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I) Status

Item CDD <<Ex Works>> EDD as per Supplier EDD as assessed by


II) Critical Areas & Action (Identifying the Responsibility and Time Frame)#

Responsibility Target Date

1) Engineering Completed
2) Procurement - Completed.
3) ITP / Quality Related Issues-

QAP 1.1 Test Forgings- HIC&SSC TEST

Unloading of samples inspection notification reminder sent to LNT MR. Pradnyesh on 29/12/14 planned at
Mumbai TCR Lab for Inspection on 31-12-14 for SSCC unloading and Micro Structure of HIC LNT to ensure the
same. Test reports are required for final clearance of Documents by TPI

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4) Manufacturing including Resources

Fairtech/LNT once again put pressure on Goodrich to follow the delivery schedule as required by LNT ie.
6#1500-Joints- 2 no and 14#1500 Joints-2 no ON Priority .

As discussed with Mr. Michael Basker-GM-Technical- Goodrich Gaskets, the manufacturing schedule as follows
for 6#1500 Joints- 2 nos.
- Out of 4 Nos ordered 1 no dispatched on 18-12-14 via Prashar Road Carriers vide LR/CN No. 187029 dt 18-
12-14 and the Invoice No.GGPL/SD/INV/141001017.
- 2 nos inspection completed and packed on 27-12-14 and will be shipped by truck no.KA-04 C 6917,
LR No /CN No 187035 today is 30-12-14.
- Balance 1 no under Hydro today ie 30-12-14.
- Planned for dispatch by 6-01-15 after coating.
- + 1 Proto under welding
- Fairtech/LNT showed their unhappiness on the progress and once again insisted/pressurized Goodrich
to complete the same ASAP as required by LNT. Goodrich confirmed that they will try to complete at the

14#1500 Joints 2 nos on priority.

- Out of 4 nos ordered 2 nos assembly completed.
- Out of 2 nos 1 no inspection completed and packed on 27-12-14 and will be shipped by truck no.KA-04 C
6917, LR No /CN No 187035 today is 30-12-14.
- 1 No under coating and planned to dispatch by 6/1/15 along with the 1 no 6 #1500.
- Balance 2 nos under various stages and Goodrich informed that the final dispatch of these Joints will be
after Pongal Holidays (15th & 16th Jan15 are Holidays for Goodrich)

Fairtech/LNT not agreed on this plan and showed their anger and once again put more pressure on Goodrich to
complete the order at the earliest with strict discussion with Technical and Production Team of Goodrich
Gaskets. After that Goodrich informed, they will try to complete the same before Pongal Holidays.

6#900 Joints- 2 nos.

- Out of 2 nos ordered, 1 no Hydro planned on 31-12-14. Inspection call notification sent to Prayndesh of
LNT already.
- Final inspection and dispatch planned on 6th Jan15.
- Balance 1 no, Forging under welding and planned for Final inspection and dispatch by 13-1-15.

NOTE : Due to Heavy rain and the local strike by the Tamilnadu Government Bus Transport for couple of days
Goodrich had some problems caused impact on the schedule again.

III) Support from L&T Management, PMC, OWNER

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