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1. Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Will, To be going
to. Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative. 2

2. Complete the sentences with IF 1

If you

If Mara

If they

If Carlos and Juan

If the cat doesnt

If the boy

If we

If the teacher

If the student


3. Comparatives-Superlatives 1.5

House-palace expensive

Museum-car big

100 euros-2 euros Good

Messi - my brother Bad

*Ana - Pedro Angry

Beln Esteban you Famous

Maths P.E Boring

Turtle - Lion Fast

Flower Rat Beautiful

Mouse Dolphin Intelligent






4. Demasiado/Suficiente-mente 1

Es demasiado caro
Son demasiado grandes
Son lo suficientemente valientes
Mario no est lo suficientemente enfadado
La mesa est demasiado rota
No es lo suficientemente temprano
Mara no es lo suficientemente famosa
No estamos lo suficientemente limpios
No son demasiado fciles
No son lo suficientemente gordos

5. Fill in the blanks 1

I ______________ to clean the table because it is dirty

___________________do you go to the cinema every month?
_______________________does it take Ana to open the door?
She ____________that she has two brothers
He___________to study because the exam is tomorrow
____________________ does it take to make a cake?
I brush my teeth ________________I go to bed
She goes to school________________she has breakfast
__________________________does it take you to clean you room?
You open the door______________you enter in the classroom

6. Reading 0.5

Linda wants to buy a new car. She has an old car. Her old car is a white SEAT. Linda wants to buy a new
SEAT. She wants to buy a new red SEAT. She has saved $1,000. She will use $1,000 to help buy the new
car. She will give $1,000 to the SEAT shop. The SEAT shop will give her a contract to sign. The contract
will require her to pay $400 a month for seven years. Her new red SEAT will cost Linda a lot of money.
But that's okay, because Linda makes a lot of money.

Linda wants to buy a new car because she doesnt have a car T F
Linda is rich T F
She has a white SEAT T F
The price of the car is 400 $ T F