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Subject: News Bulletin from Greg Hands MP #481
Date: 22 June 2017 at 18:49
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Issue 481 -Thursday 22nd June 2017

In this edition:

Since the last edition, Greg:

Greg Hands MPs Diary

Greg Hands responds to Was honoured to be re-elected as Member of Parliament for

Grenfell Tower Fire
Chelsea & Fulham. Greg has proudly served as MP for
Grenfell victim action plan, Fulham since 2005, and for Chelsea since 2010. For more on
key points
the results, see below.
Website of the week: Been extremely busy and heavily involved in providing and
British Red Cross -
LONDON FIRE RELIEF coordinating central government support for those affected by
FUND the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington. Greg
General Election Result: visited the site, consulted with the emergency services, and
Greg Hands holds Chelsea spoke to surviving residents of Grenfell Tower and
& Fulham
neighbouring blocks. He witnessed the bravery and
Photo news: professionalism displayed by the London Fire Brigade. Greg
Hands addresses European
Bank for Reconstruction also praised the response and dedication displayed by the
and Development Metropolitan Police, local hospitals, rank and file RBKC staff
7 ways to contact and Councillors, the Red Cross, as well as the charity and
Greg Hands generosity shown by the general public. Greg has contributed
to five central government taskforce meetings, chaired by the
Prime Minister, coordinating the response.
Appointed by the Prime Minister as Minister of State for Trade
& Investment at the Department for International Trade. Greg
is looking forward to continuing his hard work in getting more
businesses to export, maintaining and increasing investment,
maintaining our trading relations with the European Union,
while building Britains free trading future after Brexit.
Congratulated Jackie Borland on her election as the new
Conservative Councillor for Sands End ward on Hammersmith
& Fulham Council.
Newly appointed to the position of Minister for London, and
he is looking forward to working with the Mayor of London and
with Londons Boroughs, where they share the common
interests of promoting and improving London.
Represented the Conservatives during the General Election
campaign at the Evening Standards General Election
hustings. Greg also appeared on London Sunday Politics to
discuss the election results and the way forward under Theresa
Mays new government, and he appeared on Sophy Ridge on
Sunday to discuss Grenfell Tower, Brexit and the Queens
Expressed his condolences for the victims and the families
affected by the terrorist attack at Finsbury Park.
As Minister of State for Trade and Investment, attended the
Department for Trade & Investments event at London
Technology Week. London Technology Week was attended by
40,000 entrepreneurs, from 70 countries.
Welcomed senior staff from Astra Zeneca to the Department
for Trade and Investment to discuss trade, Brexit priorities, and
more. Astra Zeneca has 6,500 jobs in the UK and is growing!
Welcomed a team from major Hammersmith-based employer,
Paddy Power and Betfair, to the Department for International
Trade to discuss their expansion into overseas markets.
Held a meeting with Ali Ko from the Turkish Ko Foundation
at the Department for International Trade.
Addressed the European Bank for Reconstruction and
Developments UK-Romania Chamber of Commerce
conference on investing and exporting to Romania.
Held a meeting with Guangdong Party Secretary, Hu
Chunhua, to discuss Chinese investment in the UK and the
UKs exports to China. Greg addressed 200 Chinese
companies from Guangdong Province as part of the China
(Guangdong)-UK Economic and Trade Cooperation
Held a meeting with Argentinas Production Minister, Francisco
Cabrera, and the Argentine Ambassador, Carlos Sersale, to
discuss trade and Argentine economic reform.
Held a meeting with a group of senior MPs and officials from
the Swedish Moderate Party, to brief them on the General
Held, as ever, a regular surgery for Chelsea & Fulham
constituents, at MetroBank, Kings Road, Chelsea.

Greg Hands responds to Grenfell Tower Fire
Greg Hands, Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham and the
newly-appointed Minister for London reacted with horror and
concern at the Grenfell Tower fire.

Greg attended the scene the day after the fire, including visits to
Westway Sports & Fitness Centre and Rugby Portobello Trust, where
he praised the relief efforts taking place. In addition, Greg attended a
number of Government meetings to help coordinate relief efforts.

Commenting on the Grenfell Tower fire, Member of Parliament for

Chelsea & Fulham and Minister for London, Greg Hands, said: I am
horrified by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower. I visited the scene, and
have spoken with surviving residents of the Tower and neighbouring
blocks. I know that RBKC Council is working hard to coordinate relief
efforts, and I have been impressed by the bravery and dedication of
the London Fire Brigade, the Met Police, local NHS workers, and
volunteers from the Red Cross and staff at Westway Sports Centre
and Rugby Portobello Trust.

The magnitude of the Grenfell Tower tragedy is immense: the Fire

Brigade described it to me as the closest thing to 9/11 that London has
ever seen.

Nevertheless, in spite of this tragedy, I was heartened by the

profound sense of community spirit, the strong multi-agency response,
and the intense charity shown by volunteers.

Greg gave a full response to the Grenfell Tower fire during his
interview on Sophy Ridge on Sunday, available below.

Website of the week:

British Red Cross -
Help people in need after the fire at Grenfell Tower:

General Election Result: Greg Hands holds

Chelsea & Fulham

Greg Hands MP campaigning in the election with successful

candidate Cllr Jackie Borland in Election Day for both the
General Election and the Sands End Ward Council By-Election.

The Conservative Partys Greg Hands has been re-elected as Member

of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham.

Greg has represented Fulham as MP since 2005, and Chelsea since

2010. Greg has been active in local politics since 1991, and was first
elected to represent local residents on Hammersmith & Fulham
Council in 1998. Greg was re-elected as MP with a reduced majority of
8,166 and 52.6% of the vote, when compared with 2015. Labour
finished in second place, the LibDems in third. The Greens and UKIP
lost their deposits.

Commenting on his re-election, Greg said: I am truly honoured to

have been re-elected by residents of Chelsea & Fulham to continue
representing them in the House of Commons. I have worked hard to
serve all of my constituents, regardless of sex, creed, colour, sexual
orientation, or political persuasion, over the past twelve years, and I
look forward to the next five years in Government.

The national result was not the outcome that we had hoped for, and
we need to reflect on that. Nevertheless, I look forward to serving
Londoners in my new role as Minister for London, working with the
Mayor of London where we have shared interests in promoting our
capital city and improving London for all its residents.

Photo news:
Hands addresses European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development

Greg Hands MP addressing the European Bank for

Reconstruction and Development's conference on investment in

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