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You will facilitate a learning session on a domain of your choice. You will also be provided with the learning goals,
which you are expected to achieve within 20-30 minutes. You are given freedom to customize your lesson plan,
and bring tools and materials that you feel will help you achieve your goals.

High school graduates with basic to intermediate level skills and knowledge in each of the subject areas.

1. Whiteboard
2. Marker & Eraser
3. Applicant's own tools/materials
4. Facilitator's Laptop and Projector*
*External storage devices may not be used on AEI computers. You may opt to bring your own laptop/netbook if you

Applicant's discretion.

Tip: We do NOT WANT to be taught ABOUT something, we WANT to be taught HOW to do something

TOPICS (choose one):

Domain Topic Objectives

Grammar Students accurately utilize the simple present and present

progressive tenses correctly in a spoken setting.

English Fluency Students deliver a concise, coherent, 3 to 5

sentence response to questions

Grammar Students utilize correct word-order and proper diction

in non-scripted speech.
TOPICS (Continued)

Domain Topic Objective

Students multiply double-digit problems using Base 10


Math Fractions Students multiply fractions

Decimals Students convert decimals (hundredths) to fractions

Students are able to exercise and/or demonstrate basic

financial projections

Business Marketing Students understand and can explain the 7Ps of Marketing

Students are able to understand and practice Price

Elasticity of Demand

Hardware Students are able to install and configure a new video card

Students are able to demonstrate basic troubleshooting

Tech Hardware
steps for "No Power"

Software Students are able to utilize the Advanced Startup Menu

Students are able to discuss the definition and

Earth Science
manifestations of Climate Change
Students are able to identify, and execute the Scientific
Physical Science