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Accessories for the Tiguan

CONTENTS 04 Sport and Design

10 Wheels and Tyres
14 Communication
20 Transport
30 Comfort and Protection
40 Service and Care
44 Lifestyle

No matter how high the standard is - that is where
we start. With materials, manufacturing processes
and construction. To ensure that the good things will
always keep improving.

A clear safety principle: More. Stricter inspection
procedures, higher demands, tougher test tracks.
As standard.
We develop along with the vehicle. With a clear goal:
Exact sharp detail and a perfect fit for all parts. So that
a Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.
The vehicles shown in this catalogue are occasionally pictured with additional accessories and/or special fittings.
These, along with any decorative elements depicted, are not included in the scope of delivery of the product described.
Contents I 03


You dont always have to be the finest, the first, the best it is mostly enough to know that you could be if you wanted. And without
all the strenuous posing or matching strengths, just simply by using Volkswagen Accessories. Elegant, sporty - I like it.

Sport and Design I 05


01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Underride guard, front and rear Volkswagen Genuine Interior rear view mirror in carbon look
That sporty off-road look: The Volkswagen Genuine underride guard kit for Sporty and individual: The Volkswagen Genuine interior rear view
the front and rear in a brushed aluminium look provides your vehicle with an mirror with the carbon design simply replaces the existing mirror.
especially powerful and distinctive appearance. Only for cars with manually adjustable anti-glare rear view mirrors.
Art. No. 5N0 071 616 A GN6 Art. No. 000 072 548 Z57


03 04

03 04

Volkswagen Genuine Door handle trims Volkswagen Genuine Exterior mirror caps, chromed
The chromed stainless steel door handle trims give a finely designed touch. This particular eye-catcher in chrome look is an effective protection for the
Another advantage is, of course, that they effectively prevent scratches to the standard fitted exterior mirror. A set comprises two covers and can be quickly
door handle and are simple to fit. and easily fitted.
Art. No. 5N0 071 340 Q91 Art. No. 5N0 072 530 Q91

Sport and Design I 07


01 02 03

Volkswagen Genuine Underride guard, front and rear Volkswagen Genuine Roof edge spoiler Volkswagen Genuine Tail silencer trim1
That sporty off-road look: The Volkswagen Genuine underride The perfect optical and aerodynamic finish for the roof edge is made Pure dynamics for the back of your vehicle. The inclined design,
guard kit for the front and rear in a brushed aluminium look of particularly impact-resistant and durable material, and can be high-gloss polished stainless steel and a 76mm diameter transform
provides your vehicle with an especially powerful and distinctive painted in your car colour. your vehicle into a true-looking sporting highlight!
appearance. Art. No. 5N0 071 640 GRU Art. No. 000 071 910 A For twin pipe 70 mm
Art. No. 5N0 071 616 A GN6

Please see the attached price list for the additional versions.
02 04

03 05

04 05

Volkswagen Genuine Tailgate protective strip Volkswagen Genuine Running boards

This attractive chrome-look protective strip is a guarantee for a shiny The perfectly fitting aluminium running boards ensure an anti-slip
finish to the tailgate. Not forgetting its effective edge protection. Simple grip when getting in and out of the vehicle. They can bear up to
assembly using adhesive. 200 kg and can be fitted without having to drill any holes.
Art. No. 5N0 071 360 Art. No. 5N0 071 691 6M7

Sport and Design I 09

Both feet firmly on the ground and your head in the clouds - Volkswagen Accessories open up a refreshing new
range of design and customisation options. Perfect for the city, sure off-road or just all at once. That is real freedom
of choice road contact included.

