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Dieter Daniels / Inke Arns (eds.

Sounds Like Silence

John Cage
Silence Today

1912 1952 2012

Spector Books

15 Dieter Daniels / Inke Arns

Sounds Like Silence

Essays Scores and Documents Silence: A Reader Exhibition

23 Dieter Daniels 86 Versions, Derivatives, 196 Texts by John Cage 240 Works by John Cage
Your Silence Is Not Sequels, and
My Silence Reconstructions of 433 199 Preconditions / Prehistory 253 Contemporaries of 433
With texts by
39 Inke Arns 167 Related Material Branden W. Joseph, 256 Silence Today
On the Dark Side Douglas Kahn,
of Silence 185 Discography Julia Robinson
45 Brandon LaBelle 212 Work Structure / Score /
Noise, Over-Hearing, and Composition
Cages 433 With texts by
Liz Kotz,
53 David Toop James Pritchett
Nothing Hear
220 Performativity / Theatricality /
59 Julia H. Schrder Visuality
So that one becomes With texts by
aware of the presence William Fetterman,
of a soundor its absence. Simon Shaw Miller,
Circling John Cages Hans-Friedrich Bormann
Concept of Silence
229 Contexts / References /
67 Drte Schmidt Biography
Its important that you With texts by
read the score as youre Jonathan David Katz,
performing it. Branden W. Joseph
A Philological Perspective
on the Various Versions 235 Legacy / Recordings
of 433 With texts by Appendix
William Fetterman,
75 Jan Thoben Kyle Gann 273 Biographical Notes
John Cages Silent Scores 279 Colophon