PortoCartoon 2017 HUMOR of excellence

on The (in) sustainability of Tourism.
19. PortoCartoon ~ By Museu Nacional da Imprensa

festivali bout one thousand drawings
21 Haziran’da are part of the 19th
Portekiz’in PortoCartoon-World Festival
başkenti that will spread throughout Greater
Porto, from June 21st. The central
Porto’da theme - Tourism - has led
gerçekleşti. hundreds of cartoonists to reflect
Yarışmanın on the (in) sustainability of current
geçen yıl ki ödül tourism. The theme, based on the
emblematic characterization of the
kazanan UN for 2017, activates criticism
çizerlerinin de about major international issues, as
davetli olduğu has happened since the first edition
festivalde sergi of PortoCartoon in 1999.
As usual, this 19th edition will also
açılışı ve atölye feature several exhibitions, the
çalışmaları Caricature Festival, the unveiling of
yapıldı. Turizm XIXPortoCartoon Invitation 2017. a sculpture allusive to the Grand
Prix and the Rua do PortoCartoon.
konulu yarış- These are some of the ingredients
manın birincisi that intend to reinforce, once again,
Belçikalı sanatçı the image of Porto as 'Cartoon
Luc Vernimmen Capital' (2008 proclamation).
The 2017 edition of this Festival of
da hazır humorous design presents a high
bulunduğu number of works, among winners,
festivalde, selected and parallel shows,
making PortoCartoon one of the
"Savaş Yok" adlı world's greatest shows of humor.
eseri ile 2016 The main theme - Tourism - comes
Kamu Ödülü again, to emphasize the concern of
sahibi Türk çizer the festival in relation to the great
thematic ones of the actuality. In
Emrah Arıkan da the year that the city of Porto was
bir sergi açtı. voted Best European Destination of
Speaks, Luis Humberto Marcos. 2017, this theme could not make
more sense.
The event officially opens on June
23rd, in the afternoon, with the
Prize and trophy Award Ceremony
(designed by Siza Vieira) and
inauguration of the exhibition at the
MNI. The show will be displayed at
the Cartoon International Gallery
until 29 December.
Belgian artist Luc Vernimmen,
winner of the Grand Prix of the 19th
PortoCartoon-World Festival, will
be present throughout the program
of the festival organized by the
National Press Museum.
In the exhibition on the MNI, you
can see all the works selected by
the International Jury, among them
the Second Prize of Jitet Kustana
(Indonesia), entitled "Sunbathing in
the Beach" and the Third Prize
attributed to one of the best
caricaturists of the present time,
Angel Boligan (Mexico), who will
also be present in the various
Cartoonists awarded and public at the awards PortoCartoon (photo Francisco Punal Suarez.) activities of PortoCartoon 2017.

22 fena
of the
Train Station
S. Bento,
Porto -
2017 -
Punal Suarez.

1st Prize
n 2nd Prize
Jitet Kustana,

3rd Prize
Angel Boligan,

The high quality of the work has led Xaquín Marín , Spain).
the international jury to award 25 Picasso and Guterres: caricature
Honorable Mentions to artists from homage This year's edition also
countries as diverse as Belgium (1), includes two Special Caricature
Brazil (4), China (1), Spain (2), Awards centered on two great
Egypt (1), USA ), Iran (1), Italy (2), figures of world renown: Pablo
Poland (2), Portugal (4), Russia (1), Picasso (1881-1973), in evocation
Serbia (1), Turkey (2), Ukraine (1) of the famous Guernica (80 years),
and India (1). and António Guterres (1949 -). The
Around 1500 works by more than winners were, respectively, Dalcio
400 artists from 62 countries were Machado (Brazil) and António
held. Santos - Santiagu (Portugal).
The jury of the 19th PortoCartoon This section of the Festival began in
was Honorary President Georges 2013 with Manoel de Oliveira and
Wolinski - cartoonist of Charlie José Saramago. The following year,
Hebdo murdered in 2015 in Paris, Nelson Mandela and Siza Vieira
who for a decade had been were chosen for the cartoon section,
president of the Jury. In addition, in 2015 Ernest Hemingway and
they have been members of the Cristiano Ronaldo and in the 18th
2017 Jury: Bernard Bouton edition it was the turn of Charlie
(president of FECO), Inês Moreira Chaplin and Sara Sampaio.
(Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto), Luiz The Turkish artist Emrah Arikan,
Humberto Marcos (director of the winner of the 2016 Public Prize,
National Press Museum), Roberto with the work "No war", will present
Merino (Chilean director) and an anthology exhibition.

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