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Salvage Special:
TVNCR Tuner Receiver
Watch the neighbor's curb for all old VCR!

Do y ou salvage old VCRs [or parts? Ham experimenters are alway s looking [or a
ch allenging project, so let me describe one that 1 started which y o u m ay find
interesting. This project appears to h ave a lot ot promise, b ut will require som e
ingenuity to work out some de tails.

ham friend mentio ned that he make s them d ifficult to usc. The tuner was constructed from pa rts available

A wa s interested in bu ilding a re-

ceiver so that he co uld lie in
bed at night a nd listen to TV audi o. Of
and the video/so und IF system from a
VC R were j ust what the doctor or-
dered to meet my fri end's needs! Al-
from Rad io S hack .

course. there are recei vers availab le in though I didn't use the power supply, it
Electronic T VN eR tuners arc ca-
addition to TV sets that do j ust that. would ha ....e been a good choice be-
pable of tuning a freq ue ncy band fro m
Being a ham experime nter, my cha l- cause all of the nece ssary vo ltages
about 50-900 MHz. A few freque ncy
lenge was to construct a receiver from wo uld have been avai labl e . H owever,
segments are skipped, hut otherw ise
parts salvaged from an o lde r VC R. The for this project, the size of the po wer
most tuners cove r four ha m hands, air-
newer V C R tu ners are dig ital. and that supply was somewhat critical. so o ne
craft, part of the E\t broadcast hand.
and some public se rvice c hannel s. The
design o f the tuner/If syste m. as used
in the VC R, monitors pretty m uch o nly

UHF TUNER VIDEO the TV channe ls. Why'? Modem TV
VHf '
SUPER C 18H11 1\1
r-.I r+
SOUND and VCR receivers util ize a sys tem
BAND 6w AGe 'IT Bs Bv 8M IF AU<; called "intcrcarrier" to recover the au -
T I ~ d io signa l fro m the rece ived TV signa l.

.... ... *
Takin g a step back ward fo r a mo-
ment. the so und and vid eo sig nals arc
UK '
transmitted o n thei r o wn carri er fre-
quenc y, where they arc separated by
SWITCH . -1 .5 ~1H l . In pa st years. two se parate
IF systems were used to accomplish
+30V the demodulatio n. and it was like ha v-

ing two independe nt receivers with the
TUNING video operation at 45.75 MHz and the
sound at 41.25 MH/.. A sing le tun er
was used, h ut the video and so und sig-
'" nal s were kept apart and processed
Fig. I. Simplified functional diagram ofa typical \'CR tllller and IF module system. The sc pannely,
bandswuch and tuning pot " "ert' added for clarity. La te r, a n in te rcarric r system wa s
16 73 Amateur Radio Today . March 2000
FM Dual Bander APRS and
9600 Baud TNC Built-in

Full Featured HF Base
5) Model includes 6 meters

Dual Band Mobile wlBuilt
in TNC (Voice & Data
Fig. 2. Typical VCR single Ie video and sound IF. The video output portion has been ignored.

developed to both simplify and reduce one or two Ies are used, the IF system
the parts count in the receiver. The FT-l00
can be treated as one and the same
sound IF at 41.25 MHz was dropped when making up a receiver project. In Super Compact
from the design; a simplified func- most cases, the tuner and IF system Transceiver
tional block diagram is shown in Fig. can be salvaged as two modules. In VX-5R
1. Intcrcarrier refers to the usc of a _ __ 501144/430 MHz
some cases, the two modules are
Heavy Duty FM
single IF at the output of the tuner that mounted on a common circuit board Handheld
is then processed in support of the - and, they may, if desired, remain on
video, hut has a bandwidth wide the single board. Modifications will
enough to pass the sound carrier. To- have to be made to the circuit traces on FT-847
ward the latter portion of the video IF, the board in order to apply the various All Mode HF1501144/430 MHz
the sound at 4 .5 MHz is split off and required voltages. Unequaled Satellite Rig
processed. The video carrier is AM
(amplitude modulation) and is frc-
As stated earlier, the original Objec- ~~
tive of the VCR circuit was to receive
quency stable, while the sound carrier only TV video and sound. That means
is FM (frequency modulati on). the audio can be reco vered only as 1e-706 MKIIG
Being stable, the video carrier is long as the video carrier is present to HF/501144/44D MHz
used as the "local oscillator" that is Plus New Features
create the 4 .5 MHz sound carrier. That & More Power
mixed with the FM sound carrier, cre- makes the VCR receiver system a ",~1.'r
ating an audio IF of precisely 4.5
MHz. Once separated from the video,
double conversion receiver. In order ~~EW,"~:,...=,,;=;:,;: 1e-746
100 Watt HFI6M!2M
for the receiver project to support ham ~

