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Riham Salman

Nationality: Jordanian
Residency permits: Greek residency
Current address: Thessaloniki, Greece
Telephone number: +30 694 700 4741
Email: Riham.salman1@gmail.com


4 + years of work experience in Humanitarian Aid; for different non-governmental organizations (both
in camp setting and host communities) and within different sectors such as Basic Needs, Protection, and
6 + years of work experience in Marketing and Events; Public Relations and Communication, Customer
Services, and responsible for delivering the services within the given timeframe and budget.
8 + years of proven management skills and staff supervision; have line-managed and supervised up to
20 staff and provided leadership, technical support and trainings.
Professional communication and reporting skills; delivered presentations in meetings, workshops,
campaigns and trainings. Delivered various reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and attended UN
sector working group's sessions on a weekly basis.
Fields of expertise: Humanitarian Aid (Cash Assistance, Women Empowerment, Gender-based Violence
and Case Management, and WASH), Marketing strategies/techniques and Public Relations.


International Organisation for Migration (Amman, Jordan) October 2016 -January 2017
Project Assistant (Communication)
Undertake communications activities in an assigned area or areas, such as case consultation, the
information center or public affairs.
Provide information to refugee individuals through the RSC ACRONYM information center, and assist in
verifying the information provided by the RSC MENA information center.
In close coordination with supervisors, assist with activities related to public affairs including assisting with
producing and distributing materials for individuals served by RSC MENA, RSC management, IOM,
partners and donors.
Update WRAPS as needed with communications-related content.
Undertake QC of communication-related data in WRAPS and other communications tools.
Provide regular reports on the work being accomplished to the Project focal-point, communications and/or
supervisors and team members.
Demonstrate a solid understanding of the USRAP, SOPs and WRAPS.

Lutheran World Federation (Amman, Jordan) November 2015 February 2016

Cash Project Officer
Assist the Cash Project Manager in the preperation of proposals, execution plans, budgets and
procurements. This involves assessing beneficiary needs, designing future projects and reporting on the
projects in line with the objectives, timeframe and budget.
Ensure field teams are fully supported and prepared with necessary security and context briefing, including
training and capacity building for the field staff.
Supervise and lead trainings and workshops provided to the beneficiaries.
Ensure high quality of data collection for the correct selection and registration of beneficairies and support
the logistics in regards to the purchasing of supplies and equipment for a cost conscious execution.
Ensure a strict follow up of cash handling procedures to ensure high level of accountability through
transparency, and follow up and report on any issues related to distributed ATM cards.
Report to the Cash Projec Manager on progress, costs and appropriate management information, meet
reporting deadlines and send in necessary paperwork to the Cash Project Manager and complete necessary
reports should incidents occur during registration or distribution.
Work with the Cash Project Manager to develop and maintain appropriate, regular, and transparent
communication structures with the team, LWF in-country, HQ, and other relevant stakeholders (e.g.
beneficairies, community leaders, local and national government officials, UN agencies and other NGOs).
Act as the focal point for communication with the bank regarding ATM cards.

International Rescue Committee (Amman, Jordan) August 2014 April 2015

Cash Program Officer
Support the Cash Program Manager in documenting participatory needs, capacity and vulnerability
assessments and situation analysis to ensure appropriate data for donor submissions is captured.
Supervise the volunteers and Cash Project Assistant, and lead the Cash distributions in Ramtha and Irbid.
Attend weekly meetings with Women's Protection and Empowerment team (WPE) in order to mobilize the
Cash Assistance beneficairies on issues related to power structures, GBV and protection.
Take measures to ensure that the dignity of women and children is honored and work to develop
community based mechanisms that will seek to promote the protection of women's and children's rights.
Report and refer cases of GBV to the WPE social workers and follow up on referrals with the WPE team.
Attend trainings and assist in organizing trainings and workshops for beneficairies and staff.
Attend relevant inter-agency coordination meetings on a weekly basis and support the Cash Program
Manager in developing and maintaining inter-agency relations with in-country representatives. Participate
in regular team meetings and supervision sessions.

MEDAIR (Amman, Jordan) June 2013 May 2014

Acting Project Officer
Responsible for data collection and data-entry of the identified beneficairies and responsible for updating
the beneficiary files and documentation.
Responsible for cheque issuing and distribution, including for organizing and identify suitable venues for
the distribution and for the monitoring and follow-up of the beneficairies after the distributions.
Responsible for maintaining, entering and updating beneficiary questionnaires.
Focal point for cross-checking potential beneficairies with other agencies, focal point for beneficairies for
Q&A, and focal point for the Ministry for Planning International Cooperation (MoPIC).

German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Amman, Jordan) May 2012 April 2013
Office Manager
Assist the Head of Mission with the Provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services in Zaatari
Camp project.
Attend coordination meetings with UNICEF on a regular basis (daily, weekly and monthly) and provide
UNICEF with weekly and monthly reports (using a SITREP template).
Responsible for tracking water delivery and distribution by filling the forms received from Zaatari camp,
and for updating and maintaining information on computer systems and in archives.
Fill water delivery and distribution forms once the forms are updated in the database.
Compare total m3 of water with the actual paid amoint in the invoices for each day.
Maintain, update and retrieve data held on computer systems that is related to the dislodging forms
received from Zaatari camp.
Compare total m3 of black and grey water with the actual paid amount in the invoices for each day.
Provide administrative support including the discharge of clerical duties, maintainance of files and records,
help international staff and visitors with translation of verbal and written formal letters and E-mails, and
translation of official documents handed to governmental departments and tax exemptions offices.
Responsible for general office support as the focal point the contact with GIZ, KFW, CIM, MoPIC, MoI
and MoFA.

Zona Del Arte Co. (Amman, Jordan) August 2006 April 2012
Marketing Director
Develop and implement strategies and marketing plans for the agency based on a variety of marketing
techniques in order to provide step by step targets and expected outcomes to ensure both short and long-
term outcomes.
Plan and implement marketing campaigns, recommend approprite sales and marketing channels, and lead
the research and analysis of the market data.
Recruit and line-manage the Marketing and Sales teams, including day-to-day management, training and
development of the teams.
Provide strong leadership, strategic direction and technical support to the team to ensure both short and
long-term impacts and outcomes.
Arrange meetings with the clients and with the teams on a regular basis, and act as the focal point between
the clients and the designers and provide technical support.


Bachelor's degree in Marketing

Applied Science University, Amman


Arabic: Native language

English Fluent knowledge in speech and writing


Microsoft Office
Open Office
Microsoft Outlook


One month course in public relation (PR) at InterContinental Hotel Amman, Jordan
Training in GBV (Gender-Based-Violence) at IRC
Training in SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) concerning referrals at IRC
ToT-training in fiscal responsibility and budgeting through LWF
USAID M&E online course
Various marketing courses


References will be sent on request.