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Trish Stott & Alison Pohl OXFORD Highly Recommended Student’s Book _ intermediate Trish Stott & Alison Pohl Highly Recommended © Student’s Book intermediate English for the hotel and catering industry OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Unit contents chart UNIT COMMUNICATIVE AREA ——SITUATIONS/ FUNCTIONS. STRUCTURES = 1 Dealing with Receiving incoming calls Offers: Can/Could, Would you like to, ll incoming calls Taking messages Requests: I'd like to, Can/Could Dealing with requests ™ 2 Customer information Giving information to customers Is there?/Are there?, There’s/There ore, Answering questions about hotel facilities There isn't/There aren't and services Prepositions of location = 3 Taking reservations Taking room reservations Prepositions of time Confirming details of a booking Chianging and cancelling reservations = 4 Dealing with booking Turning down bookings enquiries Giving explanations Suggesting alternatives Present Simple Present Continuous Short forms: = 5 Correspondence Writing letters and emails to customers Responding to emails and voicemails Overview of greetings and endings in correspondence: Dear Madam/Yours faithfully, Best regards, etc. = 6 Welcoming guests ‘Making guests feel welcome Checking guests into their accommodation Giving essential information Possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her, its; our, your, their Object pronouns: me, you, him, her, it; us, ‘you, them = 7 Dealing with check-in Finding solutions for problems Past Simple problems Dealing with guests’ special needs have got/haven't got = 8 ——Explaininghow things Helping guests with the room facilities Imperatives for instructions workin the hotel room Smalltalk Adjectives and adverbs = 9 Serving drinks Service in the bar and restaurant Question form review = 10 Foodservice Taking customers’ orders Talking about quantity: some, one, much, Explaining menus and dishes ‘many, few, a litle, more, another, enough Talking about cheeses and coffee = 11 Know your region Giving information on visitor attractions Comparisons: -er than, the -est; more/the Advi 1g guests on what to do ‘most; (not) as ...as, not sO. as = 12 Explaining travel options Talking to guests about travel options Giving advice about local transport and Recommending, suggesting and advising Itwould be a good idea to..., You can/ tickets could .., Why not ..?, How about ..?, Your best option is to ..I"d recommend = 13 Giving directions Giving directions inside and outside Prepositions of direction: up, down, the hotel ut of, across, past, onto, through, along, to, into, round, straight on 14 — Meeting customerneeds Dealing with customer needs Customer care and customer service need/don’t need, need doing, need to do UNIT COMMUNICATIVE AREA __SITUATIONS/ FUNCTIONS STRUCTURES 15 Complaints and apologies Acknowledging and apologizing Present Perfect with already, yet, just Promising action forand since = 16 — Mistakes and problems Checking details Indirect questions: Could you tell me Finding a solution Can you explain ..? Do you know ..? ete. Offering compensation = 17 Giving advice and Helping with lost luggage and lost First and second conditionals assistance passports unless Emergencies and first aid = 18 — Telephone communication Difficult phione calls The Passive problems Clarifying, checking, repeating and spelling 19 Conference and meeting Talking about facilities and services ‘Managing a conversation: Well, Now, So, enquiries Explaining conference packages Actually = 20 Handling payments Dealing with guests’ bills Revision of numbers Payment security = 21 Explaining and training —_Kitchen hygiene and safety Obligation: must, have to Following instructions No obligation: don’t have to, needn't Cooking processes Prohibition: mustn't, can’t | 22 Working in housekeeping Servicing a room have something done: We had the The evening tumdown service windows cleaned last week. = 23 Health, safety and security Health, safety and emergency procedures should/shouldn't Security issues ought to © 24 — Countries and cultures Making plans verb + ing Talking about different customs Verb + (to) infinitive = 25 Exploring different Differences between cultures Reporting verbs: ask, warn, offer. advise, cultures Advising on cultural norms refuse, apologize for, assure, blame = 26 — Working life Talking about job skills and routines Adjective + preposition: good at, kind to, celebrity chef's career moves interested in, pleased with, etc. = 27 Job applications Personal qualities, skills and experience Talking about the future: going to and will Cvs and covering letters Question tags = 28 Job interviews Interview questions and answers Past Simple or Present Perfect? Interview tips Activity material 60 More words to use 100 Listening scripts 68 Glossary 102 Language review 86 Irregular verbs 1 = Starter Dealing with incoming calls Inthis unit you will L¥ receive incoming calls, HB take messages # dealwith requests. Match the situations with the pictures. 1 [_[putcalls through for restaurant bookings [take room bookings [Cputealls through to guests [_Jdeal with manager's calls [take messages Listening Working in front office @ 1.1 Listen and underline the correct alternative. 1. Caller 1 wants to book a room/speak to a gu 2. Caller 2 cant speak to the manager as the line’ busy/ hes not in his offic. 3. Reception takes a message to say the manager is late/ Mr Cole is late. Caller 3 wants to book a room/table. aller 4 asks for room 256/296. Reception tells him there’ no answer/the line’ busy Caller 5 for room 745 leaves a message on voicemail/ says hell call back, 8 Caller 6 for Mrs Perez is told the phone is ringing/ the lines bus @ 1.1 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1... Marina, Anita swan Batata 2 Justamoment. ll to reservations, B WhO verses » please? 4 atthe moment. Could... sone M 5 Tdliketo for dinner. Tmafraid the... Would you like No, thanks. a message on voicemail? later. Pees Unit 1 Dealing with incoming calls 3. Work witha partner to pract e the calls. Take turns to be switchboard (S) and caller (C). m= Crask to book = S: put through toreservations 1 S: greet caller c ine busy / offer sk to speak = ve phone to manager totake message number 3 Gaskfor = Sinoanswer/ = C:say you'll room 483 offer to take call back message 4 S:greet caller ® Cesay you'll call back connect to restaurant Language study xi 1d like to book. Just a moment. I'l putyou through to... 'm afraid he’s notin his office at the moment. Could/Can | take a message? Please hold and Ill connect you to mafraid the line's busy. There's no answer. Would you like to leave a message on voicemail? Its ringing for you. = Listening Customer requests emer a ne 1G 1.2 Listento the call, Are the sentences true or false? aronge hold (room) sing T ‘The guess ll enlverongeeombalice ook(aroom) hold (the line) run late ainadock raclfiles call back makeanote (of) = try 2. MrsCarson asks reception tohold the room. true/false carregistration put (Sb) through voicemail ag chercybanear ped aie > Glossary page 102 4 The family are travelling by train. true/false 5. Mrs Carson wants to reserve parking true/false LLCS Reception asks forher passport number. true/false 7. Thecar registration is TROSFKB, truelfalse Can/Could, Would you like to, lt Use Can/Could, Would you like to, to offer help. 2 G 1.2 Listen again. Number the sentences in the order they're said in the dialogue. Examples re Can help you? a []Would you like to reserve parking space? Would you like to speak to the manager? b (J That's fine ... 