the sound is processed and demodu- radio, it must be capable of monitoring Transceiver
lated using a quadrature detector. Figs. signals in the ham bands that do not 1e-2800H
2 and 3 show typical (but simplified) have a "video carrier" present to act as Dual band, 50w135w,
VCR IF systems. Large, Color _
a local oscillator. For the receiver to LCD Screen
The first, Fig. 2, shows how a single "hear" the four (50, 146, 220, 450
IC is used both for video and sound Ameritron ADI Bencher Butternut MFJ
MHz) ham bands and public service Cushcraft Diamond MAHA Astron
processing . Table 1 li sts a number of channels, a local oscillator must be Kantronics Larsen Mirage Lakeview
ICs that are also used in the type of cir-
added. Quotes & Orders 1-800-8919199
cuit shown in Fig. 2, and is provided to
Tech & Info (717) 3366060
help identify the correct module. Fig. Local oscillator www.denverradio.com
3 shows a simplified, but typical, dual
IC video and sound IF processor cir- In order to make the receiver tunc- Route 272, Wabash Center
tion without the video carrier, a local 1233 N. Reading Road
cuit. Table 2 lists a number oflCs used
oscillator must be provided and in-
r:::a, Stevens, PA 17578
in the dual IC configuration. NTE ::EJ Lancaster County
equivalent numbers are provided in the jected into the IF system as indicated Located 2 miles south 01the PA Turnpike exit 21 on R1 272
table listings where available , to aid in in Fig 4. I've experimented with several M, T, F 9-6 W,TH 98 Sat 9-3
identifying IC pin functions. Whether methods for injecting the oscillator 's
73 Amateur Radio Today March 2000 17
+12 V +12 V

tP, ~ 4.5 MHz

15K 390 11 10 z s
1t' QUAD
fllTR UK
AF " H f-l
145 MHzl
a 4.5 MHz
51 15K 10K

11 AlTR
t 2K
f--I'N-~ ss
330 AGe
1K , . LA 1365

27K NTEn 2
NTE 1545 1 VIDEO

Fig. 3. T.\ 1Jicu l VCR ducu l C video and sound IF. The video output portion has been ignored.