Wheels and Tyres I 11
01 02


01 02 03 04

Volkswagen Genuine Volkswagen Genuine Volkswagen Genuine Davenport alloy wheel Volkswagen Genuine Baltimore alloy wheel
Savannah alloy wheel Savannah alloy wheel Colour: Brilliant silver, gloss machined Colour: Brilliant silver
Colour: Anthracite, gloss machined, Colour: Brilliant silver, gloss machined Wheel size: 7 J x 18", ET 43, LK 112/5 Wheel size: 6,5 J x 16", ET 33, LK 112/5
with a matt paint finish Wheel size: 9 J x 19", ET 33, LK 112/5 Applicable tyre size1: 235/50 R18 Applicable tyre size1: 215/65 R16
Wheel size: 9 J x 19", ET 33, LK 112/5 Applicable tyre size1: 255/40 R19 Art. No. 5N0 071 498 666 Art. No. 5N0 071 496 666
Applicable tyre size : 255/40 R19
Art. No. 5N0 071 499 666 Also available as complete summer and
Art. No. 5N0 071 499 AX7 winter wheels.

An especially resistant coating guarantees that all alloy wheels are suitable for use in winter.
12 Your Volkswagen partner will be more than pleased to give you a quote for the tyres to fit your vehicle.
04 06

03 05 07

05 06 07

Volkswagen Genuine Sima alloy wheel Volkswagen Genuine Wheel trim Volkswagen Genuine Wheel bolt locking set
Colour: Brilliant silver A clear appearance plus, with integrated Secure your alloy wheels even more effectively against
Wheel size: 6,5 J x 16", ET 33, LK 112/5 protective function: The stylish 16" wheel trim with jealous thieves. With the theft-hindering wheel bolt
Applicable tyre size1: 215/65 R16 the Volkswagen emblem protects the wheel bolts locking set. Colour: Black. 1 set = 4 pieces.
Art. No. 7N0 071 496A 8Z8 on the steel rim from dirt. 1 set = 4 pieces. Art. No. 000 071 597
Also available as a complete winter wheel. Art. No. 5N0 071 456 XRW

Please see the attached price list for technical details. The conditions and information contained in the German TV report must be carefully observed.
Please see the certificate for the relevant alloy wheel for further applicable tyre sizes. Wheels and Tyres I 13

Doing just as you want super. However, the really great sensation of freedom only comes when you can also say,
hear and achieve what you want. Thats our pleasure: with the communications solutions from Volkswagen Accessories.

Communication I 15
01 02

01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 510 Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 315
Enjoy a completely new standard of car infotainment: A 6.5" touch-screen with A clear sound quality, precise navigation and comfortable operation using a 5" touch-screen thats
a brilliantly sharp presentation of maps, pictures and videos. The perfect sound from the sound of the multi-talent which can play music from a CD, SD card, MP3 player or optionally by
a 30 GB hard drive, DVD drive and SD card-reader rounds off the systems high-end Bluetooth. Depending on the version, the system has an integrated DAB tuner (additional aerial
features. Including map material for Western Europe. required). The map material for Western Europe is pre-installed. Please see the attached price list for
Art. No. 1T0 057 680 F more information.

03 04 05

03 04 05

Volkswagen Genuine MP3 radio RCD 510 Volkswagen Genuine MP3 radio RCD 310 Volkswagen Genuine MP3 radio RMT 100
The multi-talent with an SD card slot, telephone interface, The RCD 310 plays MP3 und WMA files using the CD drive, Liberty in one package: MP3 radio, USB slot, AUX-IN and a
integrated 6-way CD-changer, MP3 play function, GALA, gives you non-stop music enjoyment and delivers a rich sound. Bluetooth hands-free system in one device. Simply enjoy your
RDS, TIM and TP provides you with a real comfort plus with In addition, a real eye-catcher is the chrome-look edging to the favourite music as you please. A special fitting frame is required
its high-resolution TFT display/ touch-screen. buttons and knobs. for the installation. Please see the attached price list for more
Art. No. 3C8 057 195 F Without digital tuner (DAB) Art. No. 5M0 057 186 K information.
Art. No. 3C8 057 195 G With digital tuner (DAB) Art. No. 6Q0 051 228

