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Mechanics and Cognition

Variable is the final synthesis of our cognitive architecture.

Human Design is a mechanical System that reveals the fundamental binary
orientation resulting from the genetic imprinting that we receive during the
process of incarnation and birth as a passenger of the form principle.
On one side of this binary is the genetic imperative to be completed in the
meeting with what is different from you in order to experience the fertility of
your form.
The other side of the binary holds the potential for genetic resonance to what
is similar to you and, in its affinity, can empower the fertility of your individ-
ual and differentiated spirit.
In the Not-Self World of choices you always seem to have to sacrifice one for
the other, and in that imbalance you are never capable of finding the correct
connections that allow you to fulfill your role and its unique purpose. Without
them, your true journey never really gets to start.
In the homogenized consciousness of the Not-Self mind, intelligence and
awareness seem to form a singularity that has the same cognitive roots; your
thoughts. Who you THINK you are as an expression of everything that is
open in your design; what you are not.
Only Strategy and Inner Authority can break the hypnotic effect that makes us
identify without even noticing - with those second hand concerns that dis-
tort our perceptions so deeply.
The journey of correctness has to start with the correctness of the form
Strategy and Authority but this is truly just the beginning of a journey
where the final flowering of your potential for awareness can only emerge
with the awakening of your personality to its own transcendent purpose; the
differentiated expression of its role as outer authority.
It is easier said than realized, but in Human Design we have the tools that
make such an extraordinary event accessible for anyone. It is called Variable
and it provides all the necessary signposts that inform the passenger of every-
thing that it needs to pay attention to in order to get to that place.
Variable is the final synthesis of our cognitive architecture and it is made up
of four different cognitive chains that carry one of two potential orientations;
right and/or left.
This binary of rightness and leftness is described with different keynotes
depending on which of the four corners we want to analyze.
It is described as strategic and receptive when we talk about the conceptual-
izing process of the personality. It becomes focused and peripheral when we
take it to the personalities perspective. On the Design side, it is described as
active or passive in the context of our internal brain system, and it becomes
observer and observed when we describe the vehicles relationship to the
physical environment.
As nine centered beings, we are all equipped with a combination of both
forms of cognition, and it is only in the interplay between the two that we find
access to the holistic perception of passenger consciousness, emerging out of
a simple and mechanical experiment every time you make a correct decision.