've made a note of your late arrival. PUlput you through to reservations. ¢ [1] Could you hold our room? dd. [Jare youarriving by car? > Language review page 86 e []llarrange an extra bed in your room, 1 You are the receptionist. Complete these offers of help. £ (}Can have your car registration? , pape g ]What name sit, please? Be Sete oey h_ ["]Can Thelp you with anything else? a try her oom foryou? 3. Work with a partner. Practise similar call using these 6 nt ---tellhim you're running late, prompts. Take turns to be receptionist and caller. - areal Waar vem! reservation for double and single / late arrival afier 10.00 / & take a message? ae 7 giveherthe message. een e. saan BOOKA table forlunch? Activity Pd like to, Can/Could S Bere tere tier @ irk win a partner student's information shee Student a, B's information is on page 60. z camples Fils Ghatak. ‘You workin front office atthe Palace Hotel. Read the Gon yaesk en ta calle back, ‘information and deal with the four calls. 1 Mrs Black, room 534 ~ line's busy ~* take a message. > Language review pag pe ee 2. Mr Ruiz, room 151 = try room —* no answer. 2 Match the incoming calls with the responses, 3 Connect to restaurant. neanetl heshore 4 Respond tall requests 1 [e]b00k/tablefordinner a ty/ hisoffice 2 [Lspeak manager connect / reservations Example Good afternoon, Place Hotel spedkng Can help you? 3 Lhleave / messageforMsLi ¢ putthrough/herroom (Bead the information and make four calls to the Hotel Mirador, 4 (]speak/Mrs Barrasin 745 d connect / his voicemail eC lees) wera ce nitinmieh esatane 1 Ask for hotel manager you'll call back later. 4 [liesve /acicomnat mecsuge ¢ heve/ varie andcemact 2 Ask for Mrs Clooney, room 382 -* leave message to call faMieames nese vou back on 07773 6841263, 3 You'd like to book a room Now work with a partner. Use the prompts to make re e ee ee 4 Ask for Mrs Banks, room 238 ~* leave a message (late for andofferhelp. sali meeting farrve in 45 minutes) ask about parking =xample ask about booking a table for lunch. A I'd like to booka table for dinner. B Justa moment. 'llputyou through to the restaurant. ‘Gcamiple! Walto. Could | speakta thahoel wundgersc?. a it 1 Dealing with incoming calls | 5 Inthis unit you will give information to customers Business centre ® talk about hotel facilities and services % tell customers where facilities are. Starter Look at the pictures. What facilities and services does this hotel offer? Listening Giving information @ 2.1 Listen and tick (7) the facilities and services that you hear, 1 [LJairport transfer 5 [Clear park 2 fitnesscentre 6 (]carrental desk 3. [Jhotel restaurant 7 [_]restaurantrecommendation 4 8 (C)business centre (internet access @ 2.1 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1 How from the airport to the Grand Marina? 2. Theresa shuttle bUS ume the aitport direct the hotel. 3 Where doesit unmunmnunmoue? 4 And : doesit take? 5 Great. Um sueunne DUSINESS SEIVICES? a business centre? 6 Its ground floor, opposite reception. 7 Taliketo acar fora few days 8 Just the desk, next to reception Work with a partner. Look at the hotel information. Take turns to ask and answer about these things, «© getfromairport? —« hirea car? + howlong? + fitness centre? harge for bus? restaurants near hotel? Hotel Nathale FREE AIRPORT TRANSFER ~ 50 minutes ~ shuttle bus direct 10 hotel - outside Terminal 1 infront of txt rank Other services CCAR RENTAL DESK ~ opposite reception FITNESS CENTRE - ground floor, next to swimming pool RECOMMENDED RESTAURANTS: Fargo’, Italian - opposite hotel / Comptoir, French ~ Rue des Bains Unit 2. Customer information = Language study ‘There's a shuttle bus from... direct to ‘The bus stop is just outside the .., opposite the .. We offer a free airport transfer to all our guests. It's on the ground floor, opposite It’s open 24 hours. ‘We'll arrange that for you. Can you recommend a restaurant near the hotel? | can recommend Gino's... I's very good. business centre hire shuttle bus carrental main taxi rank client onsite tourist attraction direct roofterrace transfer facilities separate wheelchair access sift shop service > Glossary page 102 Li Is there?/Are there?, There’s/There are, There isn't/ There aren't Remember to use the correct form of be. Examples Isthere transfer from the arport? Yes, there's a jree bus. /No, there isn'ta bus tothe hotel. Are there ground floorrooms? Yes, there are, /No, there aren't o> Language review page 86 1 Workwith a partner. Lookat the pictures on pages 6 and 7 again, Take turns to ask and answer about these things. Example Alstherea carrental service? B Yes, there is, 1 acarrental service 6 business services 2 aswimming poot 7 giftshops 3 its 8 ahairsalon 4 parking spaces 9 translation services 5 Intemetaccess 10 information about tours, . ‘Fitness centre 4 Prepositions of location ha infront of behind opposite Js * he : © : 2 ced amine wiles | Gee on 8 2g. A EY 6 keg es Pe 4 2 Lookat the pictures and complete the sentences. Use the correct preposition from the list above. 1 Thetour deskis.. 2 Therestaurantis . fast ~ 3. The luggage is. 4 Thegiftshopis.. 6 The roof terraces 5 Thewomanis.. Listening Services and facilities 2.2 Listen to the hotel presentation and complete the list of services and facilities. Then listen again and check, = near city an? desk = near lifts = near wheelchair i attractions ____ » airconditioning * front desk Internet access 1B EXPLESS = airport — " movies » free 7 " 5 tub and = business centre . exchange sym and sauna car rental desk Match the items in 1 to these categories 1 hotel service. 2. room facility: 3 location: 4 hotel faci Work with a partner. Think of five more services and. facilities available in a 5-star hotel. Activity You've been asked to give a presentation about your hatel toa company interested in using the hotel forits clients Think of a hotel that you know, find out information about a hotel on the Internet, or use the information on page 60. Prepare a short presentation (60 words +) to give to the class using these headings. Location Generalfacilities Room facilities Services Example LOCATION: The Plaza Hotel isin the city centre near the main ‘shopping streets and important tourist attractions. GENERAL FACILITIES: There are 140 ensuite rooms with two restaurants and a terrace bar. ROOM FACILITIES: All the rooms have air conditioning with minibars, safe deposit boxes, pay-per-view TV. ‘SERVICES: There /s a 24-hour business centre and there are aift shops in the main reception area unit 2 Customer information | 7 Taking reservations In this unit you will take a room reservation confirm the details of a booking 7a change and cancel reservations. = Starter When a guest calls to book a hotel room, what information does the receptionist need? Work with a partner and make list = Listening Taking a room reservation 1. @ 3.1 Listen to a receptionist taking a room reservation, Tick (¥) the points on your list that you hear. Make a note of any points not on your list. Compare with your partner 2 @ 3.1 Listen again and complete the sentences, 1 Tdliketo... fora sn OF SK 2 We on Sunday loth May 3 We cone double room, one twin room and . Fooms. 