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Mighty Lineage (Jotunblut 1):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: None.]

The blood of the Aesir is the blood of the giants. Bred from such powerful stock, Aesir
Scions are naturally resilient and sturdy, examples of peak physical form. Upon taking this
boon, the Scion gains one additional -0 health level. Often, Scions who gain this boon find
that they've grown physically as a result, becoming slightly taller, broader, or more muscled
as their giant heritage is brought to the fore.

Power In the Blood (Jotunblut 2):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: 1 lethal health level + 1 Legend.]

A true Scion of the Aesir is more than merely empowered by the blood of the Jotuns that
flows within his veins-- he can also use a portion of his blood to empower mortal humans
and animals who drink of his blood. When the Scion sheds blood by inflicting a level of
unsoakable lethal damage upon himself and spending a point of Legend, that blood
becomes a potent draught: enough for one person or one animal. Drinking this empowered
blood results in an automatic and permanent Fatebinding. Beings with their own Legend
experience no additional effects-- their innate Legend resists the Jotunblut's transformative

When consumed by a drinker without a Legend score, the blood imposes its full effect,
transforming an animal into a notably large, lean, powerful example of its kind, or
transforming a human being into a battle-ready berserk. In addition to the automatic
Fatebinding, the blood also grants the drinker one extra -0 health level, one permanent dot
of Loyalty, and one permanent dot of Courage. Also, the drinker gains one permanent dot of
either Strength or Stamina for every dot of Jotunblut the Aesir Scion has. (After the Scion
has gained more dots of Jotunblut, he can reuse this boon on his already-created Jotunblut
minions, increasing their bonus Strength and Stamina dots to reflect the new total.)

Additionally, animals and mortals become supernaturally loyal to the Scion who uses this
boon to empower them. This compulsion is only temporary, lasting one month per dot of
Jotunblut the Scion has. During this period, the empowered animal or berserk is loyal only
to the Scion, and becomes dour and gruff around others. The Scion can renew this period of
loyalty with another application of this boon. Unless the duration expires, this loyalty can
only be broken if the berserk is fed the blood of another Aesir Scion (with at least as many
dots of Jotunblut as his current master), or the purer, more concentrated etir of any giant.

Using Jotunblut boons multiple times on the same person does not keep granting more
permanent bonuses with each use. However, multiple uses will strengthen Fatebindings,
renew the duration of any temporary effects, and replace weaker permanent bonuses with
stronger ones (from Scions with higher Jotunblut values).

Jotun's Challenge (Jotunblut 3):

[Dice Pool: Courage. Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 or more Legend (see text).]
Sighting a worthy foe, the Aesir Scion spends a point of Willpower and makes a Courage
roll, vowing to be victorious against that opponent. If the roll succeeds, the Scion rouses the
Jotun battle fury that is his birthright, and spends at least one Legend (up to a maximum
amount of Legend equal to his Jotunblut value). While consumed by this battle fury, the
Aesir Scion gains one bonus die per point of Legend spent in this boon's activation. These
bonus dice apply to all rolls directly related to overcoming the chosen opponent (including
attack rolls), and to all rolls made to resist effects that might dissuade the Aesir Scion from
pursuing this goal. Whether it succeeds or not, the Scion can attempt to activate this boon
only once per scene. This fury lasts either until the named foe is defeated, or until it
becomes clear that the Scion has lost (in which case the Scion loses all of his unspent
temporary Willpower).

The Jotun's Challenge is a powerful aid to the Aesir in battle, but the tales of the Aesir are
also filled with other contests of prowess. When striving against the illusions of Utgard-Loki,
Loki used this power in his eating contest against fire disguised as a giant, and Thor used it
in his attempt to lift the colossal Midgard Serpent disguised as a cat.

Larger Than Life (Jotunblut 4):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: None.]

As the Aesir Demigod grows in power, his Jotun heritage asserts itself more forcefully.
Ignorant mortals are likely to overlook the Scion's exceptional proportions just as they
overlook actual giants, seeing him an especially tall human. To those in the know, however,
it's much more apparent that he has the blood of giants in his veins.

The Demigod's Jotunblut boons now grant him a total of three bonus -0 health levels (one
from Mighty Lineage, and two more from this boon). Additionally, all his (Stamina +
Fortitude) and (Strength + Athletics) dice pools now also add his Jotunblut value. This
bonus applies to (Stamina + Fortitude) and (Strength + Athletics) dice rolls, as well as to
calculated values based on those totals (such as the amount of time the Demigod can work
non-stop without tiring, and the maximum distance he can jump).

Sanguine Might (Jotunblut 5):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: 1 lethal health level + 1 Legend per dose.]

