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Electro pop 4 = 130 ssreth Lauren: Oh, no. Don't you dare. Gir, girl, girl, 'm BbS warning you! No! I think Ihave a crush. Tean't FIA ADS EbS I think. I'm falling for him. Oh, no. Why not? BLS FIA Abs BSS ‘The History ofWieng Guye-9- 1 (©2012 OUR LADY OF THE RAINBOW MUSIC (EK) [AX Righis for OUR LADY OF THE RAINEOW MUSIC (BNI) Cooled and Administered ty SPIAIT ONE MUSIC (BMI) Intemational Copresht Secured ‘Alvpights Feserved "Ube by Permission Verse 1: BES F/A AS, 1.Wom-en have been mak - ing since the be - ES BIS PA gin - ning of time, Are you gon-na be an - oth - er Abs EbS BIS FIA Used to think you were from out-er space. LES Abs EBS Bis Who's this bright eyed guy ___in_your place? You're kind of cute LEN when you're not BIS FA I've been here. be- fore Have I comeback for more? BSS Bbs — his-to-ry of wrong. guys You used to be so “ch,” 2 ADS But now you're chang-ing in - to someone I ADS An-oth-er chap-ter in the b, FIA, a limp lack -lust - er bore. Chorus: BbS just can't ig - nore. “The Hatory of Wrong Guye 9-8 Bis F cs like Is there real-ly — more__ to than what al-ways — thought?_ vel val 2 = How can you sur - = “The History of Wrong Guys-9-4 16 = = S = S = S = = = 27 5 = = Lauren: He's gota girlfriend, you flake. Why are they only nice when they're unavailable? Bhs FIA AS Bis subito mp Verse 2: BES, FIA, Abs 2.Don'twan-na be an-oth-er star - crossed lov - er. We all know. ELS Bis FA Tm bet- ter off with-out him, we're bet-ter off as Tho Hitoy of Wrong Guye 0-5 7 Abs ELS BES FIA But I've been here be-fore. Have I come back for more? Abs EIS BBS — ase ‘An-oth-er chap-ter in the his-to-ry of wrong. guys Yes-ter-day no spark, FA Abs EBS no heart ach -ing to-day I'm feel-ing some-thing I just can’t ig - nore “The History of Wrong Guys 8-8 18 BIS F cs Tve been hurt___like ‘The his-to-ry of | wrong_guys. — Chap-ter Bridge: he’s a bum, Two: he's not in - to you. S s S S = subito p cresc. poco a poco = Four loves the girl next door. ‘Five: Loves the boy next door. Six don't love you no more, 9 in - se-cure, makes you so un-sure, isso. im-ma- ture, loves. his moth-er “more, makes you colla voce NC. has a gitl-friend named —Ni- col - a. Chorus: Bhs F cs ) Tve been “The History of Wrong Guys - 9-8 T can see there’s than what al- ways thought. = = = Triseh: Eh! Where you off to? Lauren: I've been executized. NC ¥S atempo ff = “The History of Wrong Guys-9-8