Communication I 17

01 03

01 02 03

Volkswagen Genuine Mobile phone adapter1 Volkswagen Genuine Touch phone kit2 Volkswagen Genuine Mobile telephone integration plus retrofit kit2
This ideal extension for vehicles factory-fitted with a mobile The Bluetooth hands-free system provides a top level of Experience a new hands-free dimension: Connect your mobile telephone by
telephone integration product can be simply inserted into operator comfort through its flexible voice control, a Bluetooth and speak comfortably hands-free or listen to music via A2DP. The
the existing cradle. The mobile phone battery can thus be high-quality touch-screen and audio-stereo streaming. display and operation is carried out using the multi-function unit or a suitable
charged during the journey. See the attached price list for Please see the attached price list for the required adapter radio-navigation system. Only for vehicles with a plus multi-function display.
more information. cable set and the optional AUX-IN adapter. Art. No. 000 051 473 H
Art. No. 3C0 051 435 X 3
Art. No. 000 051 473 A

For vehicles with factory-fitted mobile telephone integration. 3
X = mobile phone specific index. As the range of mobile phone adapters is continuously being extended, please ask
18 2
For vehicles without factory-fitted mobile telephone integration. your Volkswagen partner or check the online information available at www.volkswagen-zubehoer.de.

06 07 08 09
05 04

04 05

Volkswagen Genuine iPod/iPhone adapter Volkswagen Genuine MEDIA-IN and adapter cable 06 Art. No. 000 051 446 A Adapter cable for mini-USB
Quickly and easily connect your iPod or iPhone to your Volkswagen Simply connect your desired audio source by an adapter 07 Art. No. 000 051 446 B Adapter cable for USB
Genuine car radio or radio-navigation system. Control is via the radio. cable to the MEDIA-IN and enjoy your favourite music via 08 Art. No. 000 051 446 C Adapter cable for iPod
Only in conjunction with RCD 510 1 or RNS 510. Please see the your radio or Generation 3 radio-navigation system. Only in 09 Art. No. 000 051 446 D Adapter cable for 3.5-mm jack
attached price list for more information about the compatible iPod/iPhone conjunction with RCD 310, RCD 510, RNS 315 or RNS 510.
models. Art. No. 5N0 057 342 B MEDIA-IN jack without storage shelf
Art. No. 1K0 051 444 D Art. No. 5N0 057 342 C MEDIA-IN jack with storage shelf (not illustrated)

iPod/iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Computer International.

Only for specific versions. Please contact your Volkswagen Partner. Communication I 19

And thats exactly what I expect from my Tiguan. Totally open both to what is new and what is tried and trusted, to the things you love and things
you need, to those things that are important and those that are simply beautiful. Luckily my wishes will be fulfilled: with the versatile transport solutions
from Volkswagen Accessories.

Transport I 21
01 02

01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Roof bars Volkswagen Genuine Supporting rods

The basis for vehicles without roof railing: The city-crash-tested roof bars to The sound but light system base can be fitted onto the roof rails for
which, for example, a surf board, bicycle, ski and snowboard carriers or the all attachments and is protected with a theft-hindering locking system.
practical roof boxes can be attached, can be fitted onto the vehicle roof in For vehicles with roof rails.
no time at all. Art. No. 5N0 071 151
Art. No. 5N0 071 126

03 04

03 04

Surfboard holder Volkswagen Genuine Kayak holder

The surfboard holder has been designed for trans- No bouncing, no slipping: Developed especially for
porting a surfboard and a two-part mast. Two lashing kayaks of up to 25 kg, this kayak holder ensures
straps and mast holders are supplied. Can only be perfect transport on the vehicle roof. Can only be
used in conjunction with the roof bars. used in conjunction with the roof bars.
Art. No. 000 071 120 HA Art. No. 1K0 071 127 A

This is how the City Crash Test works

The carrying system is mounted on the vehicle and loaded with the
intended load. A typical frontal crash in city traffic is simulated at
approximately 30 km/h through horizontal acceleration and forces
applied opposite to the travel direction. The carrier system must not
detach from the vehicle in the process.

