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INTERNET International Network. A collection of computers networked and 6 Domain Types

linked around the world. It refers to a global connection that links you and your
computer to the worldwide information superhighway. DOMAIN DESCRIPTION
.Com - Commercial organizations (businesses)
WORLD WIDE WEB A system of internet servers that support specially .Edu - Educational organizations (universities, high school etc)
formatted documents (HTML). .Gov - Government organizations (non military)
.Mil - Military organizations
WEB SITE A site on the WWW, contains a home page (Default Page), .Org - Any other organizations that do not fall into one of the
additional documents and files. It is owned and managed by an individual, above mentioned categories
company or organization. .Net - Network service provider or network resources

WEB PAGE a document on the WWW, identified by a unique URL. Aside from the 6 domain types, countries other than United States of America
are identified by a two-letter code.
Variety of Information available via the Internet:
1. Economic, geographic, social, political, and travel information COUNTRY COUNTRY
2. Local and international business CODE
3. Government information Ph - Philippines
4. Product and services information Fr - France
5. Legal information De - Germany
6. Health information It - Lithuania
7. Research information Au - Australia
8. Artwork and literature, electronic books Mx - Mexico
9. Job listings and career information
10. Sports, entertainment and software updates EMAIL ADDRESSES
1. Desktop computer with communication capability and client software An email address is made up of:
2. An internet connection, address and account 1. A user account name
3. The internet network itself 2. The @ symbol
4. Servers of available information on the Internet 3. The domain name of the machine on which the users account resides.

DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM translates the domain name of a computer into its METHODS OF GATHERING DATA
associated IP number. For example, you might be told that a machine has the IP
number: The IP number of the computer might be given the Electronic Mail Allows one user to send a text-based message to another.
associated domain name? Newsgroups Like a bulletin board that allows people to write messages that
can be read around the world.
ftp - usually indicates a certain type of server File Transfer Protocol A method of transferring files from one computer on
someplace - is the organization to which it belongs the internet to another.
edu - replace educational, including the type of organization (domain type) World Wide servers Allows users to view formatted documents (including
graphic) on their screen directly, instead of navigating hierarchical menus.
IP ADDRESS Each of the computers connected to the internet has a unique WORLD WIDE WEB (WWW) universally accepted standard for sharing
number called the IP address. documents and information on the internet.