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How to spot a psychopath: Jon Ronson at TEDxMarrakesh

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Published on Oct 9, 2011

Jon Ronson is an award-winning writer and documentary maker. He is the author of two previous
bestsellers, Them: Adventures with Extremists and The Men Who Stare at Goats, and two
collections, Out of the Ordinary: True Tales of Everyday Craziness and What I Do: More True Tales
of Everyday Craziness and his latest book -- also a Sunday Times top ten bestseller -- is The
Psychopath Test. Jon Ronson lives with his family in London.


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Top comments

Jane S

Jane S2 years ago

Psychopaths are easy to find, just sign up for online dating. Works like a charm.

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Satinder Randall

Satinder Randall2 months ago

I know what you mean


jabulani masilela

jabulani masilela1 day ago

Jane S sooo true



Skorrow2 years ago

11:22 A proud psychopath in the crowd

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Winter Star

Winter Star3 months ago point one finger at a complete stranger and label them something undesirable... but 3
fingers point back at you.....that means, tag, yer it!

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Sulphur Jellybean

Sulphur Jellybean1 month ago

Skorrow Psychopaths can't feel pride, because it's a prosocial emotion .


Derrick Oulai

Derrick Oulai1 year ago

We all came here cause of our exes admit it

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HighTides & JamesFranklin

HighTides & JamesFranklin1 month ago

ToStand: Why shout no? sounds like your no was really a yes in disguise lol



TiggerNyeah2 weeks ago

I'm here because of 99% of the population.

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Caver4611 year ago

I know a couple of these people. The screwed up thing about this is that one psycho recognizes
another and it becomes a ruling elite in whatever sphere they are operating. They work in
support of each other - the most psychopathic one running the show.

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Winter Star

Winter Star3 months ago

Not smart? yeah...nah.

Puts on act...same as Bush Jr. did. Crazy like fox. Common for psychos to have at least one
"show" personality...often "the fool"...don't let it fool you!

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Harry Munk

Harry Munk3 months ago

They become a ruling elite because you let them. Don't blame people for taking something from
you when you try so feebly to hold onto it.
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jim power

jim power1 year ago

i thought john lennon was shot

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ToStand10 months ago



Jack Forrester

Jack Forrester4 months ago

jim power he's looks more like Julius Lennon



crocket1 year ago (edited)

The audio is so badly recorded that I can't hear much.

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cherry blossom

cherry blossom7 months ago

you can turn on the subtitles

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crocket7 months ago

The subtitle is inaccurate and often confusing.

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Filip lahoda

Filip lahoda1 year ago

Loss of time. This doesn't teach how to spot a psychopath..

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IndependentBank1 year ago

Yes it does. It shows you to avoid everything the lecturer is because he's a psychopath.

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The Dark master

The Dark master1 year ago

no it dosent. not completely.


Lisa Zoria

Lisa Zoria1 year ago

He didn't cover how to spot a psychopath! Misleading title!!!

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Sonic Vitriol

Sonic Vitriol1 year ago

+Lisa Galarza he did, twice

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TacticsTechniques&Procedures3 years ago

The DSM is an ordering form for the Pharma industry. It pigeon-holes even the most "normal" of
behaviors with vague, arbitrary ramblings directed at selling a specifically designed and liberally
connected poison.
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Tarquin Mahoney

Tarquin Mahoney1 year ago


I might suggest you got exactkly what you deserved you dismissive arrogant little cunt.

beware the psychopath willing to play the "poor me card" when smeones cooked their goose for

right now? im applauding you thief and wondering why they didnt just pull the plug on your
ventilator or reach for a cushion.

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tamsinthai1 year ago

+Tarquin Mahoney You are blocked and reported for hate speech. now fuck off and die.
byeeee:D 'Tarquin' My brother thanks me every day for persuading my mother NOT to saddle
him with that prissy little fucking name.


Matthias Schulze

Matthias Schulze2 years ago

pretty awful..i think he could keep the audience because they had just eaten from some buffet
or had a glass of wine or something

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Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson1 year ago

Thanks for posting.


Tarquin Mahoney

Tarquin Mahoney1 year ago

+Stephanie Simpson

i wish this had the promotional legs it should have...

hes even been premptively painting himself as a victim,,,in light of this letter...

he basically accused the worlds expert in psychopathy of picking on him .