Transport I 23
01 02

01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Komfort ski and snowboard holder Volkswagen Genuine Ski bag
Transport up to six pairs of skis or up to four snowboards on the roof of your vehicle, comfortably and The practical ski bag is intended for the protection and transport of up to four pairs of skis including
safely. The lockable ski and snowboard holder can be simply mounted on the supporting rods or roof ski sticks in the roof box or in the interior using a belt which is clipped onto the belt plug. The ski bag
bars and is easy to operate with gloves thanks to the extra-large buttons and the pull-out function. can then be stored in the optional space-saving storage bag.
Art. No. 1T0 071 129 Art. No. 00V 061 202 Ski bag
Art. No. 00V 061 201 Storage bag



Volkswagen Genuine Roof box

Roof boxes can be easily mounted onto the roof bars or the supporting rods thanks to the practical quick
clamp fastening. The innovative DuoLift system enables them to be opened on both sides while all roof
boxes can be locked using the 3-point central locking system. An overview of all versions available can
be obtained from the attached price list.

Transport I 25
01 02

01 02 02

Volkswagen Genuine Towing hitch bicycle carrier Volkswagen Genuine Towing hitch Volkswagen Genuine Electrical fitting set
Transport up to two bicycles easily and safely - or with a separate The practical towing hitch is available as a fixed, removable or The 13-pole electrical fitting set is perfectly designed for the
expansion set up to three. No tools are needed for the attachment swivelling version. The electrical installation kit must be ordered controlling elements; it provides a high level of system reliability
using a quick-release fastener and after this the tailgate can remain separately. Please see the attached price list for instructions for use. and additionally supports the trailer stabilisation programme
open thanks to the fold-away carrier. Art. No. 5N0 092 101 Fixed (not illustrated) (coupled unit stabilisation).
Art. No. 3C0 071 105 A Towing hitch bicycle carrier Art. No. 5N0 092 161 A Swivelling Art. No. 5N0 055 204 A
Art. No. 3C0 071 109 A Expansion kit for a third bicycle

03 04 05

03 04 05

Volkswagen Genuine Tailgate bicycle carrier Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle holder Fork-mount bicycle carrier
The anodised aluminium profile bicycle carrier for up to two bicycles The aerodynamic plastic bicycle holder is attached using Light, practical and simple to handle the lockable alumini-
is quickly attached and has a carrying capacity of approx. 35 kg. The chromed steel holders onto the supporting rods or roof bar. um wheel rail with a wheel holder can be attached to the roof
tailgate can also be opened when the carrier is fitted (however It can be locked and is City crash-tested. bar or supporting rods without any problem and ensures that
without bicycles). Art. No. 6Q0 071 128 A your bicycles are securely transported.
Art. No. 5N0 071 104 Art. No. 7M0 071 128 D

Transport I 27
01 02

01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Partition grille Volkswagen Genuine Luggage net

The sound, black powder coated steel mesh separates the luggage compartment from the passenger compartment The luggage net is ideal for all of those small and medium-sized things which
between the rear seat backrests and the roof lining. The loading space is completely separated if used together with you prefer to have stored safely in place. The luggage net is attached to the
the luggage space divider. Assembly is simple and requires no holes to be drilled. standard lashing eyes in the luggage space.
Art. No. 5N0 017 221 Partition grille, upper Art. No. 5N0 065 111
Art. No. 5N0 017 222 Partition grille extension (only in conjunction with partition grille, upper)

