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Eastern Metro Manila Chapter

Get your MINIMUM and FLEXIBLE units under the
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CPD Competence/
DATE Units Thematic Area Seminar Title Speaker/s

June 3 8 A/II The Philippine Standards on Auditing (PSAs) Mr. Bryan Abanilla
Saturday and Audit Process Manager, P&A Grant Thornton
Mr. Rudolph Jimenez
June 9 8 B/V Effective Conversation Fluency Senior Training Consultant,
Friday Speechpower
Ms. Joanne Macainag- Cobacha
June 10 8 A/II Basics of Value Added Tax (VAT) Tax Senior Director, SGV & Co.
Saturday Mr. Michael A. Madlangbayan
Tax Director, SGV & Co.

June 15 8 A/IV- 3 The Latest in SEC Issuances and Basics of Good Dr. Ma. Victoria Q. Caparas
Thursday C/III-5 Governance Associate Professor ,
University of Asia and the Pacific

June 17 8 A/II How to Handle BIR Audit and Investigation Atty. Olivier D. Aznar
Saturday Partner, P&A Grant Thornton

June 19 8 A/II Practicable Tips in Preparing Notes to the Audited Ms. Mailene Sigue-Bisnar
Monday Financial Statements Partner, P&A Grant Thornton
Dean Danny Cabulay
June 20 8 C/III Ethical Practices in Marketing the Services of CPAs Chief Innovation Officer and Lead
Tuesday Consultant

Changes Are Happening: The Relevant Mr. Paul Chester See

June 26 8 A/II Developments in PFRS and Taxation Partner, Isla Lipana & Co.
Monday (With Highlights on the Latest Taxation House Bills Mr. Hentje Leo Leao
in Congress) Tax Senior Director, SGV & Co.
Dean Danny Cabulay
June 29 8 A/IV Quality Management System Chief Innovation Officer and
Thursday Lead Consultant
Ms. Elah Andal-Perez
June 30 8 A/I-3 The Thrusts of the New BOA with Highlights on the Senior Manager, P&A Grant Thornton
Friday B/V-5 Latest Accreditation Requirements of CPAs and Dean Danny Cabulay
Financial Literacy for Managers and Executives Chief Innovation Officer and
Lead Consultant

80 CPD
For information or queries, contact New Competence Area
(PICPA EMMC Secretariat) May Ann at: (Technical Competence)
A Thematic Area I, II, IV = 30 Units

Mobile No.: 0917-8816163
Telephone No: 726-9453/ 725-3337 (Professional Skills)
Email: picpa.emmc@picpammr.org or B Thematic V = 5 Units
visit our website at www.picpammr.org (Professional Values/Ethics/Attitudes) Seminars can also be availed individually.
Make CHECK payable to PICPA EMMC C- Thematic III = 5 Units 1,680 for PICPA Members in Good Standing
Plus 40 Units = Flexible Areas 2,240 for Non-Member/Members Not in Good Standing

Fax back filled-in Registration Form at 723 6314 or 723 8760.
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