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a ^ropfietic ^terogij^pljic
Portraits of the Heads of Nations; Predictions of Coining Events;


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tiuiidais, F-iSliivala, Historical

JiRDS Coldfi ch liullfii cb, AVicr
Floweis Uazel Catki s Sn d
Rising aud Setting of the Plsmets. Sp irge la irel Furz t u Cones H p
Circumcision. Sunday Kvg. Sp PREDICTIUSa
IjW Services re-comd. at St Pauls. ]
8 43 5 23
Sandwich Islands so called by Captain Unlike the horse racing prophets,
2Th Cook, 1778.
9 11 6 44
not even placed, or which are plavc>!
3P Archbishop of Paris assassinated, 9 34 8 4
Covcnt Garden founded, 18U9. Yenus
4S 9 53 9 19
Snd Su.vday aftpr Christmas. Butt.
b\^ Ijeiween ^pmiards and Mooi*s, I80I. 8r!10 9 8 10 31
6M F.pipiiANv. Public llcfoim Meeting
5s 10 25 4 11 42
7,Tu 8 7RilO 41
.ucian. Fire due. Jupiter
81 rises 10.21 p 1
4 8s!i1 1 50
lacauLay Imi Westminster
91h 6r 11 19 1 58
10,F lis 11 46 3 6
5r Aficr. 411
12^^ died, IhOl. 13s 59 5 11
ISlM Cambridge Lent Term begins. 3r 1 51 6 5
14|Tb Oxford Lent Terra begins. Average
coldest day of year.
17s 2 51 6 5('
15 W Tremendous Storm in England, 1363. 2r 4 7 26
Battle of Corunna, ISOD. Teuus seU
16 Ik HM p.m. 20s 5 1^ 7 56
17F Swan River Settlement comm., 1839. Or 6 29 8 16
18S Prisca. Old Twelfth Day. 23s 7 45 8 39
19^ 58r 9 1 8 58
20 M First English Parliament, 1265. 26s 10 21 9 16
21;Ti; 56r 11 39 9 34
22; W Hallam (historian) died, 1859.

Exchange opened by Queen

SOs 9 54
20 1h
Elizabeth, 1571. 54r 1 2 10 20
24'F Jupiter rises 9.17 p.m. 3os 2 22 10 52
Conversion of
25 S of Oude
St. Paul.
reported, 1839.
51r 3 42 11 34
New 4 53
26-^ South Wales col.inised, 1788. 37s After.

27 M Renders the Liver and other importani 'I8r 5 51 1 36
Viscera torpid, and, in consequence
28 Tu 40s 6 36 2 54
naturally. P.'VRR'S LIFE PILLSj 4 15
act as a Warm und Balsamic Ape- 46r 7 10
rient, removing without the slightesi]
44s 7 35 5 36
43 k 7 56 6 65

iijd*>s, I'wtivais, Uutoiical Sun

Kiiei. R.
Dgand Srttiugof the Plinetj. Seu, 8. Aft. Droo Peri-

IS 8 14; 8 9 Varied and imporunt are the lubjects on
2'^ [ (or Robin I Crusoe) dia.
4 49s 8 3l! 9 21 which our representatives, hereditary and
elective, have to decide about this time.

3M 1684.
€8 frozoii.
J upittr rises 8.34 p.m.
and lail held
8 4710 32 What signify ihe asjurancei always
in royal speeches, that her Majesty con-

4Tu Fair held on th« Thames, 1814. IWJO.
i .'i.Ss Q
o '^1 1 41'tinue8 to receive eipressions of
"j-^-^ ^-^j and cordiality from Foreign Powers, if th.
5W clory of Platsy, by Oive. 1757. |7 35b' 9 24 *'°"- I
f/ "n^^r^/, ^Tmlri^'kMot'ftU

6Th dependence of TTnited Stales recog- [A rife' Q Ao' .51

^ a prorniT.eiit pMiUon in the minds of both
|-± OOfe^ y 45

ai,ed, 1778, by France. \} -^

legislator, and people at this period; but
7|F Pri of «ak. visits 1o6!^« "\"e not plenty of other element, of
the Pope, 1859. j7
d-.scord and apprehension.
31r!10 16
* --
Ihe idea that a
\y v./

Mary Queen of
5 Oslo 552 58 portion of
quarter dav.
8S Half

the d.s-Uniied States again to is

Scots beheaded; 1587. profess allegi.ince to England cannot be
I...V- t't.'i
5th Sunday *naR Kpiphaky. "Mid- '7

believe. hat such a con-

9^^ night meeting" St. James' Hall, 186U. 2 8r 11 41 3 00l--«>li^ed yet. but
sununation u neither difficult, impotsible,

10 M 1519,
Corlei sails from Cuba against Mexico,
5 4s After, 4 43 nor chaotic elcmenis of the eiisiing struggle,
distant. A. far a, can for»e. from i

^ the
1 1 T.T G'- ChartersubBC. by Henrr
III., 1226
1 1 ilJ Com. Treat
• lished, 18(
7 24k 1 42 5 23 'he South cannot maintain
but. lamentable though
debance to the
may be, the


Grey executed. Sir W.

12 Napier died, 1^6'
5 7s 2 51 5 56' North Canada, deeply interested in
lit! the South.
16S9. Due de ;,

13 IHj Berri aled, 1820. 7 20r struggle, and in every way sorely tried
4 10 6 2o'the tempted,

Battle of St. Vincent, 5nr, n A ""'* will hold gloriously true to the

14 F |%9^ 5 lis 27 6 44i mother country, and in this she acts wisely.

„ The AtUntic has been bridged by the stu-

ecn Victoria 1S32.

|y jy^ 6 45 7 3 pendous ship the Great Extern,conveyed
and in one
voyage, of about nine days,
I in

16^ SarruAGESiMA. Dr. Kane died, 1S57. 5 15s 8 4 7 22 cemfort

^ ^.1 «
above 4,000 soldiers, with all their
requisites. This timely succour at ones

17 M Michael Angcio died, 1504. 7 13r 9 20i 7 42 checked

1, .,1 New York
the mad ravings

of some
of the
18 Tu |Lulher died, 1546. Venus rises 6.40 p.m, 5 18s 10 48, 8 3 to their own affairs, for Canada will neve
19 '

W jcalileo bom, 1564.

inaug., 1547. Joseph
A 1 a' Q F^rl
> England.

"^"^ Weather— February is

died, 1855. 'S^ *C^S\


\) J-U O Ou month, being tflen cold and

,mes I. (of Scotland) murdered, 1437. .• -
21 F Hab. Corp. suspended, 1B17. / OR
22 S
9Q S' SrXAOBSlMA. Plague
^O 161)5-100,000 died.

24 M,"!'/;"^-'""''''""-
25 Tv f'^JtTJZ^, 1M9.
9R W
E»"-lof E-!^i eiieaded,
^O \V quake in Y or kshire. 15

lie! ] 1. Earth-

97 Th"""-
- <A" at Washiugto

28 F Indian Mutiny

bu il^js f e^t as ll sbu

t-, Thrush. iLOHERS.
Inemone. Cuckoo-pint,
Rising and Setting of the Planets. Violet.- utterfly, Humble Uee.
David. AnniTersarj of " Ancieii
IS .?(.

Britoua." 6 48r 6 3717 2 Stormy March

tkou art true to thy voca-

Saturn risei 6.12 jxm. 5 40s 6 52 8 12 tion.For many a day there has not been so
many portents of political and elemental
LONGEVITY. 6 44r 7 10 9 22 strife. To what yaxi :ire we to look for peace
At Logie-port, Scotland, ten deatli
fill progress and th« quiet exercise of industry,
occurred iu the parish during tli'
year 1860, and of those Are happened
5 43s 7 3110 32 to b;iy nothing of Am«rica, where grct events
have arisen, and are still likely to arise at any
at the agei of seventj-four, eighty
eighty-three, eighty-five, and ninety
6 39r 7 5211 40 'lay. How can men look towards France
without some degree of .ipj)rehenfiion. Far be
nine, respectively. When we pro 5 47s 8 19: Morn. it from me to excile misiruat towards the
perly look into the subject we con^ Emperor, but he has been often hurried on
depend in a great degree upon
6 35r 8 52 44
If we were all to copy the
spite of himself. When a man never seems
example of Old Parr, and avail
5 50s 9 34 1 41 to know his own mind, how can other people
ourselves of bis Sovereign Remedy,
divine it ? No doubt he has been a good and
we should stand a much better
6 30r 25 2 34 faithful ally, but the worst of the pro- it is.
ceedings in France from time to time are
chance than ever of " a long day."
10 PARR'S PILLS may be bought for 5 54s 11 25 3 17 lingcd with great inconsistency. The talk of
reducing the army resuhed in a virtual in-
a trifle, thus avoiding the fee for
11 "advice;" and all that is necessary
6 26r After. 3 52 crease of and professions of peace have been
rather contradicted by increased armaments.
to combat disease is to persevere
12 5 57s 1 45 4 22 have always been of opinion that certain

elements have existed in France likely to lead

13 ipiter rises 5.40 p.m. 6 2iR 3 3 4 45 to a rupture with England. Indeed, I know
eneral Rising of the Sicilians againsi
from unerrif g sources that such a rupture
14 6 Is 4 21 5 6 has been imminent, and has only been averted
by the and conciliatory spirit of
15 Earl St. Vincent died, 1833. 6 17r 5 41 5 26 the internal position
of France, the varianca between precept and
rD SuNOAvIN r.BKT. Gustavus III,
16 assass. 1793. Jullien died, 1860. 6 7 2
4s 5 45
"actice has been manifest to When all.
>unt de Persigny became Minister of the
Patrick- Dukedom of Cornwall
17 6 12r 8 27 6

terior, he professed an anxious desire for

instituted, 1337.
;edom of discussion and freedom of the
18 erjie died, 1. 6S. Home Tooko died,
7s 9 53 6
1S13. 6 ess, but these professions were fallowed by
ess prosecutions, and cannot be forgotten it
-Vewton died, 1737. Great Railway
19 in Canada, 1S59.
e 8r 11 15 6 58 at an innocent, eloquent, and learned speech
xde by the Duke d'Aumale at a literary
20 Col. Despard executed, 1803. 6 lis Horn. 7 34 --— was treated as an attack against the
Knight Templars" suppressed, 1312 and as a manifestation of a desire to
21 6 3r 34 8 21 behalf of the dynasty
of Louis Philippe. Und«r such circumstances
22 Kotaebue i tinated, 1819. 6 14s 1 36 9 20 can March go out like a lamb ? I fear not,
hope f»r the best. Courage the
5 59r 2 31 10 31 Ides of March are past.

23 J Si:nd*t in Lent. ^£34,000,000

ddcd to Pub. Debt by Iiid. Mutiny.
24 M Quocn Elizabeth died. 1603. Annex-
ation of .Savoy and Nice to France,
6 18s 3 11 11 47 The Whathbr.—The temperature dwring
h month advances d eg. on »he iwe«e<Iing
is ti

nnunciation. Lady Day. [1S60, 5 54e 3 41 After. he Buperabundiuit niui«ture of the earth
vaporates, and the sdU thus be«oDiea pro-
1699. Ca 21s 4 4 2 20 tared for sowing. The winds cume freai parts
vhich cause them t« be called "sea winds;"
49r 4 25 3 34 hey are warmer than tb«se from •p^site
24s 4 41 4 46 earn, -po^, and winter votirfies penod when
iuarfcert the latest
28 F Tombia
d., 1801. Hunter's re-
reinterred at Wcstmiuater,1859.
may be s«.wn
and hovnp
29S Koyal Society of Edinburgh inst., 1783. 45r 4 58' 5 57 mccestftiUy oats, barley, ;

e<:ds should be sown this monkb, and clover


iid other grass seeds with spring corn, or

30i5) H Sunday
pers, 1SS2.
in Lent.
Gunp. Exp.
Sicilian Ves-I
at Hounslow,
28s 5 15| 7 7 mongst wheat; plant hops.the Aiders are »ow
This a good period for destroying
3l!M Cockflghting prohibited, 1S54. [1859.1 40r 5 34 8 16 litlolcs.
Top dress voun-; wheat.

Sundays, reillr Is, Hislorii;al .-^un

Rising and Settin; of the Planets.

.Angling for barbel, bream, carp, ac

llTu smeU com. Venus rises 4h. Sm. p.r
Battle of Copenhajjcu, leOl. Mirabeau'
2\W died
Prince Rupert
Sj'lk 1643.

4F Ooldsmith died, 1
Palermo. ISfiO.
4. Insurrection ;

Damon guillotii i, 1794. Brill!

5!s Museum fouiido'l, 1753.
5th StT.NDAY IK LhNT. Kafthqua^
London, 1680. 37,045 persons all'-'

7|M Badajoz Hkon, 1812. CCrjs. Pal.,lS60 5

811; Lorea&o de Medieis died, 1492. j Q
9W King Henry
ioIth SL James the Less (Aposllc) died, 62. g
King Wm. III. and Mary procla mcd,' _
IIF 1«S9. Aldsbl. troojs relieved, IStJii.

Earl Dundonald deetrojs French fleet '^

12S in Basque Roads, IbO».
Pai-m .5U>day Edict of Nantes
isl^ Bignid. 1598. Lady Morgan d.. 1859.
Cuckoo first heard. Vote of thanks to
14'M Lord Canning, 1?;59,
Easier Term begins. Earl Godwin
15'Tu d ed. loSa.
Sweating Sioknets breaks out at
16|W Shrewsbury, loSl.
Franklin died, 1790. Horlicullural
17Th Society eslnblished, ISOS.
Goon Friday. Lord Cumdeu diei
ISlF 1794. Amos died, ISfiO.
Melanclbon died, 15b0. Lulhera
19 jS Princes protest, 1589.
EAsraa .sikdav. " Maid of Kent
2oL§ exeented, liiS4.

21 M Foundation of Rome, B.C. 753.

Drinking Fotmlaiu opened,
Roy; founded, ltiu3.

22 IV d Fletcher tried. 1844.
Gior</e Shak*.8p»are died, 1816.1
'23\W RevK 'P'" 1856.
Jupiter setsiv
24jlH Discov^^ry of Braail, 1500.
3.49 a.m.
Is inrigoratod and preserTcd from!—,
26S youth to old age by ih? occasional /
27'^ cUar trom the body all hurtful '

28 M impurities, improve the Digtsiiv<

Powers, speedily cure all Liver Com
plainU, Bilious Ailments, Skit
29 'lu Eruptions, Lowoese of Spirits, Ijead
ncht, CoBiiveneca, Gout, Lumbago


Wolpecker Cu koo 1 Lo 1 1.R5
,lobe rion er i r t 1 arr Lllj of the V a le
Ris ng and Set ing oF the Planets. Seu Blue Bells H horit— Insbcts WocdUj
lilu U on of K gUnd and 'iootlni d, ro 4 34E 5 3010 lb
May of 1862 will be prorainant for Court
2F Jamaica disc, hv Columbus, 1494. Crnss 7' '^"^
9 9« 6 15 11 C lejoicings. excitement about royal alliances,
in Cheapside uiid Maypole in the
and the wonders of the second Great Exhibi-
3S Su-and d*st., 164J.
Zealand, 1860.
War in Now 4 3lK 7 81147 tion. Alasl that such pleasant proceedings
should be chequered by gloomy political
2wD .Sunday aftkh Eastrr. Archb.
4'^ of Cauterbury died, 1S60.
25s 8 apprehensinns and past or coming strife
between nation and nation. At the period of
5M Napoleon died, ISiJl. Leslie died, 1859 4 27R 9 13 20 the first Exhibition all looked coulenr dtroK.
hoped that the happy
6 lb
Wilkes released from Tower,
Humboldt died. )S59.
7 29s 10 23 48 Then war and hatred had oe

7jW d., ISll.

Curfew Bell
abol., 1100. ;
4 24r 11 35 1 U
8Th avoisier guillotined, 1794.
rises 1.32 p.:
7 32s Alter. 1 30
9:F from
Cadiz, 1502,
4 20r 2 6 1 49
lOS Norc, l!>19.
7 35s sails from 3 26 2 8
11'^ :Jrd Sunday after Easter. 4 17r Percival 4 50 2 29
.iMass., 1812.

12 M Sir C. Barry died. lS6ii.

Fair at Hertford inst under James
7 38s 1
6 15 2 52
Easter Term ends. Monastic eslal 4 14r 7 42 3 25
13|'ll' abolisbcd. 1.^39.

14! wGreat Meeting of London Letter Cai

riers, 1860. Vaccination ins:., 1793.
7 41s 9 3j 4 1
15 Th Biutle of Hexham, 1464 4 llK 10 10 4 55
1G,F Titus Gates coiiTiclcd, 1685. Victory 7
44s 11 3I 6 1
of Albuera. 1811.
17S Weathercock. Cross, anil Ball of St. 4 8r 11 42| 7 16
IS^ iTncUir^a aktrr
Si ndav Eastbh. Warde. 7 47s
Fi. Tice and Eng., 1706.
i ...t.
.lorn. 8 36

19 -M Aline IkiU-iii .liiap., 153«. Spauisll 4 5r 12 9 57

Avnr.vUl l.WI.

"Hick's Hall- foimded

20 11' baldi def Ni-apolitan troops. 1779. Gari- 7 50s
33 11 14
2i;w 1.2 a.m.
Battle of Wartschcn, 1SK<.
Jlars rises 4 2r 55 -^f'"-1

22 Th Order of Baronets instituted, 1625. 7 53s 1 40

Marder of Henry TI., 1471.
23 F Carab.HCO. Easter Term divides. Alb. .Smith 4 Or 2 49
d., Battle of namillies, ]

24 S Birth of Quoen Victoria. 7 55s 3 5

25;^ Roc3ATio» Sunday.
Ireland, 1315.
Bruce in 3 58r 5
26 M Battle of Killicrailkie. lGi9. Saturn
s.ts 1..50 a.m.
7 58s 6 12
27 lb Triniiv Term beiiiis. Habeas Corpus
3 5oR 7 15
28iW Freemason's Hall opene 1, 1770". Battle
of .Souihwold Bay. li:7'J.
8 Os 8 13
29 Th Ascension Day. Holv Thursday. Kim:
Charles II. restored.
3 53r 9
30 F General Peace, 1S14. It-iiUvay accident
8 3s 9 46
at King's Cross Terminus, i»uO.

31 S Trinity Sunday first ordnined, 1334 3 52e I1IO22


Sui.Javl,, HUtorica; 3inD5 : Nightingale

Wild Kose, Hone)
Rising and Scttins of the Planets. Crinesbill, Tellon

Sunday aitkb Ascbvsiox. Armistice

11;^ bet. Garibaldi and NeapoliUiiis, 186U.
5lR 7 5,10 50 PREDICTIONS.
" Faiu Italy, the land of song,'
2.M Gordon riots,1780. Venus rises 3.U am. 6sj 8 1211 13 gracefully and pleasa:itlv snra
Defeat of Dutch fleet at Harwick, 1665.
s'Tu Eastern Monarch burnt, 1859. 49r| 9 23|11 34 bioodihed also. Last
posed, and her beauti ins— rich with
4;w Dishopric
of Bristol
rises 0.15
created, 1543.
8sl0 35111 52 vineyards, and fruitl
" deluged with blood. 1
5iTH Water of Battle" abol, 1819. 48r'11 48i Morn. called but it Rort of Irish
King John lands in Ireland, 1210. which lias
6:F Early Closing Meeting, I8ii0. 10s After. 12 been torn by clamours for separation. I fear
the work of the great and noble patriot.
7|S WOMAN'S HEALTH 4 BEAUTY 47r 2 22 31 Garibaldi, has not been concluded. Ero the
are iucre-oj^ed and preserrcd from half of thiB year ha« paised there may hara
youth to old age by the prudent use
•'" lis 3 45 52 been more hostile itrugglcs in Italy itself, or
of PARR'f "

9M 46r! 5 8 1 19
iu toil may have b«en the scene of organisa-
tion of hostile bands against Austria, Pruuia,

or Russia, or each and all. U
may be that
brightness to the eyes, cheerful ani- 13s 6 33 1 52 another struggle between patriots and despou
mation to the features, and agree- may have commenced ere half the year waa
IIJW able rigour to the whole frame. 45r 7 48 2 36' completed.
Need I say that France will not have been
12,Th Oxford Trinity Term begins. Venus 14s 8 50 3 36 an inactive observer of the stirring evenis of
the autumn of 1861 and the spring of 1862.
13F Corsica seised by the French, 17ij9. 45r 9 35 4 48, Will she not have much to do with the affairs
of the Pope, if Pope there should be by this
14 S Battle of Naseby, 1G45. 16s|lO 11 6 11 time ? Will she have had no conferences, or
London Bridge
15^ TjiiviTV St;NBAT.
founded, 1^25. 44r10 37 7 33
tried her hand at a
IGM Janissaries ahoL, 1826.
sailed, 1860.
Great Eastern
17sjl0 59 8 551 As to England, I will only, at this time,
T^T'Tri'i'J Term en.!s. Camb. commen.
1 7 ,"J,
point to what 1 have often before said, add-
^' E.lward I. a»a«.,inat.d, 1271 44r11 17 10 ll! ing only, that, as in the midst of life we are
1 Q TX/'iBatlle of Waterloo, 1815. Waterloo in death, so in the midst of peace wo are in
Bridge opened. 1K17. 17sjll 3411 26j
>rpus ChrislL Ma;.-iia Parlia after much controversy, p-U
44r,11 53, After.

