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Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c

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Question 1

Which two statements are true about the role of Oracle Business Rules in Adaptve Case
Management (ACM)?

A. Defning business rules is mandatory to be able to builde deploye and run an ACM project.
B. Business rules are used to handle case events and take specifc actons on the case.
C. Business rules are used to actvate conditonal case actvites.
D. Oracle Business Rules is an optonal component of ACM.

Aoswern B,C

Question 2

Which two features are provided on the Tasks page of Business Process Workspace?

A. Display Status for Adaptve Case Management (ACM) cases.

B. View human tasks based on the users permissions and assigned groups and roles.
C. Create personal to-do tasks that are unassociated with a process instance.
D. View who is currently assigned to a task that the current user has completed.

Aoswern B, C

Question 3

Which statement is true about a case actvity that is defned as Automatcc and Conditonalc?

A. The actvity is run automatcally as soon as the case starts.

B. The actvity is run by the system only afer it is initated by the user.
C. The actvity is automatcally run by the system as soon as it is actvated by a case rule.
D. Only a BPMN case actvity can be defned as Automatcc and Conditonalc.

Aoswern C

Question 4

You have a requirement to dynamically assign tasks at run tme based on the employees ttle. Which
three could be used to accomplish this assignment? (Choose three.)
A. Use parametric roles to map the individual parametric role assignments and then map individual
users to specifc ttles in the workspace using extended user propertes.
B. Use parametric roles to map the individual parametric role assignments and then map LDAP
groups to specifc ttles in the workspace using extended user propertes.
C. In LDAPe ensure that individual users have been given ttles ande in the workspacee associate the
LDAP ttle atribute to a parametric role.
D. Use a business rule in the human task to dynamically assign work items to specifc users or an
LDAP group based on employee ttle.
E. In the processe edit the propertes of the swimlane and assign a ttlec string data object in the
process payload to defne a parametric role.

Aoswern A, B, D

Question 5

Which human workfow service is used to get the list of outcomes defned for a task?

A. IRuntmeConfgService
B. ITaskQueryService
C. ITaskService
D. ITaskMetadataService

Aoswern D

Question 6

When automatcally generatng an ADF form from a human taske the diference between using the
Auto-Generate Task Formc and the Launch Task Form Wizardc is that the _____.

A. Launch Task Form Wizardc opton launches a six-step BPM Custom Form Wizardc and the Auto-
Generatec opton creates the ADF projecte task fowe and ADF form with one key click
B.Launch Task Form Wizardc opton does not create a new ADF project every tme it is run
C. Auto-Generatec opton gives you the choice to use an existng ADF page template as the form is
being created.
D. Launch Task Form Wizardc opton automatcally creates an ADF page template and task fow

Aoswern D

Question 7

Which patern is best handled by using Adaptve Case Management?

A. straight-through processing requiring no manual interventon

B. deterministce human-centric processes
C. knowledge-based work requiring collaboraton
D. applicaton integraton processes

Aoswern C

Question 8

Which two statements are correct on the use of business objects in a BPM project? (Choose two.)

A. A business object is defned by a complex data tme.

B. Business objects are ofen defned in WSDL documents.
C. A business object can inherit data and behavior from a parent business object.
D. You can create a business object at either the project level or the process level.

Aoswern A, C

Question 9

The inital performer of a task is determined by the role associated with the swim lane in which the
task is modeled except when you use a(n) _______.

A. complex task
B. user task
C. FYI task
D. group task

Aoswern A

Question 10

Which two modeling approaches could be used to handle exceptons thrown by a service? (Choose
A. subprocess
B. event subprocess
C. error and event
D. error catch event as a boundary event on the service task

Aoswern B, D

Question 11

You are analyzing the diferent methods available to manage the life cycle of the OWSM policies in
your SOA:BPM environment. Identfy two statements that correctly describe OWSM policy
atachments. (Choose two.)