signal . hut c hose to perform the mini- prov ide the a nswers. Injecting the os- mum recovered audio. At that point the
mum amou nt of modification to the IF cillator at the input of the SAW filter padding capac itor may he fully com-
system. I suspect that there is a bcuer appears to work satisfact ori ly. pressed. No further adju stment is then
way and place to inject the osci llator, Th e new local oscillator must be off- req uired.
but on ly further experime ntation will set from the tuner's IF by 4 .5 MHz ; the A switch is used in the 12 V supply
IF system was designed to acc ommo- line to the osc illator so that it may he
date a video signal at 45.75 MH z and a disabled whene ver TV audi o is being
rc PIN NTE Equ iv. sound signal at 41.25 MHz. To accom- rec eived.
A7530N 1827 modate that offset. I injected a 46 MHz
signa l during the ex periment but al- Aud io amplifier
AN5111 1440
I , most an y signal frequency from about
-- Since the salvaged IF system may
I AN5176K 44. 5 to 47.5 M Hz will work we ll, as
not have an audio amp lifier incl uded ,
KA2919 1728
the sou nd's quadrature detector will
I accommodate the shift without an y I' m suggesting one that will work with
KA2923 1827 degrad ation in performance. this tuner rece iver project. A single
LA7502 15001 I' ve shown the use of a common- LM 386 audio IC, as shown in F ig. 5.
base Colpi tts oscillator as a suitable or an LM380. will work well in this
I LA7520 1728
I choice for this application. The crys tal, application. The circuit shown will drive
LA7530 1827 series-resonant (typically a 3rd over- either a speaker or a set of headphones to
tone), is placed in the base circuit to an adequate level.
LA7550N --
ground. Because the audio obtained from the
LA7575 -- Specific ci rc uit values will ha ve to IF system has no de-emphasis, a de-
emphasis circuit should be added . AI
I M52354 1656 hc worked out to acc ommodate the
though it's OK to operate without
parts available from your j unk box.
I M51356P 1656
When the oscillator is in operati on , the de-emphasi s, the hiss leve l may be a
M51362SP -- injection level of the signal appears to litt le hard to handle over a long period
M51365 701 5 have a min imum threshold level of of time. Rolling off the high frequency
about 25 mv, with a maximum level at portion of the hiss with an RC network
I TA7678AP
I, about 150 mY. I used 75 mY in my makes the noise more tolerable . There
tests , so a means for contro lling the in- is no squelch circuit in the VCR IF
TA7680 1572
I jection am plitude may be required . 1 system, but you can bui ld one if you
TA768 1 1570
I was successful in usin g a 1-30 pF desire.
TAB677N -- compression paddi ng capacitor for I chose the de-emphasi s network
Table 1- Typical ICs used il l a VCR's controlling the injection level. Adj ust- values to roll off the hiss to meet my
single IC video and sound IF This listin g ment of the inject ion is done with a hearing needs and for listening to
is provided 10 help identlfr a video/sound known ham band signa l being present, voice modu lated signals. If the recei ve
module. and the capacitor is adj usted for maxi - system is used for listenin g to TV or
18 73 Amateur Radio Today. March 2000
VIF NTE Equlv. may be desired to adjust the audi o
passband in support of m usic. Reduc- We make a new HamCa" every
AM167013A 749 week! Clearly, the most
ing the 0.01 )J.F capacitor values to comprehensive and current
CD-ROM available.
ANS111 1440 0.005 JlF may satisfy your desire.
Latest Features
Choose tonllnd color of dElla display.
HA11215A 1469 Power su p ply Displays flag a nd ma plor each counl ry.
ShowsCO. JTU zone. and continenl
TA7607AP 1545 History ~st s hows e ach ca l s ign ""a rad
Power requirements for the receiver
I TA7644BPJAP .. system project are really minimal, but
View &saaret>m efes!S o! 2S.000 ha ms ,
SHrch lor dub. m~~ary. RACES. vanrly. silant keys.
nama . address, and more .
UPCl366 '522 the voltages need to be stabilized. A Ova>< 1.561 .000U.S. a nd ln1amalional bl ~. 101.000
...... ~ Ilti-esses. <Io.OOO pholosand OSL c.ard5. 30.000
suitable power supply for the tuner vanty Cll lls .and 12.000 references10 OSl ~
SIF NTE Equlv.
receiver project is shown in Fig. 6. Shows1toorl & k.:n\l pall'ldtslance& bearr9-
AM167001A 712 Specifically, the tuning voltage re- P1'eosa .. ~... lgitooe1or0Yef9O"llool addresses.
HamCaMis SSO.OO . incIul:Ie<l is 6 months tree access 10
AN5215 1234 quires regulation to prevent it from our Interne! Search SeMce reQU851when oraemg.
wandering around. When setting the ~'Mousepart"""'mo"secoderala<llt108.
AN5250 1404 maximum tun ing voltage. the target 7.S- . S-.bIua_yeIow IetlIlfS, $5.00

GL.3201 7'2 value is 30 volts . but that may not al-

ways be achieved. and a value of 28-29
HA1124 7' 2
volts is acceptable. The final voltage is
HA11229 1575 determined by raising the regulator's
KA2101 712 output (using the VOLTAGE SET pol)
to maximum and then backing it down
LA,365 7 12
slightly to bring the output under regu-
l.M3065N 7 12 lator control. Regulation is uncertain at
LSC1008P 7 12
the maximum value because of the loss
in regulator headroom. but pulling it
down slightly allows the regulator to
TA7337P .. function properly.
Because of the low current being
TBA120AS 1292
drawn by the rece iver system. no heat
UPC 1391 H 1668 sinking of the regulators is required. If
UPC575C2 1140 desired, the regu lators may stand verti-
cal on a PC board. or be laid flat
Table 2. Typical lCs used in a VCR dual/C
against the board.
video and sound IF. lC listing is provided
to help identify a video/sound module. Ci rcuit notes Complete Inventory for servicing
Amateur, Marine, and Commercial
FM audio, then some experimentation Fig. 1 shows the requirements for Communications Equipment.
with the de-e mphasis circuit values enabling the tuner so that it will cover Transmitti ng Tubes & Sockets
RF Power Transistors
VHF/UHF RF Power Modules
. 12 V Low Noise RF FETs
Bird Electronics Wattmeters
SAW Doorxncb Capacitors
Fut. Chokes Broadband Transformers