03 04

03 04

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G2-3 pro
The ISOFIX child seat can be used when fitted against the direction of travel for Children between three and twelve years (15 to 36 kg) travel safely and
children from birth onwards to 18 kg. If it is fitted facing forwards, it is approved for comfortably thanks to width-adjustable seat cushions, height-adjustable
use between 9 and 18 kg. The height of the belt harness is adjustable and the seat sleep supports and individual adjustment of height and angle. The seat
shells can be locked at six different angles. The base frames must be ordered is attached using a three-point belt.
You can find the suitable seat cover
separately. You will find information on this in the attached price list. Art. No. 000 019 906 on page 35.
Art. No. 000 019 902 H

Transport I 29


The most wonderful thing in the world: To have your solutions already figured out. And for problems
that you never had and, thanks to these solutions, you will never have them, either. That means in
two words: Volkswagen Accessories. And in another three words: Peace of mind.

Comfort and Protection I 31
01 02


01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment loadliner Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment tray
The high-cut and easy-to-clean luggage compartment loadliner with Its a perfect fit: Washable, anti-slip and acid-resistant, the luggage
wide ribs is extremely hard wearing, acid-resistant and suitable for compartment tray keeps your luggage easily clean. With an approxi-
everything which tends to make a mess when travelling. mately 5 cm high all-round edging.
Art. No. 5N0 061 170 For vehicles with a raised load surface Art. No. 5N0 061 180 For vehicles with a raised load surface
Art. No. 5N0 061 466 For vehicles with a low load surface Art. No. 5N0 061 181 For vehicles with a low load surface


03 05

03 04 05

Volkswagen Genuine Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment liner Volkswagen Genuine Reversible luggage compartment mat
Luggage compartment tray with tyre design Precise protection in a light and flexible form: The anti-slip Soft and gentle velour on the one side or sturdy, anti-slip plastic nubs
The stylish way to protect your luggage compartment against liner is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the luggage on the other: The perfectly fitting, reversible luggage compartment
dirt: the perfectly fitting luggage compartment tray with a pattern compartment and to reliably protect it. mat has the right surface for all sensitive, dirty or damp goods.
in the form of a tyre tread anti-slip, acid resistant and with an Art. No. 5N0 061 160 For vehicles with a raised load surface Art. No. 5N0 061 210
approximately 5 cm high all-round edging. Art. No. 5N0 061 161 For vehicles with a low load surface
Art. No. 5N0 061 182

Comfort and Protection I 33


02 03

01 02 03

Volkswagen Genuine Stainless-steel sill protector Volkswagen Genuine Sill rail film, black/silver Volkswagen Genuine Mud flaps, front and rear
The stainless-steel sill protectors with the stylish Tiguan emblem A detail which is both sensible and functional which protects the Protect your own vehicle and the one behind you against dirt being
provide you with a greater all-round individual touch and heavily used door sills in the front and rear entrance areas thrown up, dangerous stone chippings and spray water with these
protection for your Tiguan. against scratches and damage. extremely sturdy mud flaps.
Art. No. 5N0 071 303 Art. No. 5N0 071 310 Art. No. 5N0 075 111 For front (1 set = 2 pieces/not illustrated)
Art. No. 5N0 075 101 For rear (1 set = 2 pieces)

04 05

04 05

Volkswagen Genuine Seat cover Volkswagen Genuine Cooling and thermos box
The optimum protection for sensitive seats: The easy-to-clean, anti-slip seat cover The right temperature for every occasion. The box is connected to the electric
prevents dirt or wear, for example from child seats. Practical net pockets offer supply via 12 V/230V in the car or at home. 2-litre bottles can be transported
additional stowage space. Can also be used for ISOFIX seats. upright in the box with a capacity of about 25 l. It is delivered with battery
Art. No. 000 019 819 discharge protection and a replacement insulation cover.
You can find a selection of child
Art. No. 000 065 400 B seats on page 29.

