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Leader :

Clark Louis C. Arciaga

Members :

Ma. Angelika Fuerte

Vince Gian Dumlao

Christian Joanino

John Patrick Pepito

Database Online Servers

According to the context, database server may refer to both hardware and
software. Some examples are:
-Angelika Fuerte
Reporting - In reporting, you need to know first the informations from your
database. You need to visualize and organize it. Reporting can help you to decide
and make a better decisions for your work. Design your works and publish it. Just
put a lot of informations there. Reporting is very important because in reporting is
where some of your datas can be seen.
Online backup - This is very important when it comes to your database. You need
to have your backup because we don't know when will the problems occur. In
that case, it's really important for you to have a copy of your work.
Management studio - allows you to configure and manage the components of a
Sync your data - It will help you to link servers easily. In this line, users can access
to the same information. From smartphones, laptops, desktop, etc,. Users can
easily link up and access their data through vpn connections. Vpn is the virtual
private network which is constructed using public wires. It is used to connect to a
private network. It is also important for us, maybe not now but someday.
Map your data - In this line, you can easily create and visualize your datas. Find
out where to put your efforts and to know where your clients or customers are.
Database servers used to refer to the back-end system of a database application.
It performs tasks such as data analysis and data manipulation. It is also database
interaction that process data.
Automated Administration Tasks - It can automate administration by defining
predictable administrative tasks and then specify their conditions under with each
task occurs. To handle such as certain routine tasks and events makes your free
time to perform other administrative functions, by using this automated
administration. Microsoft SQL Server allows you to automate administrative tasks.
Cloud By Clark Louis C. Arciaga

Cloud SQL, a fully control database service that makes it more efficient,
more reliable, to control your databases in this server. Cloud SQL brings a
high quality standards, expandibility and being able to proceed with
something with little effort or difficulty. Hosted by Google Cloud Platform,
Cloud SQL gives basic physical and organizational structures and facilities
needed for all applications.

It Focus on your Application

Google will let control the database, so that you can pay particular
attention to your applications. Cloud SQL is having all the required or
desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics or just simply says perfect
any applications just like e commerce applications, and many more that is
compatible with MySQL etc..

Simple & Managed Well

CloudSQL is used without any difficulty or effort, it doesnt needs any

installation of software. It converts all your backups, replication, patches,
and updates while making sure a hundred percent of the quality of being
able to used or obtained in whole world

Performance & Scalability

CloudSQL brings better, faster, or more efficient than others and the ability
of a computing process to be used or produced in a range of capabilities
with up to 10TB of storage capacity, 25,000 IOPS, and 208GB of RAM per

Reliability & Security

Without any hassle and difficulty it arrange or order replication and backups
that will protects data and contents. Go further by activating automatic
failover to form or make your database favorably free. Your informations is
automatically convert into a cipher or code, especially to prevent
unauthorized access and Cloud SQL is SSAE 16, ISO 27001, PCI DSS
v3.0, and HIPAA compliant.

Pay Per Use Without Lock-in

Cloud SQL gives per-minute process of making out, sending invoices or

simply billing, automatic support use discounts, and an example sizes to
suitable quality of any estimate income. There is no in advanced
commitment, and with continuing use discounts, you'll have automatically
received a deducted amount prices for databases that run repeatedly
without exceptions or reversals.

It is one of the most capable, scalable, and secure database through a web-based
interface that raises the bar for cloud data management. There's no requirement
for installation, no upkeep, and there's no advanced database skills using it. It is
also easily working with your Caspio applications and external services also
programs it is designed to centralized your cloud database.


If you want to improve an internal process or create a customer-facing

application for anyone, Caspio has the tools that you need. Now, business
professionals can create forms or publish databases on the web in just a few
minutes. Caspio offers a long list of essentials capabilities for every aspect of a
modern, smart custom application.


Today we serves thousands of customers ranging from large and small scale
corporations and government agencies, to non-profits and non-governments
businesses. It was our perfected platform in 200, while over 500,000 applications
are running on Caspio's online platform across several global country sites. Caspio
requires many of industry compliance and security also the demands.

ENTERPRISE DATABASE - In our backend for optimal performances and security.

We use Microsoft SQL Server, and our web interface makes using the database as
familiar as using a spreadsheet.

