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Pleno unit 1 and 2

Unscramble the words to form questions.

make / there? / did / any friends / you = ___________________________________________

the locals? / you / did / talk to = _________________________________________________
any / you / eat / did / typical food? = _____________________________________________
typical drinks? / you / any / did / drink =

Fill in the blanks with the verbs from the box in their simple past forms.

Drink talk sleep eat - go - travel - make - stay

Claire: Did you enjoy your vacation, Ryan?

Ryan: Yes, I did!
Claire: Did you travel to Indonesia?
Ryan: No, I didnt travel to Indonesia, I ______________ to Thailand.
Claire: Wow. Did your sister go with you?
Ryan: Yes, we ______________ to Thailand together.
Claire: Did you stay at a hotel?
Ryan: No, we didnt. We ______________ at a hostel. We______________ in a room with 4 other people.
Claire: Thats cool. I love hostels!
Ryan: There were 2 girls from Nigeria and a couple from
Germany in our room.
Claire: Did you make any friends there?
Ryan: Of course we did! We ______________ a lot of friends there.
Claire: Did you go to the beach?
Ryan: Of course we did! They have the best beaches in the world!
Claire: Did you talk to the locals?
Ryan: Yes, we ______________ to some Thais. Theyre very friendly.
Claire: Did you drink Thai beer?
Ryan: Yes, we ______________ Thai beer. Its excellent!
Claire: Did you eat insects?
Ryan: Yes! We ______________ scorpions and other typical food. Thai foods the best!
Claire: Wow! So you really experienced Thailand like a local!

Complete the conversation with how much or how many.

Jason: __________ flour do we need?

Patty: 3 cups of flour.
Jason: __________ sugar?
Patty: 1 cups of sugar.
Jason: __________ chocolate powder?
Patty: 1 cup of chocolate powder is enough.
Jason: __________ eggs?
Patty: 3 eggs.
Jason: __________ milk?
Patty: 1 cup of milk.
Jason: __________ water?
Patty: cup of water.
Jason: __________ oil?
Patty: cup of oil.
Jason: __________ baking powder?
Patty: 1 tablespoon of baking powder.
Jason: Sorry. __________ spoons of baking powder?
Patty: 1 spoon.
Complete the conversation with some, any and no:

Jason: OK. Let me guess the ingredients in brigadeiro. Is there _______ cream in it?
Patty: No, theres _______ cream in it.
Jason: Is there _______ brown sugar?
Patty: No, there isnt _______ brown sugar.
Jason: Is there _______butter in it?
Patty: Yes! Theres _______ butter in it.
Jason: Are there _______ bananas in it?
Patty: No, there arent _______ bananas.
Jason: Does it have _______chocolate in it?
Patty: Yes! It has _______ chocolate powder in it.
Jason: Great! Is there _______ milk in it?
Patty: No, theres _______ milk.
Jason: Does it have _______ condensed milk in it?
Patty: Yes! It has _______ condensed milk!

Fill in the blanks in the conversation with how much, how many, some, any or no.

Carol: ______________________ bananas do we need?

Derek: 10 or 12. Do we need ____________ ham?
Carol: Yes, we need ____________.
Derek: ______________________ ham do we need?
Carol: Uhm 250 grams.
Derek: OK. Do we have ____________ cheese left at home?
Carol: No, we dont have ____________.
We need ____________ cheddar cheese.
Derek: Lets get ____________ eggs. How many eggs?
Carol: No, we need ____________ eggs. There were lots of eggs in the fridge yesterday!
Derek: OK. Do we need ____________ sugar?
Carol: No, we dont need ____________ sugar.
Derek: We have ____________ milk. Lets get ____________ milk.
Carol: ______________________?
Derek: 2 liters. Lets buy ____________ ice cream too.
Carol: ______________________ cartons? 1? 2?
Derek: Uhm I dont know______________________
ice cream is there in a carton?
Carol: 2 liters.
Derek: Lets get 1, then. Oh, we need ____________ beer.
Carol: How many bottles of beer?
Derek: 5 bottles is fine.
(5 minutes later)
Derek: How much is it?
Cashier: Thats U$59.95 altogether.
Derek: Carol, do you have ____________ money? I dont have ____________ money.
Carol: Uhm I have ____________.
Derek: ______________________ money do you have?
Carol: I have U$50 and my credit cards.