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Special Operating Agency (SOA) Report

Aishwarya Shokeen- 213526215

PPAS 3190 S3 B

Professor Thomas Klassen

June 20, 2017


Special Operating Agency- Report

Recommendation: The Federal government should establish the Special Operating

Agency (SOA), regarding all immigration matters such as, refugees and asylum, new

immigrants, Canadians, enforcement and violations, work, study, immigrate, visit, and

application. There are four major reasons for this recommendation: 1) Faster 2) Better 3) More

Efficient, and 4) More Reliable.

- 1) Faster Application System: Good management and better use of information


- 2) Better Customer Service: More flexibility, will improve customer service and

service quality by narrowing down the focus on one issue at a time.

- 3) More Efficiency in Results and Strategies: Promotes cost-effective (Less staff and

Less pay), more focus on creativity, initiatives, results, more freedom to the members of this

new agency, demonstrates government action and concern for a more efficient management.

- 4) More Reliable: more client-based culture, better central values surrounding

diversity, freedom will be an asset as it will aid in making a real difference, will improve

customer service and quality as more resources will be used regarding a specific issue.

Special Operating Agency: innovative organizations designed to deliver government

services in a businesslike manner, by emphasizing service to the customer, entrepreneurial

management, and clear accountability arrangement throughout the organization.


New Corporate Culture: SOA status brings with it the clear expectation- visible to both

clients and staff- that the employees are accountable for the quality of the agencys service and

its financial success.

More Focus on Results: SOAs focus on customer service and financial performance as a

means of achieving government objectives. Hence, encouragers entrepreneurship and risk-


Increase Flexibility: SOAs can negotiate administrative flexibilities with a host

department or with central agencies, to suit their operational needs. In general, managers and

employees in SOAs have greater latitude to act than those of other departmental branches.

Flexibility can include special authorities to collect and spend revenue, special human resource

arrangements, and other contracting and financial arrangements to enable the agency to operate

on a business-like basis. For example: Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) have received authority to

bid against private sector suppliers to serve departments or agencies. CCG requested and

received status as a separate employer, enabling the agency to incorporate customer service

criteria into its job classification system. Furthermore, the GTA uses its delegated authority for

setting rates to respond immediately to market conditions and adjust its market strategy.

Due to the increase in immigrants arriving in Canada, opening a Special Operating

Agency dealing with only immigration matter will be very beneficial. As, it is will be cost-

effective and applications will be processed more quickly as there is sole focus on the specific

issue of immigration. Hence, by creating a new agency will take the pressure off the current

department that deals with all immigration related issues. In other words, it will be less stressful,

more organized, and more manageable. In my opinion, I feel it will be better if a group of public

administrators determine the criteria (the point system) rather than politicians as they do not have

proper knowledge on the criteria and this makes the application process much slower.

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada department handles a lot more issues

at the same time and having the SOA will be rewarding for Refugees and new Immigrants as

their applications will be processed faster without delays. As of now they grant citizenship, deal

with issues regarding travel documents, and promote multiculturalism. This are a lot of

responsibilities just for one agency and thus, it will be best to create the Special Operating

Agency solely based on dealing with immigration issues.

The new SOA will report to: Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, similar to Passport

Canada Agency. The Special Operating Agency related to all immigration matters will have to

run on the money they get back from applicants due to their status as a SOA. In terms of,

Refugees or individuals who do not have much money there will be a special program set within

this agency to help the ones in need. To see if the applicant is applicable for this program we will

go through certain guidelines and follow specific criterias. As well as, the SOA should be

audited by the Auditor-General as their role is to aid accountability by conducting independent

audits of federal government operations. This will in keeping things in order and more organized


Below steps should be followed if the Federal government decides to establish a new

Special Operating Agency solely focusing on immigration matters:

3 Basic Steps: 1) Preparation: making a preliminary assessment, gathering support,

building an initial business case. 2) Developing a Management Contract: defining,

documenting, and agreeing on wha the agency intends to achieve, how it will account for results,

and how it will be empowered to do the job. 3) Approval- Submission to the Treasury Board,

designation of the unit as an Agency, framework document, and lastly performance levels/targets

as set out in the business plan.

To sum up, by opening a new Special Operating Agency will make the immigration

section more 1) Faster, 2) Better 3) More efficient, and 4) More reliable.