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Class ................ Total ............ / 65

5 U zdania i pytania w czasie present
1 Posuchaj nagrania i zaznacz perfect.
1 Jamie lives in a city / on a farm. 1 I / never / eat / smelly cheese
2 Jamie has a younger sister / brother. Ive never eaten smelly cheese.
3 They have two dogs / cows. 2 Jack / never be / to France
4 Jamies father / mother gets up very early ____________________________________
every day. 3 you / ever do / an exam / ?
5 Jamies mother is a farmer / teacher. ____________________________________
6 Jamie can play the piano / guitar well. 4 Tom / not ride / an elephant
7 Jamie wants to learn the violin / piano in ____________________________________
the 5 Mel / ever swim / in a lake / ?
Score /6
Score /4
2. Zakrel niepasujcy wyraz. 6 Wybierz waciw opcj: a, b lub c.
1. tidier bigger cheaper messiest
1I get you a glass of water.
2 javelin circus long jump swimming
a) going to b) will c) am
3 flowerpot clothes line puppet hammock
2 Weve just a good film.
4 broken ridden skied met
a see b saw c seen
5 netball stage audience microphone
3 I borrow your pen, please?
6 ranch caravan games cottage
A Have b Did c Can
7 hammer ladder bull grill
4 You see my parents in the shops.
A may b going c not
Score /6
5 They eat in class.
3 Uzupenij brakujce litery w nazwach chorb i a havent b shouldnt c werent
dolegliwoci. 6I buy any clothes at the weekend.
1 cold 5_oug_ a wont b were c will
2m_d_ci_e 6so_e t_ro_t 7 Theres too traffic in town.
3_ea_a_he 7s_o_ac_ ac_e a much b many c enough
8 How about to a comedy show?
4f_ _ 8 te_p_ra_u_e
a go b goes c going
Score /7 9 Its cold outside. You _____ wear warm
4 Pocz powki zda. clothes.
a may b should c cant
1 Where does a) twist your ankle? 10 I dont have ______ money to buy a new TV
2 He wasnt b) Miki live? a enough b many c too
3 We didnt c) hanging up the
washing? Score /9
4 Did you d) sleeping in a 7 Uzupenij zdania w pierwszym trybie
hammock. warunkowym.
5 Im seeing e) when I fell over.
6 Were you f) win the match. 1) If you dont go (not go) to bed now,
7 I was running g) the dentist on you ll be (be) tired.
Monday. 2) If he (work) hard, he
(pass) his exams.
Score /6 3) If she (not go) to the
beach, she (not see) the
4) If you (tidy) your 1) Where does Mike live?
room, mum (be) happy. He lives in Leeds in England.
5) If we (not wear) our 2) How old is his brother?
coats, we (get) cold. ___________________________________
6) If they (eat) too much 3) What did Mikes mum want to be when she
pizza, they (feel) ill. was young?
7) If I (buy) some new ____________________________________
shoes, I (wear) them to the 4) Where did she go to university?
party. ____________________________________
Score /6 5) What does Mike want to be in the future?
8. Napisz zdania, uywajc formy going to i 6) Where does he think hell go to university?
odpowiednich wyrazw z ramki. ____________________________________
not play meet not worry stay 7) Where is he going to work when hes a student?
not wear cook study feed ________________________________________
8) How long has his dads friend lived in India?
1 )Dana is going to meet her _____________________________________
friends at the weekend.
2) They the Score /7
ducks in the creek. Writing
3) I tennis on 10 Napisz tekst na temat swojej rodziny.
Friday. Wykorzystaj ponisze podpowiedzi oraz tekst z
wiczenia 9 jako wzr.
4) Mum and dad ______________________
in a hotel next week. paragraph 1: you and your family
5) Yuri his new paragraph 2: your mum or dad, or an adult you
jeans tonight. know
6)Helga Science paragraph 3: your plans for the future
at university.
7) We about ______________________________________
our exams. ______________________________________
8) I dinner ______________________________________
tonight. ______________________________________
Score /7
9. Przeczytaj tekst i odpowiedz na pytania.
Mike lives in Leeds in England. Hes 13 and he
lives in a house in town with his mum and dad,
his older brother Phil and his younger sister ______________________________________
Michelle. Phil is fourteen and Michelle is seven. ______________________________________
Mikes dad is a doctor and his mum is a teacher. ______________________________________
When I was young I wanted to be a singer, says ______________________________________
Mikes mum, but I loved school. I enjoyed Maths, ______________________________________
so I decided to be a Maths teacher. I went to ______________________________________
university in Manchester and I passed my exams.
Now, I really enjoy my job.
Mike wants to be a doctor like his dad. He ______________________________________
thinks hell go to university in London and study ______________________________________
medicine. Ill work hard and make new friends. ______________________________________
It will be fun and Ill enjoy it, says Mike. Im ______________________________________
going to work in India for a year when Im a ______________________________________
student. I havent been to India but my dads
friend lives there. He has lived in India for five
years. Hes a doctor too. He helps very poor Score /7
people. I think hes fantastic.