A. Although you can boss atach and detach security policies in JDevelopere you can detach them only
in Enterprise Manager.
B. An applicaton developer typically uses JDeveloper to create new security policies rather than
select them from a prebuilt list.
C. When you use JDeveloper to associate a security policy with a web servicee the policy is not really
atached untl applicaton development.
D. OWSM policies can be atached and detached with WLST.

Aoswern C, D

Question 12

Which statement is true about using a data-frst approach in the Web Form Designer?

A. The process must already have an object-based process variable created.

B. The human task must already have an object-based data element defned.
C. A corresponding process data object is automatcally created and mapped into and out of the
human task.
D. As widgets are dragged onto the form from the paletee the forms underlying XSD is automatcally

Aoswern B

Question 13
Which three actons are available when using business rules for a case? (Choose three.)

A. Actvate actvites.
B. Set an actvitys relevance.
C. Change a milestone deadline.
D. Change a required actvity to an optonal actvity.
E. Modify case data.

Aoswern A,B,D

Question 14

Which two product features might a process analyst use the most in contrast to a process developer?
(Choose two.)

A. Process simulaton.
B. Business rules.
C. Mediator services.
D. Web Forms.
E. BPM Studio.
F. ADF forms.

Aoswern A, D

Question 15

Human workfow is implemented as a _________.

A. component within the BPEL service engine

B. separate Java server running on WebLogic Server
C. service engine within the SOA infrastructure
D.component within the BPMN service engine

Aoswern C

Question 16

Which two statements are accurate in describing features of Business Process Workspace? (Choose

A. To see tasks containing a partcular word in the task ttlee you need to create a custom view.
B. The defniton and data for a new view can be shared with a colleague.
C. A custom view needs to be created to enable the delegaton of a task to another user.
D. In a task viewe the task list can be sorted based upon any visible column heading.

Aoswern B, D

Question 17
A task is considered overdue when _______.

A. there are no more renewals

B. the current date is beyond the due date
C. the current date is beyond the expiraton date
D. the current date is beyond both the expiraton date and the due date

Aoswern B

Question 18

Which three optons are human task paterns that cause the token to wait in the calling process untl
the human task is completed? (Choose three.)

B. Initator
C. Management
D. Manual
E. Group

Aoswern B, C, E

Question 19
Which two statements are true about business architecture modeling in BPM Suite? (Choose two.)

A. It fosters a top-down approach that allows for discovery of an organizatons processes.

B. It is required before BPMN modeling can begin for a specifc process.
C. It is supported by enterprise mapse value chain modelse and strategy models created in BPM
D. It allows you to defne high-level processes that span an entre organizaton.
E. It uses familiar BPMN notaton to graphically describe high-level process areas.

Aoswern A, D

Question 20

Which two statements are true about using project data objects? (Choose two.)

A. Any process in the project can access a project data object.

B. The value of a project data object does not vary between processes.
C. Project data objects can be used only as input arguments to a process.
D. Project data objects can be used in data associatons and expressions.

Aoswern A, D

Question 21

Which component enables a shared work environment for a BPM Suite /1c project where process
analysts use Process Composer and process developers use BPM Studio?

A. Oracle Enterprise Repository

B. Meta Data Services
C. Process Asset Manager
D. Apache Derby DB

Aoswern C
Question 22

You have a situaton where a collecton of rules might provide a fexible way of externalizing logic in
an applicaton.
Which two are accurate consideratons to access as you decide to use a decision table or if-then
rules? (Choose two.)

A. The decision tables spreadsheet metaphor is compact and familiar to end users.
B. Decision tables can use globals while if-then rules cannot.
C. The logic likely requires more rules if expressed as a decision table.
D. Unlike with a decision tablee an Expression Builder is provided for if-then rules to help you craf
conditon expressions.
E. Built-in error preventon features for decision tables can help you build more complete and
accurate rules.

