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Office of the Superintendent

June 26, 2017

Coalition for Accountability Respect & Excellence

Dear C.A.R.E Members,

Thank you very much for expressing your concerns regarding the possible violation of
former Superintendent H.T. Sanchez Separation and Release Agreement as well as TUSD
Governing Board Policy Code- GBDA. This correspondence serves as an attempt to formally
update you on actions that have been initiated to address the concerns expressed in your
June 13th letter.

With regard to the apparent violation of a TUSD contractual agreement between the TUSD
Governing Board and its former Superintendent H.T. Sanchez entitled SUPERINTENDENT
SEPARATION AND RELEASE AGREEMENT, please note the following:

1. A formal inquiry into Provision #10 of the agreement regarding the prohibition of
communication with TUSD personnel is ongoing and is focused specifically on
incoming and outgoing electronic communication, specifically between the time
period of February 28th, 2017 through May 25th , 2017. There is a specific emphasis
on the time period between March 1st through March 28th,2017. At the completion
of this inquiry, findings will be shared with the board as a whole.

2. A thorough investigation and inquiry has established that Dr. Sanchez received no
form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, from any district or private sources,
for his appearance at UHS or MM. This includes money that would have been
utilizing school or district tax credit funds or parent association funds.

3. It has been established through the submission of formal documentation that Dr.
Sanchez was formally invited to speak at the UHS graduation by the president of the
UHS parent association.

Proposed Action

Morrow Center 1010 E. Tenth Street Tucson, AZ 85719 Phone: (520)225-6060 Fax: (520)225-6174
Governing Board
Michael Hicks; President, Mark Stegeman; Clerk, Adelita S. Grijalva, Kristel Ann Foster, Rachael Sedgwick
I will be working with the Governing Board to develop specific procedural protocols for
adherence to the agreement for all of its provisions.

It is my hope that the establishment of clearly communicated procedures will assist all
parties with regard to compliance with the agreement, provide transparency to the
community, and will set clear expectations with regard to the specific communication that
can be considered formal approval for both parties. With regard to the concerns that you
have expressed about Governing Board Policy Code-GBDA, I will be formally proposing that
the Governing Board schedule the proposed revision of this policy as a study item at an
upcoming board meeting.


Gabriel Trujillo, Ed.D.

Interim Superintendent

Tucson Unified School District

Office of the Superintendent