4 Letme our reservations, 5 The double and twin room is €200, and is €128, 6 Well arrive the event about eleven o'clock 7 Andean you the three security numbers of the card, too, please? 8 We to.. you the 10th of May. 3. Work with a partner. Take turns to book a room and take the reservation, Make sure you include the following + number of people inthe group + full name of guest (remember to check spelling) * contact number + arrival and departure dates and times + type(s) ofroom + room rates + credit card details When you've finished, check with your partner that the reservation details are correct. 8 | Unit3 Taking reservations = Language study What type of rooms would you like? Let me just check our reservations. So one double, one twin and .. for Can | take your name, please? Could you spell your name, please? Please make the reservation in my name. Can have a contact number, please? Could | take a credit card number to secure the reservation? Ifyou wish to cancel your reservation, you must do so before. nights accommodation creditcard number room rate cancel deduct secure change double/twin/single room security number check expiry date type (of rooms) contactnumber locked => Glossary page 102 [i ksaguage chet Prepositions of time Look at these examples. ‘on Saturday infiveminutes__forfivenights during the day after 10p.m. _ateleven o'clock until 10 p.m. inthemorning _before the 9th of May bymidnight fromthe 4th tothe 7th of May o> Language review page 86 Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. 1. Pd ike to book accommodation nn three nights, sen TueSMAY the 6tH nnn riday the 9th of April 2 Wel artive wnnen Tuesday fouro’clock. 3. We'll let you know «sn. Wednesday at the latest, 4 The shop normally closes ......-6 p-m. but once month it’s open 8p.m. 5. The hotel closes. 6 The doors locked . you arrive, shxweeks winter. 41.p.m. Pleaserring the bellif 1pm. Listening Changing and cancelling reservations Wecnessoy =) fe Look at the four hotel reservations. Are the sentences true or false? 1 MrFeindsis from Germany. true/false 2. MrFeindsis leaving on 15th May. true/false 3. MrFeinds would like foursingle rooms. _ true/false 4 Mr Marsh is staying for two nights, true/false 5) Mr Marsh would like a double room. true/false 6 Mr Olsonis travelling with his wife. true/false 7 Mr Olsonisarriving on ‘Thursday 27th May, true/false 8 MsWongisstayingon Tuesday night. true/false G 3.2 Listen to the three calls and make a note of any changes to the reservations. Listen again and check. ‘Work with a partner. Take turns to be caller and receptionist. Choose one of the reservations and practise changingiit. Caller Decide on two things you need to change and call the hotel, Receptionist Answer the call and make a note of any changes to the reservation. Activity Work with a partner. Student A's information is here. Student B's information is on page 61. 1 You're going to New York on business with colleagues. Call the Pacific Hotel and reserve rooms. Use this information. = Names: (your name), Mr and Mrs Mertins, Ms Kari = Arrival: Wednesday 14th June = Departure: Friday 16th June = Rooms: three = Room types: a single foryou, a double for Mr and ‘Mrs Mertins, a single for Ms Karin = Mobile number: 0885 928 3847 = Credit card details: card number 0088 4848 2323, expiry date 10/13, security numbers 234 Example I'd like 10 book accommodation for a group of four, plea 2 Call the hotel again to change your reservation. You are now arriving on Tuesday 13th June and staying until Friday 16th June. Mrand Mrs Mertins cannot go now. Example fd ”ke to change my reservation, please. 1 You work on reception at the George Hotel. You have rooms available, Answerthe call from the guest and take the details {or the reservation. Complete the screen on page 63. Example Good afternoon, George Hotel. How can |help you? 2 Answer the second call from the guest and make any changes to the reservation. Example What was the name, please? Unit 3 Taking reservations | 9 Dealing with booking enquiries In this unit you wilt tum down bookings % give explanations nee a } suggest alternatives. Jeniak, G single Vasquez, S| oud Lar cute es E Gare, Rilo ER z Marcos, T [toi po > Eo win = Starter Look at the pictures. Why would a hotel or restaurant turn downa booking? = Listening Dealing with booking enquiries 1G 4.1 Listento the five calls and complete the table. The guest would like Why it not possible T adouble room for one | The hotel’ fully booked. night @ 4.1 Put the phrases in the correct order to make sentences. Then listen again and check. 1 please / moment / One 2. that night /fully booked / Were 3. adouble room / Td like to / for two nights / book 4 wedon't have /left/ I'm afraid / for those dates / any double rooms 5. that week / closed / the hotel’ for refurbishment / Unfortunately 6 not reopening/ till/ We're / Saturday the 9th of March. 7 but /that day / I'm sorry / with a business conference / we'e very busy 8 for/ is/ How many /it? 10 | Unit 4 Dealing with booking enquiries =e fee a : 3 Work witha partner, Use the promptsto practise dealing with booking enquiries. Take turns to be caller and receptionist. Caller requests Receptionist + family room for two nights no family rooms available (12th-14th December) + table for six «+ single room for 7th May «table for 12 for lunch tomorrow ++ fully booked. += hotel closed. «very busy / wedding party ‘table with view ofpark —_¢ no tables with view of park Language study [' Jexpressionstoleamt 1m looking fora... room for = 1?m sorry, we don’t. We're fully booked that night. ¥'m afraid we don't have any... rooms left for those dates. 1'm sory, but unfortunately, the hotel’s closed that week . For how many people? I'm sory, but we're very busy that day with .. ‘There isn't room foranother ten «. 1'm afraid all the tables with a view of . ave reserved. ‘Oh, that's a pity/too bad. availabilty harbour reopen business conference instead same busy (be) left ‘squeeze (sb) in following (week) partnerhotel_—_unfortunatety graduate ‘efurbishment view > Glossary page 102 Te M_«=® Listening Suggesting an alternative Present Simple 1 Allotofhotels suggest alternatives to callers when there The Present Simple is used for facts or repeated actions (e.g. are no rooms or tables available. Work in a group. ane | Make a list of alternatives that hotels could suggest to Examples callers, e.g, try another hotel in the same town. We have a nice table in the corner... (Fact) 2 Whatalternatives could the receptionist suggest to the For groups, we usually seta table ... (repeated action) callers in) 4.1? Present Continuous 2 @ 4.2 Listen and underline the alternatives suggested to The Present Continuous is used for things happening at the the callers in) 4.1. How many did you think of? Hneof pesidne oreventayanand fos tine in ibe Suture, trying the Station Hotel / the caller gives his number Examples two separate rooms / a family room 1'm just opening up the reservations screen. (nov) callinga hotel next door calling hotelina different town +» the hotel's closed that week... We're decorating the a table in the Terrace Bar/a tableat the end of the restaurants... (future arrangement) Globe Restaurant 5 abiggertable//a table at the window witha different view > Language review page 86 3. GQ 4.2 Listen again, Do the callers accept the alternatives? Short forms a Bevo 3 4 5 Remember to use the short forms of verbs in spoken and informal written English. 