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1. The fluid property, due to which, mercury does 6. Hydraulic mean depth (Dm) for a circular pipe of
not wet the glass is diameter 'D' flowing full is 0.25 D. For a circular
channel, at Dm = 0.3 D, gives the condition for the
A. surface tension
B. viscosity
A. flow rate
C. cohesion
B. mean velocity
D. adhesion
C. both 'a' & 'b'
2. Laminar flow of a Newtonion fluid ceases to
D. neither 'a' nor 'b'
exist, when the Reynolds number exceeds
7. The head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe varies
A. 4000
A. as velocity
B. 2100
B. as (velocity)2
C. 1500
C. inversely as the square of diameter
D. 3000
D. inversely as the velocity
3. When the momentum of one fluid is used for
moving another fluid, such a device is called a/an 8. Most commonly used joint in the underground
pipe lines is the
A. jet pump
A. sleevejoint
B. blower
B. coupling
C. acid egg
C. flange
D. none of these
D. expansion joint
4. The normal stress is the same in all directions at a
point in a fluid, when the fluid is 9. Schedule number of a pipe, which is a measure of
its wall thickness, is given by
A. non-viscous.
A. 1000 P'/S
B. incompressible.
B. 100 P'/S
C. both (a) and (b).
C. 1000 S/P'
D. having no motion of one fluid layer relative
to the other. D. 10000 P'/S
5. Head developed by a centrifugal pump depends 10. The net positive suction head (NPSH) of a
on its centrifugal pump is defined as the sum of the
velocity head and the pressure head at the
A. speed
A. discharge.
B. impeller diameter
B. suction.
C. both (a) and (b)
C. suction minus vapor pressure of the liquid at
D. neither (a) nor (b)
suction temperature.

D. discharge minus vapor pressure of the liquid 15. Molten soap mass is transported by a
at the discharge temperature. __________ pump.
11. With increasing flow rate, the hydraulic A. diaphragm
efficiency of a centrifugal pump
B. reciprocating
A. monotonically decreases.
C. gear
B. decreases and then increases.
D. centrifugal
C. remains constant.
16. Which of the following denotes the effect of
D. increases and then decreases. compressibility in fluid flow ?
12. The velocity profile for turbulent flow through a A. Weber number
closed conduit is
B. Mach number
A. logarithmic
C. Euler number
B. parabolic
D. Reynolds number
C. hyperbolic
17. Nominal size of the discharge pipe of a pump is
D. linear usually __________ the nominal size of the inlet
13. In case of hydraulically smooth pipe, the
resistance to flow depends only on the Reynolds A. smaller than
number, whereas for a hydraulically rough pipe, the
B. larger than
resistance to flow is governed by the relative
roughness. Two pipes are said to have the same C. same as
hydraulic roughness, when they have equal values
of D. twice

A. relative roughness. 18. The terminal velocity of a small sphere settling

in a viscous fluid varies as the
B. absolute roughness.
A. first power of its dimeter.
C. friction co-efficient for flows at equal
Reynold number. B. inverse of the fluid viscosity.

D. all (a), (b) & (c). C. inverse square of the diameter.

14. Water hammer in a pipeline results from the D. square of the difference in specific weights
of solid & fluid.
A. bursting of pipelines due to closure by a
valve. 19. If the discharge of a centrifugal pump is
throttled, then its suction lift
B. rapid pressure change due to a rapid change
in the rate of flow. A. increases

C. pressure increase due to closure of a valve B. decreases

resulting in decrease in rate of flow. C. remains unchanged
D. none of these. D. data insufficient to predict

20. Foot valves provided in pumps are __________ 25. The dimension of dynamic viscosity is
A. ML-1T-1
A. relief
B. L2T-1
B. three/four way
C. LT-2
C. pressure reducing
D. ML-1T-2
D. directional control
26. A particle A of diameter 10 microns settles in an
21. At high Reynolds number oil of specific gravity 0.9 and viscosity 10 poise
under Stoke's law. A particle B with diameter 20
A. inertial forces control and viscous forces are
microns settling in the same oil will have a settling
B. viscous forces predominate.
A. same as that of A.
C. inertial forces are unimportant and viscous
B. one fourth as that of A.
forces control.
C. twice as that of A.
D. none of these.
D. four times as that of A.
22. Power loss in an orificemeter is __________
that in a venturimeter. 27. The pitot static tube does not measure the
__________ pressure.
A. less than
A. static
B. same as
B. total
C. more than
C. difference in static & dynamic
D. data insufficient, cannot be predicted
D. all (a), (b) and (c)
23. The terminal velocity of a particle moving
through a fluid varies as dpn. What is the value of n' 28. The fluid in which the shearing stress within it
for Newton's law regime ? is proportional to the velocity gradient across the
sheared section, is called a __________ fluid.
A. 0.5
A. Bingham
B. 1
B. Newtonion
C. 1.5
C. perfect
D. 3
D. none of these
24. What is the normal range of exit cone angle of a
venturimeter ? 29. In fluid flow, cavitation is caused, if the
A. 2 to 5 A. fluid velocity decreases to zero.
B. 7 to 15 B. total energy decreases.
C. 15 to 25 C. both (a) and (b).
D. >25