AWS INFRASTRUCTURE - Amazon Web Services also runs on by Caspio for

superior scalability and access to the latest and greatest technologies
available in the cloud.

BUILT-IN INTEGRATION - With many popular services, Caspio offers built-in

integration such as Google app authentication, Microsoft Office plugin, Amazon
CloudFront file caching, Google Drive, Box.net, data transfer via Dropbox, and
more etc.
GLOBAL LOCALIZATION - Caspio gives you permission to create applications in
any language and your account comes pre-loaded with 11 common languages. As
well as time zones and all worldwide number and date formats, are supported.

DEPLOY ANYWHERE - You can deployed your applications anywhere on any

website, CMS, blog, or portal, We also support Facebook and SharePoint
deployment, while Caspio remains behind the scenes.

REST AND SOAP API - There are available to extend your applications as you wish
using the programming language of your choice. Among the options APIs are
open, while 90% of applications require no coding.
Christian Joanino
The word database server may submit together hardware with software wear to
run a database, according on top of the way to the background. While software a
database server be the back end part of a database appliance next the normal
client server copy. This back end part is occasionally called the request. It may
also refer to the material computer used to host the database. When mention in
this background, the database server is usually a dedicated high end computer
that hosts the database.
Note that the database server is independent of the database style. Relational
databases, even files non relational databases in the client server computer
model here is a devoted host to and serve up the income, usually one or more
software applications. There are a few trades who can join to the server and use
the goods open and hosted in the server.
As believe databases in the user server model, the database server can be the
back end of the database use or it is able to be the hardware computer that hosts
the order. Occasionally it may even refer to the group of both hardware and
In smaller and midsized setup, the hardware database server will also usually host
the server part of the software appliance that uses the database. If we think a
bank, for example, the hardware database server will host the software database
server and the bank software appliance. This application will possible connect to
the database exact ports and use inter process letter to log into and access the
data local in the database. The users in the bank, seat at their private computers,
will also use the client unit of the application fix on their computers to connect to
the database.
A database server is computer systems that give new computers by services
connected to access and get well details from a database. Access to the database
server can happen via a running nearby a user tool or else back end running on
the database server itself, way in by remote shell. One time the information in the
database is improved it is outputted to the user label the data.

A database server is a computer. It can have special hardware new to it for

purpose of job loss with run. A server ordinary is tasked by make curious function.
Reporting The imagine all mode of information from your
database by design.

Online Backup - Never lose your data, or your mind, again.

Management Studio - allows you to position, manage, and

develop all device of sql server.

Sync your data - simply link up many sql server databases even
on multiple policy and still you're when offline.

Map your data - by Bing map or the MapPoint add-in for sql
server you can simply create an idea maps to physically imagine
your data.
Microsoft SQL Server John Patrick Pepito

Microsoft SQL Server is a database management system from Microsoft. As

an online database server, it is a type of software with a principal purpose of
keeping and recovering data as desired by clients software application. The
clients application may come from the same computer or even on another
computer across a network. Microsoft SQL server comes with different editions for
different users depending on how they needed the server. It ranges from a small
single-machine application to large application with many users.

Here are some examples of its different editions:

Business Intelligence
They also have specialized editions such as Azure, Compact(SQL CE), Developer,
Embedded(SSEE), Evaluation, FastTrack, LocalDB, etc.

Microsoft SQL servers very first version was release 28 years ago. SQL server
1.0 was released on April 24, 1989. It is a 16-bit server built for OS/2 operating

Listed below are the versions supported by Microsoft as of December 2016:

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014
SQL Server 2016
The latest version as of this date is SQL server 2016. An overview of it as
indicated in Microsofts website said that it is industry leading, with advance
security, can reconstruct data into actionable insights, can evaluate data straight
within the SQL server database, and is made entirely for hybrid cloud. With data
that is always encrypted, Microsoft promises their customers a greater peace of
mind and confidence that all of their clients data is secured and cant be breached.
It also has a built-in feature that automatically build an end-to-end business
intelligence and analytics solutions. Furthermore, Microsoft boast its new feature
in SQL server 2016 called Always Encrypted.

Always Encrypted is a new feature that comes with the SQL server 2016. It
encrypts data at rest, in use, or even while processing queries. This stands out from
the initial column-level encryption, which can only focus with data at rest. With
this feature, clients can better manage who can gain access data since the client
application holds the actual data encryption and decryption.