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Iverly P.

34 G Pittodrie Place, Aberdeen, AB24 5QP, United Kinggom
+447903580880 iverlyviar028@gmail.com


MSc Post-Conflict Justice and Peacebuilding 2017

University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Chevening Scholar

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, cum laude 2013

International Politics Track, Minor in Peace Studies
Miriam College, Quezon City Philippines
Area Awardee for the College of International, Humanitarian and Development Studies,
March 2013
Awarded Best Undergraduate Thesis for the manuscript entitled Understanding the Role of Social Media in the
Arab Spring: Focus on Egypt


Project Officer, Women Engaged in Action on 1325 (WE Act 1325) May 2014 March 2016

The Women Engaged in Action on 1325 (WE Act 1325) is a national network of women in peace, human rights and
womens organizations who actively collaborated with the government in the formulation of the National Action Plan
(NAP) on UN SCR 1325. The major objective of the national network is to help the government implement the NAP
as well as to concretely bring it to the women most affected by conflict situations in the country.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Co-coordinate with the networks National Coordinator in the implementation of the activities stipulated in a
Prepare the final narrative and financial reports for these projects.
Management of project funds involving preparing expense and liquidation reports, check requests, and
reimbursements, among others.
Assisted in the conduct of advocacy and lobbying activities, as well as training and workshops.
Take on research projects
Represent WE Act 1325 in meetings and other activities related to the projects being handled
Regularly inform network members of pertinent information. In performing this task, I write articles on project-
related activities on the WE ACT 1325 website and post on its social media pages.
Engage in writing funding proposals for the continuation of existing projects.

Project Assistant, Women Engaged in Action on 1325 (WE Act 1325) May 2013 - March 2014

Duties and Responsibilities:

Assisted in the conduct of activities related to the Women Working for Normalization project such as organizing
training, workshop and consultations.
Managed the funds for the project and prepare expense reports, liquidation papers, check requests,
reimbursements, among others.
Write and post articles on the website of WE Act 1325 in relation to the project.
Regularly inform the members of the network of activities and other pertinent information on the project.
Assisted in the projects and activities of the Center for Peace Education which serves as the secretariat of WE Act

Institutionalizing Womens Participation in Governance in the Bangsamoro

May 2015 - March 2016

The project focused on ensuring the implementation of the provisions on women's meaningful participation as stated in
the Bangsamoro Basic Law and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. It also sought to engage relevant
transitional mechanisms such as the Joint Normalization Committee, the Bangsamoro Transitional Authority and the
Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission to engender their policy recommendations. The project also sought to
lobby the political parties who will participate in the Bangsamoro elections to ensure that they will uphold the
commitments in the BBL on women's meaningful participation.

Operationalizing the Womens Agenda in the Bangsamoro

June 2014March 2015

The project focused on the inclusion of key provisions from consultations in the Bangsamoro Basic Law and the creation
of a sustainable and enabling environment for womens meaningful participation by advocating for legislative change,
broadening institutional support and building social constituency.

Localization of the Philippine National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security
April 2014 - May 2014

The project aimed to promote coordination between the national and local government authorities in the implementation
of UNSCRs 1325 and 1820 and the Philippine National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security; to facilitate
collaboration among civil society organizations, government agencies, security sector and UN agencies; to raise
knowledge and awareness on women, peace and security and to influence local policies and programs towards the
integration of the salient points of UNSCRs 1325 and 1820 including the P-NAP on WPS.

Women Working for Normalization

May 2013 March 2014

The project focused on ensuring the participation of women in building peace and security in conflict affected
communities through capacity sharing workshops on various normalization related skills such as mediation, conflict
resolution, gender sensitive early warning and early response, gender in the context of religion and culture, addressing
arms proliferation and misuse, human rights and international humanitarian law.


Viar, I. & Natividad, A. (2017) Transforming the image of women from victims to agents of peace: Focus on the
Philippines. International Academic. 2, 29-36. Available from:
Galace, J. & Viar, I. (2016) WE Act 1325: Initiatives at NAP Implementation. In: National Action Plan on
Women, Peace and Security: The Philippine Experience 2010-2015. Philippines. Office of the Presidential
Adviser on the Peace Process, pp. 49-53.
Castro, L. (Ed.), Galace, J., Natividad, A.M., & Viar. I. (2014). Women Speak: Perspective on Normalization.
Manila, PH: Women Engaged in Action on 1325
Natividad, A.M., Piscano, F.Y., & Viar, I. (2013). Philippines Civil Society Monitoring Report. In Gronberg, H.
& Cabrera-Balleza M. (Eds.), Security Council Resolution 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report 2013. New
York: NY. Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, pp. 207-237.

Jasmin Nario-Galace, Ph.D

Executive Director, Center for Peace Education Miriam College
Email Address: jasminnariogalace@gmail.com

Gearoid Millar, Ph. D.

Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen
Email Address: g.millar@abdn.ac.uk

Loreta Castro, Ph. D.

Program Director, Center for Peace Education Miriam College
President, Philippine Council for Peace and Global Education
Email Address: lcastro@mc.edu.ph