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Wn life presents a new

set of circumstances, we are

faced with choices. In this inti-
mate new musical, each song
tells its own story taking us
from the deck of a 15th century
sailling ship to the ledge of a
Park Avenue skyscraper. And
everywhere in between. Family,
relationships, life and love are
explored when we are faced
with a new world where the
solutions of previous generations
no longer work, and rules may
not apply as often as they do.

Jason Robert Brown is a leading

member of a new generation of
composers who embody high
hopes for the American musical.
New York Times

Auditions for Roxy Theatricals production of Songs for a New World
will be held at The Legacy Theatre, 101 East Lawrence Ave.,
Springfield, IL, on the following dates:
Saturday, February 1 10 am
Sunday, February 2 2 pm
Auditions are open call, no advance registration is required.
Auditons are vocal only; there will be no dance audition. Performers
are encouraged to sing one of the following songs. However,
performers may also sing a song from another Jason Robert Brown
musical or another contemporary musical. Please print out and
bring your audition form (included in this packet) with you.
A pianist will be present to accompany you.
All actors must appear to be in their early 20s to mid 30s and
be comfortable portraying multiple roles.
Man 1: King of the World
Man 2: She Cries
Woman 1: Christmas Lullaby
Woman 2: Stars and the Moon
For more information: producer@roxytheatricals.com

A U D I T I O N f o r m

Name ______________________________________________________________________________ n Female n Male

Email: _______________________________________________ School_______________________________Grade _______


City / State / Zip _________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ________________________________________Cell Phone _________________________________________

Vocal Range: n Soprano n Alto n Tenor n Bass Can you read music? n Yes n No

Age ________________ Height ________________ Weight________________ Hair Color __________________________

Please list any specific role you are interested in __________________________________________________________

If you are not cast in a principal role, will you accept a role in the Ensemble? n Yes n No

Please list any conflicts February April 2014 including weekends. Most rehearsals will be on the weekend.


If not cast as a performer, would you be interested in working on the production crew? n Yes n No
Indicate your area of interest: n Scenery n Costumes n Technical/Run Crew n Props n Makeup/Hair
Please list any previous theatrical experiences, special training, etc.:


Parent / Guardian Name _________________________________________________________________________________

Parent / Guardian Email__________________________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________City / State / Zip ____________________________________

Home Phone ________________________________________Work Phone _______________________________________

Cell Phone___________________________________________

I understand that participating in the audition for this show is a sign of my commitment to the production.
The production staff will provide a clear rehearsal schedule, will be prepared to teach the material and execute the creative vision for the production,
and will respect each performers time, talent, and contribution to the whole.
If I am cast as a member of the production, I understand that I am joining a team and others depend on me. I understand that I must arrive on time
and be present at rehearsals and all performances. I understand that I must be prepared for rehearsals and will be required to learn and memorize
music, lyrics, dialogue and choreography on my own time. I understand that repeated absences may cause me to be dismissed from the cast.
I release Roxy Theatricals and The Legacy Theatre to use my image, with no compensation, in any photographic or film media in any and all manner
of promotion for the show and the theatre in perpetuity.
I understand that my commitment to this production extends beyond my onstage peformance. As a teammate, I agree to spend some time helping
with production work days, as well as helping to promote the show by distributing promotional materials, spreading the word via social media
platforms, and striving on all levels to help make our show a success.
My signature below, and the signature of my parent/guardian below if I am under age 18, indicates my acceptance of these terms.

Signature of Auditionee Signature of Parent / Guardian