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Square Tube 45 ACP Pistol Build

by azhonkey

Heres the plan, I decided to use a cz-26 mag for the build. finished the magwell today, next will be the FCG.
The magwell is made from a piece of 1x1-3/4 .065 rectangle tube. Aircraft Spruce sells it. I machined a 1/8" slot
in the front and a 1/4"in the back. Then added a .065 filler strip in the front and tigged the seam. This tubing will
work for all 9mm and 7.62x25 mags. It should work for the 45 Thompson also.

I finished the FCG, the only problem was the disconnector

was to short. I need the hammer to be above the tube about
3/16 of a inch. I added length to the disconnector so it
should be good to go. Here's what I have so far. Next will
be the bolt. Im not sure if Ill make my own or modify

The safety lever is a Suomi take down

latch. I cut off the original shaft and
tigged a AK hammer pin to it. I marked
its location to the back of the trigger and
machine half way thru the pin so its
slotted. Off safety, the slot will be in the
vertical position almost touching the
back of the trigger. When you push up
the latch it rolls over the top of the rear
part of the trigger which locks the
trigger. Very simple design.
I finished the trunnion, barrel and a couple of other things
this weekend. It looks like Ill modify a pps-43 bolt
instead of making one. The trunnion is copied from an

I finished hogging out the bolt and added some mass back by filling in the recoil spring slot.
I cut the slot in the receiver for the charging handle and finished up the bolt. Next will be the ejection port and set
the headspace for the front trunnion and weld it in place.

Since the pps-43 uses the end of the recoil spring guide rod for the ejector I need to come up with something
different. I took a piece of 4130 x.187 and ground the profile to fit the slot on the bolt. As soon as I figure out the
location Ill cut a 3/16"slot in the left side of the receiver and weld it in. Next I will cut the ejection hole in the
side of the receiver.

I cut the ejection port and welded in the trunnion. Then put a round in the chamber and closed the bolt. The
extractor locked on and pulled it out, so next I need to cut the slot for the ejector. I also finished the rear spring
cup to lock in the bolt. Next to throw on some sights and give it a test drive.
I hung a front and rear sight on.

The firing pin was either too brittle or too soft. I finally made one that works. Ejection is good but the recoil
spring is still a little tight, I might take out a coil or two. I ended up using a spring from a sten. I have to finish the
thumb safety and a little welding and it will be ready for the finish.