4 Work with a partner. Practise suggesting and responding cease to alternatives. Use the alternatives in 2 or your own ideas. I?m sorry. We don’t have any double rooms left Example The hotels closed. A. You could try the Station Hotel. They may have a room Can"t you squeeze us in? available. B Could you give me their number, please? >> Language review page 86 A. Yes, of course. Its 0049. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple or Present Continuous ofthe verbs in brackets. Use short forms if Activity appropriate. ‘i f Ha Weaivays enjoy esting stthe Coluiba Hoaat Workwith a partner. Student A's infomation is hee, Student a (be) Sorry, but We nnn (Cl0se) the B's information is on page 61. hotel nextweel forrefurbishment. @ Make two calls to the Pines Hotel to make reservations. You. 3. The TaboraHotel often have) afunction room Senn tbe alee available at the weekend, 4k: (you take) table reservations online? B:Yes, ust logon to our website and clickon ‘Reservations’. 5 I'm sory, the manager... (not be) available, 1 double room / sea view / three nights (22nd-25th August) 2 table for seven / upstairs / 8 p.m. / Tuesday 14th February He show) some visitors round the hotel. Example Hello, I'd like to make a reservation, please. STi alae rul poe ©® You work on reception atthe Keys Hotel. Use this information to 8: Oh! That. (be) pity. deat with 0 call, Ae (Gravel to France on the 45th ofuly~ i (tay) atthe Chaumont Hotel. 41. dining room full (wedding) / alternative = table in 8 Hm! The beet (ook) deticious, but! 5 Sunshine Bar - offer same menu asin dining room (preted the baked fish, 2 hotel closed in February for holiday / alternative = 91. (not know) what the special dish is. Lakeside Hotel (0357 666333) this evening. The chef.. (prepare) the TBO Example Hello, Keys Hotel. How can |help you? 10 Good evening, Ms Jueles. - (you eat) Now do the activity again, but first decide on your own with us this evening? information. Make notes in the charts on page 64. Unit 4 Dealing with booking enquities | 11 Correspondence By In this unit you will _Subject: confirmation of booking 3 write letters and emails to customers, Dear Mrs Tevez respond to emails and voicemails. Thank you for your eral cannes of | double room for 3 nights rom 30 Septernber ‘We also confirm your table booking for 4 on | October at 8 pm. = Starter _— a for the 3 days as requested, What types of correspondence do hotels use to contact - to seeing you in September: customers? Make alist of possible reasons for writing to Best regards customers, Toni Fong Reservations Example to confirm a roont reservation = Writing Letters and emails 1. Complete the first gap of each correspondence with one of the phrases. a Weenclosea copy of b_ Weare pleased to confirm your reservation Dear Ms Parsons © Regarding your request to change the dates of your 2 Complete the second gap with one of the phrases. Peoking : is 4 Unfortunately we are fully booked . — er —— : 4 as jowever we can ofer you accommodation at our | | includes l] partner hotel nearby ese their brochure for your 3. Complete the third gap with one ofthe phrases. information a Wehope we may be of b Welook forward © Weattach a copy of © Wehavealso reserved a parking space for you 4 Read the tips and rewrite the highlighted parts of the ore mretwaronat, GRAN VIA, 402, 08007 BARCELONA | cqailte aes ae 134935526536. wwu-hatalinterational.con tr Writing a good business email heh ret | 7 Uethenbeaineottherp vier | is about Edi EHS 9HZ is sone | 2 Use esting nd endings ae you woudin ater | Sentences in emails (and letters) should be short and clear {48S (keep ft short and simple) 4 Use spaced paragraphs for ferent topics. 5 Youcan write numbers I-0in emai 3 nights a letters write i service to you in the future, ‘these in words: three nights. ‘your eral Weranedelighte!| 6 Dont SHOUT in capital eters, #8 your reservation fr | 7. Don'tuse acronyms or abbreviations for customers, ‘eg FP (foryour information. 8 Read your email for spelling, punctuation and tone. Reservations Manager Dear Mr McKinnon, ‘our hotel brochure for your directions for arrival by road, ing from Tueschy 4 to Friday 7 December Yours sincerely Rosa Gonzalez Marketing Asian Benita Belin a 12 Unit § Correspondence = Language study Thank you for your email. We are pleased to confirm your reservation. Regarding your request to change the dates of ‘We also confirm your table booking for 4 on 1 October at 8 p.m. However, ie can offer you accommodation at our partnerhotel., We enclose/attach a copy of our brochure. We hope we may be of service to you in the future. abbreviation correspondence recipient ‘acronym enquire regarding (re) amendment look forwardtosth spaced brochure polite tone > Glossary page 102 1 Language check ‘Overview of greetings and endings letter email youdon'tknow DearSiror Madam DearSiror Madam thename _Yoursfaithfully _(Kind/Best) Regards youknow DearMe/Mis/ Dear Mr/Mrs/ thename Ms Bono ‘Ms Bono Yourssincerely _(Kind/Best) Regards youknow Dear Louise Dear Louise or personwell Hi/Hello Louise Bestwishes Allthe best/Cheers, 11 What greetings and endings should you use when writing to the following? 1 email ~ Jacques Dupont (new customer) 2 letter ~ Aldo and Maria Costa (customers you know well) ~Tom (colleague) = Veronica Beale (new customer - married status unknown) 5 letter ~ name unknown 2. Business letters and emails should be polite and formal. Rewrite the letter to Hans Wollman to correct the tone. Dear Hans Thanks for your letter. Here's a copy of the brachure you asked for. See you next week, Cheers James McClaren Intemational Hotel . 1 Listening Customer messages @ 5.1 Listen to five voicemails. What does each caller want? Caller I. Calter 2:. Caller3: Caller 4: Caller 5:. @ 5-1 Use your answers from 1 and these prompts to write responses to the voicemails. Listen again ifnecessary Example Dear Mrs Pele Regarding your booking enquiry, we confirm. room available / confirm reservation (email) 2. roomsare available / confirm amendments (letter) 3 confirm booking / double room for 5 nights, 12-17 February (email) 4 restaurant fully booked / offer table in Terrace Bar / same menu (email) 5. party roomsare available / enclose events brochure and menus (letter) ‘Work with a partner, Check each other's emails and letters for spelling, punctuation and tone. Activity 1 You workin front office in Hotel Davi in Florence, aly Write an email reply to Mary Tan (mary.tan@infotec.ch) confirming the changes to her booking. A double and single room are available for 2 nights from 9-11 June. You have booked her a parking space from 6 p.m. on 9 June to the moming of 11 June as requested. You have also reserved a table for three for dinner on 9 June at 8.30 p.m. You look forward to welcoming her to the hotel 2 You work in the Events Office of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, rue de la Roi 107, 1040 Brussels, Write a letter to Piet van Derbilt, Amstel 140, 1017 EZ ‘Amsterdam in reply to his enquiry about organizing a business lunch for 60 people on Friday 30th May. The Grapevine Restaurant is available for his party from 12-3 p.m. Enclose ‘sample menus. Also enclose directions to the venue (Five minutes’ walk from railway station). Unfortunately, you cannot offer parking. Mention the large public car park three minutes’ walk from the hotel. You look forward to hearing from him. ‘Work with a partner. Compare your correspondence and see if you can improve your writing, Unit 5 Correspondence | 13 Welcoming guests In this unit you wilt make guests feel welcome } check them into their accommodation give them essential information. = Starter What situations do guests dislike at check-in? Look at the pictures. How can a hotel make check- positive experience for guests? = Listening Dealing with arrivals 1G) 6.1 Listen to a receptionist checking in some guests. ‘Tick (V) the information which is on the registration printout. 