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List of irregular verbs

past past past past
infinitive infinitive
simple participle simple participle
be(am/is/are) was/were been let let let
beat beat beaten lie lay lain
become became become light lit lit
begin began begun lose lost lost
bite bit bitten make made made
blow blew blown mean meant meant
break broke broken meet met met
bring brought brought pay paid paid
build built built put put put
buy bought bought read / ri:d/ read / red/ read / red/
catch caught caught ride rode ridden
choose chose chosen ring rang rung

come came come rise rose risen
cost cost cost run ran run
cut cut cut say said said
do did done see saw seen
draw drew drawn sell sold sold
drink drank drunk send sent sent
drive drove driven shine shone shone
eat ate eaten shoot shot shot
fall fell fallen show showed shown
feel felt felt shut shut shut
fight fought fought sing sang sung
find found found sit sat sat
fly flew flown sleep slept slept
forget forgot forgotten speak spoke spoken
get got got spend spent spent
give gave given stand stood stood
go went gone steal stole stolen
grow grew grown swim swam swum
hang hung hung take took taken
have had had teach taught taught
hear heard heard tear tore torn
hide hid hidden tell told told
hit hit hit think thought thought
hold held held throw threw thrown
hurt hurt hurt understand understood understood
keep kept kept wake woke woken
know knew known wear wore worn
leave left left win won won
lend lent lent write wrote written

These verbs can be regular / irregular

infinitive past simple / past participle infinitive past simple / past participle
burn burned or burnt dream dreamed or dreamt
learn learned or learnt smell smelled or smelt

Regular verbs in groups

past simple / participle the same past simple / participle different

cost cost let let 1 break broke broken
cut cut put put choose chose chosen
hit hit shut shut speak spoke spoken
hurt hurt steal stole stolen
wake woke woken

2 lend lent lose lost

send sent shoot shot 2 drive drove driven
spend spent get got
ride rode ridden
build built light lit
rise rose risen
sit sat
write wrote written

burn burnt
learn learnt keep kept
smell smelt sleep slept
beat beat beaten
bite bit bitten
feel felt hide hid hidden
leave left
meet met 3
dream dreamt /dremt/ eat ate eaten
mean meant /ment/ fall fell fallen
forget forgot forgotten
give gave given
see saw seen
3 bring brought /bro:t/ take took taken
buy bought /bo:t/
fight fought /fo:t/
think thought /0o:t/ 4 blow blew blown
catch caught /ko:t/ grow grew grown
teach taught /to:t/ know knew known
throw threw thrown
fly flew flown
draw drew drawn
4 sell sold
show showed shown
tell told

wear wore worn

find found tear tore torn
have had
hear heard
hold held 5 begin began begun
read read /red/
drink drank drunk
say said /sed/
swim swam swum
ring rang rung
pay paid sing sang sung
make made run ran run

stand stood 6
understand understood
come came come
become became become

Name: Side 1

An action verb is a word that show what someone or something is doing.

Examples: Mary sleeps on the couch.

Jason's best friend thinks of a plan.
Ken and his mother cook dinner.

Circle the action verb in each sentence below.

1. Sal listens to his favorite song. 7. The bluebird in the tree sings beautifully.

2. Craig hits the baseball over the fence. 8. The football team dashes out of the locker room.

3. The little pig grunts. 9. Paul reads The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

4. The roof of the house leaks. 10. Mrs. Gray buys a roll of paper towels at the store.

5. The hunter searches for a deer. 11. Judy solves the mystery.

6. Dr. Gold examines his patient. 12. Harold finds a purple crayon.

Super Teacher Worksheets -

Name: Side 2

Tell whether each word is an action verb or noun. Write the words action verb next
to each action verb. Write the word noun next to each noun.

13. swims ____________________________ 20. basketball __________________________

14. thinks ____________________________ 21. plays _______________________________

15. sneezes ___________________________ 22. relaxes _____________________________

16. clock ____________________________ 23. grass ______________________________

17. tooth ____________________________ 24. game ______________________________

18. drives ____________________________ 25. writes ______________________________

19. takes ____________________________

Write a sentence with an action verb to describe each picture.

Underline the action verb.




Super Teacher Worksheets -


Thailand Polish Australian Pakistan Swedish

Philippines India German France Holland
UK Singapore Pakistani Thai Danish
Malaysian British French Indian Sweden
Germany Filipino Singaporean Dutch Chinese
Australia Poland Malaysia China Denmark


1. Whats the difference?

Look at the underlined nouns. Are they countable or uncountable?

1. There was a car behind us.

2. I never eat meat.
3. Do you play golf?
4. I had to wait ten minutes.
5. Just tell me one thing.
6. Love makes the world go round.
7. Good luck in your new job.
8. Power stations produce energy.
9. Im taking a photo.
10. Would you like an apple?