D. flow pressure approaches its vapor pressure A. FL-1

at the prevailing temperature.
B. F-1 . L
30. The ratio of the depth of flow to the hydraulic
C. F.L-2
radius for the most economical trapezoidal section,
in open channel flow is D. F-2 . L
A. 0.5 35. Which of the following is not a dimension-less
parameter ?
B. 1
A. Euler number
C. 1.5
B. Specific gravity
D. 2
C. Fanning friction factor
31. The drag co-efficient for a bacterium moving in
water at 1 mm/s, will be of the following order of D. None of these
magnitude (assume size of the bacterium to be 1
micron and kinematic viscosity of water to be 10- 36. Co-efficient of velocity is __________ the
6m2/s). coefficient of discharge.

A. 24000 A. less than

B. 24 B. more than

C. 0.24 C. equal to

D. 0.44 D. not related to

32. For Laminar flow through a packed bed, the 37. All pipes of a particular nominal size have the
pressure drop is proportional to (Vs is the same
superficial liquid velocity and Dp is the particle A. inside diameter
B. outside diameter
A. Vs/Dp2
C. thickness
B. Vs2/Dp2
D. none of these
C. Vs2/Dp3
38. For the transfer of solution of thick slurry, the
D. Vs/Dp3 pump used is a __________ pump.
33. The maximum delivery pressure of compressors A. reciprocating
can be upto __________ atmospheres.
B. gear
A. 10
C. diaphragm
B. 100
D. centrifugal
C. 250
39. Which of the following is not concerned with
D. 1000 the fluid-particle interaction ?
34. Dimension of surface tension is(where, F = A. Drag co-efficient
force, L = length)

B. Froude number C. Diffuser

C. Galileo number D. none of these
D. Weber number 45. Brownian movement is prominent in the particle
size range of __________ microns in case of
40. Maximum theoretical suction lift for water at
settling of a particle in a fluid.
15C by a centrifugal pump is 34 ft. The same for
water at 90C will be __________ ft. A. 2 to 3
A. 40 B. 0.01 to 0.10
B. 34 C. 200 to 300
C. 8 D. 100 to 1000
D. 37 46. For a particle settling in water at its terminal
settling velocity, which of the following is true ?
41. Pick out the wrong statement.
A. Buoyancy = weight + drag
A. Momentum transfer in laminar flow results
from veclocity gradient. B. Weight = buoyancy + drag
B. A fluid in equilibrium is not free from shear C. Drag = buoyancy + weight
D. Drag = weight
C. The viscosity of a non-Newtonion fluid is a
47. A Bingham fluid of viscosity = 10 Pa.s and
function of temperature only.
yield stress, 0 = 10 KPa, is shared between flat
D. both (b) and (c) parallel plates separated by a distance of 10-3 m.
The top plate is moving with a velocity of 1 m/s.
42. Pressure drag does not depend upon the
The shear stress on the plate is
A. roughness of surface of the body.
A. 10 KPa
B. pressure of main flow only.
B. 20 KPa
C. length of the body in flow direction.
C. 30 KPa
D. all (a), (b) and (c)
D. 40 KPa
43. Dimension of absolute viscosity is
48. Pick out the correct statement.
A. ML-1T-1
A. A forced vortex occurs when fluid rotates as
B. MLT-1 a solid about an axis.

C. ML-1T B. In laminar flow, Newton's law of viscosity

does not apply.
C. A free vortex occurs, when fluidrotates as a
44. __________ pumps are axial flow pumps. solid.
A. Turbine D. In turbulent flow, there are neither cross-
B. Propeller currents nor eddies.

49. Shear stress in a fluid flowing in a round pipe

A. varies parabolically across the cross-section.
B. remains constant over the cross-section.
C. is zero at the centre and varies linearly with
the radius.
D. is zero at the wall and increases linearly to
the centre.
50. The resistance wire used in a hot wire
anemometer for conducting electrical current is
made of
A. copper
B. tungsten
C. chromium
D. aluminium