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Love and Chemical Attraction

Love has existed in the human raise for thousands of years since very old
cultures. Nowadays it has many different manifestations in each culture and place
of the world. In some places, for example, people do marriages (which are a
tradition for making officially a knot between the peer) at the age of 8, in some
others they wait until 26. And in some places the marriages are even arranged
by their parents. So it is a huge topic to research, but as it is extense, its difficult
to understand all of its parts.
Many scientists have made their own investigations and theories about love and
if it is a chemical reaction or if it is completely a feeling issue. In order to find the
answer we have to know a little bit more of this different points of view.
Some psychiatrists think that love attraction is due to experiences that have
marked the person in the past, Thomas Lewis says that for example, the feeling
that the person feels when being child that his mom holds him, he wants to feel it
again and he looks that in his peer.
Another theory can be the one of the surviving topic, a man that looks strong and
tall probably can take care of the children better than a man that looks weak and
small. Consequently the woman will choose the tall and strong man than the weak
The University of Lausanne made an experiment of smelling t-shirts, women had
to smell sweaty t-shirts without knowing of what man it was. After smelling them,
they had to say which one had the best smell. The women chose the man that
was completely different from them. Actually, the reason of why they chose the
most different man its because he had something that she lacks off in her
immune system.
Another possible explanation to the love falling can be the results of the scientist
Donatella Marazziti that found that in people that were in love the quantity of
serotonin they had in their blood was lower than in normal people.
So, as we can see, finding the reason of why people fell in love can be difficult.
Despite it has something that can be a lot easier: How couples can keep the love
during all that time of their marriage?
Studies say that passionate love can last only 4 years because it is the time a
couple can last to raise a child for surviving correctly. After this time the passion
gets extinct and being together might turn to be only a practical thing. Even
though, after this time the marriages still have to be together, and that is the
question, how can the couple last too much in their relationship?
For this other, the scientist Helen Fisher has studied a chemical that the body
produces when it forms a bond or mutual relation between two people called
Oxytocin, like with the mom and the child. Oxytocin can be produce when two
people are close for too much time and have physical contact and a physical
relationship. This chemical helps that the peer stay together for a long time with
a feeling of connection that keeps going for years.
After all this facts about studies of love, I think that many things about love will be
unknown for a long time still. And that love could be formed by the bodys
chemicals nevertheless, it could also be made by pure feelings and experiences.

- Jorge Gonzlez Zavala