1215. Jupiter setA 0.9 a.m. I

Camb. Enstcr Term ends. Accoasion perhaps, have on opportunity for

20 F of Qnccn Vict. Saturn sets cr a.m. 18s Mora 1 47| I

1and refleciion. AlthouKh, unfortu

Proclamation. Shortest day. Edward ing these laat six months I have
2l:S in. died, after 51 years' reign. 44r Ollj 2 56
22^ Isr SuvnAY Amu Tbwitv. Gt. Are
18s 31' 4 3
my opinion is that they will have bocn prolific
in Too!ey-«tr«et, 1661. of social and domestic incidents of great im-
Ld. Campbell died, 1861. 18.000 Vo-
portance to the English nation.
23|M lunteers reTlewod in Hvde Pk., 18«0. 45rj 59j 5 8 Our Government will be much engaged
St. Jolm Uaplitt. Midsummer Day. with colonial affairs about this time. If I
24ITu Battle of namiockbuni, 1314. 19s 1 30 6 7 include India in this general term it is not
because ihai country will have been entirely
25iW Treaty of Tilsit, 1807. Sultan Abdul
Mcdjid died, age 3S, 186L 46r 2 10 7 1 settled and happy on the contra

26Th died,
1541. Robert Brough
Mars rises 11.46 p.m. 19s! 2 59| 7 46
lierc that incidenis of great gravity »U1 have
arisen there during the year.

27F n at Highgate, 1817. 46r 3 54 8 24

28S VIII 1491.
, 1S57.
19s 4 56; 8 54 Tns "Wbathtr.— Though the mean tem-
rature of June falls short of the mean
29'^ Peter'sIXDAY AmR TrIXI
47r' 6 3 9 20 nperature of July by S} deg., yet the solar
day. Cit-
III of the former exceeds that of the latter

30 M'""'; 18s' 7 14' 9 41 more than 4 deg. This great beat ti

ing to the purity of the ntmospher*.
passing lose less of their power. The iber of days on which rain fulls is about

tiRD; Water Kail.— Flowrrs Foxglove, :

Poppy, Wheat, Water Lilly, A rrow-hend.

— Insbct :— Snaall Toi-toJBgaheU Buttoifly.

Oxford Act. Death of PRBDICTIONB.

1452. Battle of Bojiic,
'i7R 8 299 59 Thbrb at length, somothin.; lik

Battle of Marstoil Moor, 11)44. Veuus Parliamentary and political warfare.

rises 1.3IJ p.m. 18s 38 10 19 in
9 Politiciana begin to have had enough of it.

Gre»t Leather Frauds, 1860. oOr 10 50 10 37 Tho season nearly over, and political
agitators begin to think of repoae. Yet
Virginia discovered, 1.584. Dog Days there are many great
hegi) 17s After. 10 56 Ireland has given a littlematters to disposo
trouble and, apart ;

Oxford Trinity Term

52r 1 25 11 20 from
ei Battle of foreign matters, there hai bgcu more
Sedgeniore, 1085. than enough to engage attcntinn. Many
3rd Sunday after Tr BattI .veara have elapsed there was euch a
of Wagnvra. 1809. 16s 2 47 11 49 press of questions, all since
involving, more or less,
Jerusalem destroyed, B.C. 587. Hheri- honour and security of the empire.
dandied, 1816. 53r 4 7 Slorn. theFrom America, from New Zealand, and
Siesie of Gibraltar. 1779.
1797. Mars rises 11.11 p.m.
15s 5 24 26 from the Oape, the news
More Cabinet dissyusions.
rather important.

Prince of Wales embarked for Canada, from the critical state of our relations vrith
18li0. 55r 6 31 1 17 an Influential country. It clear that, is
London Bridge burnt, 1212; 3,00(1 although " both our Houses" may be pre-
persons perished. 13s 7 24 2 22 piirins for leisure, there a general feeling is
Jack Cade slain, 1450. Veuus rises that the year may not ^ass over without some
1.23 a.m. 57r 8 6 3 39 crisis, either abroad or at home. I have,
Battle of Aughrim, 1691. Orange Riot about Parliamcniary
12s 8 37 5 3 Kcform. For nothing
hitherto, said
at Paisley, 1869. two or tlirce years, when some
were sanguine of accomplishment, I
6 26 hinted serious doubts of
4th Sunday afibr Trinity. 59r 9 and now, afterit,
Destruction of Dieppe by English, attentively watching the general state of
1094. Birmingham riots. 1791. 10s 9 22 7 47 ing, I am Induced to give a decisive opinion

Legion of Honour established, 18P4. that the events of the day will have been of
Riots in .Syria. 1860. 2r 9 40 9 5 such a serious nature as not to admit of tho
Battle of Beli;r.->dc, 1717. Anne Askew consideration minor topics and the proba-
burnt, 1546. Jupiter seta 10.25 8s 9 59 10 20 bility that of the question will be shelved or

for some time to come.

I CO Storm at Durhai , 1792.
4r 10 17 11 32 deferred
Last year I foretold a or convul-
Defeat of Turks sion, which was too well confirmed by the
Dreadful Storm, 1 6s 10 38 After. frightftil earthquake in
Spanish A rmada Channel, n thousands of lives were
1588. : 7r 11 1 1 50 There are sinister portents which, I
3s 11 32 2 57 fear, betoken us calamity in the

Great Earthquake, 365 613,000 ;
.vay or a frightful shipwreck,
perished at Alexandria. 9r 3 59

onth closes with asseverations thai

Gibraltar taken, 1704 Battle of Fal ^ing than July.
kirk, 1298. Of Shrewsbury, 1403. Is 8 4 55
Lord Kilwarden assassinated, 1803.
12r 53 5 43 Thk Weatiibr. — Our foreftithers re-
Battle of Steenkirk, 1603. Nelson lost irkcd that a succession of rainy weather
his arm at Santa Cruz, 1797. 58s 1 46 6 23 gan about the middle of July philosophy ;

plains the rea.son by showing that thcro is

French Revolution of 1830 began
3,0110persons killed.

14r 2 46 6 57 considerable increase in tho temperature

the VMOur, and, consequently, a greater
City and Castle of Bristol taken, 1643.
Vauxhall Gardens closed, 1S59. 56s 3 52 7 25 liability or meeting with regions of the atmo-
sphere colder than which, by taking
Sth Sunday aktbr Trinity. Saturn 17r 5 1 7 47 away some of the heat, disposes to con- it
sets 9.41 p.m. dense, and fall in rain or mist.
Robespierre guillotined, 1794. 53s 6 14 8 7 tho flower garden the seedlinsj auricu-

which were sown last yt-ar should bo

Andrew Marvel died, 1678. 20r 7 27 8 27 iSpIanted, and also the GccUling polyan-
Week's mortality in London, d Transplant the perennial and bien-

Plague, 1028, 2,471 persons. 50s 8 40 8 45 seedlings which were not dorje Uat
ith, to remain October.— Rooks aucl
St. Helena discovered, 1502.
23r 9 56 9 3

^tonechal, Spotted rUcatcher.

FwMTKRs Fera, Harebell. Cro»-le»Te<l

Hc»th. Flne-lo.Ted Hwith. H.»kwee.l.

17 .Lammat Day. H.%rTest coinmeuccs.M OSnII IQl n O^' PKBDICIIOXS.
7, w^!"°'^n''V''S-T,'^'"p;
lWiU.»mRufu.d..UOO. h \Z
PUguebe:.n|7 iT
4^3 ^f^„
= I'circuii.unce.
J"" »6« I
imimued, from
opinion that,
I Loud.. 1563. Bat. of Blenheim, 1704. '

*^ rwiable and un.s?aK>r.»l>le we

Itimc, Terr
.would preraiL Ihe weather boih of
- _ _ ,:o , - ,...- -tr • _ . - 1 r» ^ *od 1^61 fully confirmed the epiniou. The
iTL'nj°""""'"|7 4ls| ^ ^'11 8i'p""s''t-'';^'^°''''
brief and ungeniaL
Ot late years
Tu[ ir,«?r"*'"'""*"l4
Building Tr»de. ISoK. 3lR 4 18; Mort. have made researches not only
/»"""* ^^^ causes of this unseasonable weather,
Wirraiwdjrarafion. Davis' Straits dis-lT QC^I T 1 t|
^ but also into the effect of what ii %o generally
** covered. 15S3. • ''"^ ^ "^'^^ (J
iialked of a« " our Tariabie climate." The
Tu Henrr VII. lands at Milford Havcn.'J. OtJ ft A 1 10 _^
result of these researches, made by medical
^"1 1«5. 20.000Voluntcenreiic»ed.lS6j.|^ ^*^\ " '-',
Imen, i« that, after all. although we have but
F Canning died, 1827. 7 34S 6 34! 2 35 '"'*e settled weather in England, this countiT
lis upon the whole, perhaps, the most healthr
SLouU Philippe proclaimed Kins of the QTo 7< iiOl 3 08
-i O / K
**"^ '" '^« ''^••^ -*^ =*^' cTcnta. the cases of
French, 1S30.
^ '8thof Slxdav
^ Amu Tkinitv. MaSKic.-e 7' ^iS
Swiss Guards. 1792.
Ql c 7 ^iO
9^ ^ 20 !
I n^cTity are Tcry frequent Within about
(^'CC weeks the deaths of seretal persons
closely Terging upon one hundred years old
M Durham 7< ^O

Cathedral founded, 1K3.' A f\r. Q /I

Hon J. WUon died, 18G0. * ^UR; O 39 "^'* noticed in the newspapers. I mT£elf
'"'^'y ™^' ''"**^ * Greenwich pensioner, who
T:, Cajilereagh died, ISai. The Queen "T OTj-l ft Qi r^ c —
Tisits the Channel liUnds. 1859. i ^i O O, / 57 is showed me his certiGcate of baptism, which
5 hundred and twentr-

i that he was i
'""'".4 43r!
Wi^*P',";,\3t«p"m."°"'''^^*~ 8 221 9 11 said he never had a
eadache, and thrt he
Th King's CoUege, London, incorp., 1829. '7 23S 8 4310 23 »v'"l'l "" 1 down One-tree Hill
another proof that
F IBattleof Stirling, 1G4.5; 5,000 perished. 4 46R' 9 G 11 34 'he human constitution is better" able ti

S l°n-^----^^^,^o^^^—
Chapel commenced, 1S59.
19sl 9 321 After. ^^^^^^'^I^lp^l.^
,^ >iii SuKDair arrxR Tauvirr, Jewtt,^^. ~ r, in r-/I 1T .„ that in India
;,. , and Spain, wher« hot and drr
"* suppreated, 1773.
some Tears prevails ftr about fire 46we:.lhor

iPeace with Spain, 10O4. I ncc /if— 1' 'tf\ 10I Ci 1 .^mouths, with bardW a dav's interval of wet,
Walts enters <iuebec, I860.
^ lOS AU "lo Z 40 or a fresh breeie, people become verv much
f^ Q^
"O 11 O/ OO/^ €xhauBl«d and emaciated : they lose their
Tu Bloomaelddied,ls23. Mars ses 9.0i4:
OoRJ-A O Ob appetites and mental and bodily rigour, and
T-irl P-™- — 1 1 >» n/-i sigh in vain for a change, ami, if death do
4A zU

\V j/ llS|
Surrender of Adrianople, 1823. •^'°™- | not occor prematurely, thej drag on a life of
disease and prostration. Such are my reasons
^'"^''^'4 56Ri
iHiTi'oM^'""""-''''- 35; 4 SGli alluding to these scientific researches, and
J 39I 5
Battle of Frenchly
P y^ .
S »«' '"' ^="'""'4 59r 2 48 5 51,
died. ?li?""
^"Jf.^ 130a
WEATOKit.— Though the
Sicre of St. Barlholi
,Tl.r-c women eiecut
Jew, 157a
for witcLcraf:'^ O
G 12 sun

declines, the soli

;igbt of the

influence of the sun, increases

" -^
. at Exeter, 1682 5 11 G 32 six degrees, and th« quantity of the raia
iliminishes one-half; hence a of weather st.itc
G 58s' 6 27 6 51 favourable to the ripening and di jing of the
EXTREME HEAT Headache,' fruits of he earth.
5r 7 42

Appet 7 10 the period of selling and purchas-

IS is
gei.eral Debility. The tepid bath.
an.l a genik course of PAKRV- t> 04S
r.Ac.\ Q
V U A' /i 7 OZ
QO unbs. many of the great sheep fain

/ , now
held.— All i;rain should be

VU ±yj ±0\ 7i Oi
J^7 reaped as it becomes ripe. In the flower
garden fibrous root«d perennial plants may
properly rsgulating the porca of the fi t\{\^ 11 QO'
skin, form a sure preventive against ^ <-^UbXl OJ O OQ
Q ZV be propagated, if desirable, by slinping and
parting the roots into as many as" conrcni-
rysenterr, Lsthargy,
Fevers, Cholera, Ac, 9t? After.
^ 1i^K Aft .'^
e°t- Gather flower seeds, chocsing a fine

R d lo ed Pa

IM 13e' 2 10
43s 3 11 J
1>1. X j

17rj 3 56
Flight of Charles II. from "Worcester,
4|Th '
I. Mars rises 8.0 i..m. 39s I
4 33 18,
5F 10,000 died this weel
London, 166.5.
, from plague al
20r 5 3 1 3b nh h Lo d John Russell h

Stralfoi-d Jubilee. 176! '. Kingof ^^aplesj/?

6S left for Gacta, l-SHO.
34s 5 26i 2 58
7i^ salcm demolished, a.d. 70. 23r 5 47 4 16 both home and elscwh'.
Amv Robsart mui-.. I5G0. Garibaldi /? that they are only for defence,
S,M enters Naples. 1860.
6 6 5 34 jLSseveratioiis
and not defiance. How fortunate it was that
the bold and patriodc youth of England
9Tu Batt. of Flodden, 1513 ; 10,000 killed. 1
26r 6 26 6 50 t'ormed ihemselTes iiuo Volun'.eers, and. afr

low Batt. of Piiikcy, 1-547. Esplosiou in' /»

the Great Eaaicrn, 18.5 '. |
O 25s 6 46 8 3 the risk of all sorts of discomforts and in-
conveniences, or even of life itself, b come
UM. of Droghcda. 1649. Defeat ol - ready to defend their Queen and couutri.
Washington at Philadelphia, 1777. ,'-' 29r 7 9 9 14 Hurrah for "the Volunteers! Kings of
Batt. of Vienna, 1683; 70,000 kiUed /;
12F I'eiaro taken. 1860. O 20s 7 34 10 26 France have become afraid of their Naiional
Guards, but Englishmen never conspire
Fox died, 1806. Hospital al DuUvic'u ;:; acainst their Government. The saying of
13S established bj AUeyn, 1619. K' 33ii 8 6 11 31 Queen Kiizabeth has taught the monarcbs of
I3th Sunday after TRtxitif. Napo-'/^ England tliat the people will guard them ai
14 leon enters Moscow, 1812. !0 1 6s 8 44 After safely as soldiers.

15 M Manchester and Liverpool Railwav|;t

opened. 1830. Brunei died, 1859. <-'

Conjunction of all the planets at sun- /»

' 36r 9 30 1 27 Quiet, phlegmatic Holland usually pursues
the even tenor of her way unnoticed and
2 14 unthought of, perhaps but this year both
16 Tu rise, A.D. 1186. " lis 10 24 ;

Holland and Belgium will haye their little

17 W Amsterdam submitted,
rises 3.30 a.m.
17S7. Venus

5 39r 11 25 2 53 excitement, caused. I think, as well by
religious as political movements. There nre

18,Th Prior died, 1721. Locke died, 1S60. \b 7s 26

Morn. 3 some threatening astronomical signs aaresards
Belgium and her king.
19F Batt. of Poitieii, 1356. Nichol d., 1S59, 42r 30 53 in Last year
3 hinted that the aspect of
the autumn might prevent our legislators
I affiiirs

Owen Glendowcr 1415. Peace

20S Erswick, Hi97.
d., ol
2s 1 41 15 fort, 4
from enjoying "injrlorious ease" with com-
and I was not much out in my reckoning.
14th Sunday after Trinitv. induce mc to bo
21 1^
45r 2 54 36 Similar 4 considerations
doubtful of quiet repose in the poli-

22M 57s 4 7 4 55 tical horizon this year. JSeverlheless, some

matters which once wore a very forbidding

; 1.^30.
49r 5 24 5 16 aspect have been satisfactorily, if even tem-
porarily, arrange'!, and the political storm
Oli\V| William of Wjkthi.m died, 1404 Ju-
53sj 6 40 5 37 likely to prevail about this time will, hope,
^*\ " piter sets 6.1:; p.m. blow over without very dangerous cunse-

25riH South Sea discoTered, 1513. o2r| 2 6 1

»,.^.. will be some changes in the em-
Constantinople founded, 329. Ksp at
^Oir Birmiuchani, and 20 killed, 3859. 48s' 9 24 U ol r^"*''^'
">•' '"'B'i ""^ '•>" y"''. coniequen*

2-0 iDatuofHarfleur, 1415. Batt.of Busaco.

_ _ upon political complications. It issonieiime,
p I
IblO. 5oR 10 43 7 8,vc'T convetnent for s-cond and th.rd-ra.e
powers to disavow the acts of thtir rcprc-
44s: 11 58 /

[senuitives, although, in the first insi.tnce,

jiOS>\ chaiian died, 15S2.
™**' ^^^^ urged 'hem to make the
^V '^i.
\St. MichaeU Michaelmas Day. Will
58r After. y o8
r, ^ r\fi'°^
the Conq. lands at Pcvensey, 106H.
Q n Tli WTiitfield d., 1770. ReT. A. l-'letcher
39s 1 54ll0 9
•J^I-^'J! d., 1860. Anona captured. It-VQ.
s expencM.
I is the pie antest month in the year.
1862.— OCTOBEil.— XXXI DAYS.

D. D. ,
SuuJays, t'eslivals, Uutoi'ic liRDs: Nuthatch, Crossbill.— Berrim Way- ;

of of NOUK, Kisel, I
sets. faring Tree, Buckthorn, Barberry, Cow-

M. I
W.) KisinEsndSeUiiigoflhePln Aft. Aft. berry. Flowers Colchlcum, Round-leave.

IW J Camb. Mich. Term begins. Comeille
Who would h»*« thought of another diffi-
16*1. Battle of VeUuruo, aud
culty about Brcece f Turkey, which once
6 2r T34;1T25
f Garibaldi. 1860.
2Th 3 51 Morn. occupied so much public attention, was almost 5 34s
5r 3 30 43 are destined
forgotten for a time but these two empires ;

ihlf period the conitUution of man to disturb the general repose

lo colda, rheumatisms, I never had much confidence
5 30s 3 51 2 1 in King o'tho, for he has sadly mismanaged
4S faandsubjected all sort* of chronic disease.
PARR'S LIFE PILLS alimulate 8r 4 11 3 21 his kinL'dom, and thus mistrust has often
and so discipli G been expressed by some of the most eminent
Ever since the
6M vigorous health
veil known that the use of
5 25s 4 31 4 33 Bavarian prince came to the throne unplea-
of our Enslish statesmen.

affairs have occurred there from time

7Tu duces Parrs Medicine in autumn pro-
cheerfulness and increased
6 12r 4 50| 5 45'
8W bodily energy.
5 21s 5 12 6 57 gether, I have mentioned Turkey and Greece to-
but I believe one of the chief difB-
culties of the year will have arisen about
9'n,;BiBhops aboliihed, 1646. Eddyitone
"1 Lighthouse comp., 1759. 1
6 loR 5 36! 8 9 Turkey.
Term Beei
5 17s 6 5' 9 16
I /» TTi (Oxford Mich. begini
i-^' ^ houscj opened, 1830. I

II Q 'Title of "Defender of the Fiith 6 1 8r 6 42 10 19

i-i^ >J
.^ven to the Enghsh kings. '

12s! 7 25 11 17 reap an advantage butthatthemay

TH SuMDAv »ri Tbimtt. Stephensot turn up,
12 1859, Columbus sees land, 1492. i., present Sultan, ;

Abdul Alas, bids fair to be able to hold hu

13M'nS'apoleon L landj at St. Helena, 1815. G 22r 8 16 After. own with a tight grip.
More trickery, or diplomatic firmness, as
49 ambassadors
14 T Battle of Hasting!, 1066 of Jena 5 8s 9 13 eall

The secret treaty system it.

15 om, 160S.
Torrirelli (inventor of the Barometer)
6 25r 10 16 1 24
opposed to the honour and tranquilUiy
1 a Tli Citiienj of London seire the Tower, 5
' " *"
4s 11 22 1 52 Embarntssments in upper circles. More
13i6. M. Antoinette exec, 1793. I

17 F Dunkirk sold, 1662. Venus rises 5.4 a.m. 6 29r Morn.

2 16 startlinn frauds and discoreriet.
noticing another important phase In the
1 Q <2 Henry II. lands at Water- abou
ford, 1171.
4 59s 33 2 37
1 q' i i^Sth .Sunday aftbb Trinity. Battle
•^ '^r^ of Leipsic, 80,000 French lost, 1813.
6 32r 1 44 2 57 patii regard
ago I briefly

20 M
Battle of Navarino, 1827 ; 4 55s 2 58 3 16 tent pointed to the growing elemeiiU of discon-
in the then United States. Yean
01 iT,- Battle ofTrafalgarand death ofNeUon, 6 36r 4 15 3 38 before that Sir R. Peel alluded to " « little
^^\ '•''I 1605. cloud in the west." That cloud extended,
\\T Sir J. D. Paul and Mr. Strahan released hardly a year has passed without sumo
- 9
' ' from prison, 18.59. 4 51s 5 35 4 1 pertinent manifestation in regard to slavery,
'"''' rebellion, 184L Battle of Edge some Filibustering expedition, or some diffi-
Hill. 1642. Jupiter rises 4.50 a.m.
6 39r 6 57 4 29 culty about Jlexico. America has always

24 F been boasting of her independence and desire


Mansion House com., 1739. 4 47s 8 20 5 6 for concord, but in reality the conduct of the
_ ^_.

Or^'Q Battle of Airincourt, 1415. Conferenct

43r 9 41 52 Government and a portion of the people ha«
~'Jp I

at Warsa,.. 1860.
6 '

had tendency to provoke foreign

^ " ^^
1859 4 43s 10 51 6 49 aldiscord. The indepen-
frost com., 763. U. Charter lost, oay become a chimera.