2. Countable and uncountable nouns

Complete the conversation. Choose the correct form.

J: What are you doing Andrew?

A: Im writing essay/an essay.
J: Oh, youve got computer/a computer. Do you always write
essay/essays on your computer?
A: Yes, but I am not doing very well today. Im working on my
plan for about three hour/hours now.
J: Youve got lots of books to help you, though. I havent got as
much/many books as you. Thats because I havent got much
money/moneys. Quite often I cant even afford to buy
A: Really? That cant be many/much fun.
J: Id like to get job/a job. I can do in my spare time and earn
a/some money. Ive got a few ideas, but what do you think I
should do?
A: I know someone who paints picture/pictures and sells them.
Why dont you do that?
J: Because Im not good at painting.

3. Choose between much/many/a lot of.

1. My wife has got ____ clothes.

2. How ____ does that CD cost?
3. Juan hasnt got ____ friends.
4. How ____ time have we got?
5. Do you have ____ time to finish this exercise?
6. ____ people live in Tokyo?
7. I dont have ____ information about that.
8. How ____ packets would you like?
9. I have visited ____ countries.
10. How _____ bread do you need?

4. Choose between a/some/any/much/many.

1. Is there _____ cheese left?

2. To make pancakes we need _____ eggs and _____ flower.
3. How _____ money do we have left?
4. How _____ cars are we taking?
5. How _____ glasses of wine did you drink?
6. Excuse me. I need _____ information about trains to Guadalajara.
7. Do you know _____ good restaurants near here?
8. For lunch today I had a salad and ____ piece of pizza.
9. How ____ rice do we have left?
10.Its cold. Dont open ____windows.


FRIDAY IM IN LOVE Complete the song using the words

by THE CURE. in brackets and the pictures as clues:

I don't care if ___________s (day) ___________ (color)

___________'s (day) __________ (color) and ___________ (day) too DAYS OF THE WEEK:
___________ (day) I don't care about you Monday / Tuesday
It's ____________ (day), I'm in __________ Wednesday / Thursday
___________ (day) you can fall apart Friday / Saturday
____________, ____________ (days) break my ____________ Sunday
Oh, ___________ (day) doesn't even start
It's _________ (day) I'm in __________

_____________ (day), __________

And __________ (day) always comes too late COLORS:
But __________ (day), never hesitate... Black
I don't care if ____________s (day) __________ (color) Blue
___________, ____________ (days) - _________ attack
___________ (day), never looking back
It's ____________ (day), I'm in __________
___________ (day), you can hold your ____________

__________, __________ (days) stay in _________

And ___________ (day) - watch the _____________________ instead
It's _________ (day) I'm in __________

_____________ (day), ___________

And ____________ (day) always comes too late
But _________ (day), never hesitate...
Dressed up to the __________

It's a wonderful ____________

To see your ___________ and your spirits rise

Throwing out your frown

And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a sheik
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you _____________ in the middle of the _____________

You can never get enough

Enough of this stuff
It's _________ (day) I'm in __________

I don't care if ___________'s (day) __________ (color)
____________'s __________ (color) and ______________ (day) too
____________ (day) I don't care about you
It's _________ (day) I'm in __________

____________ (day) you can fall apart

____________, ___________ (days) break my _____________
____________ (day) doesn't even start
It's _________ (day) I'm in __________


Telling the time

Ex. 1. Match the time.

1. Its three oclock. a. 12.25

2. Its a quarter past eight. b. 8.05
3. Its ten thirty. c. 11.25
4. Its five to five. d. 1.58
5. Its nine twenty-five. e. 8.15
6. Its twenty-five to eleven. f. 4.55
7. Its two to two. g. 10.35
8. Its eleven twenty-five. h. 9. 25
9. Its five past eight. i. 10.30
10. Its twelve thirty-five. j. 3.00

Ex. 2. What time is it? Write in numbers.

1. Its seven thirty - 6. Its ten past eleven-

2. Its five to ten - 7. Its a quarter to three-
3. Its one to one - 8. Its four thirty-five -
4. Its a quarter past three - 9. Its twelve oclock -
5. Its eight forty-five - 10. Its two fifty-five. -

Ex. 3. Whats the time. Draw.

Its eleven oclock. Its a quarter past six. Its ten to seven.

Its twelve fifty-five. Its twenty to nine. Its three thirty.

Ex. 4. Whats the time ? Write sentences.

a. 1. 00 - b. 8. 35 -
c. 2.05 - d. 9. 40 -
e. 3.10 - f. 9.50 -
g. 4.15 - h. 11.55-
i. 5. 20 - j. 12. 56-
k. 6.25 - l. 1.45 -
m. 7.30 - n. 3.00 -

Ex. 5. Look at the clocks and write the time.

