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Submitted to:

Ma¶am Ashi Aftab umar

Submitted by:

Malik Rehman Ashraf






Warid Telecom

Report date:

From 14th June to 18th June

Comsat Institute of Information Technology

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Its first day of my internship in warid franchise. Timing of warid

franchise is 10 a.m to 8 p.m.
10 hrs a day, but on 1 st day, I have spend only 6hrs, because on that
day owner of the franchise appoint an employee to brief me about what
will be you doing in internship . After one and a half hour of listening a
briefing about our work, then personally I read the broachers and
packages of warid prepaid and postpaid. Basically our focus is to
provide information to customers about the warid postpaid packages
and convince the customers to buy this packages. And also provide
information to the customer about Why postpaid package is better then
prepaid, and why warid connection is better as compared to the other
networks. So on that day I have just got the knowledge about the
product (Warid connection prepaid,postpaid). And Rest of the time I
have spend in office to see the working of the employee in office and
how they deals with customers, and I learn from them. So that day is
just a learning day for me and knowledge about the product.

Now on second day of my internship. This day starts at 10 a.m, I went

to the office and I have collected the postpaid packages and broushers
of prepaid packages . then I have select the target market for that day.
Now on second day I have visited the those shop who are basically our
relatives, because our facilitator asked me that first you are visited
those shop who owns your relative then you went to the unknown
customers. First you deal with your relatives because you have no fear
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and hesitation to deal with that, and provide information about the
postpaid and prepaid packages. After visiting 3 to 4 relatives shops I
have sold out 2 postpaid connections. Then 1: 30 pm to 2:30 pm I
have s lunch break. After that I have visited few banks in gujrat, like
first I visit HBL and meet with the manager of HBL named Sajid, I have
provided the information of postpaid packages, basically he is already
use telenor prepaid package. Then he ask me to show the postpaid
packages, After I provide the information of postpaid, he is convinced
and ask me I will be buying this package, And have a nice time with
After visiting the HBL, then I have visited the Alfalah Bank. And meet
with zonal manager of Alfalah named ehsaan Elahi. He ask me I have
already used the warid postpaid packages and all our employees also
used the postpaid packages, and he praised of my work.
Then I visited the MCB bank, I meet the manager of this bank, but he
has not give me a good response, After I have asked about the
postpaid packages, he asked me ihave not interested in any packages,
I have used the mobilink and I have satisfied with this connection.
After visiting these banks then I suggest to visit the furnisher market
on railway road in gujrat. When I enter the first shop, I introduce ourself
then asked about the packages , the owner of this shop give me a lot of
complaints about the warid connection and I have noted that
complaints and give satissfication to customer next time I hope you will
not give me any complain.
After visit the markets then I have gone to the office. And rest of time I
have spend time in office and give report of whole day of my first
experience in market. On very first day I have sold out 3 postpaid
connections. In office then I collect the forms of new postpaid
connection for those customer who buy from me. So I am very happy
on my first day experience is good for me.
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now on 3rd day, first I have gone to the office and collect the form of
new postpaid connections and went to that shop first who buy
packages from me, I have collect the NIC and fill out the forms from
that customers. Than I go back to the office to activate the connections.
After that I have targeted the another area of gujrat named as Ramtalai
Road, on that road mostly shops are related to mobiles and computers.
So I visit the shops and provide information about the packages and
also inform that how postpaid package is better then prepaid. Many
customer are willing to buy this package after convincing them. All are
the customer gives me good response, no single one give me a bad
response. Our marketing time is 10 am to 4 pm and after that I spend
our time in office to deals with customers.

now on 4th day. I have visited the shopping malls, two of the famous
malls in gujrat
1 Abdullah mall
2 Aleena centre
In these malls I have visited the branded shops like levis, River stone,
Junaid Jamsheed, Cotton and cotton, ideas by gull Ahmad and many
more. first I visit the Abdullah mall and first I enter in cotton and cotton
shop I provided information about the packages and convinced the
customer to buy postpaid packages. From this shop 2 customers buy
the postpaid Package from me.
Then I visit the ideas by gull ahmad and I meet with the owner of this
shop, who already use this postpaid package and he also asked me
that I have buy postpaid package. then I visit another mall Aleena
centre. I have visited all the branded shops and most of the customers
convinced from my information about the packages. When I visit the
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levis shop the owner of that shop ask me to convert my no from zong
to warid , and owner of shirt and tie ask me to give me a golden
number, but golden number is only on 750 and onward packages and
some conditions from company, if you buy a golden or silver number
O Company said that if you buy a golden or silver number free then you
cannot downgrade the package plan e.g from 750 to 500 or 750 to 250.
O Company said that if you buy a golden or silver number free then you
cannot convert to prepaid.
O Not port out to the other network
O Not to transfer the ownership for lifetime.

If customer said that I have bought that number without these

conditions then he/she will pay 2000 for silver and 5000 for golden
numbers. Then customer is independent from all the conditions.

So after visited these two shopping malls, then I will go back to the
office and give report of that day, and ask to the collegue about the
customers complaints and responses.
Then in office from 4pm to 8 pm I deals with customers who are
coming in office for any issue.

now on last day of week, all the day I have in office because markets
are closed due to weekend . So I have work in office to deal with
customers, provided information to customers whatever they want.
Three to four customers come in office and issue a new connection, so
I deal with those customer, fill a form and issue a new connection .
many customers come in office for having a problem faced in
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connection, so I have solved the problems of that customers. Then rest
of the are also same like that. This is the report of 1 st week activities
and responsibilities, that I have been done in internship.

Reasons of why Postpaid is better than Prepaid:

I have discussed in our report that, our purpose is to provide

information of postpaid packages as compared to prepaid, because
there are two reasons behind it,
O 32% tax is apply on prepaid connections on 1 st of October, now is 16%
tax. But in postpaid packages these taxes are not apply. That¶s why I
have inform customers to buy postpaid packages.
O Another reason is that when you call from prepaid number, tax is also
apply on call. So these two types of taxes are apply in prepaid but not
in postpaid.

—      :

Its my first experience I enjoyed a lot, and I know well about the
distinguish between study life And practical life. After doing this work
of one week I have got a self of responsibility.

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