rcr ) TO f
Se Hab la Espai'io l We E:l port

:' __ ~
+-C.:._"' __
::t 9!"""'!'~.
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"= Hl-+--t'
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1-800-RF-PARTS 1-800-7372787

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.7K 270 760-744-1943 888-744- 194 3
E-MAIL: rfp@rfparts.com
>lOO pF

Fig. 4. Suggested local oscillator to be added/or signal injection. variable level injec-
tion is usedfor best conversion. A switch is used to enable/disable the oscillator.
73 Amateur Radio Today. March 2000 19
The antenna input impedance for the
DE-EMPHASIS +12 V tuner may at fir st appear co nfusing,
NETWORK but a 52 ohm transmission line works
100 we ll wi th TV/VCR tuners. When co n-
r">, 1/ 2 W
necting to the UH F input, tie one pin to
l OOK 0.5 - 10 ~F + ~O ~F
FROM THE VOL ground and co nnect the other to the
3 6 m 470 - 1000 ~F cente r of the coax co nnector. Each of
the ant enna inputs will req uire a suit-
5 +
I-, .-------j able antenn a for the frequenc y band to
.05 - .1 : be covered. A suitable antenna may be
~F connected to the re spective inpu t be-
LM 386 10 cause the bandswitch will enable the
r77 SPKR
antenna in put as required hy the tuner.


Fig. 5. A sui/able audio amplifier to be used with the VCR sound IF, which can drive To gain an understanding of the
either headphones or a small speaker. tuner-rece ive r 's sensitivity, I measured
the input se nsiti vity while ope rat ing in
the availa ble bands using a bandswi rch Tuni ng TV audio sig nals is very the 450 MHz ha m band and found it to
that puts + 12 V a nia the band select easy with the tuning pot, but hams and be approx imately 10 J-lV to achi e ve
pin of the tuner. public service present a narrow tuning background noise qui eting. Even at 10
Fig. 6 shows how the luning voltage targe t and require the use of a fin e J.lV, ham rep eaters located man y miles
line is to he controlled with a multiturn tuning contro l. away pro vided quieting signals. Wh en
pot. A small value pot is connected in A ll tuners require an AGC voltage in used as a TV audio receiver, the per-
se ries with the tuning vol tage pot tha t the range of +6 to +7 vol ts. The de- fonnan ce is as de sired , but when
will function as a fine-luning control. sired voltage may be obtained from the moni toring the narrow deviati on as
This pot is se t normally to its ce nter AGC pot located within the IF modu le, used in the ham and public se rvice
position and then rocked back and as is done in the VCR confi guration , or bands, the reco vered audio amplitude
forth for a fine tuning adjustmen t. As the AGC voltage may be obtained appears to he a little on the low side .
an alternative method , a pot may be from a pot di viding the + 12 volts . If More audio am plific atio n may he lp
used to control a sma ll vo ltage (typi- the latter is chosen. the pot value may re sol ve that iss ue.
cally 2 volts maximum) app li ed to the be 10k and it will also function as an
AFC terminal. RF gain co ntrol. Continued on page 59


120 VAC F SW 0.2A
r-t--+-I' LM317K Ft-~--4~-'I./\f'y--, I TURN
+ + ----- +30VMAA
+--~V470~~ .01 .01 J ; 470~F + TUNING
330 1IO~F
lN400X ......... VOLTAGE

