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1. Can anybody please provide any link to calculate force required to

bend a metal sheet into pipe? or describe how is it calculated?
It depends upon the thickness of sheet and required diameter to be formed from the

2. A bearing designated as 6205 , what is its bore diameter:

Generally for bearing bore diameter is 5 times the last number in its designation i.e.
for designation 6205, Bore diameter should be 25

3. Where half nut is use

the half hut is use in lathe .in this half nut mechanism is engaged during the thread
cutting operation.and it connect carriage and lead screw.it having 2 portion one half
is fixed and one movable.

4. Why the rail in form of I-beam?

Its flexural rigidity is high and its cross section consume low metal.

5. Aluminium foil used for cooking food and storage has one shiny
surface and one dull surface. Which surface side be on the outside when
the food wrapped for baking and freezing respectively.
1. Shiny side, shiny side
2. Dull side, dull side
3. Shiny side, dull side
4. Dull side, shiny side
Dull side, Shiny side
The shiny surface of foil loses heat through radiation much faster than the dull surface.
When the food baked shiny surface kept inside, so the heat kept inside and not to leave.
When the food freeze shiny surface kept outside, so the loss of heat radiated faster which keeps
the food in cool.

6. What is difference between pressure and stress?

When the force or load acting on the fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) per unit area is
known as PRESSURE.. its purely subjected to fluids..
when the force or load acting on the object (solid) within the elastic limit of an object
create internal resistance to resist the apply load. that internal resistance is known as
STRAIN for per unit area of that object.. Its mainly subjected to solids
7. Is there any rake angle in blade? which used to shave the beard ?
it consists of negative rake angle.

8. Stress strain diagram for fluid

Parallel line horizontal to stress axis

9. Whats the range of poisons ratio of a stable material?

Theoretical values are -1 to 0.5
Practical values are 0 to 0.5

10. Why 220 V A.C. is more dangerous than 220 V D.C

1. The D.C. attracts
2. Peak voltage for A.C. is much larger
3. The body offers less resistance to A.C.
4. Due to some other reasons
Peak voltage for A.C. is much larger
D.C. = 220 volt
A.C. = 1.414 x 220 volt

11. What is the difference between limit of proportionality and elastic

Up to the limit of proportionality stress is directly proportional to strain,follows hooks
law,elastic limit is limit for elasticity of material.