The prized cartoons in World Press

Cartoon 2017 in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

The cartoon «Immigrants», by Iranian author Alireza Pakdel,
was honoured with the Grand Prix of the 12th edition of
WORLD PRESS CARTOON, the great annual event of
humour drawing in the international press. First prize in the
Cartoon Editorial category, the cartoon was published in the
Iranian newspaper «Etemad» in August 2016. Among the
nine winners of this edition, the author raised the highest
monetary prize in the amount of 10,000 euros. Still in this
category, the jury awarded the 2nd prize to «Nice Attack»,
from the Greek Michael Kountouris (published in the
newspaper Efimerida Ton Syntakton), and the 3rd prize for
the «Welcome» by the French cartoonist Sunnerberg
Constantin (published by Courrier International).

The awards ceremony took place in a show where humour
reigned, with the presence of important personalities from
FIRST PRIZE: Alireza Pakdel, Iran

international cartooning and the cultural landscape of Caldas
da Rainha, the city hosting the 2017 event. The salon director,
the Portuguese cartoonist António Antunes, highlighted the
important role that humour has for the vitality of the press:
«Cartoons are a critical segment and an exercise of
freedom, without which newspapers can not survive and fulfil
their social and civic goals.» The mayor of Caldas da Rainha,
Fernando Tinta Ferreira, highlighted the international
projection that World Press Cartoon brings to the city: «This is
an event that brings to Caldas da Rainha great artists from all
over the world who find, as is our tradition, an environment
conducive to creation in freedom. In a city marked by the work
of the great caricaturist tradition of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro it
is natural and logical this connection to a contest that
celebrates what is best done in the world in this art.»

The World Press Cartoon also distinguishes works in two
other categories. In Caricatura, two winning pieces came from
Brazil: a Fidel Castro by Luiz Carlos Fernandes, published in
the magazine Veja, and a Bob Dylan by Eduardo Baptistão,
FIRST PRIZE: Michael Kountouris, Greece

published in the Diário do Grande ABC, first and second
prizes respectively. The 3rd prize, for a «Trump Punk» from
the pages of the newspaper Unità, was awarded to the Italian
artist Mariagrazia Quaranta. In the category of Gag Cartoon,
the first prize was awarded to the Serbian Toshow Borkovic,
for the work «The Speaker», the 2nd prize went to «Rio»,
from the Swiss Silvan Wegmann, and the 3rd prize distin-
guished «Ludopatia», from the Ecuadorian author Xavier
Bonilla. Works carried out for the publications Ilustrovarna
Politika, Schweiz am Sonntag and Our World, respectively.

All these cartoons are part of the selection made by an
international jury among the hundreds of works presented to
the contest and coming from all continents. This selection of
the 267 best competing works forms the exhibition that will be
open to the public at the Cultural and Congress Center of
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, with free admission, starting
today and until August 10. Cartoons that shape a fun portrait
of the world, published in 168 newspapers and magazines in
51 countries. The visitor can take all these drawings home:
to do so, just buy the beautiful catalogue, for sale at the
exhibition site.

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Special prize: Toshow Borkovic, Serbia

Third prize: Constantin Sunnerberg, France

Special prize: Silvan Wegmann, Switzerland

Mention of Honor: Cau Gomez, Brasil Mention of Honor: Antonio Jorge Goncalves, Portugal

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