27 1
Cuba disc hj Columbus, 1492. 6 46r 11 49 8
King Alfred the Great died, 900.
4 39sl After 9 16
9 <i
W" I Smeaton died
H are hunting
begins. Morland died,
6 50r 1QO A OO

itstendency to condense into clouds and rain
jjj„ ^ friendly influence upon the earth, by
checking the dispersion of the heat through

30,Th Tower of London burnt, 184L 4 35sj IQp; T1 '^O

,30, iX i)^ the atmosphere. The whole of nature now
1760. Bradshaw
6 53r' 1^71
O / Mom.
... I
assume- the sobemf-ss of autumn; and the
,g^.j,„ i, „f,^n ,,,r, j.ier.sant.
donald d., I860. I

Rising and Setting of the Planets.

sucltle. Pnv iiper, Bit

55r 2 15 1 7 PREDICTIONS.
Rkally everything is on the change «ince
rKiNiTV. Michael 30s 2 35 November has been
rm begins. All SouU. .
2 21 the good old times.
proverbially dull and wretched, and sugges-
I discovei's Dominica on Sun 59r 2 56 3 34 tive of suicide, low spirits, and all sorts of
as. harm and Yet, strange to say, there
Churchill died, 1774. Masaacre at
26s 3 16 4 44 are symptoms and signs in regard to
November of 1862 which look as things if
powder Plot. William III. Ian 2r 3 38 5 54 were to be made pleasant. Probably thnt it is
rorbav,ll)88. Galvanismdiscovere the e.\tent. both of evil and good, to be Is
Princesj C'hai-lotte d., 1817. King of 23s 4 7 7 3 calculated by
comparison. As we have
Sardinia enters Naples, 18(0. emerged from a season of excitement, alarm,
irst "Gatette" in England published, 6r 4 41 and dread of battle and murder, now a little
1665. Last ex. by Inquisition, 1781. prospect of amendment appears, people look
Cambridge Michaelmas Term divides. 20s 5 21 upon the aspect of atfairs almost with «oa-
Milion d., 1674. gr.atuIalion.
9 «T SUNUAV AFTOB TEIKITf. Birth 9r 69 10 he general derangement of affairs
of Prince of Wales. trade and commerce are likely to suffer in
10 Luther born. Centenary celebration 16s 74 10 45 1862, and some of the workmen who may
of birth of Schiller, 1859. unhappily listen to violent counsels will
11 lew star in Cassiopeia dis.. 1572. Earth- 13r 8 11 22 have to pay the usual penalty of poverty and
quake felt at Lisbon, 1858. misery. I hope they may b« too wise to
12 rtat charter confirmed bv Henry III., 13s 9 10 11 53
1210. Mars rises 3.44 p.m. Having only glanced in passing at the
13 eorgc Fox died, 1690.
Preston, 171i).
Capture of 16r10 18 After. affairb of the Pope. I may here give my
opinion that there will this year be a serious
14 reat earthquake in Encland, l:U8. 10s:ll 26 39 and perhaps final struggle for the continuance
Impress ot I'rench at London, 1860. of Papal authority. The occupation of
15S irst reKUIar Parliament at Oxtbrd, 20u M»"'-
58 Rome by the French was to have been but
1213. Prince of Wales returns, 1860. temporary. Months and years rolled on, and
USb 2nd Sundav akter Trinity. Tl.omas
i Beckett declared a rebel, 1538.
37 1 18 e;ich year, in spite of foreign support, the
I'ope declared an inflticnce both spiritual
17 M Veslminster Bridge opened, 1750. 23r 1 49 1 and temporal. An alt- mpt to increase
poperv in England, under thy auspices of
lurricane in England, 1824.
1811 rises 2.9 a.m.
Saturn 5s 3 5 2 Cardinal Wiseman, pruvud a sigiuil tkilure.

19 W The " Iron Masque" died, 1703. 27r 4 27 2 25

I think the effort to maintain his authority
•road will be equally futile. There may be
uch bloodshed or at least anarchy in Italy,
20Th Shipwreck of St.
Good Hope discovered, 1497.
Paul, 63. Cape of 3s 6 48 2 57 id Spain will do what she can for the Holy
ather, hut perhaps, for centuries to come,
21F Grcsham died, 1B79. Venus r. 6.59 a.m. 30r 7 12 3 38 e probability seems to be that the power of
the Pope, as a great potentate.will be curtailed
Capitulation of Portobello, 1739.
22 S Cecilia's Day.
Is 8 29 4 31 or destroyed.
Sunday auxb Trinity. Hakluyt
23^ Ird
33r 9 32 5 39
24 M Knight Templars' estates apprspriated, ; Q 58s;i0 Thb
27 6 57 earth TVeathkb—The temperature of the
still gradually sinks this mouth, owing,
Michaelmas Term ends. Tillotson died, ,7 36r11 7
'cfly, to the cloudy suteof the atmosphere,
25 Tu 8 18 by which the sun's rays are intercepted.

26 W storm, 1703. Ertdystone Light-'


overthrown, 1763.
ise 1" 56s 11 37 9 37
.South-west winds mostly prevail in November,
but with a mixture of northerly. Eleven or
wclve nights of frost, on an average, occur,
Pacific Ocean discovered, 1519. Jupitc
27 Ih 40r After. 10 57 .vhen the thermometer is at or below freeaing
High tides are at the full moon.
28 F Washingtoii Irving died, 1859. o5s' 23
The air now cools much faster than the
?arth, hence it is that the stiam out of the
29 S Wolsey died, 1530 43r 41 12 jarth becomes cnndensed into fugs, which
Andrew. 1st Sunday in i
30^' St.
Stafr..rd die.!. 1680.
53s 1 2 1 23 irevail at this season; wild weather and

itorms also mark the month. Wood-cutting
Is gener;i: , by raking dead leaves, soil, sand, Ac, into a
heap, to stumps, &c., and shelter choice bulbar

7 \Vb have come to the " last scene of all
truly brave, bat the greaWr their chequered and remarkable year. Great
liuhumaniCj had 3 3 45 this
.ras the proiircss last year in the arts, in civi-
to deplore the prem&ture and Tiolent lisation, and the works of mind. Still greater,
sacrifice of human life. Hov difie 7 48r 4 55 1 think, this year, will be the advance in all
hat can ennoble a nation, and add to ita
mind bj thnt reallj beneficent stuJi 3 51s 40 5 59 reputation and moral power. Extended eut-
which resulted in the discovery of for trade, improved machinery, sanitary
PARU»S LIFE PILLS, a reraed 7 51r 18 7 improvement, more wondei-ful discoveries in
which never faili to give soun. and science— these are but a few of the
health and long life to ftU Who re 3 50s 4 7 55 advantages .ri
which expected from the year

7 53r 4 57 8 42 Our
IStil True, there a reverse to this picture.
enemies abroad and at home have some-
times appear d loo powerful, but, under Pro-
3 49s 5 56 9 22
1^74 Great fros! 7
and 10 d.. nsii.
. \' 56r 7 1 9 54 imr trials; and, indeed, the skill, honesty,
Qtiern Elisibelh orders death of Queen Q 10 21 and guidance of Providence, have not only
Mair, 15SS. i" 49s nabled England to weather the storm, bu
hailesXII. killed.iriS. Venus rises 7
' 58r 9 13 10 44 even the most adverse circumstances hav<
7.5a a-m. 'Tentnally resulted to our advantage, and,
therefore, we have every reamn to be thank
Cromwell declared Protector, 1633. '
3 49s 10 22! 11 3 rul. The moral principle, that " out of evil
Lucj.'Q omcth good," has been hapfily and aptly
13 S Dr. Johnson
Jul iter rises
Or 11 32 11 23 illustrated and verified, and this great
3rd .SiiNPAY i» Advb.vt. Washinston Q 49s 11 41 country, noble even in misfortune, patient
14^ died. 179J.
^ under suffering, and resigned under advcr-
Bolinghroke died, 1751. Isaac Walton Q
^ 2r 44 iitv, has shown the world that, like Bayard,
ISJM died, 1683. 'without fear, and without reproaah," she
UJv Cambridee Michaelaias
Term ends. O
49s 1 59 23 frill struggle to the utmost in support of right

md justice, and that, if losing all else, she

Oxf.rrt lliohaelmas Term ends. Bish.'Q 51 ivill maintain her honour and independence.
17 \V of Wesiininster established, 1540. ^ 3r 3 19 Old year, with all thy faults, one word of
Victory atTo.ilon, 1793. Groat Pesti- "J 26 iude is due tu thy memory. You
18iTh lence at Loudon, 15^2. .
50s 4 38 1
brought events which caused many a Lit er
Jang, but yet there is much to thank jou
19F Hanover Eoyal Jewels restored, 1857. j
O 5r 5 59 2 11 ur. To the departing guest, then, let us all
20 S Dulwich Gallcrr est., ISIO. Macaula) Q 50s 7 12 3 12; 'e deferential and thankiul. Biuers and
died, ISt.O. i" wects must be mingled occnsionnlly, and
ha: man Is the wisest who tries to content
21^ 4Tri Sunday in Advent.
Eicise Taiperpeluaw;, IG'^n.
St. Thomas,
g 6r 8 12i 4 26'
limself come what m..y. Farewell, 1> 2.
22Lm Losi of the Flora Tcm ?, 1859 800 ']
49 Let us ring out the eld year lusily and
51s 8 59 5 heerily. and, when our departing tones »f
King hank.'-giviiig to thee are stilled, wc will raise
23'ru General Lavalette escapes, 1815. g 7r 9 37 7 12 of liope and exultation for
James II. escapes, li;88. I ehout



24 \V fcnific gale in German Ocean, 1811. O 52s|l0 4 8 36

Chrislmas Day. Newton born, 1642.
g 8r 10 27 9 56 Thr Wkathbr.— The character of this
month shar-s in the gloominess of the pre-
54s 10 47 11 111 ceding. The evaporaion is Bomewhnt less,
1, 1*20. 15 Persons killed and the rain generally falls on seventeen oi
ria Tlieatre, 18.;8.
8r11 7 eighteen da\s. On an average of ten years
IV AKiau Christmas. Bajle :ibout half the nigbts are frosty.— Fat cattle
55s 11 28 23 now ustially sell well, and Ebould be forced
Lambs for early fattenin;; bt-trin to be
executed. 1680.
8r 11 48 1 34 un.
dropped tovrards the end of this month; give
them dry lodging and good keep. The sheep
Society of Jesuits cetablished, 1535. 57s After. 2 44 now require considerable care; give tbem
dry food and salt Fatting pigs and breeding
9r 41 3 51 havecleaniii
The Barometer is a well-known instrument, which has a place in almost every household under the
more easily understood name of a Weather-Glass. It must be owned, however, that to the latter
title it has sometimes very little claim, but this arises more froai the manner in which it is used, and
its indications judged of, as also frequently from its bad construction, than from any inherent fault.
The most ordinary foiTn in which we meet witii this important instrument is that which is termed
the " Wheel Barometer," which has a dial-plate like a clock, and a hand or index which poinU to
the words Fair, Stormy, Raining, iic. Under this form the barometer is too often the most deceptive
prophet which can be met with, anJ much of the bad fame of the instrument is dus to the fallacious
prognostications which the hand points to on the dial, and which are almost always at variance with
the real state of the weather. It csinnot be sufficiently impressed on the mind that it is not the
actual height of the mercury in the tube which shows the state of tha weather we have or are to
expect so much as the changes which it has undergone during- tiie precedinsj twenty-four hours.
Tlius, if the mercury be rising slowly, wo may expect a continuance of fine and settled wcathei, Dut
if it ia falling rapidly we m.ay count upon storms and rain. On this account the most simple fi;rn: of
the instrument is to be preferred, or, ijt the common wheel barometer is made use of, the rise or fall
of the mercury, as imiicatod by the hands on the dial, should only be observed, and no reliance be
placed on the before mentioned words, which express every variety of fair and foul weather.
The common b^.romcter ia an instrument as simple as it is useful, and no difficulty can be expe-
rienced in its conatruction when a glass tube of even bore tliroughout can be found. It consists of a
A glass tube A, B, which is closed at the end A and open at the end B. This tube,
being filled with quicksilver, is reversed, and the open end immersed in a glase
vessel half full of the same metal. It will be found that the mercury will only
\- descend a few inches from the top (supposing that the tube A, B. is about
S4 inches long), the space A, C, at the top being a vacuum. The uppor part of
the tube is divided into inches and tenths of mehes. When the air is heavy iit
presses on the surface of the mercuiy in the open vosssl and pushes it up in the
tube ; when it becomes less dense, on th.e contrary, the mercury falls.
The best general rules of judging of tho weather, by means of the barometer,
are as follow :

1. The rising of the mercury presages, in general, fair weather, and its falling

foul weather, as rain, snow, high winds, and storms.

2. In very hot weather the falling of the mercury indicates thunder.
3. In winter the rising forebodes frost, and in frosty weather, if the mercury
fall three or four-tenths, there will certainly follow a thaw. But if there be a
continued frost, and if the mercury rises, it will certainly snow.
'!. Wlien foul weather happens soon after the falling of the mercuiy expect
but little of it ; and, on the contrary, expect but little lair weather when it
proves fair shortly after the mercm-y has risen.
o. In foul weather, when the mercury rises much and high, and so continues
for two or three days before the foul weather is quite over, then expect a con-
tinuance of fair weather to follow.
6. In fair weather, when the mercury falls much and low, and thus continues
for two or three days before the raiii comes, then expect a great deal of wet, antl
probably high winds.
7. Tho unsettled motion of the mercurj' denotes uncertain ai;d changeable weather.
^'^c may add that, before the reading u£ the barometer is taken, the tube should be tapped gently.

I.jANAGa;>!ENT OF SITEEP AT SHEARING.— When sheep are sheared, as scon as the fleec-e is
off, take a stiff brush, dipped in a solution of salt and soap (whale-oil soap is best), in water, and rub
them all over with a saturated brush, which will produce a white lather or foam. This stimulateB
the skin to redness, and prevents the animals from taking cold ; it loosens the scurf, and promotes
the future growth of the wool, and also improves its quality. And the application is a sure exter-
minator of the vermin. For want of tho bru-sh, a woollen rag might answer the purpose. The
application, if used, will be found productive of many good results.
ROOKS VERSUS GRUBS—The grubs of the tipula family are amongst the most destructive
enemies both the gardener and farmer have to contend against. Their eggs are deposited in the
soil. As soon as the grubs are hatched they commence an active attack on the roots of most
plants. The perfect insect appears in August, and is well known in Scotland as Daddy Longlegs in —
England as Gaffer Longlegs, Tom Taylor, or Tommy Longlegs. Tlieir operations, being catried
on under ground, enable them to elude tho vigilance of man, but the instinct of the rook is a
match for them. It has been calculated that a family of rooks will consimie 3,847 grubs per
day. Supposing the consumption to be continued throughout the year, it would amount to
1,1114,15.5; and supposing a single grub to destroy as many plants of wheat or other crop as
might grow upon a sjiace of nine inches square, a family of rooks would preserve from destruc-
tion more than two acres of com. If we extend our ideas further, and suppose all grubs
to live and propagate their species, it is more than probable that, if this one species of bird alone
were extinct, the labour of tho husbandman would be nearly, if not altogether, in vain. Man,
therefore, should beware how he disturbs the balance of power maintained throughout the whole
animal kingdom.


Born May 24, 1S19 ; ascended the Throne Apnl 20, 1803 ; made Emperor
June 29, 1837. December 2, 1S52



Born April 29. 1818 ; viade Emperor Avjgust 18, 1830 ; mack Emperor
March 2, 1855. December 2, 1848.



Ascended the Throne 18G1.



Bom May 3, 1826 ; ascended the Throne rn March 14, 1820 ; ascended the Tlirone
Jvly 8, 1859. March 23, 1849.


Bom October 10, 1830 ; ascended the Throne
Bom 1825; asce^ided the Throne 1854.
September 29, 1833.


Elected President of the United States, 1861. Elected President of the Soviliern Confederacy
of North America, 1861.

No portrait of the present Sultcm, Abdul Azzis, has ever been taken.
(Oruat Britain.) Brevers of Table Beer only
nhabited houic wliicli, irith the Omces. Yard, not above -'0 ban-ela .. ..
eii th.;rcwith occupied, is rented ai Xll a jt .r >

Goods or Wares are expi I the Shop or V

for sale, for every ^Oi of Brewers of Strong liecr,
If occupied by a person li< to reua nte

2 i
J a
7 17
inhabited liouses. 11 18
31 10
Fori ! aged 18 years or apwarda

Do. under the iige of 18 years

Do. employed as Under-Gardoners
Do. employed as Under-Gamekcepers . . . ,

BxffTnptiotis.—Occasiou%l Waiters, Potboys, lie

of Beer only, not being brewers

.'tellers .

Beer retailed (publicasis) whose premises

under ^£^0 per aim. (England and Irehi 2 0}
Ditto. 1 Horse or Mule 2 At J •
For erery carnafe with 4 nheels, e.-ich bcina of less Rctadei-s of Beer. Cider, and Perry, under 4 i 5
diameter than ao inches, drawn by 2 or more Ponies Wm. IV. c. b5, to be drunk on the prcmian
or Mules, no ther exceeding 13 hands hi^h .. .. 115 (England)
Ditto, 1 such Pony or Mule
For •»ory carriage with less than 4 wheels, drawn by
1*0 Not
to bedrunk on the premises
ot Cider and Perry
or more Hones or fltules
i! 2 Ketailois of Beer, Cider, or Perl7, whose premises
For every carriage with less than 4 wheels, drawn by are rated uuder j£l0 per annum (Scotland) . . .

Hone ^t .£10 per annum or upwards

1 or
"Mule only 15
Dealers in Cotfee, Tea, Cocoa JCute, Chocolate, or
or Muio only, not eiceeding 13
10 Pei'P"
Maltiitcrs making
not aboTO SO quarters

Ditto, less thaa 4 vrbetll 1 11) -IJ

Kxe;/tp(toiw.— Licen&ed laacUney and stage carriage 2 7 3

also v.-viis. wagons, and carts used wltly in th,
couroe of tr.\'ie, or for the purposes of husbandry. VI ^
3 10 10}
DUTIES OS HOR-K,S AND MULE.'^. not above 5U0 „ 3 18 H
Horses and Sluice above 13 hands in height, used for 4 6 7i
rilling and drawing carriai^es, charieftble with duty 650 above
Other Honoi and Mules Beginners (and a surcharge)
I'o. do., kept by Farmers not above 5 qviarters
Do. So., kept by Btillia. Shepherds, or Ilerdsmea .. Malt Roasters
Do. do., kept by Hectors, Vi.air^ or Curatfls .. .. Dciilers in Roasted Malt
Do. do., kept by Eoman Catholic Priests, or Protes- Paper, every maker of Paper or Pasteboard
tant Dissenting Ministers Passage Vessels, on Board which liquors oi t

Do. do., kept by Physicians, Surgeons, or Apothe- ! sold .

I Licences to let hoi-ses

ses and filules not aborelS ba!.ids in height, kept

>r riding or drawing carriaQM, chargeable with

do., kept for any other purpose

iHp(M>n*. —
Horses to draw licensed hackney and s

f Hounds, of 6« or more
vreyhouixds, of 15 or more .. .. Above 20 Horses, then for every additional number
of 10 Horses, and for »ny additional numb.-r less
-t>hepherds' do^s. and dogs under six months old. than 10, over and above 30, or any other multiple
of 10 Horses, the further additional duty of . . .

Game Licence in Crcni Britain, or a Certificate in

TrelaKil to kilt Game :

[and 10 per cent, th-"

If Licence or Ccrti9cote be taken out after
and before Xov. 1,
To expire on Aprtl 5 in the following Ye
To espire on Oct 31 in the same year ii »hich
ARMORIAL BEARINGS DUTY. the Licenc* or CertiRcate shall be takei
P«r»on3 chargeable with the Duty of Astesed Tii If Licence or Certificate be taken out oa
for uiy carriage at the rate of iS 10s. . . . Ifuv.l.
Other }*unonj To expire on- Aprii 5 following .. ..
Giime in Entj ocers who sell Win
umed oil the premise
-M 1.0shall be ivory Grocer having
I Taxes as a Retail Beer, but no

Sta.^o Carriage, licence torun (Great Britain)

supplementary licence
Ireland .. .. '.
. „ .. .. .. Hackney Carriage, licence to keep (London) ,

I'ENALTV forkllliusGame without a Licence . i

Note.— Br Act Sa & 21 Vict., c. 113, no person is

required to take out any Limuce or Certificate to
auEliorisc the taking or kilUng of Ra'uljits in Iruiand,

Postmasters' (Ireland) To act in any court as advocate

To the degree of a barrisier-at-law in Eneland or
i House— Ireland
If I : UOI 3 be under the value of As attorney, solicitor, or proctor in England oi-
^£20 a ye Ireland
As a^ent, solicitor, or writer to the signet in Scotland
Licente to any Licensed Keeper of a Refreshment As aireiit in supreme courts in S.otland, without in-
House to sell therein by Retail Foreign Wine to d. nture (ill ui(.(;;ioii(o (/icstiiii J;25)

be consumed in sucU house or on the promises I inlei , without ind^]

belongin ; thereto
If the lIoLise and Premises be under the value of
ioOayear 3 3
£oO A year or upwards 5 5
Licence to sell by retail in any shop of Foroign and
Brituih Wine not to be consumed in the house or
shop or on the Premises where sold Tu a corporation in respect of privilege
If the House and Premises be under the value of To ditto, any other ground
^50 a year. .. . 3 2 To any ecclesiastical benefice in England or Ireland
iSO a year or upwards . - ..3 3
Pbnalty for keeping a Refreshment House without
a Licence 20
Amount not exceeding ^£50
Soap, every maker 4 4 Above ioO and not above jCli'O . . .
.Spirits, Distillers • .. 10 10
Rectifiers 10 10
Dealers, not retailors )0 10

If the premium be ui
Smi i ;£3>10 ..
500 = 000 ..
600 S 800 ..

300 S 400 2J L,000 or upwards

Duplicate, 5s.
M^here no premium is paid, 2s. fid.

