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Hearing Protection

Sufficient lighting
Safety Glasses/

Safety Harness
Safety shoes

Face shield
Hard Hat

Ear Plus


No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Earth work
1 1.1 Excavation by manual X X X
1.2 Handling latterite soil X X X X X
1.3 Back fill by manual X X X
2.1 Unloading pile from truck X X X
2 2.2 Transfer pile from storage to trench dike X X X
2.3 Position pile into trench X X X
2.4 Breaking concrete pile head X X X X
Fabricating steel bar
3 3.1 Cut, bend steel bar X X X X X
3.2 Transfer steel bar to right location X X X X
3.3 Position tie steel bar X X X X
Form work
4 4.1 Fabricating (Saw, Hammer) X X X X
4.2 Position, Joint, support, hammering X X X X
5.1 Concreting mixing (Mixer/manual) X X X X
5.2 Transfer concrete by bucket X X X X
5 5.3 Pouring concrete to form work X X X X
5.4 Handing concrete vibrator X X X X
5.5 Concrete finish service X X X X
5.6 Jack hammer/ Concrete breaker X X X X X X
Working at height
6.1 Erection of steel structure X X X X
6 6.2 Painting X X X X X X
6.3 Installation X X X X
Hot work
7 7.1 Welding X X X X X
7.2 Grinding X X X X X
7.3 Gas cutting X X X X X
8 Asphalt work X X X X
9 All night work X
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HSE Manual HSE-24

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