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Name: John Rwomubitooke

Nationality: Ugandan
Birth: 23rd September, 1958
Sex: Male


1. University Education Bsc (Hons) ( Statistics and Economics)

Makerere University, Kampala, 1978 to 1981.

2. A- Level Education East African Advanced Certificate (UAACE)

Nyakasura School, 1976 to 1977

3. O Level Education East African Certificate in Education

Nyakasura School, 1972 to 1975

OTHERICPAU (9th Annual Seminar, November 2004)

Akili Africa (MBS Navision accounting, August, 2004)
Aids Information Centre (Strategic Planning, March 2004)
Plan Uganda Country Strategic Planning (FY 2004 2008), September 2002
Sustainable Micro finance
Team Building Workshop
HI-TECH Computer training Centre (Computer Science, Spreadsheets and Databases)
Uganda Management Institute (Management of people & resources)
Ernst & Young (Financial Management Accounting Workshop)
External audit 2003/4, 2004/5 for Tororo/Butaleja Districts (MartinPath Associates )
Accountancy support and training for Girlup Initiative Uganda (ongoing)
Accountancy support for Delique paints Ltd
Accountancy support at Old Kampala Hospital
Accountancy support at Armpass Technical Services Ltd

John Rwomubitooke, Curriculum Vitae 1

feasible solutions whenever the need arises;
Efficiently and effectively manage the organisations financial resources in a manner that
will ensure timely and effectively implementation of planned programmes and activities
and, as much as possible, in conformity with the Financial and Accounting Manual or its
Contribute to the organizations strategic planning process by providing inputs thereto;
Spearhead the preparation of training programmes for line managers and other non-
finance staff to up-date them with critical financial knowledge and to help them understand
and interpret the Financial and Accounting Manual;
Ensure proper utilization by securing accountability of donor and other funds by all
departments, units and branches, and in order to achieve this, develop appropriate
instruments in form of returns to be compiled monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually
by all Finance and Accounting staff;
Ensure timely compilation and submission of statutory and required financial returns and
the associated Management Reports and dispatch them to key stakeholders, including the
Ensure satisfactory liquidity for the organization at all times, by monitoring the liquidity
position of various departments, units and branches, and take appropriate action;
Ensure that the Finance and Accounts Departments at headquarters and at the branches
are at all times manned by adequate (in numbers), qualified and competent personnel;
In the event of the need to have additional manpower in any section of the Finance and
Accounts Departments at headquarters and at the branches, suggested appropriate
measures to fill the gaps (posts), participate in recruitment of require d person(s) and
deploy them appropriately;
Identify appropriate capacity and personal development programmes for
Finance and Accounts personnel, and liaise with the Human Resource Section to have
those programmes conducted;
Ensure timely submission of financial statements/ returns, and avail all
records to internal and external auditors, and cooperate with them during and after audit;
Ensure provision of timely and satisfactory responses to all auditors queries
and/or comments and develop an operational audit action plan for AIC;
Provide effective leadership to subordinates, and maintain good teamwork
among them;
Plan for non-human resources required by the all Finance and Accounts;
departments, organize for their availability as required, and ensure their effective

Plan Uganda (Kamuli Program Area), February 2000 to October 2004

Plan Uganda is a child centrered international NGO with Headquarters in the UK and operations in
several developing countries. In Uganda, Plan is operates a decentralized operations system in the
Program areas of Kamuli, Tororo, Luwero and Kampala. The program components delivered
include Health, education, livelihood and operational support services.

Position: Finance & Administration Manager

Reporting: Program Area Manager, Operations Support Manager

Major responsibilities:

Ensure effective use and custody of financial and other assets

Ensure compliance to the financial manual

John Rwomubitooke, Curriculum Vitae 5

Ensure timely production of reconciliations and other statutory reports
Review payment requisitions to ensure controls and value for money are observed
Ensure adequate segregation of duties in the organization
Ensure provision of adequate support services and utilities
Ensure provision of timely, complete and accurate financial and budg et information

Specific Duties:
Cash and Bank assets operate according to best practices and agreed policy
Review bank reconciliations and reconcile to general ledger
Ensure safe custody of cash and other instruments
Ensure compliance in approval levels, segregation and completeness on payment
Ensure the procurement process complies with the manual, is adequately supported,
planned and budgeted
Ensure acquisition of fixed assets follow guidelines and is supported and documented
Support other departments through provision of support services
Guide the program in financial best practices, disseminate and explain financial guidelines
Induct and appraise staff
Participate actively in the program area management team
Develop and follow up audit action lists
Review and consolidate departmental budgets
Prepare documentation and schedules for external audits