'-~--+i lM34O-12 1-t-_....._~_~_.,...~ +12 V

+ +
J ; 820
470 ~fJ; .01 J;01

100 ~F ~ 1-2K

Fig. 6. A suggested power supplyfor powering a TUller and IF modu le.
20 73 Amateur Radio Today. March 2000
wi ll be active ill CB. Three comacts with it at Ico m concerning their sponsorship of this sizzled S's and po pped P's. Further,
must he done on three different days. To eve nt. I will also be talki ng with Len westbo swi tch se lection of var ious cha nnels
cl aim the award. send a list with the con- W7MCU, who will provi de insight as to gives one or two connected micro-
tacts and 5 IRC or 5 $US to the BC2000 how he appro ac hes his du ti es as a QS L pho nes the ability to produce many
Aw ard Manager, cIa the RGS address checker for DXCC.
different sounds suc h as "do uble level
above. RGS members need send only an In the meantime, if you would like to con-
SASE 22 x 30 ern fo r either of these awards. bass: ' re verb, e tc.
trib ute material or news items, or would li ke
Just in case you didn't hear about the fol- to sound off in the " Vox Populi " segment An alternate and less e xpe nsive ap-
lowing one, [' II pass along the press release of this column that will be inaugurated per- proach to the recordi ng studio- type
that I received from John N7CQQ back in haps as soon as next month, you can E-mail setup, and a unit especially designed to
January: or snail- mail me at the addresses abov e. 73 work interchangeably with KenYaeCom
N7CQQ Amateur Radio Club, Inc. spon- and good oxn fa rigs and mi kes (plus Heil mikes with
sor of the Clipperton2000 expedition is very KenYaeCom cables). is the W2 IHY
happy to announce that Icom America is dual channel audio equalizer and noise
sponsoring the DXpedition to Cli pperton gate show n in Photo E. This little tyke
Island. Team America will pro vide the new The Quest for has separate bass and trebl e contro ls so
IC-756PRO for the Clipperton team mem-
bers to usc while a ll the expedition. Our
Super Sounding Audio that you can ha ve a bi g bass sound
co ntinued from page 14 when signal paths are good, or empha-
thanks goes out to Mr. Ray Novak, National
size high tones for weak signal work
Sales Manager for Ico m America. Modern transcei vers with this capabil-
C1ipperton2000 is scheduled to depart or DXing . The W2IHY equalizer is
ity include Kenwood 's TS-570, 870, available in kit or prcasscmb lcd form
San Diego, Californ ia USA on 23 February a nd 950 ; Yacsu's FT- I000; Icom's IC-
2000. The team will be ready to operate on from Juli us Jones W2JHY, 19 Vanessa
706 a nd 746; and Kachina's 505 . De- La ne, Staa tsburg NY 125XO; telephone
I March 2000 from Cli pperton Island. We
plan to have four (4) HF stations, one ( I) 6 tails arc in their operating manuals. (9 14) 889-4933.
meter station and one ( I) satellite station. Ju st remember to mon itor your actual One fin al thing to ponder: Re mem-
We also plan to operate RTTY and the transmitted signal with a wideband re- ber those class ic SS B phasing-type
WARC bands from Clipperton. The DX- ceiver when making changes . transmitters? T hey shifted an un-
pcdition will shut down late on 8 March Earl ier. I mentioned that some trans- wanted sideband 180 degrees in phase
2000 and depart Clipperton 9 March. Addi- ceivers have differe nt transmit and re- instead of removing it with a narrow
tional information on the expedition can be ceive bandwidths (and a coupl e even crys tal filter. Super so unding audio ga-
fo und at [www.qsLnellclipperton20001. ha ve 3. 1 kHz bandwidth). When com- lore ! Now. tha t should set fl eamarket
Addi tiona l informa tio n about the Icom bined with a wide range mike like
IC-756P RO ca n be fou nd at [www . trade rs and rig restoring e nthusiasts
Heil's GoldLine, the resultant audio reeling and rock ing ! fD
Icornx mcrtca.com}.
And this just in from one of our UK can really knock your socks off.
frie nds, Phil G3S WH, concerning an IOTA Collins ' famou s KWM - I transcei ver
run to w asint Island in Kenya (IOTA AI'- uti li zes a 3. 1 kHz mechanical filte r.
67) . (We expeer lots of pi ctures, Phil ~) and its on-the-air sou nd is marvelous. Salvage Special:
We have a team of six experienced DX learn 's IC-76 1 uses differe nt tran smit! TVNCR Tuner Receiver