Aoswern A, E

Question 23

In which two tools can you explore the path taken by a running process instance? (Choose two.)

A. Enterprise Manager
B. Process Composer
C. Weblogic Console
D. Business Process Workspace

Aoswern A, D

Question 24

What determines the life span of the value in a subprocess data object?

A. process
B. task
C. subprocess
D. project

Aoswern C

Question 25

Which event will be raised when a case is suspended?

A. Lifecycle
B. Actvity
C. Milestone
D. User-defned

Aoswern A

Question 26

Which two statements are true about using Process Player to test a process? (Choose two.)

A. All actvites must be implemented for a process before you can run it with Process Player.
B. When you are running a process by using Process Player and it reaches a user task that has an
associated forme you must display the form to select the task outcome.
C. As a process runs in Process Playere the BPMN diagram is animated to show the fow through the
D. Before running Process Playere you must map all roles in your process to at least one user or group
in your organizaton.

Aoswern C, D

Question 27

Which statement is true for a BPMN subprocesses?

A. It has access to the data variables of the main process.

B. Data have to be explicitly passed back and forth between the main process and the subprocess.
C. The subprocess can be reused and called from other processes.
D. The sequence fow inside a subprocess can be diverted and joined to the main fow without going
through an end event.

Aoswern A

Question 28

To establish the integraton between BPM Suite and BAM /1ce you need to _______.

A. do nothing as they are integrated out-of-the-box

B. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setng to false on the SOA server
C. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setng to false on the BAM server
D. set the DisableMonitorExpressMBean setng to false on the SOA server

Aoswern B

Question 29

Which two components in a BPM project can be promoted to become a case actvity? (Choose two.)

A. Mediator
C. Human task
D. Business rule
F. Spring

Aoswern C, E

Question 30

By defaulte which two tasks partcipant roles can change the outcome of a task? (Choose two.)

A. Admin
B. Approvers
C. Assignees
D. Creator
E. Owner
F. Reviewer

Aoswern C, E

Question 31

Which two statements are true about verbal rules and business phrases? (Choose two.)

A. You can create a verbal rule with business phrases as a column in a decision table rule.
B. Derived business phrases are automatcally created by using factse globalse and other informaton
in the rules dictonary.
C. User-defned business phrases can be explicitly authored to augment derived phrases.
D. You can mark a verbal rule as draf in the Rules Editor.

Aoswern B, C
Question 32

Which statement is an unsupported scenario for virtualizaton through libOVD?

A. Dynamic groups used to determine group membership.

B. Users and groups used for task assignment are stored in a relatonal database.
C. Users and groups used for task assignment are stored in an external LDAP server or the embedded
LDAP server.
D. Users and groups used for task assignment are stored in multple external LDAP servers.

Aoswern B

Question 33

Which is a capability of Web Form rules?

A. altering executon of an unbounded ADF task fow

B. insertng validaton rules into an ADF page that a BPM Studio wizard has generated
C. encoding-business policies that can be easily modifed by end users at run tme
D. populatng a dynamic drop-down list by accessing a RESTful service

Aoswern D

Question 34

Which two statements accurately describe how Oracle Web Services Manager works? (Choose two.)

A. On the client sidee the agent coordinates a pipeline of policy interceptors that apply policy
assertons to the request in a standardizede predetermined order.
B. On the service sidee policy assertons are processed in reverse order of the client side before the
request is delivered to the service.
C. On the client sidee the policy manager coordinates a pipeline of agents that apply policy assertons
to the request in the order specifed by the developer.
D. On the service sidee policy assertons are processed in the same order as on the client side before
the request is delivered to the service.

Aoswern A, B

Question 35

At design tmee web forms created by using the Web Form Designer are associated only with human
tasks inside the same _____.

A. process
B. space
C. project
D. applicaton
Aoswern C

Question 36

Which two statements are true about running and analyzing simu-laton results? (Choose two.)