1 [Jdate ofbieth 6 [flight number 2 Ename 7 Eildeparture date 3 number of bags 8 [arrival date 4 EJpassport number 9 home address 5 [Jaccommodation voucher 2 G) 6.1 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1 Can you a seat? And we'll serve you with a enn FINK, 2 Welllcall when we're ready to 3 Could you have your and accommodation ready? sn FOF sumone Patience. 5 Could you just check the are correct on this printout? splease, your key card. 251-on floor. The porter will to your room, 3. Work with a partner. Look at the flow chart. Take turns to be receptionist and guest. Practise dealing with arrivals, 1 2 3 Lg seat / call name = refreshments 4 5 ‘check printout 6 sign passport 7 key card and room information 14 | Unit 6 Welcoming guests = Language study Good moming, everyone, and welcome. We'll do our best to deal with .. as quickly spo: Can you take a seat? And we'll serve you with a welcome drink. Could you just check the registration details are correct on this printout? Just sign here, please. Could you give me your passports)? You can collect them from reception in the morning. Enjoy your stay with us. collect (o)ourbest ready comect patience registration details dealwith printout sign home address quickly voucher >> Glossary page 102 Possessive adjectives SINGULAR my, your, his, her, its PLURAL our, your, their Examples your long flight our best your reservations Object pronouns SINGULAR me, you, him, her, it PLURAL us, you, them Examples Could you give me your passports? Collect them from reception. Enjoy your stay with us. o> Language review page 88 Underline the correct alternative. 1 2 3 Could someone help my/me with my/me luggage? ‘We'd like to have breakfast in our/us suite. The porter collects the bags and takes their/them to the ‘The manis very tired and wants his/him room now. Porter, this is Mr Black's suitcase. Can you take itto his/ him in 3622 ‘There's Intemet access in you/your room. ‘The hotel takes good care ofits/it guests. Would you lke to join our/us fora welcome drinkin the lounge? = Listening When and where? 1G 6.2 Listen to the two dialogues and tick (¥) the correct information. 1 Breakfast is served in [] the ground floor café. [the first floo ] 7.30 to 10.00 a.m. } 6.30 to 9.00 a.m. [ [ 5 restaurant, 2. Breakfast is served from 3. The business centre in the mornings. is open 24 hours, 4 The fitness centre is opposite the lif. on the top floor. |) OO Dinner is served in the ‘Terrace Restaurant, the first floor restaurant. Oo 6 Dinner is served from 7.00 to 9.30 pam, 7.30 to 9,00 p.m, 8.00 a.m, 9.00 a.m. the currency exchange desk opens at joo |o! 8 You can buy ac rymap [_] from reception. [inthe hotel shop. Work with a partner, Practise asking for and giving information using the expressionsin 1 Example A Where’ breakfast served? B_ Breakfast is served in the first floor restaurant. Activity Work with a partner. Student A's information is here. Student a elonuatonieonmieust! © You work on ecepton at the Sudari Hotel. Check n your guest aise acts: Uae tic tornaied FACILITIES: 1 Fitness centre (24 hours) / No swimming pool = Hotel shop (books, newspapers, mans) 7.00 a.m,~11.00 p.m. = Currency exchange (next to hotel shop) 7,00 a.m.~11.00 p.m. Example Good afternoon. Welcome to the Sudari Hotel. @ Youarve atthe Central ote, Goto reception and checkin, Use your own name and ths information. = Room: twin, four nights = Ask about: lifts (partne where restaurant is 's wheelchair) / mealtimes / = You'd like a hair cut Example My name's... have a reservation for. Unit 6 Welcoming guests | 15 Dealing with check-in problems In this unit you will manage customers on reception find solutions forproblems = Starter deal with guests’ special needs. Look at the pictures and identify three check-in problems. = Listening Problems at check-in 7.1 Listen and match the four dialogues with these problem situations a, [lene arrived at wrong hone b [_]guest’s room isn't ready [ear park full 4 [ Jhotel has overbooked rooms 2 @ 7-1 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1 Timafraid your room for you yet 2 ..in reception. Would tea or coffee? 31 sven FoOM for youat our partner hotel 4 Webooked our room several... 5. straightaway and [nso for complimentary wine and fruit sit 6 Well, you anemail mone Tt week. 7 ..ataxifor you. Its from here. 8 Didyou parking? 3. Work with a partner. Take turns to be guest and receptionist. Use the prompts to complete the receptionist’ part of the dialogue. G st Good afternoon. My name’ Robert Colas. Thave a reservation for tonight. Receptionist room not ready / offer complimentary tea or coffee in reception Guest Ta like to park my car first. Receptionist _pre-book parking? Guest Yes, id, Receptionist car parkat back of hotel / offer help with luggage Guest No, thank you. When will my room be ready? Receptionist rooms ready by 3 p.m. / offer toask housekeeping about room 16 | Unit 7 Dealing with check-in problems We confirm your reservation at |the Plaza on Wed = Language study [i cepressonsioleam Trrafa yauriooy an ead 8 Ve ite batd etd ae et ego PR este ate ar ee eae cons a I'm really sorry, but we're overbooked tonight. Tae ee ieee caren it pea Gue dda nat oad Whats the best thing do? adjoining free available) ramp allergy happen service (a room) allergy-tested high char smoke-free altemative occasionally special complimentary _overbook > Glossary page 102 BC = Listening Dealing with special needs Past Simple Remembet! The Past Simple is used for completed actions amd events in the past and is often used with past time 1 @ 7.2 Listen and tick (¥) the three categories dealt with by the receptionist. expressions like (wo days) ago, yesterday lastnight, in 2007. {_]foodallergies [vegetarian menus (disabled access (special diets Examples You sent an email confirmation last week. Clancta Caltergies We ieee eee Le Dan [childrensneeds — } security Did you pre-book parking? No, | didn't Clbcatted water iene, >> Language review page 88 2. Q 7.2 Listen again. What items were requested in the 1 Review irregular verbs by completing the text with the three categories? Past Simple. | 3 Work with a partner. Take turns to be guest and Last week, Mrand Mrs Batt. fy to Barbados. -ceptionist. Practise request ing with th They .