» and imder x-20

Ir.fei . England, or in Super!
10 10 In Inferior Courts in Scotland only 30
11 11 Bills of Lading, each 6d.
12 12 Promissory Note made In the United Kingdom for the Pay-
IS 13
ment of anv Sum of Money exceeding i4.000
Retailers of Spirits in Ireland, being duly
For every il,000, or part of ;£l,000 of tbe Money thereby
to sell Cofiee, Tea, &c., whose premises a
made payable .. 10
under ^25 per annum


In England or Treland , and Personal Bonds In Scotlatui,
given as a security for the payment of any Dcpiito and Certain
Pknaj-tv for selling without a Licence a
.Sum of Money
Not exceeding £oO ..13
Above jE50 and not above 100 2 C

Bottles at one time .. .

6 3
Tobaco »j.d Snuff, Manufacturers of,
20,000 lbs
above 20 OuO. not above 40,000 . . . 10 W And where the same sha'l exceed i300, then for every
60,000 15 15 .£100, and any fractional part of jEloO
also for 2 6 .

SOOOQ And progressive duty on words.

100,000 Money secured on heritable property in Scotland or by
above 100.000 31 10 Scotch bonds, in favour of heirs and assignees, excluding

and a surcharge) 5 5 executory is also now subject to duty.

1Tobacco and Snuff 5
ers in Foreign Wine, not having licei
Certified Copy or Extract of or from any Hegistcv of J. d.
10 10 Births, Baptisms, Marriages. Deaths, or Uulials.. .. 1
- having a Licence to retail Beer, but
itailm? Spirits 4 The said Duty to be paid by the Person requiring any such
- having Licences to retail Beer and Spirits .. 2 Copy or Extract.
Kxemptiwu. —Copies of Entries of Baptisms, 3Iarriagei, and THE NEW EXCI:5E AND STAMP DUTIES ACT.
Burials, trausmiited to the Register of the iJiocese, in pur- The new duty to defers in spirits for a reUil licence to sell
•uance of the 52 Geo. III., c. Uii. not tees than one reputed quart bottle, or as to foreign
Ortifitd Copic* of Registers sent by Superintending Registrars iquors in the bottles in which the same may have i>tea im-
w tiie General Registrar, in pursuance of the 6 and 7 W. ported, and not to be drunk < the premifes," is
IV., e. 86. £i 3s. For a licenee to scU table b« t ezctcding lid.
And Copies or Eitracta made or giren under or in pursuance the quart, 5s., and not to be drunk i premises. The
of the 7 VicM>ria, c. lo, to ameud lUe Laws relatins to ttamp duties are as follow;— On foreign bills of exchange
Lahour in Factories. (Seceding jE-XJO, the duty of Is. for cv«ry xlOO. For an agree-
Settl«m«nt of Money or Stock 58.per ^£100. ment and counterpart to let a furnished house for any less
Transfer of Stock not Pubhc .£110 term than a year, where the ront for such period exceeds
If upon Sale 10s. per cent. ;£2-5, the duty of 2s. Oil. On hawkers' licences .£3 a year without
If upon Morigace 2a. Gd. per cent. a horse, and £A with one horse. For a licence to betaken
©ui ye:trly, after the 5th July, 1861, by every person using
DEBENTURKS. the busiuea of a house as«»'t. the duty o f £-2 28.
Debenture or Certificate for Drawback on Goods exported :
Receipt for the payn ent of £'2 or upwards, Id.
Where Drawback to be receiTcd shall not exceed
the jClO 1
2 P-^ioUif for giving a receipt without a stamp, jflO under
Abore .£10, and noi above ^50 6
Above .£30 5
D-j^iAration in lieu or in the Nature of an ASdavit, in any
Case where, if the same were an alSdavit, it would be eharge-
P<nia I for frauds in the t ofa-ibe i stamps, ^20.

(The same Duty as would be chi^rgcable on such Affidarit,) DUTIES ON LEUACIE.S AND ON SUCCE:5SI0N TO
DeliTe>r»dcr 9 1 Where the Legatee or .Suc-eesor shail be the Lineal Issue or
Line&l AnceAor of the Predecessor or Deceased, a Duty of
DRAFT £\ [>cr cent, upon such value.
Or Order for the Payment of any Sum of Monay to the «. rf. Where the Debtee or Successor shall be a Brother or Sister,
Bearer or to Order, on Demand 1 or a Descendant of a Bro'-ber or Ksister of the Predeeeaor or
Ditto,drawn on a Banker 1 Deceased, a Duty oi £'i per ccut. upon such value.
Order oa a Banker or tboueb not made payable to the Where the Legatee or tjuccessor shall be a Brother or Sister of
Bearer or lo Order, and whether delirered to the Payee the Father or Mother, or a Descendant of a Brother or Sister
ornot 1 of the Father or Mother of the Predecessor or Deeeaseil, a
AdhesiTe stamps denoting the duty of one penny may bo Duty of y5 percent, upon such value.
used for receipts or drafts without regard to their special Where the LegaUe or Successor shall be a Brother er Sister of
approprvition. s. d. the Grandfather or Grandmother, or a Descendant of i^e
Dock Warrant.. . ..' a Brother or Sister of the Grandfather or Grandmeiher of the
Predecessor or Deceased,a duty of jC6 percent upon such valus.
Where the Legatee or Successor shall be in any other degree
2 of collateral consanguinity to the Predecessor or Deceased
AttoraeTS, &c., London (or within 10 miles) Edinburgh
than is hereinbefore described, or shall be a Stranger In
blood to him, a Duty of ZlO f>er cent, upon such value.
and Dublin 9
elsewhere.. 6 Legacy to Husband or Wife exempt.
(Half only for the first three years.)
Confeyancers, London and Dublin 9 " ACCORDING TO THE CENSUS OF 1861.
„ elsewhere 6
Hawkers and pedlars, on foot 3
and for each horse. &c, used 4
Hawkers in /rciand, on foot 2 2
„ ditto, for each horse used 2 2
Makers of Playing Cards or Dice 5
Medicine Vendors, London 2
„ in any other corporate town 10
elsewhere 5
Pawnbrokers, London 15
eUewhere 7 10
PUte Dealer*, selling aboTe 2 oz. gold, and 30 oi. silver
plate 5 15
„ under the above weight 2 6
For Marriages, special ,- 50
not special 10
To hold a perpetual curacy 3 10
For non-residence 1
To Stage and Hackney Carri^e Drivers, Conduetors, and
Waterman 5

PatenU for Inventions, rarious documents .. « li to £l00
Certification of Registration of Designs 5 .

Exemplifications ^ .£ 3 to £5

Made in Great Britain or Ireland, for erery ounee, and
o on in proportion for any greater or leas quantity — «. d.
Gold 17
^o(t«.— The distance of each place from London, with the daj t vhlch the market is held in any market town, &re
inserted in parentheses.
following abbreviaiiona hare been adopted -.—For the dayi of Iha w«*, M, Tu, W, Th, F, S, and far Sunday, Sun
aft for aflvr, he/ for b«/ur«, cat for c<itHe, pi for pleasure, St for atock, and ptd for pedlary.
Fairs for the sale of horses, oxen, cows, and sheep are described by the term ttock ; the partlsulars of all others are fully

Nov M,
^TOp<AtiJ(45,Th)May Deo 17, cattle,
35, Feb Ap
22. July 4. Sept 3, Oct 9. Not 35,
cheese— Coni/Won (163. S, (ft mar alternate S until May 13) Th
4, lat— B«i/or<i
30. Lent, (SO, S| 1 Tu in Aug 31. Oct
V2. Dec 19, cat, 1 TuJulj, wool (An SI, Not17, SI. Z,.«iard»|— bef Shroyetidc, Not 23, cat. May 12, cat, clothing, July 12—
Di'jgletwadt (43, W) Feb 14, hones, East Sun, Not 8, crit, Four Lain Bnds (17S, M)
May 21, Not 21. St, pigs— /VodjAam
Whit M, pl— Z)uTM(a61« (33 Ash W)
Jlay92, Aug 12, Not W, (192) last Tu in Ap, last Ih in Oct, cat-Sandley, Mar 10,
12, cat, M
aft 3 F in .Sept. hii-in;— Xljrloio (491 May 15. cat. Sept 10— HaHon (S) Ap 5, Sapt 19— Soimes
Ap 13, Oct 12, Not 27, cat— JCnutj/ord
Chapel (164) W
Not 5, also cheese Harrold (60, T) Tu bef May 13. bef June aft (176, S) Ap 23,
8. bef Oct W—Lnghton Buzzard (41, Tu) Feb 5, 2 Tu in Ap. AVhit T. July 10. Not 8. horses, cat— Jfocclw/Uid (167. Tu. S)
Whit Tu, 1 Tu aft Dec lu, cat and horses, July S«, also sheep, May 6. June 22. July 11. Oct 4. Not 11, cat, wool, cloth— Jfat
Oct 24, cat and hiring, 1 F in July, wool, loll free— Luton (31, pas (167, W) Ap
July 6, 26, Dec 8, cat, general- Jfiddl«ieic/i
M) 3 M
in Ap and Oot. cat, 3 F in Sept, hirinj— Jfariet-jfreet, (1«7, Tu) M
aft Ap 13, Holy Th, Aug 6, 3 in Sept, Oct 29, M
Sept 39 hiring— Odeit (150) Whit Th, cat— Pofton (S) 3 Tu in cat, 4c.— .Yantoic* (164. S) S aft Fob 2. March 26. S Tu in
Jan, O.S.. horses, last Tu in Ap, pi, 1 Tu in July, Tu bef Oct June. Sept 4. Dec 4, cat, 34, cat, drapery, tic—lforthwich,
!9. sheep— S/ie/ird (41, F) Jan S3, Ap 6. May 19, Oct 11, cat— (174, F) Ap 10, Aug 2, Deo 6. cat, Aug 6 and Dec 10, general,
SiUoa (40) May 13, Sept 21. cat— rodrfmjteii (38, S) Ap 35, 1 each laitiilg 14 days— Oiier (166, W) May 16, 16, 17, Sept 25,
M in June, Noi 3, Dec 6, cat— TKo6uto (42, Fl Jan 1, Mar 23, 26, 27, Doc 9, 10, 11, cat— Parijatc, Ap 35, Oct, 35— JVeston
July 13, Oct 6. oot Brook aSh) Whit M, pi— iJuncorn (188, Tu, B) last F in Ap
and Oct- Sanddac/i (162. Th), East Tu, Th after Sept 12, cat,
BERKSHIRE.— ^6inff<ion (56, M,F) M in 1 horses, Dec 38, hiring— Slocifcport (179, F) March 4. 25, Oct 33,
Lent, May
Dec 6, June July, wool,
30. 11, cat (1 M in toll free) cat. May 1, cat, pi, Oct 24, pl-Tarporley (173, Th) May 1, M
Aug lambs, ^[ bef Oct 11, ^'ir'mi—Aldtrmaatan (49) Oct 13,
5, at Aug 24, Dec 11, cat— Tarvin (177) Ap 30, Dec 3, cat—
hiring— Bi-acfciisii (23) Ap 35, Aug 23 St, hogs, 4c, Oct 1, Tattenhall (170, F) May 18, Not 31, cat— rmfmisde (184)
also hiring Farringdcm. (Tu gt mar 1 Tu in each month) Feb May 2, Not 1, pigs, Ac Weavarham (180. S) Ap 8, Oct 8,
13, Ap Oct 29, St, Tu ef and aft Oct 11, hiring, Jan, Mar,
«. I
cat- Wiiu/OT-d (173, S) May 8, 9, Not. 36, 26, eat
May, July, Sept, Not, cheese- Hungerford (64, W) last in W R N W A L Jj.—Bodmin (235, 8) Jan 25, S bef
Ap, cat, W
bef and aft Oct H, also hiring— /Zriey (5J M, gt C
mar VV, month bef East, and alternate till the last in June) W Palm Sun, Tu and bet Whit «un, July 6, Dec. 6, sheep,
1 W
ill July, wool, Oct 13. hiring, Kast W, Whit W. Aug 1,
cat— CaUiiiirtoii (216, W) 3 Th in ,Mar. 1 in Way. 3 in Not,
20, W
aft Sept, Oct. and Not 17— Lamiwume (F) W.%y 12, pi, at, 1 aft Sept 19, cat, honey (gtmar 1 la other mouths) i

Oct 2. hiring. Dec 4, cat— Jfatdmheaii (36, W, gt mar 3 Tu in -t'anu.I/ord (229 F) F aft Mar 10, May 26,2 Not, cat, ; W 1

each month, eat) WTiit W. Not SO, cat, horses. Sept 29. also ily 17, sheep, lambs, 18, cat. Sept 6,

hiring Jforti7ner (45) ApS7, cat. Not (^,cat, ponies Kni'hury should tliisor July 17 fallona S, the fair Is held on the aft— M
(56. Th) 1 Tu in Feb, wool. Holy Th, July 8. Sept 4, cat,
Falvwnth (373, Tu, Th, S) May 7, Aug 7, Oct 10— Five Lan»t
horses. Not 8, also cheese, Th
Oct 11, hiring— ifcadins;
1 aft (225)2 M
aft June 24, last Th in Oct, unless it fall on the 30th,
(39, W, S) Feb 2, cat. May
1. cat. pi, July 25, eat, cherry. Sept
when it is held on the day before, cat Latmceston (213, W, S)
31, cat, pi. hiring— T»'o!(i)iir/ord (46, F) East Th, cat. Sept 29, Jan 26, 1 Th in Mar, Mar 25, 3 Th in Ap, Whit M, July 6,
(hiring— Wantage (60) 1 S in Mar and May, cat, July IS, Not 17, cat— iiiJreard (325, S) ShrOTO M, bef Palm Sun, M
icherry, Oct 17, hiring— Witidior (83) East Tu, July 6, Oct M, Holy Th, Aug 15. cat, Oct 3, cat, honey, aft Dec 6, sheep, M
;cat. pigs.
cat— LortioirtMl (236, F) Tu aft Midlent Sun, July 10, Seil 1,
Nov 13, if S the M
aft, cat, horses— Pensonce (2^2, Tu, Th, S)
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.-A'«6«'T'(W, Mar 25, Th aft Trinity, Th bef Adyent. Sept 6 Btdmth —
S)F aft Jan 18. Palm S. May 8. June^i. Sept 25. St. Oct 12, (363, F) East Tu, May 2, Aug 3, Oct 12, cat pi—SI. AutttU (F)
hirins.SM in Dec, fat tat- Caco-i J^^d (33, W) Fob 13, Holy Maunday Th, Whit Th, July 26, P aft Oct 16, Not 39, cat-— BriU (51) 2 in May, cat, 1 W after Get 11, hiring W Si Blazey (240, S) Feb 3, pi, July 4, cat-S( Coluvtb Major (242,
—Buckingham (57, M,S) Jan It, last M in Jan, Mar 7, 2 M in Th) Th Midlent .Sun, cat
aft Th aft Not 13, eat, sheep—St.
All, May II, Whit Th. i W
in Au^, Sept 4, Not 8, Dec 13, cat, Stephen's by Lajmttston (214) May 13. July 31, Sept 25, eat,
July 10 wool a»d cat, Oct 3, S aft Oct 11, cat, hiring— ISurn- sheep if either of these fall on
; S, the M
aft— TreyimalAa (24-J)
hoL-miti) Oct 2, hirinir, pi— ColntiKO* (17) Ap S.Oct 16, St, pigs May 6, Aug 1— Trayoney (250, S) Shroye Tu, -May 3, July 25,
—Eton (23) Ash W, pigs— JVnny Stratford (45) Ap 19. cat, Sept 1, Not B. cat (ut mar 3 M
in the other months)— Truro
Oct 11, hMm-Ot. Marlow. (S) Oct S9, ho ses, cat, hiring— (360, S) W, W aft Midlent and Whit Sun, Noy 19. Dec cat
/v»r (15) May 10,pl- Ivinghot (33, S) May 6, Oct 17. cat, pi«s (gt mar 1W in the other months)- West Loot (331) May
— Z,at»tid«n (M) 2 Tu bef East, pi— it((i« Brickhill (43) May cat pi.
IS. pi, Oct 38, cat— JITMoport PagruU (50) Feb, 33, Mar 21 Aug
29, Oct 23. Dec 23. cat Ap ^2. June 33, also pi— Stony Strat-

bef Whit Sun, Oct 29— Alston
^fcfiey Holme (310) Tu
ford, F> 2 F in Feb, 1 in May, 3 in Sept, 1 in Not, cat. (305. S) 3 S in Mar, 3 bef Oct
lAug S, cat, pi, F aft Oct 11, alio hirin;- TTendowrr (36, M) 18, cat sheep, last Th in May, S on or bef Sept ^7. 1 Th in Not,
iMay 18. Oct 3. eat —
W'inilow (50, Ih) Feb IS, Mar 30, Ap 30,
St— £oo«« (208, S) Ap 26, Sept 24, cat, F bef Whit Sun, F bef
Holy Th, Aug 31, Sept 23. Not i6.3 Th in Dec. eat. 1 Th bef. Not 11, hiring— Brampton (310, W) Ap, 30 Trin W, 3 in W
'and 1 aad 2 Th aft. Oct 11. hiring— H'oodimm (3C) May 4,
Sept Oct 23 cat sheep- CaWisie (301, VV,S) S bef Whit Sun,
Not 12. oat— Wycomie (39, F) 3 M
in Aft Oct SS. cot, last W Aug 36, and 15 following days, cat, general. Sept 1», S nearest
Not CociemiouOi (303, M, S) Feb 18, herscs, W
in June, wool, M bef Sept 29, hiring. 1 M
in May, and eyery alternate
until Oct 10, cat, Whit W
C AM B R ID 6 E S H I RE.-.Bui<4 6r-e<n(Cam- M,N0T 11, hiring— JEyremone (3S9, S) Feb 17, horses, «at, 3 P
bridge. 67, S) bef Not 17, sheep, cat,
S bef East M, bef July 30, in May, .Sept 18, cows, S bef Whit Sun. Not 11, hiring—
e24,horses,cat,wool,pl-CTiott«TS (F) last Fin Ap. F bef Kenviek (293, S) 1, 3, and 5 Th aft May 1, Th aft Oct 10, cat.
Michaelmas, eat, day aft each, pl-ITIy (78, Th) Holy Th, Oct S aft Oct 29, sheep, cheese, 3 bef Whit Sun, S aft Nov 11,
39, cat, horses— Lin((m (61, Th) July 3», 31, lambs, 4c.— 3/arcft hiring— Lonirt0U7i (310, Th) Th bef Whit Sun, horses, Th aft
(80. F) M
bef Whit Sun. pi. 3 Tu in Oct, cat— ifeujmartet (61, Whit Sun, Not 11, hiring— PenriH (3S4, Tu) Marl, Ap 24,
Tn) Whit Tu, Not 8, cat— Jloysfon (38) Ash W, East W, Whit Tu, cat Ap 23, sheep, 6 alternate Tuesdays after Whit
in July. St, Whit W, 1 W
aft Oct 11, St. pi— Tnuttlesea Tu,Sept 27, Oct 26, cat sheep— Bed Z)&i, near Wii^n, Augl,
(79, F) Whit Tu, pi, June 13, horses- Witbeach (93, S) bef W sheep— HentOTC*, Sept 33, St— fiosley Bill, near WigtOH, from
Whit Sun, July 35. horses Aug 12, cat, a aft Feb 21, pL Whit M until Aug, horses, cat— JTfciteAarm (320, Tu, Th, S)
Aug 12, pi— JTiyion (315, Tu) Feb 30, horses, Ap 5, cat. Whit
CB.'ES'H.l'RlE.—^ltringkam. (183, Tu, S) Ap W
Tu. Not 11, hiring— Workington (305, W, S) bef Ap 34.
>, Aug 5,6, Not 32. cat. general— Blrifcen/iead (302. W. S) last W W
bef Oct 10, cat W
aft Wliit Sun. aft Not 11, hiring.
u in Feb and Ap. July 3, Oct 3. cat. cheese if either of these ;

days fall on S or Sun. the fair is helij on the F b-.f- Budii'oryi, DERBYSHIRE.— ,i<J/rc«on (140, F) Jan 26,
«, Feb 13. Ap S. Oct i—Chatcr (183, S) Jan 39. Feb 26. Mar Whit
East Tu. Tu, cat July 31, cat general, Oct 7, cat. cheese.
96, Ap §3, May 48. July 6. Aug. 4, Sept 3, Oct 10, Not 26, Not 25. cat, hiring— 4sfti>ou™ (139, b) 2 Tu in Mar, 1 Tu in
Sept.Tu ef Xov 11, cheese. bef each, St, M :

(15U) Ap 23, Oct 15, c«t, sheep, >-. ^8^'%"^*""^^"'<' 'l"^' S> Mar
''ds ^jLi'/io'n 1

alienate M) £_ Bheep-£rWport (137, W, S) Ap 6

Aui- 2S. i.ft 0>M . cheese BroaUuni (140) Trinity M. pi<s, ic.-
(1 U. .-ij Jtiu 2S, M»y 5, cat, Oct 31, cat, p\—L.jl .,
i in Ap. 1 F in Oct. ;;t. pigs, cheese— Buifon (160, ^'

^>. '.I
-^^J^' ^ ^^ '» «" » W in Koy, .St, „..,_'

East. Ap
30, Hoi)- Th. also 3 wcclts tft, July 7. Th
art O, t 11
Ih bef Ifov S». c-.l-auMerfidd (150. K) J.„
in Ap, ""*— » **
?, cows horaes. May 4, cat, pi, July 5, cat, wool. Sept
— --•'.-
27, F.;b 28, 1 S

St. Che
Jeese, Ac, IiovSo,
cat, pi, Mrntz—Dsrhtj (l2i;, Tu
Fl F
aft Jan
6, Jan So, Mar 21, cat, 22, !» .,,„...„ 'p r'-\ll
i, lit T. ):,
F, *j''' *= -^'-/JtiinrdJ) s
cat, 2j, 29,
cheesc-Z)ron>eW (154, Tl
_ ~ .?/27' . ,
unT;f iif" -""'r be*