A. You must wait untl a simulaton run fnishes in order to see up-to-date results in charts.
B. During a simulaton rune in-fight instances are always allowed to fnish before a simulaton
C. During a simulaton rune cost and tme data are automatcally collected for all actvitese eventse
and gateways.
D. You can use only Business Process Composer to create and run simulatons.
E. The number appearing above the lef-most bar atop an actvity represents the high water mark for
the queue.

Aoswern B, E

Question 37

Which two statements describe how parallel and inclusive gateways work? (Choose two.)

A. You specify conditons on outgoing sequence fows on a parallel gatewaye but not on an inclusive
B. More than one outgoing path can be followed out of an inclusive gatewaye but not from a parallel
C. For both types of gatewayse a merge is used to wait for all tokens before proceeding.
D. You can override standard merge behavior for both types of gateways so executon can proceed
when a certain percentage of tokens have arrived at the merge.
E. All conditons are evaluated in an inclusive gateway.

Aoswern C,E

Question 38

Which statement is accurate about verbal rules and business phrases?

A. Verbal ruled can be created in Business Process Composere but not in BPM Studio.
B. For a partcular verbal rulee conditons and actons can include derived business phrases or user-
defned business phrasese but not both.
C. Derived business phrases are automatcally created by using facts and globals in the rules
D. Verbal rules must be created in a separate ruleset from general rules and decision tables.

Aoswern C

Question 39

Which statement is true about the architecture of the business rules component?

A. Facts are vocabulary elements that are used to construct tests and actons for verbal rules.
B. You can use globals to help users modify rules without having to rework the rule logic.
C. Unlike decision tablese if-then rules provide confict resoluton and gap analysis.
D. In the acton of a rulee you typically use the Fire RL (Rule Language) verb to invoke inferencing.

Aoswern B

Question 40

Which two statements accurately explain how the Call actvity behaves in a BPMN model? (Choose

A. When using a Call actvity to invoke a reusable processe the data object values of the calling
process are automatcally made available to the called process.
B. The Call actvity can invoke a reusable process from within the current process
C. If the process is to be invoked by a Call actvitye the called process must start with one None Start
D. At a Call actvitye the calling process does not wait untl the called process or subprocess returns.

Aoswern B, C

Question 41

Which two statements are accurate descriptons of how process data objects or project data objects
are used? (Choose two.)

A. A process data object can be based on either a basic data type or a complex data type.
B. A process data object is associated with a module where it resides.
C. One of the main benefts of defning process data objects is that you can confgure Business
Process WorkSpace views to display their values.
D. Project data objects are not used to share data values between processes.

Aoswern A, D

Question 42

Which human task patern is best suited for a single approver scenario where the role is resolved
through group membership? (Choose two.)

A. User
B. Group
C. Initator
E. Management

Aoswern A

Question 43

During a simu-laton rune a simu-laton defniton may be associated with _________.

A. one what-if scenario for a single process

B. multple what-if scenarios for a single process
C. multple processes and one what-if scenario for each process
D. multple processes and multple what-if scenarios for each process

Aoswern C

Question 44

What feature would you use if you want to step through a business process just to validate the fowe
rulese and forms?

A. Process Player
B. Process Simulaton
C. Process Workspace
D. BPMN Debugger

Aoswern A

Question 45

What does the case engine use as the content store if a content management system is not
specifcally confgured for case management?

A. Oracle WebCenter Content

B. a CMIS content store
C. a fle system
D. a database

Aoswern D

Question 46

Value chain models allow you to specify more details about a process area that may have been
identfed in an enterprise map. Which two statements are true about how the details are specifed
in a value chain model? (Choose two.)

A. A value chain model is the startng point for process decompositon in business architecture
B. A step can be broken down into a separate value chain model to create a hierarchical group of
value chain models.
C. It documents goalse objectvese and strategies for a business area.
D. A step can be linked to a BPMN process model.
E. There is typically just one value chain model for an entre organizaton.