----(6leep) badly on the plane sothey eae See oa items in 2 (or use your own ideas). Use these phrases to (feel) verytred when they Get) emsin aah ta the hotel. They. igtepice see begin your request : g0 to their rooms, but he receptionist. eld oa be ‘We requested them their rooms... {not be) readyyet. They. What about ...? Isthere..2. Do youhave ..? inreception and (have) Gan Tfastebeck with yout coffee, then the (go) forlunch, = J eee Activity have gothaven't got ‘These forms are used! more frequently iv spoken Enailsh Work with a partner. Student A's information is here. Student than have/haven't. 8's information ison page 00. Examples We haven't gat a free room. © You work on reception. Greet the new guests and deal with I"ve gota space tomorrow. them politely and helpfully Use this information, © Guest 1: I's 10 a.m. Check-in is usually after 2 p.m. Offer drink or breakfast in coffee shop. You'll inform as soon as room is ready, > Language review page 88 2 Work with a partner. Student A’s information is here. ‘Student B's information is on page 60. Take turns to ask and answer questions to practise these Forms. Example B Has the Crowne Plaza got a restaurant? A Yes. I's gota world-class restaurant. ‘AI Use this information to answer yourpartner's questions. = Guest 2: Hotel smoke-free. Bathrooms only have showers. Bottled water in all rooms, 3t 3: Family with no reservation (walk-ins). No ing rooms. Extra bed no problem. Children's menu, No pool. Example Good morning. Can |help you? Crowne Plaza Hotel # 4 e oa eat neces @ Toke the role of three different guests arriving to checkin. Use airconditioned rooms business centre this information, world-class restaurant _free shuttle from airport roof terrace bar Wi-Fi in public areas fitness centre with sauna concierge services 24-hour room service (until midnight) conference facilities |A2 Find out ifthe Sunset Beach Hotel has got these things. Intemet access restaurant _sports faci swimmingpool —terracebar__airconditioning. conciergeservices tours, business centre gardens shops hhairsalon = Guest 1: Reservation for two nights, Ask about: disabled access from car park, getting to bar and restaurant by wheelchair. '= Guest 2: Reservation for two nights. Show booking confirmation of four weeks ago. 1 Guest 3: Reservation for three nights. You need car parking but haven't pre-booked. Book parking for next two days. Example Hello. We have a reservation check-in problems | 17 Explaining how things work in the hotel room Inthis unit you will % help guests with the room facilities practise some useful small talk. = Starter Look at the pictures. What problems are the new hotel guests having? Can you think of any other problems hotel guests have with things in their rooms? = Listening How things work 1G 8.1 Listen and underline the correct alternative. 1 ‘The woman has a problem using her key card/door key. 2. The receptionist offers fo come/asks a porter to help her. 3. The man in 323 doesn't know how to make the lights work/hasn't got his key card. ‘The receptionist tells him to leave the key card in/ remove the key card from the slot. ‘The air conditioning isn't working/switched on in 531 The man wants to takea shower/bath. You enter the code before/after you close the door of the safe deposit box. 8. You use another/the same 4-digit code to open the box. 2 @ 8.1 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1 Icantt my room, ‘The key card doesn't seem... — I snows into my room but none of the 4 Ourroomis very the windows. stuffy and we 5 Canyouseean with an air con symbol? 6 Ofcourse, Just -wthe silver knob an the bath tap. 7 ‘Then close the door and any code by pressing the buttons on the door. 8 Tounlock, ust the code. 18 | Unit Explaining how things work in the hotel room \ 3. Workwith a partner. Practise explaining how things work using the verbs. 1 Explain to the guest how to get into the room and turn on the lights insert takeout turn open put not remove 2. Explain to the guest how to work the safe deposit box. put close enter turn enter (again) _keyin Work with a partner. Choose one of the other problems you thought ofin the Starter. Explain how to deal with the situation, Language study ES When you insert the card, a litle green light shows on the lock. Take the card out and turn the handle to open the door. Putyour card into the slot there. Don’t remove the card until you leave the room. Have you got the remote contiolto switch the ar conditioning on? Use the plus orminus buttons to set the temperature. Putyour valuables into the box. Then tum the little knob and enter the same code again. arrow insert slot button journey stuffy control switch knob tip digit point down valuables face remote control “> Glossary page 102 Imperatives Use the imperative form for giving instructions. Examples Put your valuables into the box. Enter the code, Don’tremove the card until you leave the room. 1 Complete the instructions for accessing the hotel's Wi-Fi with the correct verb. dlickon logon complete enter ask To use the hotel's free wireless network connection: ne reception fora card with a Wi-Fi access code or network key. to your laptop, . internet Explorer to automatically view the hotel's home page. 4 the guest information screen. othe access cade. You should now be connected to the hotel's wireless, network. 2. Work with a partner. Choose one of these activities (or think of your own). Write some instructions for the activity using the imperative, + operatinga coffee machine to make espresso ‘+ using computerized booking system ‘+ welcoming a guest at reception Adjectives and adverbs Look at these examples, ‘Do | have the correct key card? (adjective + noun) ‘Are you putting it into the slot correctly? (verb + adverb) Note these irregular adverbs: good/welt,ard/hard, fast/ fast, late/late > Language review page 88 3 Undertine the correct alternative. 1. The porter opened the door easy/easily with the woman's key card. 2 Afterthe event, serving staff cleared the room quick/ quickly. 3. The safe deposit boxis secure/securely locked with the guest's digit code. 4 The hotel is good/well managed by an international staf. 5. Shuttle buses run frequent/frequentlyin high season. 6 Theyasked for separate/separately rooms for the children. 7 8 ‘Thebarwas busy/busily and service was very slow/slowly. He's gota really good/weell ob atthe hotel ® Listening Small talk @ 8.2 Listen and match 1-9 with a~i to make dialogues. 