Th Oct 12, c it, sheep, pies, chees

alt -

(133) 1 M in JI:.y, aft Oct U, K.t- M

cloth— J7arn„(,OT, Feb 12, Ap 2, ^r'^''i^i^y:^t=^--;,«--'f;n:.i^^^
last Th in Ap 6i. piss-7tt«rt<,n (1: ^"'f r; <"'>'=' "!'• »lt^™»te Th) May 12, Oct 25, cat-Ss,d|,„„
(1.6) Dec (J, bt. pie»-Sr/«n-,.con.te. East
aft Dec 25. cat, pigs, 1 Tu Oct 20 hoii,. ,,,
Feb S5, Ap *, May 9 to.-7y,Uer vowt. Ma, 18, J.ly2, Sept
7?i2- ,?aWZMii5
Mavl.lMinXov,c:. 1 u ) Ap 17. Sept 8- TKimiom. (100, F) F bef
Good F .^'^
b" J. if
12. pi. Kart Tu, July ^i-W«odburvmu (112) Sept IS, 'and five following
8, Sept b, cat, 3 Tu in pig«, general— B'oocUond
(100) July 5, pL
. DEVOKSHIRE.-^sWwrton
in Mar and June, cat, sheep, Aug
(92,' SiTTh DURHAM- Barnard Castle
10, Nor 11, or 1 Tu or Th every fortnight) East M, Whit W,
(250 vt mar
aft each shee,>-Ar™,„^
(147,Tu,F) Tu aft Ap general, Au-l 2 Lor
2s. V, aft Oct 10, St- Hampton (
S, gt mar
"'• "'l>"Tu.
W befandMarJune
, .,',li. ''•''P' in Oct, Ht-Barn' last
(237, M, r;
(196. F. gt m»r Mar 17, U. July 28, Dec 8, Catl Ap W M, Nov 10, 23, and the 3 M
aft, and LVery M
T •'^P« l«-<-"-.BWe/ord (iO«,ru. S). Feb 14, July 18,
Boy, 18-, gt mar2 Th in Mar) Holy Th, cat-
Tu nearest ia Nov m Mar, F
bef each, hiring—
bef May 13. F
^ "
fortnight, cat
Zti/Wmn (2ii3, sj
3-.,cat,ee..eral-JJrjci«tou. (200) 1
or Ih, If not. the Tu aft.
in June, July 29, if Tu, W iiv ;3, VV'liit Tu, cat-Jfidd<(o7j
»> , aft, CAt—Jiroad^lii»t /17ni i --
cat— Bi-oodclyrt (170)
Ap und
Ap and Sept, -SroaihenAury l\e\) Dec 11, c..t>-Brad-
Sept, cat, sheep,
4c,— A'ouJA 'shUUU (2bl,''b) wVe'f
iMrJfty (218)::Jcpt 9,
' week
(212, F) 3 Thin June. 9 in .s.
" bef'j "
24, C^t—Dmk/oJtUtgh : M Jolm, Chapel, near Staiihoj.e (S) 3 in Ap, 3 i^i Bern W W
ButUand (2(16)) Whit ^J-^'"^'-S""lao,^'^i-r,u (W, S) 2 Wl„J„,,.na„er^
Tu, Nov i—Chagford (21 Th !
1 r 1 in May, U,t alteni
in Sep4andOi.t,.-5t— CTtaictt, bef Jlovll, hiiiug—
hamptmi, Th bef 3 S in -\i -
' Hundtrland (S)

W w : •
(1'.3:W)EW ESSEX
in July-CV.rf,r . i ~ .t ,. ,: s .*f last w" (o9) 21 on or aft July lo BUUrica!/ CM, Tu) Aug 2, horsj
Jjp) 11, Aug
23. Sept 20 ; ii inese (lavs fail on Tu or W Oct /, 8, c„t-Black7nort (24) Aug 21, cat, horaes
marl S in eich
(170, Tu, F, .S) 3 W
Feb and May, S Tu In July, 3 in
in W (.9) May 14. 15, cat, pi, July 2o |.l-CM™/ord (3j FlMav
BM-Bzmttuter (May 29), c«l^£«no«tt (Tu, S) Ap25,Oct
3;. Eeneral--ira0.erfciV,A (200, Tu) .May 21, June
22, Sei,t 4
Z°^ \ '™. ""l,*'' ""^ "** cat.general-jBbbuortAy (W, s'

0,^9 ^1^ '"'' .

-"''"' '^ '"'^ =^ '" »'"•
V" ^P •''^ J'-lT 9.' ^a5^;'^-'^>.%^vu.xrcirp.»£"'
D«tlu,m Tu) EastTu.
(68, W.fl- Ih^,,,,^, «, (37. Tu iu'c
I'lr^-^""'"™ (156, S, gt n ar2 S in Ap, S pi, Nov s c^t-t-ppin,
(IS, F) Whit Tu, 'cat, he.ies. Novas'
ber?l., wVt&'"S",''
no ?./*' '"'y 18' "tcliecse. Th, horses-/(/,acOT«
mar Son or aft Aug 23) Ap 14, cat- Jfocffru,
ox' li^'J^ ""
Vr !l ^'^.^^ 2 Tu in each month) Aay 4, cat, horses- horses—HoruicA (72, Tu, F) Mavl Octla
28, cat,
1,1 /^,',??5
<^**- S. gt marS bef Whit Sun, 1 S in frroa^O,^ ,30) Aug 6, ikm'bs, 'cat-1:JiXi
O^T^'-r.^?"'?"?'"? m '(^fl^ff1/
"«) 3 rh July, last in Uov, cat—J^rcrton ^66o« (l!-8,
'^ ^" ^"°' 24, Sept 11, Nov 6 if these
?alP "^V'"^^, "iJ"^''' ;
mar last S m
Jan, Ap, July, Oct) 2 Tu aft Mar 11, 2 Th Pn horses, cat, general— SocA/ord (40, Th) East Tu W an%«,»
„«Il ^^' •'""'' 2*' 1 Tu in Aug, Tu af4 Sept and Oct 11-

l<i bff Palm sun, W-hit Tu. 3 Tu in Aug.

) S bef Midlent and M aft, Nov 1, 2 cat pi Aug 3 4 lombt
cat, iheep, pig. >ll free, pl—Stanway. Ap 23. pl-SUbOme (42) Julv'lO horse.'
t^c.-Pty,nauth {216, Tu, Th, S. gt mar 1 Tu in
Nov) 1 Tu i,I
-^^V. OL (47)Trimty M, fl-Tmdring (63) Sept 14
Apb, Hoi, Th, Aug 13, Oct 29; if either of these fall on rerl-ni, (37) Wl,it_M, p\-TlulxU:d. M bef Whit Sun
S o^ clt-AZ
Al, toeTu aft. cat-.SaH<«/. (220. S) Feb 3, July 35. cat, Ac— r,u;mg, pl—WaWuim Abbty. May14, Sept
,.., "- '""' lb, pi— iroKcn (69) J uly 2, pi - K Ml
JUr'-I^ ;"ri^' P'-^'"^""^ (20S- SJ Tt bef the 3 S in Jfersej/ Uo) Whit Tn, pl-Ji'fci, (60) Sept 18, pll
v.. :-°o?" 1?' ?.'• •!'=!.*'=' V]—SidmoiUh (Tu, S) East June 4, pi— »'ii»«Ao« (56) Sept 4, pi.
Sept. pi— SouUi ifoUon mar
, S) gt Feb
13, aft
12. W
25. bef .

Aug 25, cat, general— Starcrojs


W, Sept S)
38. St, pigs, ..he«e, 4=^29,
(181) Whit ,,
pi— ,«octtond (li6) ait June 11, pi—
Michaelmas— rotiirtscifc (225, F,
W hiring- BertWey
(114, Tu, gt mar 1 Tu in Nov) May 14
St, pigs-.BI<,A«iej, (laj)
2 in M
? °' gt May 12, Nov 12 s[ genei^l

ir,!.. -< xxr .'
' »"<' Nov) 3 CluAtmham (94, Th, S) 2 Th in Ap, Holy Th, SI, Aug
kZ •-='". ^"'J' in Jan Mar, May, 3 in
Th m Dec. priK show
'" =*^I"' °"'"'''. St. bef and aft Da 11. hi'rln"
il ff,-? ,-.^ ^- V}-Th,rverum, Ust M in Feb, cit, sheep.
3 CMpptnu Sodbury (108, F, gtmarl
also Jambs— KwrtOB
(168, Tu S) gt mar 2 lu Mar 25, bef
Feb, Tu bef last
Ap.Tu bef Aug 26, 2 T W
Sept 29, cat^ Torquay (186, Tu
gt mar 3 S in Mar) May
95, S,
Agricultural show , -. -uly 5. Oct 10, cat, &c.-Tot,iea

sheep, pigs, pl-Gtoua«„ (105, St, gt mar Jan 29, Dec 18.'
M iu each month) Ap 5. July Sept 28. cat. Nov SB «t
-/ron^rton (111) Ap 26, Sept
13, cat-iscWude
(75, rrs;rt
P0RSETSHIRE.-J<awj»^;«r (144, Th) I (U7) Nov 3b, cat, sheep, pigi- MiUMdim, (U6)
Oct 10, also cheese— Aforton East Tu, Whit Tu. F att Oct 11. Dec II, cr-^-iei's'i'
East M, <»l, horsM, liigs,
12, Oct o—R'Uiunj (71. W) Juli 32, cat.
itc— .S'oifiersli
Marsh (b2. Tu) 1 Tu in May. Tu bef Sept 24. St, cheese
June 23 Nor ifi, pi Spuldtrtcfc (63) AV bef Whit Sun,
Tu ill Oct. hiring— -VorfWeacfc (80, V\ ) VV bef Maj

W bef June 1, pi, 1 W

in Sept. sheep, cat, bef aiut W cat. sh.iJp— .S(. A'ss (60. M) Whit
(50, Tb) Uol) :

cat, Oct 1
10, cit. hiring— Si<m«'ioiM« (104) _Mar_ 1.
Th bef last S in -Mar, one iliree weeks aft, St. general, in aiiuti, ii, a^eu j, ,
cheese, &c—Sto}v-on-tlu:- ,

- ch-xse. ijeneral, July '22, 1'u.riei/ (74) Hoi, Th. St.

bef- Dec 11,
May 1-2,
•nod, cat, Th bef ami aft Oct 11 iig— Sirtmd (102, Fl May KE'ST'—Askford (51, Tii, gt mar 1 and 3 Tu
10, Aug 21, St. pigs— Vrttery
\V. gt roar 2 in each W in ever, month) May 17, 18. Oct 13. 13. wares. Sept il. St Oct
month) Ash W, cat, July 22 24 Welsh cat— Caiiferdiiry (06. W S. gt mar 2nd and 4th Tu
W bef Ap 0. bef - ~

M illeach moiitli) Oct ll,and3 following market days, pi, &c.— lie, Aug, Dec) 2 in J
(7) Oct 18, f\— Chatham {60, S)
May 15, pi— CVii,«ic-
liay 14 Oct 10, hoi^cs, cat, pi. ? iu Ap. cat W CTiariioii
hurst (11) Whit W, pi, Th. races— Cod/iam (26) Aug 2. pi—
cbecae. wool. cat. W
bef anii aft Oct 10. hir ^—Thornhitr-j Cranbrook (48. alternate W) May 3.. Sept i9, cat. hops, corn,
(120 irt mar 2
in each month) East M. Aug 15, M bt-l Dec
,, , , .

liC-Dartford (15. S) Aug (74. Tu, S) Ap (..Oct 11.

*- ''
(109, S) last S in Mar. July 23. horses,
Michiiclmas, hiring— WQoton'Uiidcr-Kd\jc (lOS,
ped— Ds-Bf/ore! (4) Trinity M. Tu, W—
Bdenfrrtdi/e (37, |:t mar
Ma, (
4 Tu in each month) May 6, Oct 16,Hl—Farniugham (17) Oct
F) Tu bef Mar 20, cat, toll free, Sept 35," cat, pi. 15, liursrs, sheep, pigs, pi, Midlent M—Faver.>ham (47,
W, I
Th) last Th S) Oct 11,12, 13,pl— .F'o(A:cstone(83, W, S) June38. pi— (Jiiima-
" SHI RE.-^ir«/o>-d
iu Nov, sheep, Th aft
ly 1 in Sept, 1 aft Oct 16, last
ham, East M. pi— GoodAurst (44. W) Aug 36. Nov 5. horses, cat
—Ooodnatane Sept 26, pi— ffrarcseiid (22, W. S) Oct 24, cat,
Oct 11, 'pi— ><"<'<"•" (^^' *> S bef 4 Sun in Lent,
May 13,
hor<es cat, cheese, Nov 17, St, IS. cheese,
Xiu-^^t—AppUshaw pl-Crcat Chart (50) 1 M in Ap, ped-tfrcci- Strc-t May 1 pi
(69) liay 33. pigs. pi. Oct 8. SI,
Nov 3. 4. sheep, 5, pigs-Bajmtl- —Grmnvrich (6, W. S) East M, AVhit M— Croombrirftre (40)
,toL VV,S) East Tu. Whit W, horses, cat. pcd. last Th in May 17, Oct 35, St, ped— i/am Street (65) 1 M in Sept, cat.
lambs, pi— //tticWmrst (4-) Aug 111, 11, horses. p\—Uayes (13)
May anJ Nov. ctecse. Oct 11. hiring. Sept '-S. cat. sheep—
Biihop-s Wallham (66. F) 2 F in May. July 3U. F aft
Oct 11, Whit Tu, pi— LeioisTlam (5) Ma, 12, Oct 11, hors. s, cat piip—
pl-Bo(Iey (77, alternate \V) Nov 19, cat, cheese, k.-.-fhrut^ MaidMmie (;i6. Th. gt mar 2 Tu in each month) 1 eb 13. May
12 June 20 horses,, Oct 17, also hops Mailing iuvm
church (4)8. M) Th after Triu Sun, Oct 17, cat-Co.,.s (M. Tu.
Th S) Whit Th, F. pl-fariAam (73, Tu) Juno W. JO. cat.
cheese, pi- Cojport (78. Tu. Ih. S) Ma, 4, Oct 10,
m Aug 12.'Oct3. cat, pi, Nov 17. St-Ji"c/ic'.'(er (29. lu. F. gt 4Tu in each month) May 18, pl-i!onmey (70) Aug

Havani lambs St-.S'.iiid/iitrs( (51) May t5, cat— Sundioic/i (6(. W. S.

Boxo (36) Juno 29, races, E Michaelmas—
•- —KingscltTC (-M, Tu) 1 Tu in Ap, pi, gt inar 1 M in each month) Dec i—Sarv (64)
pi. " -

Tu aft Oct II, hinng— Lipfcoo.t (46) 1


ni JIar. Jiiuo Jl, W Ural (34) Whit Th. June 21, p\—Smxnoaks (i4.
J lu

ncil—Lymhniton (US) May 13. 13. Oct 2, 3. clieesr. Aulcriiey in each month) July id, cherry, Oct 12, cat. 13. pi. Dec 17,
26- .Vc«v»';'- r-'^,,^^. ^) hops-S/wrcAum (20) Ma, p\-SitliiiybounK (40. gt mar
cows, Forest ponieB-Jfct((in(;bi/, Jul, M

Whit M, Tu. W—Odiavi (41. Tu) 4 S in. Lent. July 31. cat, every 5 Tu in the month) Whit M, Oct 10, pI-S(ap(.*iirst,
&e.-Owt(m (54) Ma, 4. Jul, 18. Oct 22,St,,,l, VVhit M, pl- aft Jul, 20, pi, W
aft Sept SO. \ioxs-Teiiterdm (56. F. gt mar

Pct^sMd (si ilternat. W) July I«, horses. Oct 6, St, Ucc 1, F bef 1 and 3 Tu) 1 M
in May. cat, general— r<.'..i>riii(/e (30,
gt mar 1 Tu in each mouth) Oct 11, p\- WestWickham (12)
sbeep-iiitM/wooci (91. W) Jul, 10, corn, hors.s. cat. Dec 11.
East M, cat, sheep, piijs. pi— IV7iitsta()Ie. Th bef Whit Sun,
corn St, Forest ponies— iiomsej/ (75. Th. gt mar
alternate lb)
July 6 7 p |,1_ -ffy, (5(i) Ma, 21). races, Oct 11, pi— Y aiding (3u) East lu,
East M, Aug 26. Nov 8, St. Cheese-Bt/Je (77, Tu)
-Soi.»iampton(75, F) Ma, 6, 7.Trin M, Tu. ,at- II cj/nii (07) Oct 11, pi, 15, cat.
cheese hops,
Oct 10, sheep, liorses. 11, and 3 following days,
sheep- irftt(<7.i.r-ch (5/ F) 3 Thm
LANCASHIRE.-^ccHnff«on (202) May7,
IF-^rwU. cat ped— .lsWon-w"der-Lj/.ie (190, S) Mar .^3. cat,
general- Se,,t 24. .

Th ill Aug
June pCOct 19, 30 cat- IKi'icftester (63, S, .alternate W, W, general, Nov 21,
Ap 25, cat, general, Jul, 25, cat, boni>s. 26. 27,
cat) 1 in Lent, seeds, horSL-s. cows. pigs, cheese. Oct 3. sheep.
M horses, cat, 23, 33, general- J3art/i<,iomeiti, 24. bept Ap H—
24. cheese, horses, cows, rigs. 4c.; Giles
llill(l.o VV ») Sept 1-

rarmoiK/i (100, I ) July 3.i,26. pi
LlackbMm (200, S, gt mar alternate
W, from bef Feb 2W W
cheese, horses, cows,pigJ,Sc until Michaelmas) East W, May 11. 12. Oct 17. cat, "i orkshire

cloths. &c—So«eri (197. M, Th, S, gt mar alternate

HEREFORDSHIR S--B':o'';2'«'-^ July ^)
Th bef July 30. 31, Out 13, 14. cat— JSoolJe (280. S) *p 26, Sept 24. cat,
last M in Jan, Th bef Mar 25, Ma, 3. Whit M.hiring— So,
i)ors<o»e sheep, F S, bef Nov 11, hiring-iVoKy/iIou-iic-J^iinicM
bef Whit
b^f Oct 29, St, pigs. Mar 35, Ma, 1, Sept 39,
IS. St-SardUlej ai>>) 37, cat. hiring. Aug. 1. cat. sheep. Oct 6, also
W) Ap
(148) Ap 27, May 18, Sepl 27, Nov
cheese— H.jre/ord (13o. W. ^, hiring- Buni((W (209. M, alternate M) Mar 6, Easter Eve. Oct
Mar 15 St, hiring. Oct 18, St,
July 10, horses. 11. ped— Bury (196. .S) Mar o,
gt mar W
aa N«v'30) Tu aft Feb 2, East W, St. l.igs. May 19,
SO. hoijs, cat-i/i.«!.«ydr
11. cat. pel.
ay 3 Sent !.<. horses. cat-Ctorfc-y (206) Mar 36, Ma, 6. Aug
pi, Jul, 1. wool. horSM,'cat, Oct

:ua for hops 20 cat Aug 21, horses. Sept 4. 5. 6, \.l-CkOKbent (192) last
July 18. Not 13— Ledbury (ISO. Tu. gt 34. ped— Aug
M Th in March prize horses, cat. ]iigs. June 20,
seeds. St, &c.. last Tu in each month)
bef Dec 21. cat— M Clith^-«p. (216, Tu, gt mar fortnightly) Mar 24, 26, 1, 2, Aug
Mar 18, June 23. last Tu in Aug. Oct 2. Th bef 4 S aft Sept 29, oat, horses, F, clothes, wares, Dec /—Cohw
UominH^ (136, F, gt mar 1 F in e.ach month)
leb 13 Tu af
iSUdlent Sun, Ma, 2 (June 3D. wool, cat.
l.ambs). Jul, 10, Sept (316, W,
S, gt mar last in each W
month) Mar 7. Jlay 13. Oct

U-ilo." (113 Th gt mar lb aft 11. cat. general— DuKon (280. S) 28. Jan Ap, hiring
4, Oct 17, Nov 8, F aft !'« Ap
Th aft Oct 10, Dec 11 —Ecclts, F bef Whit M, Nov 15, St— Garsian;/ (219 I b) 12,
Mar 10) F aft Hoi, Ih, Triu Th. July 20, U
cat, "ool. general. Nov
— Wiirnore, cat sheep. Holy Th, general, July 10
Aug 5, cat. sheep. Ma, 6, also hiring.
Fel. 2, Ma, 8,
23, 23, cat, general-lfajjii.isrden (330, Tu, S)
HERTFORD SHIRE.-/aJfci(37F)Mar Jul, 4, Oct 3, cat, horses, pigs, ped, &c.. East Tu, cat-fliiu'lcs-
7, Tb
lastMa,, Dec in Aug Oct 11, horses. 5. 2, 3 horses.
Aettd (373, M) M
bef Hoi, Th, cat, Oct 2, cat. ped. East M,alE0
hiring- Kirit/ium (22r Tu) Feb 4, 5, horses, cat, 28, 9, Ap
pigs. 0, pi, races, Nov 31, St, pigs-
Birklrnnp^ead (ia S) Oct 18 19, cat— ianc«s(erC.'39. W,
S) May 1, Jul, 5, Oct 10,
cat, cheese, general— Liuerpooi (205. M, W. S. horse mar
Sort- ever,
Shrive M
Whit M. Aug 5, Sept 29, Oct 11. pl--ZJ.,;.op'<.-
ford (29, Th) Holy Th. Trinity Th, Oct 11 12,
cat- BuiiJ.n!,. alternate beginning Mar 12, 1851) July 25, Nov 11— Lojirj-
/ord 31) East M. Whit M, '""« '^^ P'v ^ov JO
nmp!:Uad. (i3. Th)
ridge (220) Feb 16, M
bef Holy Th. cat. Mar 16, cat, seeds. &c.,

HalMli (•>', Th) Ap 23, Oct IS, pl-H«n«J Ap 16 cat, and a horse show— J/auc/tcjter (ISG, Tu, Th. S)
EiHt week. |.l. Oct 1, 3, 3, cat-Jfidin ton (-03, F) Th aft Mar
F in June, svool 3 M^in Sept,
Holy ITl. Trinity Th, St. last
last 2 days—
hiring-/A-r(/.rd (21, S) 3 S ^ef *-;V^'. ?'f..'i,' •'"^, ",•,!, ; 10. aft Ap 15. 2 I'h aft Sept 29. cat. |.igs. gen- raJ,
horses, cat-Hi(oA.,. (34. Tul EastTu. ped Oa AVietoii (135. S) May 17, St, pies. Aug 11. cat. slicep.
pigs, 12,

12. hiriiiK-Bedf.01,,-,. (2.5) aft Jan 1; W

J"^',^ ^!;,"
Jfeoirfs (233. M) Tu aft Aui; lli.
hors-s— iVo,-;ft
St, pigs,
(191. S) Th aft Feb 2. May 2. July 8. all cat,
day previous horse show— iiictmaimiorf/i (13. > " •"
Oldham 11,


shce,.-2ioy,(on 'J .,8,

horses, cat, 2 S in Sept, ,.1. Nov :M. horses, hones. pig.s-(J™>.tiVfc (210 Th) Whit M
WlAsh VV.EastW WliitW.l W in July.W aftOctll
pl-SI. -<»an,
.-, ,ches^
(235 M Feb
) 3, Ap 13, Nov 3. cat. cloth.
-S.i«.!.ri<Ji,e.™rtA (24) Ap2:!. StOct 30. (Jl-JJ
Mar 35 2d, c.t, horses. Oct 10. 11. also binng-.Steemase 31) Tu, an altern 22. ped, pl-7Vi«» (31. F) East M
Oct 11. cat. pl- "'•;•-« nearest to N.v 1, pl-Prcs(on (31
(20. Tu) last Tu in Ap, Tu bof Sept 24.
pi- TFaf/ord (15, Tu) Epiphany, horses. Mar 7 horses, hardware, 3 days,
Trinily Tu, Sept 9, pi. general, 10 days, Aug 25, 26, horses, hardware, 8 days,

HUN riNGDONSHIRE- — Alconbw-y

24-B.j,-Wi (IM) May 4. July 25, Nov 1. cat-Godmanctoter
June, 8. horses, hardware, 6 days,
general,' lo' day's-JSoc/.daie (197, M, S, gt mar 1 and
Min each month) May 14, Nov 7, cat. horses pigs— .St.
S) Tu 'lef East 2
(56) East Tu, cat, W. pl-//«n*in!7doil (59.