Aoswern B,D

Question 47

To assign a global unique identfer (GUID) to a variablee you use a(n) _______.

A. simple expression
B. XPath expression
C. XSLT transformaton
D. call to a JavaScriot functon

Aoswern B

Question 48

Which objectve can be accomplished by using business rules in workfow routng?

A. Create a new routng rule and invoke it immediately.

B. Create new partcipants and make them available as targets for routng.
C. Send a routng sleep back to the previous partcipant for a workfow stage that is associated with a
group vote (parallel) scenario.
D. Make a routng decision before the task is assigned to the next routng slip partcipant.

Aoswern D

Question 49

Which statement describes how web forms are built?

A. Technical developers create web forms by using BPM Studio and then business analysts edit them
by using BPM Process Composer.
B. Business analysts create web forms by using BPM Process Composer and then technical
developers sometmes edit them by using BPM Composer.
C. End users create web forms by using BPM Process Workspace and then technical developers
sometmes edit them by using BPM Process Composer.
D. Technical developers create web forms by using BPM Process Composer and then business
analysts sometmes edit them by using BPM Studio.

Aoswern B

Question 50

You are testng a deployed BPM applicaton. You start a process instancee but the processing does not
proceed as you antcipated.
Where would you get the most actonable troubleshootng informaton about your BPM process?

A. SOA server log fle

B. Business Process Workspace Process Tracking page
C. WebLogic Console
D. WebLogic Diagnostc Framework (WLDF)
E. Enterprise Manager

Aoswern D

Question 51

Which two statements accurately describe managing users and roles for a BPM Suite applicaton?
(Choose two.)
A. Swimlane roles are created at design tme by using Process Composer or BPM Studio.
B. Applicaton roles can be added by using WebLogic Console or WLST.
C. The organizaton chart structure of users is visible in Business Process Workspace.
D. You can associate an LDAP group with an applicaton role in Business Process Workspace.

Aoswern A, D

Question 52

Which statement is true about BPM Suites round trip simu-laton feature?

A. Round trip simulaton is a feature of a Process Player.

B. Basing a simulaton on actual process runtme data can help you fnd botlenecks in a process
C. Unit test suites can be automatcally generated based upon round trip simulaton data.
D. During round trip simulaton generatone process botlenecks are identfed and highlighted on the

Aoswern B

Question 53

Which statement is accurate about providing process analytcs in BPM Suite?

A. BPM Suite supports KPI reportng for high-level business architecture models as well as for
detailed BPMN process models.
B. The primary focus of measurement and reportng of KPIs is to help operatonal personnel tune the
BMP Suite runtme environment.
C. End users use BPM Composer to review reports showing the results of KPI measurement.
D. To see any populated business process performance dashboard chartse the project team needs to
defne KPIs in their models.

Aoswern A

Question 54

Identfy the gateway type that disallows an outgoing conditonal path.

A. Exclusive
B. Inclusive
C. Parallel
D. Complex

Aoswern C
Question 55

The process payloade including customer name and order IDe is stored based on a single XSD-based
data object and the human tasks in the process use this XSD defniton. End users need to see the
customer name and the order ID as columns in their default inbox task list.
Which three approaches best accomplish this requirement? (Choose three.)

A. Either public or protected fex felds can be used to displays the customer name and order ID
without having to add additonal process payload data objects.
B. Public fex felds can be used if two new simple data elementse representng the customer name
and order IDe are added to the human tasks list of data objects.
C. Public fex felds can be used if two new simple process payload data objectse representng the
customer name and order IDe are frst added.
D. Public fex felds can be used only if they have frst been created in the workspace and the two
have been added as mapped atributes in the human tasks.
E. No changes to the human tasks incoming data or data associatons are necessary if protected fex
felds are used.

