprises of Product concept, advertising message, Target Audience and
communication medium.

Product Concept & Advertising message:

We are mostly using rational appeal in our print ads and TVC, except our ramzan print advert.
The product concept of Veloce is mainly the convenience its providing to the customer by
delivering pizza in just 25 minutes and the high quality taste of pizzas that are made in the Brick
ovens. Advertising message will also highlight the rational appeal of taste and convenience of
quick delivery and our app which lets you build your own pizza.

Target Market

A target market is a group of people considered likely to buy a product or service. We divide our
market into segmentation. Market segmentation divides the market into four main sub categories:
demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation.


Demographic segmentation refers to aspects of a market such as age, gender, race, occupation
and education. We are targeting people in age bracket of 15-50 years of age including both
genders. Then secondly, we are targeting specifically to the people having their monthly incomes
above 50,000. The reason is that people with less income will not prefer eating pizza and pizza is
a luxury not a need. They live up to their daily expenditures and meet them.

Geographic segmentation divides the market by location. This could be divided into countries,
cities, towns and neighborhoods etc. Different geographic locations usually have different
aspects to their environment, which allows marketers to appeal to the specific needs of each
location. Geographically we are segmenting and targeting people living in the urban areas and
the city targeted is specifically Lahore. We are targeting different locations in Lahore like M.M
Alam road, DHA, Johar town and Cantt.


Psychographic segmentation relates to dividing a market based on how they live their everyday
lives. This could encompass their values, as well as their personality, attitudes and general
interests. Our social class includes upper middles and upper uppers as they are the consumers
who can easily buy our pizza on regular basis. Lifestyle includes people who are achievers and
personality includes people who have love for pizza and people who are energetic.

The psychographic segmentation is also done by identifying similarities in the consumer

activities, interest and values.

Activities: Social Events, food festivals

Interest: Pizza lovers

Values: Personal image


Behavioral segmentation subdivides the market depending on how consumers behave towards a
product. Consumers behave differently depending on occasions and the frequency of usage of a
product. One key to identifying the best target market is assessing brand loyalty involving
attitudes and behaviors toward the brand. The target audience for this product is people who
dont mind spending extra on a product that will please them and pizza lovers wont mind
spending money.

Occasions: Our pizza is a regular day use product. We will also give service on special
occasions like Eid, Ramzan and food festivals.

Benefits: The benefits our customers will get include the taste, quick service and discounts.

User status: Our users will be the adapters and switchers since our product is new in the market.

User rates: User rate will include the people who eat pizza once in two weeks and on regular

Attitude towards Product: Consumers will feel enthusiastic in ordering and having the desired
flavor delivered as our app and website will let them design their own pizza.

Communication Media

Outdoor Media:

1. Firstly, we will use cycles and vehicles as a transit advertising in order to convey the
message. People will see our ad while travelling and driving on the roads.
2. Then we will advertise through billboards located near Allahu chowk, cavalry ground,
Khayaban e Jinnah and the famous liberty chowk.
3. We will also communicate our message through neon lights and we will place those neon
lights on our khokhas.

Print Media:

For print we will use brochures to communicate. Secondly, we will advertise through
newspapers. Newspapers include DAWN and SUNDAY MAGAZINE of will be used for
advertising. We have taken these 2 newspapers specifically because the readers of these
newspapers usually tend to be our target market.

Electronic Media:

TV commercials will be helpful as a lot of people watch television throughout the day. We will
advertise on Hum TV, City 42, 8xm, ARY Entertainment, ARY News, Style 360 and cable
channels. We specifically targeted these channels as they are watched mostly by youth,
housewives that are interested in entertainment shows so they watch these channels and their
children who come back from schools and colleges also might watch these because of the
mothers and also by the fathers. Primetime shows are also targeted which are seen together by
families like Jeeto Pakistan and Aj HSY ka sth.