Position: Support Accountant

Reporting: Financial Controller

Major responsibilities:

Consolidate ACTIONAID Uganda Accounts and perform other duties in the Kampala
Finance Department and ensure timely submission to the U.K and the regional office on strictly set

Support the Country Finance Office to prepare funds requisitions

Periodically review the chart of accounts for flexibility and responsiveness
Support departments in reporting and budget preparation
Review and consolidate budget realization reports
Prepare donor reports
Receive, review, process and absorb UK expenditures o n behalf of the country
Prepare UK and regional quarterly reports

Specific Duties:

Review payment documentation for compliance and ensure all payments were planned for
and budgeted
Monitor funds flow to Projects and departments
Offer book keeping training to ACTIONAID Uganda supported CBOs
Participate in annual planning and budgeting
Review monthly bank reconciliations

John Rwomubitooke, Curriculum Vitae 6

Consolidate the assets register
Review stores reports and organize periodical stock takes
Participate in recruitment, induction and appraisal of staff
Perform field visits to review systems and controls
Prepare year end schedules for audit
Work closely with internal and external auditors
Review contracts and agreements to ensure ACTIONAID interests are taken care of

ACTIONAID KAMULI (PAPSCA) project, March 1991 to October 1995

ACTIONAID PAPSCA Project was a World Bank and Government of Uganda project set
up in 1990 to alleviate poverty and social costs of adjustment in the country.

Position: Project Accountant

Reporting: Project Co-ordinator

Reporting to the Project Co-coordinator with functional responsibilities to the Financial

Controller ACTIONAID Uganda and the Program Coordinator Unit of the Ministry of
Finance, responsible for all financial matters and reporting pertaining to the Project.

Special Duties
Recruiting finance staff, including, training and periodically appraising them;
Setting up the Project accounting systems and controls;
Training and guiding staff in systems and controls;
Providing financial inputs for field activities;
Building the capacity of the Sub DDC (District Development Committees) in Project
Approvals and handling the sustainability component of the Project phase out process;
Providing the financial input in the community training component;
Review expenditures to ensure compliance with the Financial Policies and Controls of
ACTIONAID as well as World Bank;
Consolidate Plans and Budgets;
Preparing Project monthly and annual accounts;
Monitoring expenditure and budgets as per funding agreement between ACTIONAID,
World Bank and Government of Uganda;
Designing and generating financial reports to the funders;
Liaising with the District, Ministry of Finance and PAPSCA officials;
Liaising with both internal and External Auditors;
Preparing statements of expenditure for re-imbursements from the funders of the Project-
World Bank and Government of Uganda;
Participating in Project Procurement Committees;
Management of stores and monthly stock valuations;
Periodically reviewing project costing in relation to p resent funding levels;
Performing other duties as assigned by the Project Co -ordinator and Financial Controller.

John Rwomubitooke, Curriculum Vitae 7


An affiliate of Spear Motors group of companies, WAVAH HOLDINGS LTD deals in sales and
maintenance of new motor vehicles and holds a VW franchise and carries out repairs in a well-
equipped modern workshop.

Position : Workshop Accountant

Reporting : Chief Accountant with functional responsibilities
to the Executive Director.

Specific Duties

Workshop job costing and sales analyses;

Workshop revenue and sales collection;
Maintenance of debtors and creditors ledgers;
Supervising accounts staff in maintenance of books of accounts;
Reconciling ledger control accounts;
Preparing draft accounts for auditors;
Deputizing for the Chief Accountant in running the department.


Position: Accountant Trainee

Reporting: Senior Accountant

Specific Duties

Drawing weekly training programs with the Senior Accountant;

Writing books of accounts-petty cash, bank transaction, purchases;
Sales reconciliation;
Bank reconciliation;
Standard products costing-bread, wheat, animal feeds, etc;
Compiling and reconciling sales data;
Monthly stock taking and stock valuations;
Participating in writing the general ledger;
Participating in the day to day running of the accounts department.

John Rwomubitooke, Curriculum Vitae 8