operators: Jim G3RTE, David G3UNA, Phil receive bandwidths. On recei ve. sev - coounuea from page 20
G3SWH, Rob 5Z4RL, Ian 5Z4IC, and Gra- eral filrers give selec table bandwid ths
ham 5Z4GS. We pl an to be active between of 2.2 and 2.7 kH z. On tran smit. fe wer O f course, the reason for the low
8th and 16th March 2000 with two stations. and wider-width fi lters give a band- a udio amplitude recovery is that the
one on CW and the other on SSB on a 24- audio signal de viation for TV audio is
width of 3.1 kHz. Newer sty le and
hours-a-day basis, using the special callsig n 25 kl-lz, whi le hams and most public
of 5Z4\VI. Propagation permitting, we ex- more fancy-look ing transceivers arc
quite appeali ng, but I personally can- service operations usc 5 kHz deviation.
pect to operate on all bands from 160 to 10 Making the deviation recovery slope
meters. with the exception of 30 meters, not fiud another rig comparable to my
steeper wou ld increase the amplitude
which is not presentl y pe rmitted in Kenya. dear IC-76 L
of the recovered audio level. The desire
We hav e an ex pedition target of 15,000
Audio equalizers to change the detector's slope leaves
QSOs. Wasini has been activated only once
before, for a 24-hour period in the 1993 ro om for further experime ntation.
IOTA Con test. Tak ing a lesson from recording stu- A dow n side to the projec t is th at
dios a nd large church audio systems, the ne w local oscillato r sig nal will
Pulling the switch some big-time audio e nthu siasts are crea te harmoni cs that are tunable all
integrating professional-grade audio the way up the tuning range. Although
So much for thi s month's introductory
equalizers into their stations (P hoto the harmonic signal is present, I' ve not
installment of the DX Forum. Next month,
it's time to get down to business. Oh. and D). T hes e equalizers have fu lly adj ust- found it to be very objectionable in my
before I forge t, don 't miss the DXpedition able low, mid-, and high ranges that appli cations.
to Clipperton. In coming installments we can he set to accentuate your personal The potential for adjace nt channel
wi ll have an interview with one of the folks voice characteristics while minim izing signal interfe rence is present whe n two
73 Amateur Radio Today ' March 2000 59
or more channe ls occur si m ulta- enameled wire. It measured abou t 74 u.H HAMSA TS
neously. The reason for interference is per side at I to 4 MHz. continuedJrom page 43
that th e 4.5 MHz IF passband is about T he bridge is a fi xed W heatstone Tunin g du ring t he pass
130 kHz in support of T V audio. and type that h as the antenna as o ne leg .
the wide channel allows adj acent chan- When th e antenna looks like SO + jO Another concern is Doppler shift. Satel-
nels to pass throu gh to the detector. ohm s, the bridge output vo ltage as lites in Low Ear th Orbit (li keAO-27) travel
m easured at B fall s to zero. For all fa st enough to cause ap parent frequency
Co nclusion shift for an observer on the ground at VHF,
VS W Rs below abo ut 2: l, the voltage
and especially UHF frequencies. At the be-
at B is lower than the forward vo ltage
I fo und the TVNCR receiver project ginning of the pass. (he satellite downlink
samp le at A. T he meter for reading will "appear" to be as much as 10 kHz above
to he interesting and ve ry challenging .
voltage s A and B sho uld ha ve a n im- 436.7Y7 MHz. Se tt he HT to 436.81 () MHz.
O nly those challenges have been di s-
ped an ce no h igher than 10k . A vo ltage When the satelli te is at Te A, the frequency
cus sed that specifically enab le you to
comparator and an LED can com pare should be set to 4 36 .800 Mll z. As the satel-
get started o n an educational j ourney
the vo ltages A and B and ligh t when- lite progresses to the south. tunc down to
of discovery. There are an abundance
ever the VSWR is less than 2 : I . keep recei ved signals dear.
of challenges waiti ng ahead . Ge t on
In operation , the relay is flipped into For the uplink, little or no frequency ad-
the experi menter 's bandwagon , sa l- ju stment is required . Dop pler shift on two
the "tunc" posit ion and the trans m itter