Digital media:

We will use social media in this part. Instagram and facebook will be used. Sponsored adverts
on both these social sites will be used. We have also created a website and an App through which
we can create awareness of our service among people, both which let our consumers build their
own pizza. Our app will also have a track your order feature where you can see the route of your
delivery guy. We will also make sure that accounts like Niche lifestyle, Sidsays and Sunday
Times review Veloce on their accounts to target mass audience and create hype among their

Research Technique: We are using Secondary Sources for our product research.
Sources like the internet, advertising agencies and prior research data.
Media Plan

Cable Channels

We reached our targeted audience by using cable channels that cover areas related to them. We
divided our media plan for two months. We will use complete months of May and June to
advertise our TVC and scroll message. We used Wateen, Tristar, Newtech, Max 2, IN Cable,
Four Star and Nova channel because these specific channels cover specific targeted areas for our
target market.



We have chosen Jang because it is the most popular Urdu newspaper in Pakistan. We are giving
front page colored ad and size ad in Sunday newspaper. On Sundays, most of the people read
newspaper so it will be very effective to grab the attention of our target market. We will also
publish our Ramadan, EID and Independence Day deals in newspaper.

In May, we are publishing our ads every Sunday because it is the month when we are launching
our brand. We are publishing on every Sunday because we want to reach our target market and
make them familiar about Veloce Pizza.

In June, we are publishing our ad on last two Sundays because it is the end of Ramadan and start
Of Eid. So it is a good opportunity to increase our sales and build brand equity.

In July, we are publishing our ad in the 1st and 3rd week because students have their summer
vacations and they want to try new things. During this month, we will publish mid night deal ads
in newspaper because students do not sleep early and they purchase midnight snacks.

In August, we are publishing our ad in the 2nd week because of the Independence Day. We will
give deals on this occasion to build a positive relationship with our customers.

Keeping in mind our target market, we have chosen Dawn newspaper. It is number one English
newspaper in Pakistan and publishing ad in this newspaper would help us to create a high end
brand image. Dawn newspaper is very expensive so that is the reason we are publishing our ads
only on Saturdays.

We are publishing our ad in the first week of May because this is the time we are launching our
campaign. We are also publishing our ad on the last two Saturdays in June because it is the time
of Eid and we want to boost our sales during this period. In August, we are publishing our ad on
first two Saturdays because we are giving 14th August deals to our customers.

Outdoor promotion

We are doing ATL activities to reach our customers and to make them aware about our new
Italian Veloce pizza . In ATL activities we are also focusing on outdoor promotions in some
areas to gain the attention of our target market. Specifically, we are using billboards in our
outdoor campaign and focusing more on visual elements, it will help our target market to identify
our brand in less time.

Our campaigns duration is 4 months and it starts from 1st may, 2017 till 31st August, 2017. Our
target market is upper- middle class and upper-upper class, aged 15-45, both male and female.
Keeping in view our target market, we are using billboards located at MM Alam, Liberty, DHA,
Allah Hoo chowk, Sherpao Bridge and G1 market.

Liberty chowk:

We have chosen liberty chowk because it is the center point between different residential areas
(Gulberg, Model town, Garden town) where our target market lives. The other main reason is
liberty market which is a large shopping hub and it will help our target market to observe our ad
on billboard.

We are using liberty chowk billboard in the first week of May, 2017. Our campaign starts from
1st May, 2017 and we want to make our target market familiar to our Veloce pizza.
In June 2017, we are putting our ad in 3rd and 4th week because it is the time of EID and people
celebrate the festival with their loved ones. So this is a good opportunity to increase our sales.

In July 2017, we are not doing any outdoor campaign because we already did an aggressive
advertisement at the end of the two weeks of June when Eid is celebrated.

We are putting our ad on liberty chowk billboard in the 2nd week of August, 2017. The reason is
14th August which is the independence day of Pakistan and we will give different deals to our
customers during that period.

Allah hoo chowk:

We have chosen Allah hoo chowk because it covers our target market living in Johar town,
Wapda town and it is also the crossing point for the students of different universities. Our target
market also includes youth, so using Allah hoo chowk billboard will help us to get their

We are putting our ad in 2nd week of May, 2017 because it is the starting period of our campaign
and we want to reach our target market.