As the Aesir Demigod's might and Legend grow, so too does the power of his Jotun
heritage, expressed through his blood. Due to the increased potency of the Demigod's ichor,
he can supply enough Jotunblut for large numbers of followers at once, if he chooses to.
Suffering one lethal health level now provides enough empowered blood for up to one
drinker per dot of Jotunblut, but the Aesir Demigod must spend 1 Legend point per drinker.
This boon is a much stronger version of Power In the Blood; its effects are identical to
Power In the Blood, but with the following increases.

When exposed to Demigod-potency Jotunblut, drinkers gain a Legend score of 1. They gain
three extra -0 health levels, a number of permanent Virtue dots equal to the Aesir
Demigod's Jotunblut score (to be divided between Courage and Loyalty, with at least one
dot in each), and one dot each of Epic Strength and Epic Stamina (with knacks, as usual).
They also gain the same permanent Strength and Stamina benefits of Power In the Blood
(one dot per point of Jotunblut, to be divided between both attributes), but the maximum
values of these attributes are increased to 10.

As with all Jotunblut endowments, any given recipient gains the benefits of only the most
powerful boon. A berserk who has tasted the Power In the Blood and the Sanguine Might
boons gains only the benefits of Sanguine Might; they overwrite the previous boon's weaker

Even though this boon grants its drinkers a Legend score, they can still be affected by this
boon and other Jotunblut boons that normally affect only mortals without Legend. (That is,
an Aesir Demigod can still reapply this boon to his minions to improve them after his own
Legend increases.)

Still Standing (Jotunblut 6):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: 1 Willpower and 1 Legend per use (see text).]

When their bodies are broken by the enemy's onslaught, even the mightiest heroes are
forced to crumble. Not so for the Aesir, who are quite literally made of sterner stuff. By
drawing upon raw, stubborn willpower and the Jotun blood in his veins, an Aesir Demigod
with this boon can stave off unconsciousness or even death, buying a few crucial moments.
Used well, this boon can grab enough time for the Scion to seek live-saving healing, or even
better, to ensure that he takes his killer with him to Helheim.

When the Aesir Demigod suffers enough damage to fill his Incapacitated health level, he can
spend 1 Willpower and 1 Legend to postpone the inevitable, remaining upright, conscious,
and active (though he labors under a -4 wound penalty regardless of his actual Epic
Stamina level). Even though his filled health levels indicate that he should be unconscious,
dying, or completely dead, he can continue fighting back. The damage the Demigod has
suffered (and may continue to suffer) is real, and so are the consequences-- this boon
grants the Demigod no special control over whether he suffers those consequences, only

This reprieve lasts for one minute, or until the Demigod is hit by another attack (even if his
Soak absorbs all the damage). At the end of this effect, he can spend another 1 Willpower
and 1 Legend, buying another minute or another hit. As long as he can continue spending
Willpower and Legend, he can remain standing. As soon as he's either unwilling or unable to
continue paying this cost (or at the end of the scene, regardless), the full force of all his
injuries comes crashing back, and the Aesir Demigod must suffer the consequences just like
anybody else-- which may result in immediate death.

Blood Oath (Jotunblut 7):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 Legend.]

The renowned honor of the Aesir, combined with the remarkable power of their Jotun-
infused ichor, can consecrate an oath so solemn that the swearers' very blood cries out
against violating it. To swear such an oath, the Aesir Demigod mingles his blood with that of
the other oath-swearers-- a simple handshake between slashed palms will do. Additionally,
each participant in the oath must spend a point of Willpower, and the Aesir Demigod himself
must also spend a point of Legend. The oath itself may be a simple truce, a promise of
mutual assistance in times of need, or any other agreement-- as long as all parties swear to
uphold it.

While the oath is kept, anyone bound by it may add their Loyalty Virtue as bonus dice to
any roll made to uphold the oath; these bonus dice do not count against the normal Virtue
channeling limits. Additionally, while the existence of such an oath may not genuinely foster
friendship between those who have sworn it, it does encourage trust (though perhaps a
grudging trust). Oath participants also gain their Loyalty scores as extra dice on all on
Charisma rolls made to deal with each other, as long as the oath is kept.

However, the true power of an Aesir's blood oath is its value as a deterrant to oathbreakers.
Anyone who swears such an oath and then violates it-- intentionally or accidentally-- loses
all his Willpower and cannot regain it. To be free of this terrible retribution, the oathbreaker
must seek out the aggrieved party and ask for the chance to make amends, usually by
means of a labor performed at the wronged person's request. If the oathbreaker cannot or
will not secure release from his broken oath in this way, he must do without Willpower for
one full year per dot of the wronged party's Legend (or a minimum of one year).

Myth Made Flesh (Jotunblut 8):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: 1 Legend per manifestation.]