He has trolled an entire planet full of victims and hasnt enjoyed the consequences has he?

Im drawn back to his half truth,,, the one he always sells... "i must have extra empathy cos
psychopaths always find me and talk to me.."

it covers the truth, that he cant quite handle...

that he is one!!!!

they are speaking with him collusively and candidlky ashe must with them..

ive seen it the masks dropo and they have a good lauh at someone elses expence.

Its just this time? he made a terrible mistake of tryoing to ridicule the phenomenal life saving saved mine!

of dr robert hare..

Who when actual science atrrives in psychiatry ?

not drug dealing bullshitting opportunists as teh discipline is full of now??

He will get a nobel prize,

he should have one already...

and thids little populist pissant ? known for misrepresentation of other stories and shameless
projection and exaggeration?

lets all have a giggle about how much it doesnt really matter and its all a load of hokey shit..

ronson is the last troll.

the very last.

his line of sales is the last one standing rearding the psychopath as hero..

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Josh M

Josh M9 months ago (edited)

well that was a waste of time

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tiffsaver1 year ago

If they're a member of Congress, they're a psychopath.

Reply 13

Kat L

Kat L1 year ago

+tiffsaver lets not forget the Royals of the world. They're also are missing the sensitivity chip.

Reply 6

ken ch

ken ch2 years ago

The dsm is just a professional opinion. You don't have 6 or 7 things wrong with you. Here is a
question. What if you have mentally ill people telling you how mentally ill you are?

Reply 10


acgillespie1 year ago

+kenneth childs Trust me.. those that work in the field are sicker than any of us that seek help.
It's all designed that way...Children services hire people that will actually protect those that are
abusing the kids because they are abusers themselves.. people should be able to start figuring
this shit out by now

Tarquin Mahoney

Tarquin Mahoney1 year ago

+kenneth childs they try to kill you with drugs, and mislabel you a psychopath ,if you are smart
you escape, hi there:)

and you learn they are hard to detect , even harder to stop but they are very very very real.

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lea perrins

lea perrins1 year ago

As far as Tony is concerned, it's not a crime to be a psychopath. I don't believe Broadmoor had
any business to keep him once they realised he had faked his madness.

I get fed up with people who throw around the term 'psycho' or psychopath without having any
idea of what it means. They also assume that anyone who is violent is psychopathic or that
psychopaths are always violent. Neither of these is true.

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The Dark master

The Dark master1 year ago

i don't believe in double standards, but i do think societys around the world have had more than
enough "exposure" to psychopaths as is... i couldn't help feeling for that poor hapless couple IF
tony is indeed a psychopath. and i am sure you can sympathize with me.



Hexo4 weeks ago

Question...So why exactly do you think he was a psychopath? Did you ever think that maybe, just
maybe, he was just an asshole? There are a bunch of different psychiatric disorders and
psychological conditions which could cause someone to be violent. So why do you think he was a


Martin TFREE

Martin TFREE1 year ago

9:30 - capitalism at it's most ruthlessness ... politicizing garbage


Collectivist are the ones who see others not as individuals with rights but as disposable things.

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Charlue Bowlen

Charlue Bowlen2 months ago

Martin speaks truth.


Fabulous Woman

Fabulous Woman5 months ago

Misleading headline. No bullet points for spotting psychopath.

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MELEDITH L.2 years ago

There is NOBODY ON THIS PLANET (no Dr, This or That) can be more of an expert on psychopaths
than i am. No offense, but these doctors learned from other doctors before them who also
learned from books. I'VE LEARNED FROM A LIFE LONG EXPERIENCE, I know everything about
them, even the kind of food they like depending on their mood at the time! I'm 58 and i've been
dealing with them all my life! Sad, but true! I wish i dind't have to become such an "expert" on
this subject......

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Or You

Or You11 months ago

Cannot be learned from books or lectures? Those are created using LIFE EXPERIENCES.........


Karen Sawyer

Karen Sawyer2 weeks ago

I'd like to hear your story.



weewilly20072 years ago

I'd be interested in this author or someone like him doing a book on psychiatric
institutionalization as a socioeconomic and geopolitical instrument, to silence opposing views
and strengthen prevailing social structures via predatory and under handed means