Ex. 6. Ask about the time. know- time (3x) tell what please - got

A) What's the .?
B) .. time is it?
C) Have you .. the . by any chance?
D) Do you have the ., please?
E) Sorry, could you me the time, please?
F ) What's the time,?
G) Do you ..what the time is?


bedroom - kitchen - living room - bathroom. On-in the living room-rabbit-behind-
1-cupboard 2-refrigerator 3-oven 4-sink a. where is the dog?_________________
5-worktop 6-extractor kitchen hood. _________________________________
7-washbasin 8-toilet 9-toilet cistern b.The turtle is ___________the
10-mirror 11-bathtub 12-shower 13-towel refrigertor.It is in the_______________
rail. 14-clock 15-sofa 16-lamp c. The _______is on the sofa.
17-cushions. 18-window 19-bed d. The cat is _____the __________.It is
20-carpet 21-chest of drawers 22-picture in the _______________________.
23-shelf 24-curtains 25-bedside lamp. e. The ____________is next to the bed
and it is in the ___________________
f. The fish is in a bowl _____the refri-
4 gerator.


Someone who plays A group of people who

football, especially a play a game or sport
professional player. against another group.
1 2
A special ball that is used to Someone who is in charge
play football. of a game in a sport.

A piece of red card held up 4

by the referee in a football
match to show that the Someone who has to try to
player has done something stop the ball going into his
against the rules and will teams goal.
not be able to play for the
rest of the game. 6
Someone who trains a
An area of ground where a person or a team in a sport.
sport is played.
A kick in football that one
team is allowed to take An object that produces a
from one of the corners of high whistling sound when
their opponents end of you blow in it and is usually
9 used by the referee. 10

A yellow card held by a A chance to kick the ball

football referee to show into the goal given becau-
se the other team has
that a player has done broken a rule in penalty
something wrong . area.
11 12

To hit the ball with your To stop the other team

head. from getting a goal.

13 14

A prize for winning a To kick or throw the ball

competition in the form of towards the place where
a silver or plaque cup. you can get a point.
15 16

The action of making the

ball goes into the scoring
area or the point won by
doing this.

SPORTS 1ST GRADE______ NAME __________________________

Write the numbers in the circles.

1. athletics
2. boxing
3. bowling
4. cycling
5. dancing
6. fishing
7. horse riding
8. parachuting
9. playing baseball
10. playing basketball
11. playing football
12. playing golf
13. playing hockey
14. playing karate
15. playing soccer
16. playing tennis
17. rock climbing
18. running
19. scuba diving
20. skateboarding
21. skating
22. skiing
23. snowboarding
24. surfing
25. swimming


There is/ are There was/ were

1. Read the sentences and chose the correct answer 2. Read and choose the correct option

a. There is/ are a cinema. a. There were/ was a market.

b. There are/ is two restaurants. b. There wasnt/ werent lots of cars.
c. There is/ are a market. c. There was/ were a restaurant.
d. There are/ is lots of cars. d. There were/ was some shops.
e. There are/ is a big factory. e. There was/ were a museum.
f. There are/ is lots of shops. f. There were/ was some markets

3. Look at the picture and answer the questions


1- Was there a swimming pool in the park fifty years ago? __________________________
2- Was there a railway? ____________________________________________________
3- Was there a river? ____________________________________________________
4- Was there an ice cream shop? _____________________________________________
5- Was there a restaurant? ____________________________________________________
6- Were there any flowers? _____________________________________________
7- Were there lots of flowers? _____________________________________________
8- Were there lots of trees? _____________________________________________
9- Were there two bridges? _____________________________________________

4. Complete using was/ were

1- Helen and her friends ________ at the museum yesterday

2- There _______ a dinosaur
3- There _______ a video about dinosaurs
4- There _______ some clothes
5- The dinosaur _______ big and scary
6- There ______ some hats
7- The hats ______ beautiful
8- There ______ an old toyshop

5. Look at the pictures and write sentences. Use there is/ there are and there was/ there were
Example: There wasnt a supermarket fifty years ago. Now, there is a big supermarket and a market.

1- ____________________________________________________________________
2- ____________________________________________________________________
3- ____________________________________________________________________
4- ____________________________________________________________________
5- ____________________________________________________________________
6- ____________________________________________________________________
7- ____________________________________________________________________
8- ____________________________________________________________________
9- ____________________________________________________________________
10- ___________________________________________________________________
11- ___________________________________________________________________
12- ___________________________________________________________________
13- ___________________________________________________________________
14- ___________________________________________________________________
15- ___________________________________________________________________
16- ___________________________________________________________________