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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region XII
Senior High School Regional Mass Training for Teachers
London Beach Resort, Bawing, General Santos City


Subject: Entrepreneurship
Content Standard: Demonstrates understanding of environment and market in ones
locality / town.
Performance Standard: Independently creates a business vicinity map reflective of
potential market in ones locality / town.
Learning Competency: Describe the 4Ms of operations in relation to the business
Code: CS_EP11/12ENTREP-0h-j-12

I. Objective
Describe the 4Ms of operations in relation to the business opportunity
based on the given pictures.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: 4Ms of operations
Materials: Pictures and paper strips, Power Point presentation, laptop,
Reference: www.countsbusinessconsulting.com/articles/4-ms-of-production

III. Procedure
A. Preliminary Activity
- Prayer
- Greetings
- Checking of Attendance
- Review
- Motivation
Arrange the scrambled letters to form words.
1. What can you say about what you did a while ago?
2. How do you able to arrange the letters? What drives you to do so?

B. Activity
Group Activity (MATCH ME!)
The students will be given strips of paper with definitions. Students will
match the meanings from the words they had arranged.

C. Analysis
1. How do you find the activity?
2. What makes you decide to match the corresponding definitions to the
arranged letters youve made?

D. Abstraction
Group Activity (JIGSAW)
The group will pick a topic from the box (4Ms), they will discuss and
report it.
E. Application
Group Quiz
The students will write their answer in the metastrips.
1. It refers to the steps / process done by the manager.
2. It refers to the personnel being trained.
3. It refers to the facilities, vehicles, tools and equipment for production.
4. It is the last step in production that refers to minimize waste and effort.

F. Generalization
Why is it important to know the 4Ms of operations in relation to the
business opportunity?

IV. Evaluation
Picture Analysis
The students will infer or conclude some statements based on the
given pictures.
Rubric: Content (flow of ideas) 10 pts
Relativity to the topic 10 pts
Delivery 5 pts
25 pts

V. Assignment
Read in advance about product description.

Prepared by: GROUP 4 (Ampalaya)

Niezle Mae B. Sevilla Marie Grace M. Rivera
Merben P. Almio Juvy B. Barcelona
Joyce Ann N. Drilon Mary Grace M. Parreo
Loyd M. Galdones Glorylaine N. Piamonte
Saguira M. Franilla Veronica D. Baterbonia
Nilyn G. Pacariem