vage a VCR, and get mo ving ! fa meters is one third that on 70cOl . While the
ke yed. With only a few mi lli watts radi -
do wnlink will seem 10 move as much as 20
- - - - - - - - - - - - - ---1 ating, the tuner is tune d until the vo lt-
kHz during the co urse of the pass, the up-
age at B is nulled . The transmitter is
link "drift" is only about fJ kHz. The FM
unkeyed and the re lay s wi tched LO
The Care and Feeding receiver in the satellite will keep up with
"run." Your fe ll ow h am s will thank
of NiCds this much frequency shirt.
you for the micro power tune-up.
coounuea from page 2 2
P lease fee l free to u se the two Get on t he ai r!
so that the current is still about 1- 2 GWBAS IC pro grams pro vided in thi s
With the tracking chart in thi s issue of
percent of the rated battery current. art icle . Due LO the ir short length they are
73. yo ur HT. long whip antenna. speaker/
W hat we are d oing is setting the tri ck le easy to key in i f you are interested. fa
mike, and earphone or carbud headphones.
charge curre nt to the internal resistance you' re ready to make AO~27 contacts. Lis-
of a fu lly charged battery or pack. ten for the satellite. When it sounds good,
To test the circ uit, attac h any kind of try tmnsmuu ng. Don ' t transmit unless you
small load to the battery for j ust a f ew CALENoAA EUENTS have good reception. Try weekdays first.
continued f rom page 3 8
seconds. Now turn on th e charger The satellite is very crowded on weekends.
again and watch the current. You orders must be received by March 1st. Please While the satell ite "regulars" try to give the
should see the current go up. to some- send an SASE. portable and mobile stations pri ority, week-
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power transformer and the regu lator. It
MAA 26 a coverage area of North America ! It' s quite
an expe rience just to hear the activity on
wi ll slowly taper back down to the saf e MADISON,O H The Lake County ARA will hold AO-27. Try it!
1 to 2 pe rce nt of the rated battery ca- its 22nd annual Hamfest/Comp ute rfes t, 8 J wi ll be try ing out the new MFJ whips
p acity. T he transformer, regulator, and a .m.- 2 p.m. at Madison High School on North during March on my 5 W HT. Listen for me
proper setting o f R2 wi ll resu lt in an A idge Rd . in Mad ison OH. Ne w and used on the listed passes. Next time. we'll look
automatic charger that will give you amateur radio , computer an d various other
at other antenna options and another great
types of electronic equipment will be featured.
some fast charge in the begi nning and
T h e ha mfes t wi ll also fe at u re c ra ft
FM satellite, SO-35. PI
a safe trickle charge that you can demonstrations and VE exams . Adm ission $5 1- _
maintain connected fore ve r. fa atme doo r. 6 fl. tables $8 , 8 ft. tables $10. To
mak e table reservations call Roxanne at (440)
25 7-0024 . ON TH E Go
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Secrets of Transm ission Lines APR 1
interesting QSL cards with your local cl ub
contmuedjtom page 28 newsletter (indicating when and where the
WAT ERFORD , CT T h e Ra dio Am ateu r
Society of Norwi ch will hold their Ham Aadio
next ham classes arc scheduled . of co urse),
The transformer T I is a bi filar-
Auction althe Waterlord Senior Center on RI. yo u're in business.
wound toroi d . It is not critica l. It only
85 . From Hartford , take At. 2 Sou th to At 11 to Think o f yo ur portable rig as a power-
needs to present an open circuit reac- ful "s how and tell" tool. It s hould be as
AI 85 South. From the Shoreline, take RI. 95
tan ce o f abou t +j500 ohms at the lo w- important as a sampte case is to a sa les-
to Rt. 85 North. Talk-in on 146.730{-). Bring
est freq uency you intend to u se . I have your gear to sell (1 0~'O commiss ion to RASON). man or a Bible is to a missionary. Now,
used a Ferronics l l-220- K core Q1 = 125) Free admission , free parking . Contact Tony go fi re up yo ur own mobile or portab le
about 3/8-inch in di ameter an d 3/32- AA 1JN at (860) 859-0162, or see the RASO N rig out the re and get somebody excited
inch thick with 40 b ifil ar tu rn s of #30 Web page at {www.rason.orgj. fa abou t ham radio! PI
60 73 Amateur Radio Today . March 2000