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Lesson 3 - Concept Development


Unit School Ball

Topic Theme Research

Class L2 DIT

Date 28/03/17

Learning Outcomes To be able to investigate and research further information about my


Success Criteria By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
- Identify and discuss different methods of research
- Utilise good research techniques to investigate their theme
- Develop a better understanding of their theme

My Focus - Students are able to work collaboratively

- Following through
- Capture artefacts
- Stick to timing
- Do not assume!
- Slow down when explaining
- Do not keep a monotone
- Explicit instructions and clarification

Learning Activities Greet and welcome students Establish routine.

- Sit in the same seat as last lesson, following lesson plan Remain in new seating plan.
- Log on
- Open and read instructions on Google Classroom

10 mins Effective Research Techniques Students need to know where and how to find
more information about their theme. This will get
- In your theme groups, discuss different ways you could them a better understanding of their theme and
research your theme. therefore be able to generate better solutions
- Internet? Google? Talking to people? Stakeholders? Etc. and ideas for the given brief.Giving students
- Then add ideas of ways to research on padlet another chance for collaboration on padlet.

30 mins Theme Research Students are fulfilling the research and

investigation aspect of the Concept
- See example of theme research Development standard.
- Explain the importance of this document and this process
- Do the theme research of their own theme on Google Docs
- This has been assigned as an assignment

10 mins End of Lesson / Extension - Methods Assignment Following through with the assignment being
due today. Giving students a final chance to do
- Complete and Hand In your Methods assignment due today final touchups. Keeping deadlines and having
at 3.30pm high expectations of having these met.