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Technical data: Notes:

Power 9Vdc (negative terminal at DC-jack tip) The Simble Twimble is protected against incor-
Power consumption 13 mA rect DC eliminator polarity.
Input impedance 2MOhm (Predrive) or Use recommended voltage for best results.
430 kOhm (Overdrive) The manufacturer claims that the above men-
Output impedance: 50 kOhm tioned product fulfils the requirements as set
Using DC-power jack removes the battery by EN 55013, EN 55020, EN 60555-2 and
from the circuit. EN 60555-3, RoHS and WEEE.
Power Requirements: The Simble Twimble carries a two year limited
6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug warranty.
center negative and positive sleeve. Low output
on LED indicates a change of battery is required.

This product is manufactured by

Mad Professor Amplification Ltd

Simble Twimble - owners manual

Thank you for purchasing the The Simble Overdrive section: settings: Sensitivity Accent Contour Level This dynamic preamp is designed for guitar and
When you first plug in, please set the pedal as other stringed instruments and should be placed
Simble Twimble by Mad Professor. follows: Clean boost as the first pedal after the guitar.
The Twimble is a combination of the Simble Level: Treble boost Simble Predrive boosts the signal, compresses
Overdrive and the Simble Predrive. Both of the Sensitivity: it without a slow attack time and adds musical
drives have been tailored slightly in order to PAF/Deluxe
accent: harmonic overtones.
achieve an even more organic tonal result. As you Jazz This musical tonal combination is totally adjust-
turn the Contour fully clockwise, you will notice the Contour:
Texas Strat able with your picking attack and guitar volume
overdrive section now features enhanced clarity At these settings, switching the pedal on/off control. The picking articulation also shines
with a sparkling top end. The Predrive section has should not alter your tone. Your volume might Boutique through high gain tones.The amount of boost
additional sweet compression. This results in a change depending how powerful the pickups depends on the level of the input signal and the
pedal with a more 3-dimensional tonal feel and it on your guitar are. Set the Level to match the
Blues Line
position selected on the HOT/COOL-selector.
is even more easy to transition between clean and bypassed signal. Now you have a transparent The maximum boost is approximately +10db, with
overdriven guitar tones using your guitar volume tone from where you can begin working on your an average boost of +6db. The Predriver also
control. In addition, you will notice more warm own tone. SENSITIVITY: Amount of distortion and smoothens out the most prominent transients.
sustain to ease playing. compression
Turn the Sensitivity CW to add more distor- The Simble Predrives special circuitry uses low
Naturally, both drives sound excellent on their own, tion and the LEVEL to set the output. LEVEL: Output level noise transistors with high input impedance (over
on both singlecoils and humbuckers. And when The ACCENT knob adjusts how much the pick ACCENT: Pick attack and brightness 2 MOhms) making it possible to boost even piezo
activated together they really make you flow. attack is accentuated at the pedal input. This con- CONTOUR: Brightness of the output pickups without loss of tone.
The Mad Professor Twimble pedal allows you to be trol can also be used to brighten dark pickups. (darker when you adjust CCW) An output impedance of 50 MOhm allows it to be
the foundation of the tone.With the Twimble pedal, Fully CCW there is no effect. CONTOUR adjusts The Simble Predrive section: used in front of fuzz pedals.
your picking attack, your guitar and the pickups the tone of the output signal, turning it CCW soft- Simble Predrive is not just a preamp, it is a The power consumption is very low. By removing
you have chosen will retain their character, keeping ens the output for a jazzy tone, darker harmonics preamp/booster/compressor/upper harmonic the input jack when not in use, the pedal can run
your valuable original sonic footprint intact. and a better match for really bright amplifiers. enhancer. on a single 9V battery for a few years.