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Name: HANS ROJAS MEDINA Date:22/05/2017

Teacher: __Mg.Amparo Milla Cam Cycle: BASICO II

1. Read this paragraph and classify all the food tems as countable and uncountable.
My daily diet:
I usually drink some coffee with milk and I just eat bread and butter for breakfast. For lunch, I eat
meat and potatoes, and sometimes chicken with pasta. For dinner I usually eat only an apple and a
cheese sandwich.




2. Complete with some, any, a or an.

Gina : Hi, Mona, would you like some Cookies?
Monna: No, thanks, Gina. I cant eat any Cookies today.
Gina : Why not? Are you on a diet?
Monna: No, Im not, but I have a test today and I can`t eat any Sugar or I get very nervous.
Gina : really?
Mona : yes, last time I had a test. I ate some chocolate before and my heart went crazy! And there
was some information that I was sure that I knew but couldt remember. So, I dont eat any sweets
before tests anymore.
Gina : well, thats funny. Thats what happens to me when I drink coffee before an important test.
Hmm, maybe next time. Im not going to drink any Coffee or tea and I will get a better grade!.

3. Read the blog post and circle the correct form.

Last night was Halloween so I decided to go to a night club with a little / a few friends.
We only had a little /a few money so we decided to go to a place near our houses, the Tacoma. The
club was crowded, but there were only a little/a few handsome guys, and they all seemed to have
They played a little/a few rock music, at least, so we got to dance a lot. I posted a little/a few photos
here for you to take a look. Write below what you think! Hope to see a little/a few comments next
time I logon!.

4. Marian is at the doctors. Complete the questions. Be careful with the verb tenses!.

D: How can I help you Marian?

M: Well, I feel fine, but my husband told me to come here. He says I have a very unhealthy lifestyle.
D: Do you?
M: Well, maybe. I mean, I smoke a little.
D: A little? How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
M: Uh, one or two much packs?
D: Thats 40 a day! And do you get any exercise?
M: Uh, a little.
D: How do you get exercise many . every week?
M: Well, this week I was busy, so I didnt get any.
D: Fine. So how did you hours much Exercise last week?
M: Maybe, uh, one?
D: Uh. How about healthy food? How do you salad many Usually eat?
M: Well; I hate salad.
D: How about fruit? How did you pieces of fruit much eat last week?
M: Last week I was busy, so I only ate fast food.
D: How do you. Fast food do you usually eat, Marion?
M: Uh, a lot, Im afraid.
D: Marion, your husband is right. You have to change your lifestyle.
M: But I feel fine! Is that really necessary?.
D: That depends. How many years do you still want to live?

5. Complete with True (T) or False (F)

a. Marian doesnt think she needs a doctor. (T)
b. She smokes one or two cigarettes a day. (F)
c. She doesn`t usually eat fruits or vegetables. (T)
d. She only eats fast food when shes busy. (F)
e. The doctor thinks she can continue with the same lifestyle. (F)