To a God among the Aesir, with the ability to construct his physical form from divine ichor
and raw will, the limits of the flesh are no longer an impediment to the full, awe-inspiring
power of his Jotun blood. When he manifests a physical body, he may spend an additional 1
Legend to create a body with Jotun features so obvious that even the most skeptical of
mortals can no longer rationalize them away. Such a body can be taller than the Aesir God's
"real" height, up to a maximum height of one foot per dot of Legend. The God's width,
weight, and other dimensions are increased in proportion to this new, greater height.

While in a body enhanced by this boon, the Aesir gains two additional -0 health levels,
bringing his total (combined with the effects of the Larger Than Life boon) to five additional
-0 health levels. Additionally, while in a giant-sized body, you also add your Jotunblut value
to your Bashing and Lethal Soak, and add the same number of automatic successes to all
Strength-based damage rolls.

Jotun Apotheosis (Jotunblut 9):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: 1 lethal health level + 10 Legend.]

The blood of all Aesir carries great transformative power, but no lesser feat of Jotunblut
compares to the breathtaking changes that wrack the bodies of those who drink a true Aesir
God's blood. Suffering one unsoakable level of lethal damage and spending 10 Legend
produces only one dose of this distilled ichor. Drinking this concentrated draught has potent
effects, but only upon a person or animal who has no Legend score already, or who only has
a Legend score because of the Sanguine Might (Jotunblut 5) boon.

An animal who drinks this blood grows to an enormous size, becoming a Nemean creature
with a Legend score of the Aesir God's choice, with a minimum value of 2 and a maximum
value of 5. It has all the usual Nemean characteristics: doubled physical attributes, doubled
health levels, a number of Epic Attributes equal to its Legend plus two, and a supernaturally
resilient armored hide which increases Soak values by +4A/+8L/+8B. In addition to these
standard Nemean traits, the creature gains a number of dots of Virtues equal to the Aesir
God's (Jotunblut + Fortitude) value, to be distributed between Loyalty, Courage, and
Endurance (with a minimum of one dot in each).

A mortal human or berserk who drinks his blood becomes a true giant with a Legend score
of the Aesir God's choice, with a minimum value of 2 and a maximum value of 5. They gain
Epic Stamina and Epic Strength each equal to Legend minus one, with an appropriate
number of knacks, and the following health levels: five -0 levels, five -1 levels, three -2
levels, one -4 level, and one Incapacitated level. (Epic Stamina mitigates these wound
penalties as normal.) The new giant gains a number of dots equal to the Aesir God's
(Jotunblut + Fortitude) value, to be distributed among Loyalty, Courage, and Endurance
(with a minimum of one dot in each), and an equal number of additional dots to add to
physical attributes, which may now be increased to a maximum value of 12.

As with other Jotunblut boons, a given individual can benefit from no more than one
endowment. If used on a person or animal who has already benefited from Power In the
Blood (Jotunblut 2) or Sanguine Might (Jotunblut 5), Jotun Apotheosis replaces the effect of
the previous boon, rather than adding to them.

Unlike previous Jotunblut boons, the supernatural loyalty imposed by this boon does not
expire. It is permanent unless overwritten by another Aesir's more powerful Jotunblut boon
or a giant's etir, or undone by the Wyrd or comparable power.

Blood Will Tell (Jotunblut 10):

[Dice Pool: None. Cost: See text.]

When a God of the Aesir inherits the fullness of his power, he also develops the full potential
of his unique blood: mixed Jotun blood and divine ichor, seasoned by age and by deeds of
Legend-- rendered nuanced, complex, mysterious... and above all, potent.

With this boon, an Aesir God's blood trumps even the etir of giants. Thralls of the Jotuns are
no longer immune to the God's Jotunblut endowments; a God who manages to feed a thrall
a portion of his Legend-infused blood can choose either to override the thrall's previous
loyalty with a new supernatural allegiance, or free the thrall of all supernatural bindings of
obedience, leaving it a free agent. The Aesir God may also choose to wipe out any of the
drinker's Dark Virtues, applying new Virtues (according to whatever Jotunblut boon he's
using) on top of a clean Virtue slate.
Furthermore, an Aesir God who knows at least one Fire boon with an eight dot rating or
higher has the option to use Jotun Apotheosis to create a fire giant, if he wishes to.
Similarly, a God with at least one eight-dot Frost boon can create frost giants.

Finally, while in a body enhanced by Myth Made Flesh (Jotunblut 8), an Aesir God with this
boon is a paragon of might, able to display truly terrifying physical force. His Jotunblut value
adds to the damage of his Strength-based attacks as automatic successes, instead of as
bonus dice. He can also spend 5 Legend to add the same value to his Aggravated Soak
against a single attack.