In the last two weeks of June, we are using Allah hoo chowk billboard because it is the time of
EID and people have more get together in that period.

We are not doing any outdoor campaign in July because universities are closed in that month.
The other reason is we already did an intense advertising in the last 2 weeks of June.

In the 2nd week of August, we are putting our ad because of the 14th August and people celebrate
Independence Day of Pakistan together. We will also give discounted deals on this occasion to
increase our brand equity.

G1 market:
G1 market connects with Johar Town and Canal, so it will help us to get the attention of our
target market. The other reason is that there are many other clothing brands, so it is a great place
to reach our female target market.

We are using G1 market billboard in 4th week of June because it is the time of EID. As I
mentioned before there are many clothing brands, so the increased visits of women help us to
increase our brand familiarity. We are also doing in last 3 weeks of August because of the
Independence Day and women do shopping for the fall season. It is a great time to place our ad
on billboard.

M M Alam:

We are using MM Alam hussain chowk billboard to advertise our Veloce pizza. The main reason
is that it is a great place to reach our customers because there are all high end brands and
expensive restaurants. As we are targeting upper-middle class and upper-upper class, so we can
easily reach to our customers and get immediate response.

We are placing our ad on MM Alam billboard on the first week of May, 2017 because it is the
duration when our campaign starts. In the last 2 weeks of July because of EID and we will also
give eid deals to our customers. And in the 2nd week of August because of Independence Day as
I mentioned before.

Sherpao Bridge:

We are placing our ad on Sherpao Bridge because it connects residential areas (Gulberg and
Cantt) where are target market lives and it will them to identify our Veloce pizza.

We are using Sherpao Bridge billboard in the first week of May because our campaign is
launching in that time. In the last two weeks of June because of Eid. In the 2nd week of July,
because it is the time summer vacations and everyone enjoys eating pizzas at late night. And in
the 2nd and 3rd week of August because of the Independence Day.

We are placing our ad in DHA because our large number of target market (upper-middle class
and upper-upper class) lives in that area. So it will give a boost to our sales and build a strong
brand equity. Placing our advertisement there help us to build a desirable brand image.

We are using DHA billboard in the first week of May because our campaign is launching in that
time. In the last two weeks of June because of Eid. In the 2nd week of July, because it is the time
summer vacations and everyone enjoys eating pizzas at late night. And in the 2nd and 3rd week of
August because of the Independence Day.

BTL activities:

Now a days, marketers are focusing more on BTL activities because it is very cost effective.
Another benefit of BTL activities is that it is not very difficult to design and helps to increase
immediate sales. We are also using this non-traditional way to involve our customers to increase
our market share. Veloce Pizza has many strong competitors, so it is very important to do BTL
activities to survive in the market.

Transit promotion:

We will develop carts in the shape of Pizza. We will hire some people to drive those carts in
Gulberg and Canal. We will do this activity only in May to grab the attention of people. Veloce
pizza name, logo and tagline will be written in bold text on these carts.

Social media promotions:

It is the era of social media and at the same time it is very cost effective. We can target a mass
market without any financial constraint. We will develop our Veloce pizza page on Facebook.
Everything related to Veloce pizza will be posted on that page either it is about deals, events
ingredients or flavors. It will also help us to take immediate feedback from our customers to
make improvements. We will also make sponsored adverts on facebook and instagram.

Veloce believes in delivery of true taste of Italian pizzas to our customers in promised 25
minutes. Our motive is quality and good service and we are aiming upper middle and upper class
as our target market.We are advertising our product through TV channels like Hum TV, City 42,
8xm, ARY Entertainment, ARY News, Style 360 and cable channels. Then we are placing our ad
in different locations of Lahore like MM Alam, DHA, Johar town etc through billboards. We
have used Jang and Dawn as our print media. We used ATL activities for our outdoor advertising
and BTL activities in transit promotions and social media promotions.