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La Consolacion College Tanauan

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Brief Introduction of the Practicum

Practicum is an opportunity for the students to apply all the theories theyve

learned from school and teachers. It helps us to obtain applicable knowledge and skills

by performing in actual work setting. Practicum also is a hand on course in college.

The practicum doesnt just let the student finish his/her requirements in school.

Some may not admit but they not just enjoy but also they learned about things that

cant be found in school and cant be thought by teachers. As they said experience are

the best teachers and I personally believe that, because not all people apply what they

read on books or what the teachers have told them unless they have experienced it.

And this practicum thought me a lot, change and help me grow. I learned how to

handle real responsibility, how to deal with it and the conflicts that I may faced, to be

more matured and professional when it comes to work, and especially how to deal with

people in different situations.

La Consolacion College Tanauan
1.2 Company Profile

ON Semiconductor (head quarters is in Phoenix Arizona) is driving energy efficient

innovations, empowering customers to reduce global energy use. The company is a

leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio

of energy efficient power and signal management, logic, standard and custom devices.

The companys products help engineers solve their unique design challenges

in automotive, communications, computing, and consumer, industrial, medical and

military/aerospace and power applications. ON Semiconductor operates a responsive,

reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, and a network of manufacturing

facilities, sales offices and design centres in key markets throughout North America,

Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. ON Semiconductor provides a comprehensive

portfolio of energy efficient solutions; helps customers solve their unique design

challenges; empowers design engineers to reduce global energy use; operates a

responsive, reliable world-class supply chain and quality program; and maintains global

environmental sustainability and social responsibility programs.

La Consolacion College Tanauan
1.3 Institutions Philosophy, Vision, Mission and Goal

Kind of Culture




If the 5 core values are lived, these 2 are bound to show.

These 5 values are highly implemented in the company.


The company are accountable for delivering their commitments on time, address issues

in an objective, fact-based and constructive fashion without fear of reprisal, when a

decision has been made they all execute to support it, should comply with all legal

requirements and company regulations and hold themselves to the highest standards

of ethical conduct, and speak-up and call-out deviations.

La Consolacion College Tanauan

The company recognize and capitalize on their diversity, to treat each other with dignity

and respect, to value the process of constructive confrontation to resolve issues, and to

promote work-life balance among our associates.


The company take calculated risks based on facts, to take ownership of issues and

concerns while collaborating with others, to expand our scope beyond our immediate

area of responsibility and seek to learn more, and always seek for continuous

improvement in our work and product.


To meet and exceed the needs of internal and external customers by producing quality

products, services and information, to follow specs and procedures, and to seek and

find real root causes of problems and take appropriate actions to correct them.


To drive projects and tasks to completion, on-time and within the budget, to have a

Can Do! attitude - passionately working through limitations, obstacles and challenges,

to consistently meet and exceed the goals, to recognize people who deliver results and

actively address performance issues.

La Consolacion College Tanauan

ON Semiconductor is dedicated to becoming the premier supplier of high performance

energy efficient silicon solutions worldwide.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with high quality, cost effective to solve their demanding

power and solutions signal management design challenges.

1.4 Organizational Chart

La Consolacion College Tanauan
1.5 Company Logo
La Consolacion College Tanauan
Chapter 2: Summary of Trainings

2.1 Department and its Operations, Systems and Procedures

The Hr director Sir Benjie Garvida supervises the whole HR department. Ms Ella

Rosales is the head of Compensation and Benefits she supervises the C&B, C&B Analyst,

Benefits Analyst and the Recruitment staff. Ms Anne Cordero handles the HR

Representative, the OSPI Clinic and the OSPI Physician. They are the one who handles

the activities/parties in OSPI, the accidents, and the canteen. Ms Milot Osioness which

is the OD Analyst and Sir Olsen Bandahala they bought handle the training.

2.2 Organizational Structure of Supervision and Examination Sector

La Consolacion College Tanauan
2.3 Facilities, Equipment and Work Atmosphere

The department where I was assigned, the office Ive been for months.

The second place I was introduced was at the 2nd floor. This is where the exams and

interviews were done and also the on board. There were also cabinets located at the

left side of the room which the test questionnaire, answer sheets, evaluation forms and

other documents are stored.

La Consolacion College Tanauan
The third one is at the other side which is also 2nd

floor. This is where I photocopy all the documents like

answer sheet.

These are the cabinets in our office. The tape, the puncher and tissue are on the corner

side of the other cabinet.

La Consolacion College Tanauan
The printer and the photocopying

machine located at the HR office but I

was only using the photocopying


The black folder contains all the resumes. The stapler, pencil, and ball pen are the

things that I should always have. All this things are located in the cabinet for ojts.

If Im not holding papers I was busy with this laptop encoding or saving something.
La Consolacion College Tanauan
This was the photocopying machine located at the third

floor in the center of the engineering department and

was also the same machine located in the IT room.

This is what our table or work place looks like.

La Consolacion College Tanauan
2.4 Staffing and Manpower
La Consolacion College Tanauan
2.5 Discussion and Field Observation

As I have observed the working atmosphere is quite serious. There are always

people inside the HR Department and a lot of them was looking for the staffing group

especially Ms. Abbey Baxter. There is also a big responsibility that you can feel when

you are an HR. There is also a nonstop load of work. What I like the most is the

atmosphere when people are all laughing and throwing jokes around, the environment

keeps so alive though there are a lot of things to do.

Chapter 3: Evaluation of the Supervised Work Experience (Practicum)

3.1 Strengths and Weaknesses of Training in the Department

As far as I saw sometimes there is lack of communication since everyone is so

busy, not all of the employees in OSPI are practicing their philosophy and sometimes

they are lack in team work in terms of small things or activities.

3.2 Recommendations

There should be additional intern in some area which has too many tasks

including the staffing and the other departments should not need interns.
La Consolacion College Tanauan
3.3 Certificate of Completion
La Consolacion College Tanauan

HR Depatment
La Consolacion College Tanauan

At the office
La Consolacion College Tanauan
Christmas in the office

Interns own Christmas Party

Sir Benjie Garvida (HR Director)

La Consolacion College Tanauan

With the old Interns

La Consolacion College Tanauan

With the new Intern

With my supervisor (Abbey Baxter)