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The Otis data-otis3200 fault code

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The source of the fault: the system performs

Fault code server Description

STM the software reset Electronics board software runtime error, CPU reset.

2001 STM Power-on reset and power-on reset, or press the reset button.

STM Power fail 5V power supply voltage is lower than 2.5V. During system power failure, the system
shut down.
2005 STM not available some non-normal state MCSS detected, you should check other fault
This record in the state of emergency or maintenance
Fault Source: position reference
Fault code server Description

2100 PSR Big pos slip and elevator running in the same direction the rope slip too much.

2101 PSR Big neg slip and elevator running in the opposite direction of the rope slip too big.

2102 PSR Pos mes flt PVT read position in the flat layer, but DZ No input should check the

2103 PSR Inv FLOOR COUNT invalid floor count, floor count and the actual wells and number of
floors inconsistent or
Beyond the limit of the maximum or minimum floor. Generally occurs in the car position is moved after
power failure, power transmission again after this failure.
2104 PSR Inv raw pos PVT number of pulses abnormal changes, check the PVT and MCSS DBSS
This occurs NDA20401AAA00 instead LCB-II must be spoiled, needs to be
replaced NDA20401AAA00 instead LCB-II
2105 PSR DZ error DZ input signal error
The 2106 PSR DZ1 error DZ1 enter the wrong order

2107 PSR DZ2 error DZ2 input in the wrong order

2108 PSR 1LS error 1LS input the wrong order. The elevator stops at the bottom, DZ action 1LS
signal, or
By 1LS signal in 1LS before switching action. Is also possible 1LS and 2LS while, action.
2109 PSR 2LS error 1,2 2LS input the wrong order. The elevator stopped at the bottom, DZ action
without 2LS signal
2LS signal before 2LS switch action. Is also possible 1LS and 2LS while, action.
Note 1: Elevator perform an emergency stop.
Note 2: If the number of failures exceeds the allowable number of settings and try again (installation
parameter setting), the system will be terminated.

Failure Source: OCSS communication

Fault code server Description

2304 OCSS comm. Error OCSS communication error.

The source of the fault: DISS / ADISS communication
Fault code server Description

404 DCSS comm. Error DCSS communication error.

Fault code server Description
2505 DBSS COMM ERROR MCSS and DBSS communication timeout, or output buffer overflow.
Fault Source:GBA24350BH10

Fault code server Description

The 2600 PGE overshoot Elevator crossed the location of the stop layer related to high acceleration,
The 2601 PGE synchron err curve synchronization errors. Once this failure occurs, replace the MCSS
The 2602 PGE FXG timeout is not completed in 4 seconds flat layer of action, may be parameter the
Too small.

Fault Source:OTIS GAA26810C2 PCB

Fault code server Description

2700 DBSS rdy / brk DBSS status is not normal, should check the DBSS record.

2701 DBSS ready timeout 5 seconds after the run drive state "PREPARE TO RUN or reset
The drive is not ready to run, timeout failure.
2702 DBSS brake timeout DBSS suction to encircle gates or release the brake timeout.
2703 DBSS drive fault from the DBSS received the DBSS drive failures. Should check the DBSS

2704 DBSS stop / shut dn received DBSS stop or downtime.

2705 DBSS toque limit DBSS exceed the torque limit value.
The 2706 NUMBER RELEVE runs releveling run. The excessive number of times can not be normal
flat layer. Should
Check the parameter GAIN FIXED POSCT of DELTA TC, DESTINATION LEAD; 2. Should be
checked optoelectronics,
Flapper and the accompanying cable.

2707 NUMBER RECOVER runs back up and running

2708 NUMBER REINIT runs initialization run

2709 RELEVEL err the the run releveling stopped, whether the brakes are released slower or load
switch unadjusted.
Note 1: Elevator perform an emergency stop.
Note 2: If the number of failures exceeds the allowable number of settings and try again (installation
parameter setting), the system will be terminated.

Fault Source: Security

Fault code server Description

2800 SAF abs overspd normal, repair, restore, re-initialization, learning or re-leveling operation of the
corresponding speeding
Out of absolute speeding percentage.

2801 SAF tracking err normal maintenance and low-speed running faster than actual speed command
tracking allows
Poor, cause tracking error. Checking parameters, check PVT line.

2802 SAF PVT dir err fed back from PVT running direction and instruction run in the opposite
Only the speed exceeds 0.2 m / sec to do when detected. Check PVT Line.
The 2803 SAF NTSD overspd during normal operation, the elevator 1LS/2LS actual speed exceeds
the corresponding NTSD
Setpoint. SHUTDOWN in the elevator to a predetermined deceleration deceleration stop reset.
(DDP) within a predetermined time, the 2804 SAF CAR_NON_STRT elevator does not start to cause
a time-out error.
Within a predetermined time during normal operation or during the re-initialization run, there is no
signal input of the hoistway. There may be a wire rope slip failure
Go traction.

2805 SAF U / D inp err U / D relay input error. U / D relay feedback contact action, and the command
to run side
To inconsistencies. Only speed of 0.05 m / s or more when doing testing.
The 2806 SAF DBP inp err DBP relay input error. DBP relay feedback contacts and the requested
action is not
Consistent, or LVC input and door locks bypass the expectations of an inconsistent state.
The 2807 SAF ETSC inp err ETSC relay input error.
The 2808 SAF SC inp err SC relay input error.
The 2809 SAF DFC inp err DFC relay input error.
The 2810 SAF DBD inp err DBD signal input error.

2811 SAF ESS operated emergency stop switch action.

2812 SAF SAF operated safety circuit is disconnected. Or INS relay sudden release of Express
DFC input point, the 2813 SAF DFC EmergStp elevator safety circuit disconnect cause an emergency
In 2814 SAF FSO / ASO err FSO / ASO Relay input error.
Failure Source: OTIS TEST TOOL Blue TT GAA2175AK3

Fault code server Description

DZ 2901 SAF illegal move to open the door without signal input. Check DZ, the flapper and
accompanying cable.
The 2903 PSR low inv spd the speed-100MM / S above disturbance may be electromagnetic noise,
check the ground
Line and shielded wire.

The 2904 PSR high inv spd speed of more than +100 MM / S disturbance may be electromagnetic
noise, check the
Ground and shielded cable.

2905 NUMBER OF INSPECTION STOP normal operation inspection switch emergency stop on the

2906 UNSAFE TO START external lines are normal, but can not confirm the safety MCSS signal.
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