(di, F) Helm's (182 S) Tu aft East week, aft Sept 11, pX—Stalxybridge
lu in May, S bsf Oct 11, 3 in Hoy, cut-^imboUon
(188, S) M in Jan. 9 In June, Not B, hones, est, pigs, 4c.
I«.it S) 14 days bef Holv Th, Aug 16, Nov 6, cat. Holy Th. cat, pi—
— Torimordon (21S. S, gt mar 1 Th in each month) Th bef Ewt, Pontypotl (146, W, S) Ap 3, 33, St, July 5, cherry, O^t 10,
Sept Z7. both Ust 3 'ItiTs. flnt day cat, second and third gtu^ cheese, sheep— tTsJ: (149, F) Ap 20, cat, Trin M, St, Oct 29 St
Tt.l—UlvtTit'me (361 ) fu bef East. Oct 7, cat, hiring. Whit Th, pigs, M
bef Deo 25, cat
Th »aOct 23, ped. Nov 10, hiring, Tu bofflist whole wcels in
Jan, horse.— (^on (187, W, gt mar alternate July W) TS ORIOLX.—
Attleborouffh (94, Th) Th bef
]8^ Not 30, last 9 days, first day of each cat. second horses, East, pigs, Th bef Sun, St, Aug 15, last Th in each month
remaining? cloths, books. &c.— Wigan (190, M, F) Holy Th, — j4yisham(121,Tu) 23, last Tu in Sept, pi— Bum/tam
and the day bef and aft, June 27, Oct 28, 29, aO, horses, cat, (117, S) East T, W, Au« 1. 2, gencral-f<«(i.tKr. (98) May 1.
bardtrare. woollens, &c. Aug :), ped— Caifsloii
Feb 1, last(98)in Ap, St, last in Aug, W
sheef>— Cley (126) last F and S in July, cat, pl—Creuingham
LEICESTER«HIR li.—Ashby-de-la-Zouch
East Tu, Whit Tu. Sept Nov
(90) 1 W
in Aug, cat. pi— Cronier (130) Whit yi— Dereham
(117. S) Tu. 20. 10, St, (106, F) Th bef July 6, bef 29, cat— /)iM (90, F) Nov 8, St
Sept 20, hlrmj— ift;!5..rfo?i
(113, F) last M
in Feb. 1 in Mav. last — Doitm^om (86, 8) May 8, Nov 13 (Winnel) Mar 3, horses—
in AUR,1 in Oct, last in Nov. St—Catth Vonini/ton (120. S) fetmll (86, Tlj) Nov 20, horses, cat. pigs— J'ornco«, 1 Th in
Mar IS, Sept 29. cheese, cil-JIinrkUy (100. M) 1, 2. 3, aft M Sept, o.s.—FouUhikm (111) 1 Tu in Mav, cat, ped—HarUnton
Jan 6, M
bef Whit M. cat. Eaat M, , Whit
Aug 26, cat, pi, M (108, W) July 5, 0, Sept 9, 10, St, p-d— //nWinff (87, T) May 4,
1 M
in Nov, cheese. ba—Hjubandi Bosworth (83) Oct 16, St, ";t 24. cat. Tu aft Sept 12, sbcep. lambs- flempton (108, Fa-
cheese- tricMlir (98, W, S) Mar 2. S bef Good F. Eaat S, inham mar Th) Whit Tu, cat. sheep, Nov 21, 22, 23, Scotch
May IJ, July 5, Oct 10, Dec 8, St, M,ay 13, 14, Oct 11. 13, id Irish cat— Kmniny/tall (90, M) July 18. Sopt 30. lambs, 8t
cheese— ioi4»A6oro' (109, Th) Feb 14, Mar 28, Ap 25, Aug 12, iTtpton Aih, 1 W
in Sept, St, sheep, in large numbers— Xyrtn
cat, Holy Th. Nov 13, cat, pl-LuUenrortA (89. Tb) Ap 2. Holy JUgu (96. Tu. S) mar Feb 14, lasts 14 days, 3 M in Apand Nov,
Th, Sept 16. cat, sheep, Th bef Oct 11. and 2 following Th, Oct 17. cheese— ifrfAwold (84. M) Ap 33. cat^JVmu Bucfc.
hcep-J/arlt«< Biytwarlk (105 ^> May 8, July 10, cat— ifarfait miham (97) last Th in May. Nov 23, cat North }yal3ham (i-Jl,

/Zoriwro' (S3, Tu) Ap ga. Oct lU to 27, Jan 6, Feb 16. July 31, Th) bef Holy Holy Th, pl—NoHhwold (85) Nov 30,
S Tu bef Palm Sun. bef Nov Sa. Dec «- MoUoii Mmehrau (106, pi— N'arwick (108, W. S) Holy Th, horses, cat, pi— iJeopAom
Tu) M, Tu aft Jan 17, horses, cat. Holy Th, Mar 13, May 2, (U8, W) June 29, if 8 the M
aft, St, pi, last in Sept, hiring M
Whit Tu, St, Aug 31, Sept 7, cat, pig^ —lltidham (110) May 17. Oct 14. cat. horses, pod— Scoi» (92)
East Tu. St. ped- S«o«(oui (108) East Tu. W. cat—S<oic ferrv
LINCOL]SrSHIRE.-^«/or</(Ul,Tu)Whit (88, F) Th bef Oct 11. pi. hiring. Doc 6. St. pigs, pl—Swafham
Th, Nov sheep, cat, mar for cat in
m.>r alternate M) Trin Th, cat, pl-J5osion (116,
Barton (172 M, gt
8) May 4, W, (96, 8)2 Win
May, 3 in July, 1W in ^oy-Thet/ord (80, W
S) May 14. Aug 3, pi, Aug 16, sheep, lambs, 3 F in July, wool
cat. pi, Aug 6, Deo 11, cat, Nov 18. horses, all 3 day fairs—
— M'aMnaKam (m. F) M
fortnight aft Whit Sun, cat, pi.
Ilournt (97, S) Ap7. May 7, Bept 30, St, Oct 39, St, ]>l-BHgg
(1.57 Th) Aug 5, 8t— BurirA (i:J8 Th) 2 Th in May, 2 in Aug.
general— ICallon (91, W) July 10. Oct 11. Nov 8. cat, 1
JuIt, 2 in Sept. sheep— ITymonrfAam (F) Feb 14, horses, cat
in W
cat, sheep. Sept 21"i. also foals— Cawtor (157, S) F bef Palm Bun,
May 17, Sept 39, .tlso pi, Oct 12, hiring— I'arniouUi (132. W, S)
sheep, S, horses, cat, F bef Whit Sun. sheep. 8. horses, cat, S
bef Sept 18, sheep, F aft Oct 11. sheep, S, horses, cat Crowta
(167, gt mar alternate M
from Mar to May) last
Nev 23, C!it, flax, hemp— Doninpfon (110, S) Sept 4. cat, Mav
26. Oct 17, cat, horses- fipioorOi (168, Th) Th aft Mav 1. Th
W W June W&c, Oct
(68) 24. 25, 26, cat, hor.cs,
aft Feb 25, Ap 19, aft 22, aft
11, Dec
aft Sept 29, St pica— /•o!*infl\am (106, Th) Ash Palm M, W, Da\>entry (72, W) last M
in Jan, Feb, East Tu. May 9, 1 in M
cat, sheep. May 13, cat, horses. 13, pi, Th aft Oct 11, sheep, July, last in Aug, Oct 3, 2 M
in Not and Dec, cat. loll free, 1
Nov 23, cat. 23, pl-Cainj6oro' (154, Tu, gt mar alternate Th) Jau June
, Aug 3, Oct 27, cat, Oct 3, cheese— fftirAam
6. 7,
East Tu. W, -Jnd Hay cat, Tu. Waft Oct 20— CranlAaiTV (110 S, trs (64, S) Tu bef Feb 6, Mar 6, Th bef May li, June 28,
gt mar East Eve) 5 M
in Lent. Holy Th, July 10, Oct 2o', Dec Th bef Aug5,0ctll, Dae 6, cut— Xrtterini/ (75, F) Th (jef East,
17-i/oi6«ac)i (109, Th) May 17, Sept 17. St, Oct 11, pi— JJorn- F bef Whit Sun, Th bef Oct 10. Th bef Dec 21, sheep, cat—
ctiitu (136, 8) 5 Th in Lent, cat, sheep, June 21, horses, 22, St. Norlhampton (56, W,
F) the day bef, on and aft Feb 20, 5, Ap
Aug 10 to 21, horses. last day cat also, Oct 28, sheep, horses, 29, May 4. Jun. 19, Aug 5, 26, Nov 28, Dec. 19. cat, horses. Sept
cat— iincoln (133, F) the last whole week in Ap, M, Tu, horses, 19, also cheese- Ou"rt!o (84, Th) Feb 25, and 6 preceding dais,
W, cart horses. Tin sheep. F, cat, July 5, horses, cat, pi, aft W W, horses, Whit M, Oct 12, .St, pi. Aug 21, St— ftteriwrouiiA (77,
Sept 12. horses, cat, Oct 27, Nov 38, sheep, cat— Loulfc (149, W, S) July 10, 11, cat, horses, wool. Oct 3, 3, also general-
,S. gt mar alternate F) 3 M
aft East M, F bef Sept 18, F bef Oct Tkrapatone (74. Tu) 1 Tu in May.Tu aft Oct 11. sheep, cat, pi,
28, Nov 23, cat— Partnrv (139) Aug 1, 35, aheap, cat. Sept 18, Aug 5—
rou'c«»(er (59, Tu) Shrove Tu. Mav 13, Oct 29, cat,
.sheep, 19. cat, horses, W
at Oct 11. sheep. Th, eat. horses— Tu bef Oct 10. hiring— ireIKniil,oro' ((10, W) East W, cut, Whit
\Slta/ord (116, M) Plouifh M, East M. St. Whit M, pi, Oct 20, W, pi. Oct 29, sheep, cat.
|eat, sheep— ,Spaldini( (100 Tu) Ap 27. June 29, Aug 38, Sept
'25, Dec 6, .St. Sept 26. pi— Sj)il.l>y (132. M, gt mar alternate NORTHUMBERLAND.-^iJendaic(r)F
M) M bef and aft Whit M. if Whit M
falls in May the 2 M aft May 12, F aft Oct 29, cat, horses, pigs. Aug 32, St, pigs—
is substitutad, M
aft July 12. St, pia-Stam/ord (90, M, gtmar
Alnwick (304, S) S bef Palm Sun. May 12, last M In July. 1
alternate F) Jan 7. .Sept 1. Oct 6, Dee 1. cat, M
bef Midlent. Tu in Oct, S bef Dec 25. cat, 1 S in Mar and Nov, hiriug—
horses. Midlent M. pi. Ap 18, cat, sheep, Nov 8. horses, sheep,
S.I/ord (320, W) July 2, lambs. Sept 25, sheep. 1 W in Mar.
9, cat, Tu bef Feb 13, M
bef May 13, M
aft Trin Th. Aug 5,
last in Ap, 3 iu Oct, hiring— BcUinyHam (304, S, gt mar ) aft
all toll free— iStt'ifws^eod (110) Oct 3, pigs, cheese, ycneral. May.
Nov 1), and 3 following weeks) S aft Sept 16. sheep, cat. 8 bef
Oct. hiring— Sirinntfati (100) M
on or aft Oct 20. sheep, cat, May 11, bef Nov 1-3, hiring, V[ bef East— Berurict (337. 6. gt
foals-TaltnrjftolI (12«, Th, May 16. 16. sheep, cat. pi. Sept 25. mar 1 S in Mar. Mav, Aug, Nov) last in i/a«wj*«(l« F Mav—
36. also fnali- H'oi<i/«rf (134. .-) 3 S in May, sheep, cat, Oct 24, (309, Th) Mav 14, Nov 23, cat, hardware. Sept 17, iheep, cat.
sheep- Wmtrriagnam. July 14— H'royty (144, Th) May 1, cat, May 12, Nov 11, hiring -fleiftam (280, Tu) Mar 36, Not 9, cat
horses, Aug. 6, also lumbs— Morpeth (289, Mar 25, Oct 25, W)
sheep Sept 2.^. tat. 2w. sheep.
horses, cat, W
aft Trinity, cat, 1 In May and Nov, cat, W
MIDDLESEX.—-Bmii/ord; (7, Tu) 17, May
hiring— JTeuicoslle (273. Tu, S, gt wool mar every Tu in May,
Sept 12, pi— £alMiji (7) June 21, pi— Bdynoare (7) 1 in Aug. June, July, Aug, Bept, Oct) 2 in Aug. last in Oct, cat,
cat. sheep, pigs. Tu, races-ifii/leld (9, 8) Sept 33, hiring, pi, horses, general, last W
in Nov, cat, 1 Tu in May and Nov,
Nov 30 cil— Harrow (10) 1 M
in Aug, pl—Houtulmc (10) hir-ag—North ShMde (278. S) last F in Ap. 1 in Nov. cat,
Trin M, M
aft Sept S3—lckmham (16) Ap 30, cat, Th bef hiring— JJoWiiury (303. F) Whit M, Nov 1, 8t, Oct 2, sheep,
Whit Sun, pl-73l«u'or(/i, 1 M
in July— Pimi»r (13) Whit W, cat, 1 P in Mar, East P, F aft Nov 1 but if Nov 1 falls on Th,
pl-S(ain<s (17. F) May 11, horses, cat, pi. Sept 19, horses, cat. then the 3 F aft. hiring- H'ooI«- (319. Th. gt mar 1 and 3 Th
onions— Tmicieiifcam (10) Holy Th. Aug 9. pi— £7xl>ridi;» (15, each month) May 4 cat, horses, pigs, hiring. Oct, 17, St,
Holy Th, S, gt mar, cat. 1 Th in each month) Mar 25. July 31,
cat, Sept 29. Oct 11. cat. hiring. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.-£in?Aam (lis
gt mar last Th in
Sept to last in May) Tu and bef Feb W
Tu. S) 3 Mar, Tu buf Julv
^terffajicjiny (126,

13. horses. Whit Th,

pi, Nov 8, cat, Isst Th in Oct, hiring—
in 20, Sept 25, Nov 19, cat, edwimtone cat— Crinjisji, Dee 13—
(139) Oct 24, sheen, pigs,
June 24, wool. May 14— Co«riieoii (i50,Th, 2 M in e^ch month) Lenton (136) Whit W, Nov 11, hones, cat, bogi-iTantJUld
July 30, Sept 21. St. pigs. May 1, also p\—Chapalaw (131. W. S, (137, Th) 1 Th in Ap, cat. July 10. horses, cat. pi. 2 Th iu Oct,
gt mar last M
In each month) M
bef Mar 1, cat, sheep, pigs. cat, horses, cheese, onions, 1 F in Nov, hiring— JVnrart (134,
Whit F. St, pigs. June 23. pi. wool, Aug 1, cat, 4c., F on or W, gt mar alternate Tu) F aft Midlent, Aug 3. Nov 1, M bef
bef Oct 39, cat, sheep, pigs— 3fayor (139, gt mar 3 in each M Dec 11, St, May 14, St, hiring, Whit Tu, 6t, pi. Wed bef Oct 3,
mnnth) Tu bef Ap 18, St, pigs, Tu bef Oct IS- MonTiioutli (127, cheese, St^Nottingham (124, W, S) F aft Jan 13, Mar «. Th
8, gt
Tiar 1 W
in each month) June 18, wool. :,ft Feb 15, W bef East, cat, general, Oct 2, geese— OUerftm (138, F) May 1,
bef Ap an. Whit Tu, Sept 4, Nov 2!!— ,Vp«'j'">-< '14' W, cat, pi. last F. in Sept. hops, cat—Ret/ord (144, g) Mar 2I,hor,
cat, ohceie, Th 11, 2 Th in Dec, hones, cat. laft Th
»ft June Sept, I in July,
i>. Julr, limbj, Oct 2. hops, cheese. Si— StmUiuell (132, .-;)
Whit k—SuUon-in-Aihfield, 2 Tu in Ap. Tu buf 2 Th in Uct— 2 M in Nov, cat, horses—.SoTiierfon (128, Tu) List M i

Tux/ord (137, M) May 12, St, Sept 28, hops— Warsop (HO) HI Palm Tu, 3, 6, 9, 13, Tu Sept 30, Nov 8. cat, sheep, Jcc.
aft. also
bef Uhit M No» 1", burses, cat, ic. , Sept 2a, sheep— Worktop —South Brent (142) 2 M
in July and Oct, cat. sheep, pigs—

