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TEGO Betain P 50 C

The cost-efficient, concentrated

Cocamidopropyl Betaine based on
RSPO certified palm kernel oil.

The new 38% active betaine provides superior thickening performance

which can deliver reduced formulation cost.

The easily processable secondary surfactant can be used in a wide range

of surfactant systems delivering excellent foam and improved mildness.

Nowadays, cosmetics producers and end consumers are increasingly looking for cost-effective
and mild cleansing products with excellent foaming and pleasing rheological properties. Addi-
tionally, there is a growing global demand for responsibly sourced feedstocks.

As a global leader in the secondary surfactant market Evonik launches TEGO Betain P 50 C, a
novel concentrated surfactant based on RSPO certified palm kernel oil.
The predominantly renewable feedstock and high product purity of the preservative-free
TEGO Betain P 50 C support a more environmentally conscious approach in the cosmetic

TEGO Betain P 50 C is suitable for a broad range of application formats in the cleansing care
market, including body washes, shampoos, liquid soaps, foam baths, oral care and soap bars.
Chemical and physical properties
Intended use
Form clear, low-viscous liquid

Colour light Efficiency

Active matter ~ 38 % High concentration of active matter


Cocamidopropyl Betaine


TEGO Betain P 50 C is based on sustain-

Thickening behaviour in a standard surfactant system
able RSPO- certified palm kernel oil.
PEG & Preservative-free.

Eco profile: Readily biodegradable
Viscosity, 25 C [mPas]

6000 (91,6 % in 28 days OECD 301 B)

4000 Certificate: Ecocert and COSMOS approved


TEGO Betain F 50 TEGO Betain P 50 C

9.0 % SLES, 3.0 % Betain, 0.5 % NaCl, 2.5 % ANTIL 171, pH 5.5

Better thickening behaviour compared to standard CAPBs (also Composition/origin

38 % a.m.) due to the slightly different C-chain distribution in the The raw materials for this product are
starting oil. The figure above shows the differences in viscosities of a sourced according to rules set by the RSPO,
standard surfactant system. As a result, the level of additional Supply Chain Segregated
surfactant thickener can be reduced.
Improved thickening performance

Foam generation tested with SITA foam tester 1) TEGO Betain P 50 C can be used as a mild
amphoteric surfactant in all products for
skin and hair cleansing, such as shampoos,
850 shower and foam baths and liquid soaps.
Foam volume (ml)

1.000 kg container
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
Foaming interval (sec)

TEGO Betain F 50 TEGO Betain P 50 C

c = 0.5 %, T = 30 C, Water ~ 10 dH, pH ~ 6, 1500 rpm

TEGO Betain P 50 C outperforms standard CAPBs in foaming. The

figure above displays the difference in foam generation/flash foam

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