1 []How was your journey? [[]Did you find us OK? (lis this your first time in Spain? [Did you enjoy the trip to the castle? [Have you had a nice evening? [D the river trips are a really good day out. [J Have you visited the old quarter yet? (Clits beautiful morning, ist? (] What's the weather going to be like today? No. We visited the north last year. Are they? Well book one for later in the week. twas very straightforward, thanks. No hold-ups at al I'm afraid the forecast isnt very good. Not yet. We'e planning to eat there this evening, ‘Well, the one-way system in the city centre isa bit confusing. Yes, so were offfora long walk. Yes, thanks. It was very interesting. i Yes, very nice. We had a meal in the old town. menos Q 8.2 Listen again carefully to the receptionist’s intonation and practise the dialogues with a partner. Activity ‘Work with a partner. Student A's information is here, Student B's information is on pages 61 and 62. You work on reception. Use this information to checkin the new guest. Greet / ask about journey. ‘Weather forecast — hot and sunny all week. eal with check-in (sign registration/passport). Give key card ~ room 726. Room is on 7th floor. Explain how key card works for door and lights. Allrooms have air conditioning ~ remote control. Offer help with luggage. Wish guest enjoyable stay. Example Good evening. Would you like to checkin? You checked in ten minutes ago. Call reception with some queries. '= You don’t know how safe deposit box works ~ instructions aren't clear. Admit you only entered code once. '= You want to know how to operate shower. f= Ask about weather forecast for tomorrow — you're planning trip to national park. Example {don’t know how the safe deposit box works. Unit 8 Explaining how things work in the hotelroom | 19 20 Serving drinks Inthis unit you will interact with customers in the bar and restaurant + talk about drinks. Starter Match the words with the drink groups in the table. Some ‘words may be used more than once. [draught still sweet single mixer red bitter sparkling rosé full-bodied lager softdrink double magnum dry white _medium fizzy Beers Wines Spirits Non- alcoholic sparkling sparkling Listening A busy night in the bar @ 9.1 Listen and answer the questions. What did Stef get for the group on the terrace? How did they pay for their drinks? Where are the bar's toilets? Do customers order drinks from the bar? Why did Mario speak to the men in the corner? Why did Stefask for the girls ID? 9.1 Listen again. Match 1-8 with a-h to make sentences. 1 (1Can we start a their ID? 2 can we order b call security. 3. []Takeaseat and ¢ atab behind the bar? 4 [Imeedtoaskyou dave you got? 5 [JIcantserve € drinksat the bar? 6 [Jtdor't want to f tocalmdown. 7 Jwill you check g you any more drinks. 8 []Whatothersoftdrinks h_ T'llsend the waitress over toyou, Unit 9 Serving drinks 3. Work with a partner. Use the prompts to practise expressions for situations in the bar. * toilets? startatab? — orderfrom the bar? + softdrinks? + calmdown — « nomoredrinks security -1D = Language study ES ee Canwe startatab behind the bar? Who ordered this? Excuse me, Where ae the toilets? Just down the stars on the right {can’t serve you any more drinks. You've got five minutes to drinkup. Sothat’s..Isthat right? Do you have ID? aperit half-boitle security chilled house white/red single malt corked bucket sparkling Language review page 88 41. Check your word order in questions by correcting the mistakes in the sentences. Can ask you them to calm down? ‘The under-age drinkers order what did? What other soft drinks you have got? Who did break the glass on the terrace? Did leave the men the bar quietty? Forwhat drinks did table 3 ask? Have the glass you removed from the terrace? Who does wantto start atab behind the bar? Use the prompts to make questions for the answers, you/check/theiriD? Yes, did. where /thewaiter/take Hetookittotable 6. the ice bucket? ‘who / Mario / work / with? He's working with Stef. 4 theyoung Australian waiter/ Yes, hes. be / good at his job? 5 whattime / you / Ina couple of hours - about finish work? midnight. 6 who /order/ champagne? _Itwasthe group on the terrace. 7 you/ wouldlike citrus Pineapple, please. orpineapple? 8 who / refuse / to serveyou? ‘The bar manager. Listening Drinks at the table @ 9.2 Listen to some customers ordering drinks ina restaurant, Answer the questions Isthe house white wine from Italy or Spain? Isthe Chilean Merlot light or full-bodied? What does the customer order at room temperature? Whats the problem with the wine? How much dessert wine do they order? House white 70d bottle by the glass House red 70d bottle by the glass New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Chablis Red wines” Chilean Weriot Rioja Bordeaux Dessert wines” Woscatel BeValenda Royal Tokaji Biue label Cockiaiis ‘Ghampagne cocktail ‘Americano Whisky sour 4 Margarita Liqueurs Courveisier Grand Mamier Baileys Drambuie Ask at the bar for our special selection of single malt whiskies LLL LE Work with a partner: Take tums to be server and customer. Use the Drinks list to practise offering and ordering drinks. ‘Try tomakeat east fourlines of dialogue. Example A. Would you like to order wine with your meal? B Yes, please. A dry white wine A. The Chablis is very popular. B Isitchilled? Activity Work with a partner. Take turns to be customer and server. Customer: You are in a bar with three friends. Choose a drink for each person from the list on page 62. Decide how each person ‘would like their drink. Ask the server about the different wines ‘and cocktails if necessary. You want to open a tab behind the bar. Server: Take the drinks order and make sure you know exactly what the customer wants. Answer any questions using the information on the list on page 62. Confirm the order. Agree to open a tab. Example A Good evening, What can I get you? 8. Can we have one mineral water? A Still orsparkling? 8. Sparkling, please. What's in the Screwdriver? A It's vodka and Unit 9 Serving drinks | 21 Food service Inthis unit you wilt take customers’ orders explain what's in dishes talk about cheeses and coffee. = Starter Look at the menu. 1 Arrange the items into Starters, Main courses and Desserts. Compare your menu with a partner's 2. Doyou have any of these dishes in your country? 3 Whatare the most popular dishes in your country? = Listening Are you ready to order? 1G 10.1 Listen and tick (¥) the items on the menu that the guests actually order. 2 G 10.1 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1 What's the svn z 2. athe seafood salad. Are there vow iM it? 3 It a selection Of ssrumeumnnnnanne Of seafood on a green salad, 4. ..and oursteaks are 5 Ws. ‘onions, tomato and mango with chillies. 6 Could We have unsmnnnnnennen of the Chardonnay? 7 Have you ymadam? 8 We'dlike to see the. 3. Work with a partner. Take turns to be customer and server. Customer Ordera Starter and a Main course from the ‘menu above. Ask for recommendations, what's in the dishes and what they are made from. ‘Take the order and answer the customer’, questions, Server 22 | Unit 10 Food service Menu Chocolate cheesecake Soup of the day Ice cream Fillet steak with choice of pepper or red wine sauce Sea bass served with spicy mango salsa Goat's cheese and red onion tart Breast of chicken ‘with a cream sauce A selection of cheeses Seasonal fruit compote Chicken liver paté Mushroom risotto = Language study ii ee Itdoesn't contain any nuts. Itconsists ofa selection of different types of seafood What can you recommend forthe main course? The sea bassis fresh in today. It's made from onions... Is everything al right with your meal? Could we have another bottle of .? Anda little more bread, please. Certainly. ll get you some. asparagus frothy salsa breast of chicken goat’scheese ——seabass chill mango selection compote mix stewed fresh pistachio tart > Glossary page 102 Talking about quantity Lookat the words used to talk about quantity. It's made from onions, tomato and mango with some chillies. Could we have another bottle of Chardonnay? Alitle more bread, please. Would you like more wine? 