(146, W) 3 in Ap and Uct, catr-Wirkstcortli (139, Tu. S) Taunton (145. W, S. gt mar last S in each month) J'.^ie 17,
Shrove 'I u St. general, Maj 14, St. pi, East Tu, Sept 8, 3 Tu so garlic— HVIts (128. W. S) Jan 4. cat,
May 14, July 6, sheep, lambs, Oct 25. Nov 30, Whit Tu,
horses, cat- » incanlon (108, W) East Tu. Sept 29. cat— Win-
OXFORDSHIRE.-Sampioji (71) Mar 26, shaw. (136) Whit W, pi— Wxvdiscumbr (1T3, Tu, S, gt mar 1
St. pigs. Auj
27, iiorses, cat, sheep, pi, nuteU fair-ifuu
:^ti, Tu in Feb) May 12, Sept ;5, sheeii, c , (150)
huri/ (oU, Th) Th aft Jan IS. 3 in Fell, 3 inAp, Holy Th, 3 in M ;il(123, T
June. 3 in Aug, 3 in Sept, 3 alt Oct 11, 3 in Nov, 2 bef Dec 25. Nov 17,if F or Sat the -> orn, flai.
cat, 3 Th in .Mar, cut. hiring, Th aft Oct li, cat, hiring, cheese,
3 Th in Julr, wool— Stce»t»r 1 F in each
(64, F, gt mar STAFFORDSHIRE. —Sept^Wo«» Bromley
month) East 1', 1 i' in June, Aug 5, b, cat, 1 F in Julj. wool, Midlcnt Sun, May
(130) Tu bef 22, 4, cat, sheep, pigs
V l.ef and 1 and 2 F aft Oct II, cat, hirinB, F alt Dec 11, cat -Barton (liO) May 3, Nov aS, cat— £iIitoi. (M,S) Whit M,
— Bur/ord (7:1, S) last S in Ap, sheep. July 5, charry. Sept 2>, M bef llirmini;ham Sept fair— Bursie/i* (152, M, S) S bef
sheep, oat, cheese— C/iippini; Norton (74, W) aft Jan 1, cat. W Shrove Tu, bof East and Whit ^un, S on or aft June 2* S
corn, ic, gt mar last W
in each mouth but Dec, aft Doc W bef Ember week, Dec 26— JSui-toii-OK-rrent (125, Th) Feb 2,
cat, toll free, Ap 5, Oct 29, cat. cheese. Holy Th, cat. pi, 1 M
\\—HmU\i-on.-Thamtt (35, Th) Mar 7. Holy Th, Th aft Trin
Sun, cat. Th aft Sept 21. hirnig-fl'oufc Norton. (74) June 2a, in Oct, hiring. Oct 22, 23, horses— CannocA: (122) May 8, Aug
Nor 28, cat, pigs— Ox/orii (54, 3, gt mar 2 W,
ni each M 24, Oct 18, sheep, cows, pigs— CAeadle (156, F) Jan 0, May 6,
mouth) M
aft Sopt 1. Th bel Sept 29, pi— SloJ:»ncAiirc;i (3(i) Mar 25, Holy Th, Julv 4, Aug 21, Oct 18, cat, swine— tmeley
July lu. hones, cows. Whit Tu. pi- rftaiiM (Tu) Oct 11, 12, 13, (149, F) 2 M in Jan and Feb, Mar 21, 2 M in Ap, last iu May
cat hiring, pi, Kait Tu. Aug 3, cat— IKatiiiiffton (42 S) S bef and June, 3 injuly and Aug, 2 in Sept, 3 in Nov,2 in Dec,
and art Octll, hiring— WW/iei/ (62, Th, gt mar last Th in each cows, sheep, M
aft Oct 10, .-^t, pi— tee/; (gt Mar alternate W
month but Dec, 9 Th in Bat) East Th, oxen, pi, Th aft Sept from July 2i to Christmas) W
bef Feb 13, East W, Mi.y 18,
8, che-se, M
and Tu aft Sept 8, pi, hiring- IKoodstoc* {U3. Tu, Whit W, July 3, 28, W
aft Oct 10, Nov 13, all Uhrislmas, W
F) 1 Tu in Feb, Not, and Dec, cat, 1 in Ap, Aug, Oct, cheese, cat, 2 Jl in Mar, 3 in Sept and Nov, cheese— Li(c/yl.W (119,
lln Oct. hiring. Whil Tu, F, gt mar 1 M
in each mouth) Ash W, May 12, »t,
thcese— ioMi/nor (152, Tu) Tu bef Feb 14, Tu, May 4,
RUTLANDSHIRE. -OaiAam C9S. M, S) 17. Whit Tu, Aug 5. 1 Tu in Oct, Nov 12, cat Lonitton —
generally the 2 .M in each munth, except Mar. May, Sept, (145, S) Shrove Tu, East Tu, Whit Tu, pigs, pi, Lc.—Ntu'-
which aro fixed the end of preceding Te»r, St, May, pi, also ccutU-undrrLymt (151, M, S) Jan 12. new market Fob 33,
Vppinoham (83, W)
Jlar 7, cat, pi, July 7, Ckt Mar 16, Ap 13, May 4, June 1 (July 6, wool), July 27, Aug
17, Sept 14, Oct 5, Nov 2. Dec :—lin,jeley 3 Tu in Ap, cat.
Mar -ti, 27, 2 F in June,
bef July 13, Sept a, Nov J3, cat,
Ca»tU (158, F)
sheep, pigs, June 1 to 4, horses, June 6, Oct 21. St. pigs,
general, 2Tu iu Dec, Priie Show lor cat, sheep, pigs-S(a/ord
pigs, sheep, F aft May 13, also hiring and general, July 5, wool,
(134, S) Tu bef Shrove Tu. May 14. cat. s bef Juue 29, July
cat, sheep, lambs, pigs-Bi-idysnorWi (140) 3 in Jan, Ftb, M 10. wool. Sept. 16, 17, 18, Dec 4, horses, cat. Ac. 1 M in Oct
Mar. May 1, 2 M
in June, wool, St, cheese, 2 in July, 3 M M cheese, toll free— Alone (141, gt mar alternate Tu) 3 Tu iu Ap
in Aui. Sept. Oct 2S1, St. hops, butter, cheese, 2 M in Dec— and Oct, cheese, Aug 5. cat, sheep- iumuoii/i (103, S) last M
Church StrcUon (153, Th) Tu bef Shrewsbury Mar lair, sheep,
iu Jan, 1 in Mar, Ap. and Sept, Oct 24, Dec 15, cat. May 4,
cat, pigs. May 14, also hiring, July 3. wool. Sept 25, St, colts, cat, pi, July 26, also horses, ponies— t/(doxe(flr. May 6, »ept
pigs. &c., last Th in Nov, cat— Ci«ofrai-y Mortimer (131. W)
Ap 21, cat, pigs, ic. Mav 2, hiring, pi, Trin M, cat, pi. Oct 27, 1, 1.^, Nov 11, 27, cat, Th aft 2 Tu m
Mar, 1 Th in ncpt, 2 in
Nov, cheese— H'oisali (Tu) Feb •-4, WhitTtl, Tu befbtpt29,
pigs. Cit-Clun (lu) Whit Tu. Sept 23. Nov 22, St, May 11,
also hiring— ^UeinKre (174. Tu) Tu aft Feb 2. 3 Tu in .\p,
cut, 1— ir.dneiiiirv (116, F, S) May 6, iug 3, cat, general—

Wolvn-hampton (126, W, S) July 10, St, pigs, five lollowmg

Whit Tu, 1 Tu in JuW, last in Aug, 1 in Oct, 3 in Nov, Si,
pigs-LuJiou> (14.', M) M
bef Feb 13, Tu b«f East, 1 in M
Nov. St, Whit \V, Aug 21, Sept 28, hops, Dec 6, cheese, Mayl, SUFF K-—^ldborough (94, S) 2 Tu in Lent
hiring-Jfurtet Drai/ton (151. W) bef Palm Sun. bel W W anl Sept— iJiccles (lOS. S) Whit M, Oct il—Bci-i/holt (61) last
June 23, Sept 19, Oct 24, 1 W
in Feb, Mar, Aug. last in Nov. W ami Th in July- i'iidcstoti (62) Ash W, Holy Th, pl-i/oj-
St,plgs— JVou'por((l41, S, gtmar alternate Tu) .May /ord (63) East M, Tu, pi, Dec 21— iJrandon (78, Tb) Feb 14,
on the foitnightly market davs iiei bef Pain June 11, Nov 24— UuiiKoy (109, Th) M.iy 14, Sept l5. cit—
July 27, to Sept 25, to Dec ii), St. pigs-OsuJ W, S) Bur]/ St. £dinunJt (,"2. W. S) Eaat Tu, \V, Th, Oc: 2. Dec 1—

1 in each month, cat, horses, day previous sheep, pits— Vliira (51'., W) East Tu. W,
cat, pi, July 26, pi— ileWn/iui/i,
Shrf,i:sbury (ISO, W,S, gt mar every alleriiate Tu, dating from June 24, 25, pi. Sept 1, Ht—JiarlSohaiii (83) July 23, laiuis,
Jan. 11. 1353. St, pigs, 2 W
in each month, butter and cheese) sheep, cat. pi— tl,. (90. Tu) ^^ hit pcd— iWs/.um (. 0) Aug M .

I W in .Mar, and Aug. wool— Wflliiiotmi

horses. 2 Tu in July lu, pl-F.u;.ili;,ii/ia»i l>7, S) Whit M.Ottll. pi- 6I»i/t.y.„d
lU4, Th) Ma.- til, June 23. Sept £9. Nov i7, weeH bef 11. c M (61) June i4. ), !-(,(. Thurluw (06) Uct 11. eat, ped— iiu(il«i!/)l
20, laslM in tlje olherT months, St, pigs- ll'imi (164, Th) ITh (64. M) Wlit Uet 11, pi. Jl nenrest tei Sept 21. lambs, c.t,
in Mar, -May 6, 1 Th iujune, June 29, 1 Th in Aug.ltst Th dtc- i/uie«tiori/i (110. Tu) Whit Tu, pi, Oct 29. bullocks—
in Sept, cat, sheep, pigs. Holy Th, pi. cat, Nov 21, pigs. 22, cal, y/avi-r.'iiU (.16, l) .May 12. cat, pi, Oct 10. cat. pad- /jisiiicA
sheep, ic— ir»/iiocJ; (148) 2 M
in Mar, May 13. July 5, Oct (69, Tu, S) 1 Tu iu May, St, pi, Aug 2 lambs-iae<-n/ia;n (o2) ,

17, Dec 4, Str-H-tiUchurc'i (F) 2 F in Ap, Whit M, F, aft Shrovo Tu, hors-s. cat. Oct 11, pi— ia:t/ei.i (iyi) ilay IJ, Oct
Aug 2, Ott SS, cat. I'S. cat-iou.M(ojr (114, W, May 13, Oet 10. pl-j;.(/urd (59)

Whit Tu. W, pi. ped. Th. cat-Aaj/lui.d (55) W alt Oct a,

-^sAcoii; (152) Jan
W the W aft- cat, lA—Needham Market (77) Oct 2s, pi— ^Veumurlet, i«rtly
9. St. pigs-.l./iill but
(139) Ea«
Sept 12. if
in Cambridgeshire (61. Tu) Whit Tu, Nov )-, cut- Or/or J (w)
y'-fif., Tu, S. gt mar last s in each month) Feb 3, cat.
June .A—Sazmuiidham (89, Th) Whit Tu, last h in Sept, pi, I

Mar 25, 26, cat, general, ii S the M

alt— Buciiieli. Sept 31, St, August fair, lambs, sheep— 5nap« (J2) Aug 11, noted for liorstg
pigs, 23, pi— i'oifc (107, S. gt mar 1 W, in eaih month, cat) W — .bou(/ii(oid (104. I'h) Trin M, ped— Slanton (81) May 31,
Feb 14. cat, I Tu aft Dec 9, lat S^-JifH«i/ (153. F) last Tu in
Ap. July 31. last Tu
in Oct. cat— Briiii;eiiut«- ( 157, Tu, Th. S.
June 1. cat, pl-Slofce (59) W
aft May 13,cat-S(o«mur/trt (78,
Thl July 10. pi, Aug 12, lambs, sheep, cat— A'lrudtruok ( Ih, gt
gt mar 1 Th
in Doc) 2 Th
in Lent, cat, general, Oct 2, 3, 4, mar M
from beginning of Feb, calves) 3 in June, cat. ped, M
hor.ts. cat, g«neral, June 1)4, cat. horses, cloth, Dec tS, cat— Uct 2. hiring— Suttouiy {-^s, Thl Mar 12. July 10, pi— r/maile
Th) Mar 1, Sept
Brittol (lis, 1. cat. leather, wool, Ic. Th bef ped- iro«d(/ridl;« (77, 1 Tu iuW)
(>5) June 30, Nov 25, cat.
Julr25,colu-Brout!u.av(140) Waft soit 10, St, pigs, onions— Ap, cat. Oct 13— H'oolpit (60) Sept 16, horses, 19, 20, bullocks.
Uuckland (172) Tu art .-M-pt 2U. horses. W, cat. sheep,
—Diiriiham (U7. W. gt mar at Hi.;h Bridge. 1 M in each SURREY.— ComfterjicH, 18, yl—Charl- Aug
month, St, cheese, gencr.-il) Trinitr M. cat. sheep, jiigs— C'/tard wood Tu, July 25. pi- CAerti*!/ (21,
(28) East 1 iu Lent, ) M
(140, .M.Th, S,gt mar 1 W
in Jan. Feb, Mar, .\p. Dec) 1 M in cat, Aug l>. May 14, cat, sheep, Sept 25, cat, geese, onions
May. Aug, Nov. St, cheese, ic — C'/wdJar (1321 May 4. Oct 29, Cobhuiu (17) Dec 11. cat, hogs— Croydon (10, Th, S) July 1,
St, pigs Crtwkeme (13J, S gt luar alternate S) Hept 4, if 8 the wool, cherry, Aug 1, sheep, cat, Oct 2, 3, 4, cat, pi
5, cat, 6, 7,
M aft. St. lambs, cheese- fVoi/ui W, d, gt mar last Wi n each Dorkinn (31. Th, gt m..r monthly) bef Holy Th, cat, pi— W
month except Feb and Nov. Friie Show middle

in Dec) W Epsom ( 1 4) July 26— £ J.«r (16) Sept 4, cat— ireeii (14) May 12.
Feb 24. Nov 23, if S tbe M aft. cat cheese— Kiosionimi-!/ (12,", 13, Oct 2 J, 30. cat. pl—Farnham (37, Th, gt mar allernate Th)
gt mar 3 M in oach month) East W.Oct 11. cat. Sept 19. burses, Holy Til, Juno 24. Nov 13, horses, cat— Godoimtni; (31, W)
oat— /lOTinj<«r (136, W, S, gt mar last W but one in Feb, last Feb 13, July 10, cat, &o.— Guiid/ord (3, corn, gt mar each Th
from Passion week until the last in Maj. alternate Th the re-
mainrlcr of the year) May 4, Nov 23. cut— S(. Catlieriiu'i Bill in F.b.
(28) Oct 2. hops, p\— Kingston (1 2. S) Whit Tu.Wov 13, cat, pi, Tu in Dec, <

Aug '2, cat. chi:rry—L:atherhead (19) Oct 10. horses, pigs, pi— M in Ml
lieujiiteiil.Vu, stniur 1 Tu in each month) Whit Tn. c t ^I.r. ,
.ViiL7 n.t, St, cheese, onioiu, general Eiddermintler
sheep. Sept 14. pi. Dec 9, c!\t—WaUontm-Tlw.nU3 (15) East W, !
Iin Jan, 1 in Ap. Holy Th, June 20, 1 in
1 M M
cat- \raiiil3iiorth (li) Whit M. Tu, W, pi. ;;.)V— ,i7li>t<)il-on.S(our (83, S) 2TuinJan, ,

.\p. May 10. June 2.'. last Tu in July. Aug,

SUSSEX —Arundel (56,
Sept S.5. Dec 17. 1,1— Badfc (52, alternate Tu) Whit M. hor-ts.
alternate M) May 1 ',
- 7 t ,, ., lice 15, cat, Tu aft Oct 10. cat, hiring— S(our-
I :

bridijf 120. J. ) Mar 29, horses, Jan 11. Sept Slourport (1V2, 8—
ped. Sept 6. sheep. Nov 22, cat, horses, ped— Boffjtor (G7) July
6. pi, pad—Bolney (38) May 27, Dec 11, f\— Brighton (Th,corn)

b) 1 Iu in Ap, July, Oct— '/enbiiry (132, Tu) bcf Brom- W

yard Mar fair, Ap
22, Sept 26, Deo 3, St, pigs, toll Iroe. May 1.
Holy Tl), AuR'i*, pi— Broodicater (55. alternate W) June 22, hiring— t7/)(on-on-S*iimi (100, Th) Th aft Midlent Sun, Whit
W, S) gt mar
pigs, pi. Oct -.9, sheep, pigs. cit—Chiclitster (61.
Th. Julv 10, Th bof Oct 2, St. pigs— B'orc«.»(er (111, S) 3 W,
alternate W) May 4, Whit M, Oct 11, 20-Crau)lej/ (30, W)
May S, Sept 9. cat, cheese, pigs, peel, ic— £<M!!)ourn< Oct
M in Jail, Feb, Mar, Ap, 2 in May, 1 Tu iu Juno, 3 in July, M
11, sheep— ££!»( Dean. (61) Oct IH-Ka.^t Qrinatmd (30,
Th, tt
1 Tu in Aug. 2 in Oct. 1 in Nov, 2 in Dec. St, pigs. Sept M F
19. also great hop and cheese fair.
mar last Th in each mouth) Ap 31. Dec 11. cat— /ToXinas (01,
S) Whit Tu. pl-TTayii'ariJ'* Ilaath (37, W, gt mar 1 in each W YORKSHIRE.—^te/me(lS5, F) last M in
mont>.) Ap 23,shec;i, Nov 18. pi);!. cat, hanlwarc&c—ffurritai/i M
Ap. cat, horses, last in Slay. cat. 1 in Oct. on or alt Oct 18,
(2(i, M. .S) .Vpril 5. sheep. SI bcf Whit Sun, cat, ped. July 18, cat. cheese. SI aft Nov 1, cat, cheese, hardware, hiring— .<ld-
Ac, sheep, lambs, cat. ped. Nov 17. cat 27, horsei— LeitJM (50, milton (196) Feb 6. Mar 0. 2, East Th, 2 and 4 aft East, Ap Th
Tu. Kt mar alteriiato Tu) May 6. Whit Tu, cat. Sept 21, Oct 2, -Nov 5, Dec 23, St, Whit Th, gt horse Uir—Atkrigg (246, Th)
sheep— Peiinor(/i (4!*, S) May 1, Sept 4, Nov 20, cat Pevensey May 12, Oct 28, cat, July 11, 13, cat, sheep, 1 Th in June—
(&!. alternate Th) July 5, ped. Sept 15. cat, ped-.nye (I 3. W, DarmUy (173, W) bcf Feb in. May 13, Oct 11, cat-Bovrtry W
Kt mar alternate W)
Aug 22, pi— SJorriiiylon (.50) May 13. (153, Th) Whit Th, Si, Nov 23, at, clothes- Bsdofe (333. Tu. gt
horses, cat. pigs, i^ed, Nov 11, sheep, cat, plats, ped- y«r»wr's mar altemaU Tu) East Tu, Whit Tu, July 6, 7, cat. sheep,
Hill, Kast 3, Oct IB- Uckfi^lJ (43) May 14, St, pi, Aug :;9, St, leather, hardware, Oct 11. 13, cat, sheep, leather, M week bef
Dec 25, cat. sheep-£eiierlev (I'iS S. gt mar alternate W. also
"wARWICKSHIRK.-^tostCT- (102, Tu) Ap 4. May 9, Se,.t V.l, Dec 20) Feb 21, Holv Th, July 5, Nov 5,
cat-Si>iKlej( (206, Tu. S) Jan 25. cat. ic. Oct 21, barley, tc—
Tu bef J.-in 29, I'or Mar 25. 3 Tu in Ap,3 in May, last in Julv,
3 iu Sojit, T.I aft Oct 16, 1 Tu in D.iC. cat. Tu bef Mar 25. bcf Burobridat ('iOO, S) Ap 97, 23. Aug 16, 17, Oct 2:i, 24. Dec 13,
and art Oct 11, hirin;;-Birmini/;iam (109, M. Tu. Th, S) Whit 14, 1st dav. cat. 2nd. sheen. June 17, and loUowing week, St,
Th, St. i;encr;il. Th nearest to .Sept 39, onions, St. general— hardvrarc-Brui//.jr(( (I'lK, M, Th) Mar 3. cat, June 17, 18, cat, (SCI Kast Th, pl-CoifiA«! (103. W) Jan 8, Mav 7, July horses. 11. 7 1 ,
,1- ! . — LV-icHinirton (906,S,gtmaralternato
a. Oct 1. 111. -hi..v .M, hc.rses. cut— Coventry (91, W) P aft S) M b. I
V. ,
.... 71 I
at, horses, day aft each, pi— Unr-
Trin Sun. M.rl M v _'. Au- 30. Nov 1, c mic, Show Fair in i
ton-(/t /;. ; i r luMayH. Aug 30, cat. sheep, Sept
June-;i„„.;,„,u, (Ml) 3 M In Jan. Mar, May, bef June 21, M 36,cat, ,7 . , .:,horses— Dent CiSK.F) land 3 Fait
3 M
in Julv. Au-. Se(jt 15. Oct 1. oat, 3 in Nov, cat, hiring M Feb 2, cat, -.1.1 7 7 7
,. sheep, Whit F,r
II. -t2a.

btf M ay 13, W
nn-in-Ard^n. June 13. July 18. cat. aft Sun aft M —Dewshary ^7
— Doncaater (162, S) Feb
( i .Tli . J^) bef Oct 11 cov> s, horsts ,

at, Tu bof Oct 11. cat. bUina—lIsnley-in-Ardm (103, 2, Ap 5, horses, cat, Aug 5, also wool,
M) Jlar 25, cat, Whit Tu. pi. aft Julv 15, cat. toll free, Oct M Nov 16, cat, hirine-BrffieW, LittU (196, at Gt Driffield. Th,
11. hiring. 29, lat, hops onimis— Jrfni7i..,irt)i (%, W) Ap :10, gt mar alternate W) Fast M. Whit M. St, Aug 36, Sept 19. St.
cat. Tuber Sept 2!i, bin...- V,,.,. .'..., nnii s) Mnvl4, 10.16, lambs— i?u»iii!/i/.ul<( 12011. 1') 2 F in Ap. St, piss, July 6, .Sept
show fair. Feb 18. J Hi. I..i 7.:! !> l, .?. cat— Bujiiy l. 28, cat, Bhteii, jii / \yillmi (:30) May 3, Nov •
. 1 . • '

.71!) Tu bef Ftb 14, bef

(84, S) last M in J . .1 - ,1 17. AugSl.M 20, St, pig3,"s.a,t I

Palm Sun, 1"! 7. c sivcTu, Sept 4, Tu bef

befOct27, 8Min I : .
.- cat. Mayl5,
c..t,pl. MhfScpfJ. .TubifKast. Octll, Tu t"-.' .7 -,.;. .1 7, hiring- (Voold, 2 Tu in . ,

last W in S"pr .li, I

I 1 M in .Tan. Ap, M aft UetU - 77. u ,,7 (2;. g Aii21, sheep, cat, Jlar4,
June 29, Sept 2i:,clothin'.liar.hvare-t;ui.6oro' (Tu) lost Tu
i i

I:>st in M ... .. i
^ ;
I.-- . May
14. Ssptv,-. . i ,
,., :
7 i
; , . . :. :,-, ,
_| J in June and July, wool, last Tu in Ap, 3 in Sept, 2 in
Nov, cat, hiring- //u!i/"J: (l:'!). S) June 24, 25, 1 S in Nov,
cat, horses— /fciieort/i, Easter Tu, Whit Tu, 31 following
1 Sun alt October, 11 cat— //cctmondmcie (196, M, Th,
blankets) 1 M".
in May and Nov, cit, kc-Hedtn (176, S, gt

1 Th in each month) Feb 17, horses, Whit S, cat, 2
(270,8, gt
W in
&,i.r '7 r.,t nl S».nf ^'2 ' '
mie. St la^l in Julv. wool. An- 21, St, cheese. Whit M, S sheep, 2. sheep, 6, horses. c;it-
Howdm (187, S) . . Sept 25. and
also cat.
six following days. , ,„i-Uudder,fie\d (198,
Tn) Mar 31, Oa ral-//uli(Tu, F, S) 2
Tu in Ap, Oct 1

every Tu in Julv,
Ju. 8, 9, Nov 7, ,.(i (^i,i, ii.) .Sept 2, lambs, Oct 23,

July a, hi ix>j-Hi,by ilournide (W) W
bef Feb
-f Whit S. in. cat. Ac. 2 F aft Whitsuntide, china, &c., 14, bef Palm Sui>, bef : lay 13, cat, Whit ,W, Sept 18, cat, pi
), lambs, ic, 2 F alt Oct 11, slieep. cat. —Kirk Burton (186) la 1 M iu Ap and Oct. cat, horses, pigs

WILHSB.IRE—Bradford Ldfih (102) JI on

— KnaresborOityh aft Jan (1'J7, i) W 13, Cat, dav bcf, sheep,

* Au^24, St. pigs, cheese,

aft general. J m, i'.
— .
. . • Inrnt W aft Mar 12, alt Mav 0. aft Aug IS 12, aft Oct 11,
aft Dec 10. cat. day bef, shcop, bef Nov W W
aft each, sheep,
14. F. gtmar 2 F in each month) M;.. i
. ,
-- -
- 7;l.
23. hiring— teerfs (186. Tu, S. gt mar alternate with Wake- W
ecll. St, i.ilrs— Cric«adc(84, S. ^tmll , ..
fleld) July 10, 11, horses, Nov 8, 9, cat, hiring, 3 in Jan, W
aft 1 Tu in Dec, catshow. Sept 21. pi.
uiMi£-/)ei.iri..< (b9. Th) Fcbl4, HolyTi,.
1 :; :,



7IJ, Ap, July, Oct, 1 in Mar, June, Sept. Dec, leathcr-Xey- W
turil (335, F) 3 F iu Feb and Dec, cat, 2 in May cat, gene.
. . i . .

