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TF 1-2:30PM Humanities 1


1. Enyas musical genre is classified as NEW AGE by critics and reviewers. However, she
doesnt classify her music as such and answer only as Enyas Genre if ask about it. She
cited her musical foundation as the classics, church music, Celtics and folk music (Irish
reels and jigs). She is an irish singer, songwriter, producer and musician. Enyas vocal
range is mezzo-soprano. Her melodies are strong and she sings a lot. Enya has sung in
ten languages in her career including English, iris, Latin, welsh, Spanish, French and
Japanese. Her music influences are from works of fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien and
Sergie Rach Maninoff (a known composer).

2. Identify the dominant musical instruments used in Enya's music.

Enyas play a whole lot of instruments, not just keyboard. Majority of this instruments
she used from outside musicians to perform percussion, uileann pipes, clarinet, cornet
and double bass. She also used different type of keyboards: Yamaha kx88 master,
Yamaha dx7, Oberheim matrix , Akai s900, Roland D-50 and Roland juno-60. Her music is
known in multi vocals or multi-tracked vocals. In one of her song she recorded 500
vocals individually.

3. What is the message of her songs ( wild child, only time )

ONLY TIME interpretation

The song focuses about love. How you will be able to know if its the real one. How your
heart could cope in losing someone dear to you because of unfaithfulness. Or as time
passes will you able to move on and forget that love. So only time could tell what the
future holds and only time could heal all wounds.
4. What is the main message of Dr Alban for the youth of today?

The song is about drug addiction among teens/youth. Dr. alban lyrics is telling or
advising the youth of today to stay away from drugs because it will destroy their life.
Drugs are rampant and it is everywhere and that makes the youth expose to this
dangerous chemical that might ruin their health and mentality thats why they not
afraid to commit crimes. The addiction on this drug makes them young criminals and
became a trash of society that are not easily resolve by rehabilitation. Protect the youth
, say no to drugs.

5. What is main message of black eyed peas' song where is the love? Discuss
Black eyed peas song is an eye opener of what is currently happening in the world:
Violence cause by terrorism attack like what happen to Syria and some countries,
discrimination among races and religion, abusing of freedom, no equality , wars
between rival countries. A lot of innocent people and children have died because of
senseless act of violence. The song is looking for loves absence in everyones heart.
Why these things happen with no apparent reason at all. Black eyes peas are asking
humanity among us, to spread love as what God teach us, to love one another because
we are all Gods creations. If there is LOVE there is PEACE.

6. What is your interpretation to Taylor Swift's song Blank Space?

The song blank space is about a woman who knew how to deal with a guy who is a
player on love. The girl in the song says she could play along with love with a guy as long
as he wants but must bear the consequences of the game.

But during an interview with Taylor Swift , she told the story of the song is about what is
the perception of some people about her personal life especially on lovelife. The song is
somehow her way to protect and defend herself about the wrong impression about her.
7. Can you consider the Jessie j's price tag represents modern day society?
Yes. If you look all around people are busy to work to earn money. They needed it to sustain
their everyday needs. Some even work almost 24/7 to earn extra. That why they forget how
to live , what is life all about. What make someone to be truly happy. Some families cant
even see or bond with each other even though they live in one roof. Thats how money has
eaten them because without it they cannot move on with their life. But in some way we
could understand that life today is really tough, and money makes it easier to live.

Everything we need or want has a cost value like food, clothing, shelter etc... You need
money to finance it all. But the main point is to live simply, live a life not for money alone.