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Do you Preparing for IIT JAM

Mathematics? Get Complete

IIT JAM Mathematics Syllabus Main Highlights:
1. Sequences and Series of Real Numbers
2. Functions of One Real Variable
3. Functions of Two or Three Real Variables
4. Integral Calculus
5. Differential Equations
6. Vector Calculus
7. Group Theory
8. Linear Algebra
9. Real Analysis
IIT JAM Mathematics Books by Experts:

Books on Algebra
Linear Algebra for IIT JAM Mathematics by Samveda publication
Abstract Algebra by Bhattacharya, Jain & Nagpal
Elementary Linear Algebra by H.Anton
Complex numbers from A to Z, by T.Andreescu, D.Andrica
Elementary Linear Algebra by Chatles W.Curtis
Fundamental structure in Modern Algebra by R.S. Mishra and N.N.Bhattacharya
Linear Algebra and its Applications by David C. Lay
IIT JAM Mathematics Books by Experts:
Books on Calculus
Calculus by M. J. Strauss, G. L. Bradley and K. J. Smith
Integral Calculus by Gorakh Prasad
Calculus by H. Anton, I. Bivens and S. Davis
Calculus by Pisknov
A text Book of Vector Calculus by Shanti Narayan

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IIT JAM Mathematics Books by Experts:
Books on Real Analysis
A Course in Calculus and Real Analysis by Sudhir R. Ghorpade and Balmohan V. Limaye
Mathematical Analysis by Binmore K.G
A course of Mathematical Analysis by Shanti Narayan
Elementary analysis: the theory of calculus by K. A. Ross
Fundamentals of Real Analysis by V.K Krishnan
Real Analysis by H.L. Royden
Introduction to Real Analysis by R. G. Bartle and D. R. Sherbert
Mathematical Analysis by Apostol T.M
Methods of Real Analysis by Richard.R Goldberg
Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Rudin .W
IIT JAM Mathematics Books by Experts:
Books on Differential Equations
Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Sastri S.S
Differential Equations by G.F.Simmons
Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Wylie, C.R. and Burrett, L.C
Differential and integral equations by Collins, P.J
Differential equations and their applications by Ahsan,Z
Partial differential equations methods and applications by Mcowan, R.C
Differential equations and the calculus of variations by Yankosky
IIT JAM Mathematics Books by Experts:

Books on Group Theory:

Group Theory by Sudesh Kumar Shah
Books for Vector Analysis:
Vector Analysis: Schaum's Outlines Series

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IIT JAM Mathematics Books For Practice

For Practice purpose, you can also take help of various books having question papers
they are:

1. IIT JAM: M.Sc.(Mathematics) Previous Papers & Solved Practice Test Papers: R
2. Solved Papers & Practice Sets IIT JAM by Arihants Publication
Preparation tips to crack the IIT JAM Mathematics

Mathematics is all about concepts and tricks. The candidate should follow the steps
for IIT JAM Mathematics Exam Preparation.
1. Start with the syllabus:
Go through the syllabus and mark the important topics.

2. Find out the tricks and formulas for the topics:

Clear your concept and find out the short tricks so that less time will be consumed
in the exam.
Preparation tips to crack the IIT JAM Mathematics
3. Mathematics is all about Practice:
Practice lots of question with the help of sample papers or previous year question
papers for IIT JAM Math exam.

4. Analyze your performance as well as your Speed:

The preparation of the exam can be checked by taking mock test and online test
series which will help you in analyzing your speed too.

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