Aoswern A, B, D

Question 56

Which two statements are true for decision table rules? (Choose two.)

A. They can have multple conditonse but share only one acton.
B. They typically contain a set of rules that covers all combinatons or where no two combinatons
C. Both gap detecton and confict resoluton cannot be turned of at the same tme.
D. A priority can be set for an entre decision table.

Aoswern B, D

Question 57

Which two tools can you use to create charts for a dashboard that displays metrics for your BPM
project? (Choose two.)

A. BPM Studio
B. BAM Composer
C. BPM Process Composer
D. BPM Process Workspace
E. WebCenter Process Spaces

Aoswern B, D

Question 58

Which two statements are true about out-of-the-box metrics support in BPM Suite? (Choose two.)

A. If you want to know average tme spent in each actvity in your processe you can look at the
workload per process dashboard in Business Process Workspace.
B. By defaulte in standard dashboards that display data about in-fight instancese there is a 1_-minute
delay before up-to-date data appear in the charts.
C. You can only view out-of-the-box metrics in charts created in Business Process Workspace.
D. During process executone when a sampling point is reachede the BPMN Service Engine collects all
standard process metrics that are prespecifed out-of-the-box.

Aoswern B, D

Question 59

Which two statements accurately identfy capabilites available for rules testng? (Choose two.)

A. You can create a test suite or a test template without frst creatng a design functon.
B. You can test rulesets by creatng a business rules functon that calls the decision functon.
C. You can use Enterprise Manager to test rules via a decision functon.
D. You can mark individual test suites as drafc to turn them of for test validaton.

Aoswern B, D

Question 60

Which three atributes are unique to adaptve case management-based processes as compared to
traditonal BPMN-based processes? (Choose three.)

A. The sequence of executon of actvites is determined by process partcipants at run tme.

B. They are routnee well-defnede structured processes.
C. New stakeholderse not just task partcipantse may be added at run tme.
D. They are exclusively event-driven.
E. They involve human-centric processing.
Aoswern A, C, D

Question 61

Which opton is constraint on promotng a BPMN process to be a case actvity?

A. The BPMN process has to be modeled as an asynchronous process.

B. The BPMN process cannot contain human tasks.
C. The BPMN process must be in the same project as the case.
D. The BPMN process requires that the reply from the process contains at least one parameter.

Aoswern C

Question 62

Which three statements are accurate about BAM /1c alerts? (Choose three.)

A. Conditons are optonal setngs for constraining the tme period in which the alert is fred.
B. An acton can invoke a web service.
C. Alerts can be created in either BPM Studio or BPM Process Composer.
D. You cannot create alerts that launch other alerts.
E. An event can result when a CQL query receives new data outside a normal range.

Aoswern A,B,E

Question 63

Which acton enables support for virtualizaton through libOVD?

A. Update the order of the WebLogic authentcaton providers to put the LDAP providers frst.
B. Use Enterprise Manager or WLST to add the virtualize=true property to the SOA Common
Propertes MBean.
C. Use Enterprise Manager or WLST to add the virtualize=true property to the domain level Identty
Store Confguraton.
D. Update the domain directory to include a valid libOVD adapter confguraton fle under the
confg:fmwconfg folder.

Aoswern C

Question 64

Which two case elements can have due dates confgured? (Choose two.)

A. Case
B. Case data
C. Events
D. Milestones
E. Actvites

Aoswern A, D

Question 65

Which two can be added as members of a statc approval group? (Choose two.)

A. Users
B. Groups
C. Applicaton roles
D. other approval groups
E. WebLogic administrators

Aoswern A, D

Question 66

Which two statements are correct about business indicators? (Choose two.)

A. They can be captured at measurement marks.

B. Dimensions allow the user to capture numerical values.
C. All business indicators are captured at sampling points and a subset is captured at measurement
D. Counters are used for interval start and interval stop measurements.

Aoswern A, C
Question 67

Which two statements are true about confguring service tasks? (Choose two.)