-.)— iJoini(on.Ap2:i. St, pi''!,0ct2. c.Ats—Jl.iln^slyitry

1 .also
ral,2 in Oct, cat, cheese, general- J/olton (il4, S) to S bcf M
Dec] chui -Marl- Palm Sun, hois.*, S bef Whit Sun. bef July 12, cat, Oct 11,

t, S bef
St, S bef Nov 23, cat— Jfaritet Weigkton (188, May 14, cat, W)
sheep, S«pt 24, cat. 2.3. sbcq,- J/ursJ.ii (19ii) Ap 25, cat. July
Tu aft Wf Oct fair 10, cat, pigs, Sept 2... 7, n 77 tl.allerlon (23!, Feb . W)
14, and precedinc » 7, and six preceding dais,

hi -M 'iff Ap aft Sept 11, M horses. May 6, s. t. 2 in Oct, cheese— 1 . W



— NorthDuffield (-''•i .lothcs, hats, (/(iej; Ac—
V li 11, '2

in Dec, St, pi.^



.1,, lilt .' t

2 and 4 aft Whit

'/ ;',,. [77, la. a.i. :- 1 .Uj^ .J C, 7, pi, cheesc. Cat— Ti'amiin*(er (203, F, gt mai. ali I .

-( 10, cat, sheep, F bef


Ap \V, cat JI aft A 11 7 1

(liO, S) L'2 .;l.o«o, cat, burses. Au^ll, cheese, cat, Oct 26. -. .st mar alternate S,
cheese. SI— Wesifriiri^ (105, Tu) East M, Whit M, cat, clioese— Nov 23, hiring- r
from S bcf Oct 11 l^ast S, Whit S, S bef
WoaUtin Bmsct (83, Tu. gt mar 2 Tu in each month) 2 Tu in

Dec. Prliie Show, cat, bef Tu Ap 6. bef Oct 11, hiring. SeptlS. ped. 1 S ni .
. \ .
.1 .1 show— Palrinj((on (S,
ct mar alternate ^) 71 .i '7
.1.1. 1^. Dec 6, do hes, woollen
WORCESTKRSHIRE.-^ewcefev (li.S, S) cloths. &c,2 week in K,jv,hir.n„—i'ic<cenuB (336, M, gtmar
Ap 21!, Dec 11. 13, cat, M bef July 20, sheep. Sic, Deo 11 and a M in each month, except the fair months) bef Fob 15, M
bcf May 13, Sept 25. M bef Nov 23, mt-Pontefract, S hef Stamford Bridge (20S, F] Deo 1, 2, if S or Sun the M oft, cat.
W -

Palm Sun, May 5, Oct 5, Nor 3t)—Qu«in^luad (200) last
Aug, cat— if«4A, F bef Palm M, bef May 18, bef July 6,
bef '
W) Nov
1. hiring,
haidware. pcmral, &c.—Tadcastcr
(217, M) Sh
June 24— T/ii>afc ^'

Sept 5, bef Not C, bef Dec 21. general. 1 F in May, Nor cat
3, |
Ap 4, 5,' last M in Jlav, Aug 5, Oct 2S. 29, Tu aft Dec 1
—BichTnotid (22a, S) S aft Feb 3, 1 S
bef P.%lm Sun, in July, iheep, leather— TVafceSfM (17S, W. F) July 4, horses. 5, pi hor

" 11, "" cat,...... ..,...„.,. ... __..,_

At Wakefl-ld is a considerable
Sept •-'5. .-^t, general. Nov 3. 3, cat— TJipIc;/ (210. M) East M, Nov 12. hirin ;,
cat. horses. Tu. sheep, A>ig 25, sheep, 2.;. cat. horj. s. 27. pi— mart, and the largest oru market out of London— irrtfie.t.v

Ripmi (212. Th) May 13. cat. general, 14, sheep, 1 Th in June, (191, Th, gt mar or fair ..Uornati- Th. catj-II'Mlfty (231..^)
cat, general, F, sheep. 1 Th in Nov. and No? 23. cat. hiring, Aug 25, 26, 27, Nov 11-rarm (3S3, Th) Th bef Ap 5, cat.
gtncrA—Kotlurham (161, M. F) Whit Jl. horses. Dec 1. horses, cheese, Holr Th, cat. Aul; 2. c it. cheese. Oct IS. horses. 19, cat,
cat. cheesn—Scarbornuyh (230. Ih) Holy Th. Nov 23, cat— SO, shoe}), choes?— 1-ork (I!)l>. gt mar alternate Th) Th bef Feb
Scamtr (gt mar 1 M in each month) July 15. and «ii following 14. Th bef Palm bun, Whit M. July 10. Aug 12, Nov 14, 23,
days, St, general, &c—
Sedliergh (Sii*. W)
Feb 2t), Ap 2-'. cat. eat, horses, the first whole week bef Dec 25, horse show.
Mar 30, ot. leed, oau. Whit Th. Waft Oct 3, pi. gene. al. Oct
39, cat, rams— Se(ftv (177, M. every F during June, wool)
ISLE OF m.Al7.-A,><'re^'>\-Decn-Arbn,;,,
Tu, on or aft June 23, Oct 11, cat-.SVi'JfteW (ir.a To. S)
Whit Tu. W, last Tu, Win
Nov. horses, cat. clu.*-. 4l.-

Skipton (211, S, gt mar alternate M) S aft .la.i 18. I' ,!,„ .s,,,,
Oct ZJciIiasuiJa,
•26-Cctht/ (Kirk Arhory) !>-
Feb 2 Jttrbi/, A\i 5^Kiry !'
Aug 12, ,-<ei
; i\ \"A
;: - ;.

l . -
c i. .in'
eve, ped. Mar 23. cat. East Tu and alterintr Tu n:iU\ \viiit Oct 10-Kirk Sc

Tu, cat, ped, Aug 6, ped. Sept 23. horseK .\ov 30, caS, 2:-i. p-,1— I
28— firrawe./. Nov S—St. Jul
Simith (175, Th) last Th in Ap, cat, sheep, Aug 10, also ped- I
IS-St. Mark's, Jan 5, Mav 12-SiiI6r,, Mav 3, J

ST. SWITHIN'S DAY.—The value to be placed upon the popular notion that if it rains upon the
15th of July it will do so for the 40 succeeding days may be learnt from the following facts from the
Greenwich ob.servations for the last 20 years. It appears that St. Swithin's day was wet in lb41, and
there were 23 rainy days up to the 24th of August; 1845, 2(5 rainy days; 1851, 13 rainy days;
1853, 18 rainy days; 1S51, IG rainy days; and in 1S56, 14 rainy days. In 3842 and following
years St. Swithin's day was dry, and the result was in 1842, 12 rainy days; IS43, 2i rainy
days; 1844, 20 rainy days; 1846, 21 rainy days; 1S47, 17 rainy days; 1848, 31 rainy days;
1S49, 20 rainy days; 1850, 17 rainy daj-s 1S52, 19 rainy days; 1855, IS rainy days; L'-'oT,

14 rainy days 1858, 14 rainy days ; 1859, 13 rainy days ; and in ISO, 29 rainy days. These figiu-es

show the superstition to be founded on a fallacj', as the average of 20 years proves rain to have fallen
up'in the largest number of days when St. Swithin's day was dry.

COUNTY T(_)\\N'S. An instance of the changes that time works will be found in the position
occupied in the new census by the county towns. We have returns for 81 of the 40 ancient English county
towns, and in nine there has been an actual decrease in the population since the census of 1851 in ;

eleven more the increase has been belov/ the average increase of the population not only of the
towns, but even of the kingdom at large ; in four or five the increase is almost nominal. In the
remaining fourteen the increase of population has equalled or exceeded the average of the kingdom,
but the e.xcess over the general average is little or nothing except in eight towns Newcastle, —
Nottingham, Hereford, Northampton, Lincoln, Guildford, Bedford, and Ipswich. Ten, if not eleven,
of the provincial towns of England have so increased and multiplied t'nat tliey have now above
100,000 inhabitants, but only one county town, Newcastle, is in the li.5t.
HOUSE ACCOMMODATION.—It appears from the recent census returns prepared by the
Registrar-General that the house accommodation of England and Wales has increased more rapidly
than the population since the commencement of the century. Thus, in 1801, the average ntunber of
persons living in each house was 5S1 in 1811, 5-82 ; in 1821, 5-83 ; in 1831, 5-66 ; in i841, o-44
; in ;

1851, 551 ; and in 1861, 5-40. The gratifying improvement exhibited by these figures has arisen
principally, it will be observed, since the acceleration of the emigration movement. The number of
uniniiabited houses at the date of the last census was larger than at any previous period of the
century, probably in consequence of the increased tendency to subm-ban life and the desertion of
properties in the heart of old towns. Taking the unoccupied houses into account, the number of
persons was 5 61 per house in 1801, and 5-lo in iSOl. There were also more houses in course of
erection in April than at any previous census, so that the mass of tlie people except in parts of the —
metropolis and the great towns in the north of England were never better housed than at present. —
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refreshing sleep.
They clear from the body all hurtful impurities, improve the
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Belgrave FiUa, Chippenham, Wilii, Oct. Uth, 18C0.
Gentlemen, —
I have derived, under the blessin;,'- of God, so much benefit from taking Parr's Lifk
Pills, that I wish to make this public statement of their valuable efficacy, and of ths vast amount
of i;ood they accomplish.
For many years, previous to 1856, my wife and I were the victims of nearly "all the ills which
flesh is lieir to." Tlie doctor was ever in attendance, and his yearly bill amounted to a sum that
would probably keep a small family. By some accident, however, about four yeara and a half ago,
one of the papere, which are usually folded with tlie boxes, fell into my wife's hands. She read it
carefully, and as she was suffering "from vertigo, sick lieadache, dimne-ss of sight, &c., jhe procured a
box, and I hereby solemnly declare that, when she had taken only three pills, she obtained greater
relief and comfort than she had ever received from any ottier medicine. Her rapid and complete
recovery quickly removed my own prejudices, and I was also induced to take them ; but the wonder-
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we have both taken them, and their astonishing and beneficial effects may be proved by the fact that
we have had no medical attendance since the early part of 1856.
Eegging you to accept our united and most grateful thanks for the marvellous efficacy of your

admirable Parr's Life Pills. I am. Gentlemen, yours very obediently, J. G. IIarris.
(JIany years a Schoohuaster at Pimlico, and Public Teacher and Lecturer.)
Messrs. T. Roberts and Co., b. Crane-court, Fleet-street, London.

10, Mordon Terrace, Kenlish Town, London, January 19, 1861.

— —
Messrs. T. Roberts and Co. Gentlemen, I have much pleasure in informinf you that, on the
16th ult., Mrs. Meadows, of 4, William-street, Harmood-street, called to procure a box of Pajir's
Like Pills, and ^poke so highly of them, that I am induced to forward to you the particulars. She
is now in her seventy-ninth year, and has taken the Pills for more than seven years, never using
any other medicinP, and she asRured me that her health is much better than when she was seven
years younger •e.nd did not take Parr's Life Pills. This faoi speaks for itielf, and I need only add
that you are at liberty to use the statement as you think projier.
I remain. Gentlemen, yours truly, Tuo.mas Stokok.
It is important that tli£ reader should closely observe the data of the letters annexed. Vie first hanrwi
been written seventeen years V go, and forwarded to Messrs. T. Roberts and Co. by Mr. Alexander, of
Great Yarmouth. The second letter is from Mr. King, of Gorleston, ajid it is important to notice
tliatMr. W. PRKaiicii, w/to wrote tlte first letter seveiUeen years ago, lias continued the use of Parr'3 Life
Pills ever since.
High-street, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, June 20, 1843.
Sir, —hereby declare that I have received a veiy great benefit from Parr's Life Pills. My case,
sir, is briefly this1 had been a long time afflicted with the Rhemnatism, that 1 could not dress or

undress alone with violent pains in my bones all over, and joints so stiff I could hardly walk. Soma

twelve or fourteen years ago 1 had a dreadful fall and hurt my I'ibs and side veiy much ; the ill effects
of that increased as I advanced in years, and was so bad the winter before last that I could not stan-l
my work a whole day, and of a night could not turn myself in my bed without the most excruciating-
pain. I fortunately resolved to try Parr's Pills, not with much hope of success, for I was too bad
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pain, and thank God, so I have continued for a whole twelvemonth ; I still take a few occasionally.
I never have since had the least symptoms of any of the pains with which I was before so grievously
tormented. Indeed, I don't recollect one j'ear out of fifty that 1 was so perfectly free from pain as
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I remain. Sir, your obedient servant, William Prenticb.
P.S. —
I have several friends trjing them, and some of them have received considerable benefit
already ; the greatest difficulty is to persuade them to persevere, and, if they don't, 1 am persuaded it
is but little use. I say to all, pei-severe. and they will be certain of success.
To Mr. Alexander, Stationer, King-street, Yarmouth, Norfolk.

On Sept. 25th, I860, Messrs. T. ROBERTS and Co. received a letter from Mr. I". R. M. KING, of
Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, in which he says:
Dear Sirs, — I will thank you to send me, without delay, the usual quantity of Parr's Pills.
Mr. W. PRENTICE, of this place, still continues to take Parr's Pills, and always obtains them
from my shop. Your attention will much oblige. Yours respectfully, F. R. M. Kiso.
Mr. W. PRENTICE resides at Gorleston, and is now nearly 90 years of age, enjojing excellent healti

From. Mr. W. PEARSON, Glasgow.

Washington-street, Awierston, Glasgow.

Gkktlbmen, With gratituda and pleasure I announce the cure >\Tought on myself by the use of
Parr's Life Pills. My whole .system was deranged I was so costive and bound up that existence

to me was unpleasant. Sometimes the heat of my body was such that I perspired with the least
•xertion, and so much that my clothes would be quite saturated, which soon brought me down, and
I became very thin and weat. I applied to three difJerent doctors in Glasgow, but got no relief. I
next applied to the Infirmary of Glasgow, but all to no pm-pcse. I then tried your pills, but never
man had less faith in advertised medicines. I took three pills at night and two in the morning
never was medicine miore mi!d and soothhig in its operation but these were the only effects for some

time, yet they were to me a great blessing. I kept constantly taking the pills for six months, and
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You are at liberty to publish this, for I think a greater blessing was never given to mankind than
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Yours, respectfully, William Pearson.


Received by Messrs. MOTTERsnEAD and Co., Manchester, and forwarded to the Proprietoi-s of Parr's
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I, THOMAS BARLOW, gratefully testify to the gieat benefit I have derived by taking Parr's
Life Pills. I had been out of health for many years, sometimes luiable to work, and on the sick
club. I had a bad complaint at the stomach, with a violent cough, and at various times was under
different medical men, including the noted Dr. Newbold of the Charlton Dispensaiy ; but my case
seemed hopeless, as they none of them could cure, or give me much relief, and I had no hopes" left of
being better on this side the grave but, however, quite unexpected, the deliverer came at last (Old

Parr's Recipe). I got a box of his pills, and found immediate benefit from the first box, and continued
them for several months with increased good until this time, and now I feel myself wonderfully well,
and am strong in body. I am sati'^'.^d that my recovery is to be ascribed entirely to the restorative
qualities of PARR'S LIFE PILL.'* Thomas BiELow, Hale, Cheshire.
From Mr. GAMIS, Yeovil.
Gbxtlemen,—The following testimonials to the efficacj- of Park's Life Pills were couimunicatcd
to mc by the persons who had received the benefit.
A liiprhly respectable female^ who has for many years been a customer at my shop, told me that
one box of Parr's Pills had done her health and 'constitution more good than" all the medicine she
had previously taken. Her health had been much shattered from worms ; but the immortal Parr's
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Another instance of tlieir good effect was in the case of a young man who had been unable to work
for seven months, 5,nd who by taking two boxes was enabled to go to his usual emploj-ment.
short time since, a gentleman of London, who had been staying in a neighbouring village, and
who was about returning home, called for a L's. 'Jd. box of Pills, and told me it was tiie only medicine
that did him any good after all the medical advice he could get (and he had had the best) "he f firther ;

said that a person who had experienced the value of tbem had recommended them to him, and that
it would in future be his family medicine. In fact, in some villages in this neighbourhood they
repudiate all other medicine. I am, j'ours truly.
Medicine Warehouse, opposite Stuckey's Bank. J. Gamis.

The above facts speak for themselves, and clearly prove that Parr's Life Pills are a safe and
valuable medicine, restoring from sickness to health, and preserving it to the latest period of life.

The following advertisement appeared in the Nottinnham Rcvuw of January 29, 1S41 :—
THE undersig-ned JOHN CUBLEY, late of Derby, but now of the town of Nottingham, hereto-
I ) fore a Schoolmaster, but now out of employment, do hereby licknow lodge that I have lately
got compounded some pills, which I have sold to different persons as " OLD PAKE'S LIFE PILLS,"
by representing that 1 had purchased the recipe for that celebrated medicine ; such representation
was, however, entirely false, and the proprietors of the genuine Old Parrs Life Pills have commenced
legal proceedings against me for the above fraud. But I, having expressed sorrow and contrition,
and given up to them the names and addresses of each person to whom I have sold any of such pills,
as well as of the druggists v.ho compounded the same, and agreed to make this public apology, and
pay all expenses, including this advertisement, the proprietoj's have kindly consented to forego such
K'gal proceedings. I do, therefore, declare my shame and sorrov.- for having committed such an
imposition on tiie public, and such a fraud on the proprietors of Old i arr's Life 1 ills, and, further,
express mv acknowledgments for their knitv. JOHK CUBLEY.
Dated this 2Sth day of January, 1>.41. Witness— H. B. CAMPBELL,
Solicitor, Nottmgham.
Besides the foregomg, it has come to tie knowledge of the Proprietors of this Medicine that its
great popularity and immense .sale have excited the cupidity of various dishonest parties, who are
attempting to impose their dangerous preparations upon unsuspecting purchasei s under the lure of
being "The Original," •• The Original Genuine," "The True," &c. &c., and various other vile sub-
terfuges; therefore
iSnctD al! £atn:—?mt. tjit sole proprietors aDB prrparers of part's Eife yills, in ronnqvcAce of
the marni imitations ff ovr luuliciiic, do again particularbi call attmiii^n to the EUGLISH
OOVERRMIEUT SXAMP, on vhick it engravea tJ,e uorOi, "PARR'S LIFE PILLH," in
V.'hlTE letters on a RED ground, und 'tchich it affixed to the sidit of toxli box of tlie right
S£lC. furiijcrmorc, in order to give tli4 public a stiR greater protection, do consider it expedient to
affix our signature to the wro.vptr tchich is folded round each box.
As witness our hand, ^~^ —S''~> y > w !»•*



In boxes, price Is. IJd., 2s. Od., and in family packets, lis. each. Sold by all Chemists and Medi-
cine Vendors in Town and Country. -^

For Exportation. —Directions in Spanish, Poi-tuguese, French, and English, are folded round each
. ^^' ^0 Emigrant should start witliout a gcjd supply, as they are good in all cases.
/lLl who suffek fkom


5:^\ '^-^

Hieroglyphic for 1862.

Our on tins occa'-ioii, been more than nsualljk0ndov\ed with the prophetic spirit.
artist lias,
The picture, although calledan hierogrlyphic, fully shadows forth many events which must come to
pass —events which will, to thousands, cause the profoundest emotions. The uninitiated will soon
diicern the old and bloody War Voiltures, tearing, as of old^ at each other, and struggling for a supre-
*inacy.» Let them tear, and let them worrj-, and let them bleed and suffer, as they, the tme demons
of earth, deserve. Serenely contemplative will be traced the grand outlines of the British Lion,
typical of security and peace to our dear old England. Clearly indicated in another part of this
remarkable tableau is the fall of the rotten old tri]>le crown. A few more years and it will be
a thing of the past. The foreground of the picture too clearly indicates the bloody struggles which
those who speaU our own language in the Western World are undergoing, and will liare to
undergo. Yes, they shall suffer all the horrors of a cruel war but as with man, so with nations,

they cannot arrive attrue greatness but through the furnace of adversity. This blood-letting
which they are bestotWfl^n each other will, it is hoped, cure them of their unbearable swagger
and blustsr.. Whilst thesd^ dread d»ings. are perpetrated in America, the crown of Ep^land,
aurrounded'hy the stars of Truth, Justice, and Freedom, shall reign triumphant.— AMEN.

'V \
# 'V,<

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