've had enough. rilget youone. ‘The word used can depend on whether the noun it describes is countable or uncountable. Examples Countable: five dishes, (a) few customers, another bottle, not ‘many reservations Uncountable: some bread, (a) little butter, not much time “> Language review page 88 Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase. few enough alittle another how many more many how much much some 1 Oursupplieris very good. We don’t get corked bottles of wine. 2a people order three courses forlunch? Very Two courses are for most people. 3. The dessertis quite light - there isn’t ‘cream init. ah bread is left? 8: Only two pieces. And we need some. butter, too. 5 Can havethe fish with just... . ofthe salsa? ..bottle of Rioja and .- mineral water. 6 Table 5 have ordered. they'd like Sell = Listening Dessert and coffee 1G 10.2 Lookat the pictures. Then listen to the dialogue. Which oftthe items did the family order? 2 G@ 10.2 Listen again. Underline the correct alternative. 1 Mango sorbet isa sort of water ice/ie cream. 2. Fruit compote isa mix of fresh/stewed fruits 3 Dolcelatte isa strong/creamy blue cheese from Italy 4 Manchego isa creamy/strong sheeps milk cheese from Spain. ‘An Americano isa small/regular black coffee Alatte isa black/mitky coffe. Anespresso isa small strong/milky coffee. A cappuccino isa coffce with frathy/creamy milk on top. 3 Work witha partner, Take turns to ask and answer about the desserts, cheeses and coffees in 2. Activity 1 Asa class, brainstorm a lst of dishes fora three-course restaurant menu. With the help of your teacher, translate the ingredients into English, 2 Work with a partner to design a three-course menu using the ideas from 1. Give a choice of two or three dishes for each course. Make sure you know whats in the dishes. Take tums to be customer and server. Practise explaining the dishes to your partner. 3. Work with a different partner. Take turns to be customer and server. Order from each other's menu. Unit 10 Food service | 23 Know your region Intthis unit you will 3 talk about and compare visitor attractions advise guests on what to do. = Starter What type of visitor attractions do guests often ask about when they're staying in a hotel? Make a list. What are the ‘main visitor attractions in your area or country? = Listening Advising tourists 1 @ 11.1 Listen and tick (W) the visitor attractions you hear that are on your list. Make a note of the attractions not on your list. Compare with a partner. 2 G 11.1 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1 Could Saturday evening? 2 Well the... but something musical for ismore expensive than the 3. Youcan 4 The Folk Museum is more. to help you with tickets. the Local 5 The Local History Museum is more and has.. 6 Ithinkthe Museum. Its not museum is the National as some of the churches, but its more beautiful, 8 Whichisthe... for restaurants and bars? 3. Work with a partner, Take turns to be guest and receptionist. Ask and answer questions about attractions in your area ora place that you know well Example ‘A Which is the best area for good local restaurants? B There arelots of good restaurants near the harb. 24 | Unit11 Know your region = Language study What about the opera or the English theatre? Which is more interesting, the .. orthe..? Ithinkthe most interesting... is The cathedral is definitely worth a visit too. It's notso .. as some ofthe... , but i's certainly more... Anotherthing that might interest you is. Which is the best area forrestaurants and bars? The main tourist places are all around the cathedral. alley definitely informative archaeology fascinating period (of history) architecture further traditional concertseason guidebook uptodate culture > Glossary page 102 ET ae, Comparisons ‘Check you know how to make compari examples. The food is... cheaper. The area around the cathedral isthe oldest partofthe city. (add -er/the -est to short adjectives) The opera is more expensive than the theatre. {think the most interesting .. isthe National Museum. (use more/the most with longer adjectives) The food is as good as in the cathedral square. (=the same as) It’snotso old as some ofthe churches. (= some ofthe churches are older) Note these irregular adjectives: good/better/the best, bad/ worse/the worst, itle/less/the least, far/further/the furthest. ns. Look at these > Language review page 90 1 Find the different comparative and superative forms in the Listening script for) 11.1 on page 73. moreexpensivethan..... 8 more interesti 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 themostinteresting..... 12 6 7 2 13 14 Complete the sentences with the appropriate comparative or superlative form. 1 City centre hotels are general (expensive) than hotels outside the city. 2 Damascusis probably. the world. 3 TRE HOLLIS enemies last month. 4 The bad weatherin june felt February. 5. The restaurant service was bad yesterday but even ‘ (bad) today. 6 Julyis le) popular month as the middle ofthe rainy season, 7 fyou book out of season you get a (g00d) deal. 8 Thetramis. (ld) city in (busy) this month than (cold) .- (not frequent) asthe bus. Listening Things to do in Granada Q 11.2 Listen and number the places in the order that you hear them, a Lieity centre b [Alhambra and Generalife ¢ (C]Satomonte d [_]Sierra Nevada e [JAlbaicin quarter @ 11.2 Listen again, Which of these things can be found in the places in 1? Some things can be found in more than one place flamenco garde ard tap: scture shopping museums Work with a partner. Take turns to be visitor and resident in Granada. Ask questions about the places and things to doin 1 and 2. Examples A Weld like to visit some gardens. B Goto the Generalife, it has beautiful gardens. A. What about trips outside the city? B_Timsure youd enjoy a day in the mountains ofthe Sierra Nevada, Activity ‘Workwith a partner, Student A's information is here. Student B's information is on page 63. @ You work on reception in a New York hotel. Use the web page to answer the guests’ questions. Where possible, use the information in brackets to compare the tourist attractions. New York City attractions Gimme s ‘© EMPIRE STATE BUILDING ~ viewpoint on 86th floor (better in evening to avoid queues) ‘© STATUE OF LIBERTY from Staten Island ferry (ferry cheaper than a tour) ca ‘© ELLIS ISLAND IMMIGRATION MUSEUM ‘% Walk around the historic Wall Street area ‘SOUTH STREET SEAPORT SAILING SHIP MUSEUM (quieter part of city) ‘© METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (covers a longer period than Museum of Modern Art) ~ spend at least two hours there ‘& MUSEUM OF MODERN ART ~ also wonderful (more speciali or ‘& Broadway theatres for musical shows and plays (big shows are the most popular) emi) ‘© FIFTH AVENUE for all the big shops (Saks the biggest) ‘© CENTRAL PARK — huge park, wonderful z00, great summer theatre ‘ BATTERY PARK — good for free events ~ music, art, dancin © You've recently arrived in istanbul. Ask the receptionist fora city map and some tourist information about the city. You want to see the most important sights and you're interested in the following. Islamic art archaeology shopping for nuts and spices excursions outside the city Unit 11. Knowyourregion | 25