A. A service task can be confgured to invoke a process or service asynchronously.

B. Although you call a fle adapter as a service from your BPMN diagrame no linkage between your
BPMN process and the external reference appears in the SOA Composite Editor.
C. You can invoke a BPEL process by using a service task.
D. The implementaton of a service task can be either a process call or a service call.

Aoswern C,D

Question 68

Which statement is true about how if-then rules are processed during an inferencing session?

A. Rules are evaluated in the order in which they were added to the ruleset.
B. A partcular rule can be fred only once in an inferencing session.
C. The efectve date set for a rule can take it out of consideraton for evaluaton.
D. A priority setng of / causes the rule to fre during each inferencing session.
E. Rules with multple IF conditons receive higher priority during evaluaton.

Aoswern A

Question 69

Which statement is true about optmizing performance when using the ITaskQueryService API?

A. Flex feld mappings must be requested as part of the optonalInfo task.

B. TheIWorkfowContext must be cached by the client.
C. The default fex feld indexes must be used.
D. Identty propagaton must be used.

Aoswern B

Question 70

Which two statements are true about business indicators used for process analytcs? (Choose two.)

A. A counter must be associated with a counter mark in order for the counter to be incremented.
B. Measures specify how process analytcs data can be fltered or grouped.
C. If you do not defne any business indicatorse no data is captured at a sampling point.
D. Measurement marks are defned on sequence fows and are visible on the model.
E. The dimensions you have defned are visible on the process model.

Aoswern A, D
Question 71

Which two objectves can you achieve by using business rules to direct human workfow? (Choose

A. Load balance tasks among users based upon server utlizaton.

B. Redirect the process fow as specifed in the BPMN model.
C. Escalate and reassign a task to the manager of the current assignee.
D. Skip all subsequent routng and mark a task as complete.

Aoswern C,D

Question 72

Which two statements are true about an auto-generated ADF task form for a human task? (Choose

A. It can be customized by changing the layout and by adding and removing UI components.
B. It is created in a separate project and in a directory that you select.
C. You initate auto-generaton from the propertes window for the human task actvity on your
D. By defaulte it is automatcally deployed when you deploy your BPM project.

Aoswern B, C

Question 73

Which two statements are true about BPM Suite product architecture? (Choose two.)

A. The Process Asset Manager is a container of reusablee sharede implementaton assets available to
all processes within a BPM project.
B. Business architecture modeling is supported by a third-party product that Oracle resells as part of
the BPM Suite /1c product family.
C. BPM Suite leverages SOA Suite infrastructure and tooling to support key design-tme and run-tme
D. case Management is an Oracle add-on product to add adaptve case management support to BPM
E. BPM Suite supports BPMN process modeling notaton in both BPM Process Composer and BPM

Aoswern A, E

Question 74

Which two statements are accurate about how ADF Business Components can be used in a task fow
for a human task? (Choose two.)

A. They can create and insert a new row in a database table.

B. They can invoke wildcard control fow rules in the task fow.
C. They can initalize the informaton displayed on a form when given an ID from the process payload.
D. They can declaratvely map database informaton back into the process payload.
E. They can invoke task fow call actvites.

Aoswern A,C

Question 75

Which two statements are true about installing BPM Suite in a producton environment? (Choose

A. You must run the Repository Creaton Utlity (RCU).

B. The SOA:BPM infrastructure is typically supported by a managed server.
C. You typically run the SOA:BPM infrastructure on the admin server.
D. The JDeveloper Installaton from a Quick Start default domain installaton cannot access the
SOA:BPM infrastructure running in a producton installaton.
E. The compact installaton domain could be used in a producton environment.

Aoswern A, B

Question 76

Which opton is unusable as a start point to initate a new instance of a process?

A. Initator User Task

B. Call Task
C. Receive Task
D. Message Start Event

Aoswern B