Comfort and Protection I 35


01 02

01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Sunblind Volkswagen Genuine Rear park distance control

Children or dogs on board? The sunblind does not simply prevent exposure to direct sunlight but The rear park distance control is automatically activated when the
also acts as a thermal insulator. It can be used when the windows are closed as well as when they reverse gear is engaged: Four sensors and an acoustic warning signal
are open. help the driver while parking backwards.
Art. No. 5N0 064 361 For the rear window Art. No. 1K0 054 630 B
Art. No. 5N0 064 363 For the rear windows
Art. No. 5N0 064 365 A Set for the rear window and the luggage compartment window.


03 05

03 04 05

Door wind deflector Volkswagen Genuine Additional inside rear view mirror Volkswagen Original Automatic cruise control system (ACC)
The optimal form of ventilation of the vehicle interior makes a contribution This guarantees you a clearer view: The additional inside rear Maintain your speed simply at the press of a button, and switch it
to your driving comfort by improving the atmosphere inside the vehicle. view mirror is fixed to the windscreen or the dashboard using on again after braking and/or changing gear by using the reset
Enjoy the circulating fresh air, even when it is raining or snowing, or avoid a suction cup mounting and can be individually adjusted to function. Especially practical for long journeys. An overview of all
the unpleasant build-up of heat on hot days with slightly open windows. take in the interior, the traffic or for parking, thanks to its versions available can be obtained from the attached price list.
Art. No. 5N0 072 193 For front (1 set = 2 pieces) flexible joint.
Art. No. 5N0 072 194 For rear (1 set = 2 pieces) Art. No. 000 072 549 A

Comfort and Protection I 37


01 01 03

01 02 03

Volkswagen Genuine Clean solution waste bag Volkswagen Genuine Clothes hanger Volkswagen Genuine Snakey headrest hook
No waste, no worries: the waste bag can be hung up flexibly Sometimes things just have to be crease-free: The stylish clothes Practical organiser in a twin pack: Two-piece set for mounting on
onto the seat headrest bar of the front seats. If a bag is taken out, hanger can be fixed quickly and simply to the seat headrest bar the front seat headrest struts. Simply hook up the things to be
a new one is automatically pulled into place. Included in the of the front seats and is a guarantee for a crease-free look. transported and thats all.
scope of supply: two rolls, each with 50 bags. Art. No. 00V 061 127 Art. No. 000 061 126 A 041 Colour: Black (2 pieces)
Art. No. 000 061 107 Art. No. 000 061 126 UHS Colour: Cornsilk beige (2 pieces)

04 05 06

04 05 06

Volkswagen Genuine Rubber footmats with tyre design Volkswagen Genuine Rubber floor mats Volkswagen Genuine Premium textile floor mats
Really stylish: The perfectly fitting black rubber footmats with They are leak-proof: The perfectly fitting rubber footmat set with High-quality textile footmats made of hard-wearing, thickly
Tiguan embossing and anti-slip pattern with a tyre design Tiguan embossing on the front mats keeps out dirt and moisture. woven velour, with an abrasion-proof coating on the rear side.
withstand dirt and water in an elegant way. They are firmly fixed The integrated attachment system connects the front mats firmly to At the front with contrasting silver Tiguan lettering and a firm
at the front thanks to the integrated attachment system. Please the vehicle floor. Colour: Black. Please see the attached price list anchoring to the floor. Colour: Anthracite. Please see the attached
see the attached price list for more information. for more information. price list for more information.

Comfort and Protection I 39



Anyone can make standard parts. The whole thing only becomes really special, impressive and inspiring when everything
comes together. When everything fits and is thought out into the tiniest detail. When the essential things can be found in every
detail. Just as it is for Volkswagen Accessories.

Service and Care I 41


01 02 03 04

Volkswagen Genuine Care and cleaning aids Volkswagen Genuine Warning triangle Volkswagen Genuine Snox snow chain Volkswagen Genuine Tow rope
The Volkswagen Genuine care and cleaning aids The intelligently constructed warning triangle that is (powered by pewag) The tow rope, which has been
series has been especially developed for the stored in a space-saving manner and can be put to The innovative Snox system completely automatically approved by the German TV
Volkswagen materials in and on the vehicle. Please use quickly and safely thanks to its swivelling metal controls the snow chain tension and adapts to the and DIN, can be used for vehicles
see the attached price list for more information about foot. With ECE test symbol. vehicles current speed - Guaranteeing smooth up to 2,500 kg kerb weight.
the individual products. Art. No. 000 093 057 running. When the vehicle is stopped, the blocking Art. No. 000 093 014
mechanism releases and the snow chain can be
removed, no matter what position the wheel is in.
A practical carry bag is included in the scope of
Art. No. 000 091 387 Q

02 04 06

03 05 07

05 06 07

Volkswagen Genuine Tyre bag set Volkswagen Genuine Warning vest Volkswagen Genuine First aid kit
Protect your wheels. With the four high-quality polyester The fluorescent safety vest with Volkswagen lettering and reflective strips is The DIN standard first aid kit is an essential companion
robust tyre bags and wheel bolt bag. For tyres and complete approved in accordance with DIN EN 471. It is a statutory requirement for in case of accidents. Meets the legal requirements of
wheels with dimensions of up to 18 inches, 245 mm tyre width a warning vest to be carried in company cars in Germany, with the exception 35h StVZO (German road traffic regulations) and
and 2100 mm tyre diameter. of freelancers, and in some countries it is already compulsory for all vehicle DIN 13164.
Art. No. 000 073 900 occupants. A storage bag is included in the scope of supply. Art. No. 000 093 114
Art. No. 000 093 056 C 2LD Orange (illustration above)
Art. No. 000 093 056 C 18R Yellow (not illustrated)

Service and Care I 43


Simply be yourself. And that is meant just as it seems. How can that work? By assuming first of all that you
can be everything that your heart desires You just have to express it in the right way. Simply by using the
stylish Volkswagen Lifestyle products.

Lifestyle I 45
01 02

01 02

Volkswagen Genuine Writing implement case Volkswagen Genuine Key tag

A classic brown or black leather case for your valuable writing instruments. This elegant key tag keeps everything together which is dear to you. with a black or
With the high-quality Volkswagen logo on the front side. brown leather loop, an additional metal hinge and with the Original Volkswagen logo.
Art. No. 3D0 087 404 GOW Brown Art. No. 000 087 011 C GOW Brown
Art. No. 3D0 087 404 APG Black Art. No. 000 087 011 C APG Black

03 04

03 04

Volkswagen Genuine Wallet Volkswagen Genuine Card Case

There is no more stylish way to keep your cards, ID documents The high-quality worked black or brown grained leather card
and cash. An additional design highlight of the grained leather case is subtly decorated with the sophisticated layered design of
wallet is the sophisticated layered design of the Volkswagen logo a Volkswagen logo. With eight card pockets for customer cards
You can find further lifestyle
on the inside. and credit cards.
products in the internet under
Art. No. 3D0 087 400 GOW Brown Art. No. 3D0 087 403 GOW Brown www.volkswagen-lifestyle.de
Art. No. 3D0 087 400 APG Black Art. No. 3D0 087 403 APG Black

Lifestyle I 47
The offers regarding scope of delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weights in addition to illustrations and all information
regarding fittings and technical data are based on the characteristics of the German market and correspond to the knowledge available
at the time of printing. We reserve the right to make changes to the scope of delivery, design and colour without advance notification
within the context of further development.

Accessory financing.
The convenient way to obtain Volkswagen Accessories.

Please note our favourable financing options for accessories. Your Volkswagen partner would be pleased to inform you about the
currently applicable conditions. An offer from the Volkswagen Bank.

Volkswagen Zubehr GmbH Your Volkswagen Partner



V39 5002 4000

Printed in Germany
Subject to change and errors


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