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Voice Of Hope Newsletter Voice Of Hope Newsletter

From the Editor

Thank you for all the overwhelming responses towards the
previous VOH 4. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Please
continue to give us feedback on the magazine and what you would
love to see more of. This issue is dedicated to women with August
being Women’s month. VOH team wishes all women a happy

woman’s day on the 9th August. We spoke to 4 phenomenal
women in various industries about who they are and what they are
about. We believe their journeys will be an inspiration to you. Pas-

tor Mathebula’s article urges us to invest time in growing our spirit
man, speaking of which, we wish him a happy belated birthday that
took place on July 21st. May the Lord continue to bless you and “It’s high time that we learn to grow up
your family...May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of
Tumi God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. From me in Christ so that we can become
Boitumelo, till next time…
profitable servants in His house”

Editorial Team
What’s on One of the greatest problems that the church
faces today is that there is such a huge lack
in the shifting breeze and we flap our mouths
in whatever direction the devil pushes us.

in August? Editor in Chief

Pastor SC Mathebula
of spiritual maturity. Too many people are
immature and unable to handle the work Have you ever been around people who
Assitant Editor
that God desires them to do because they didn’t know what they really believed? That
06 – 08 Women’s Conference Pastor PM Mathebula haven’t grown up in Him. It’s high time that is because most have never taken the time
09 Woman’s Day (Public holiday) Editor we learn to grow up in Christ so that we can to grow in the Word of God and to establish

inside 20 – 22 Encounter weekend (R400,

register at info desk)
Boitumelo Shilubana
Layout Designer
become profitable servants in His house. their heart and mind in His Word. They are
easy targets for Satan as he spreads every
Thabiso Albert Monare Paul addresses the group of Christians in wind of doctrine. These are the immature
27 Night Prayer (20:00 – 00:00)
Advertising & Sales Corinth, who were behaving like children in Christians who cannot rightly divide, or
Growing 03 Boitumelo Shilubana the things of God. – 1 Corinthians 13:11, correctly interpret God’s Word and so every
Spiritually Our Services 011 024 3581 “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I teaching they hear can easily make an im-
Publisher understood as a child, I thought as a child: pression on them and they can easily be led
Celebrating 04 Sunday: Worship Service 08:00 Hope Restoration Ministries but when I became a man, I put away astray by following other immature people.
Woman 10:30 Printers childish things.” Do not be such a follower of Christ.
Bhubezi Printers
Monday: Men’s Prayer 18:30
How does a child act? How will you best represent Him if you are
Know your Faith, 07 Wednesday: Home Cell Groups 18:30
Church Contacts
Know your Bible Thursday: Women’s Prayer 18:30 Tel/Fax 011 976 0600/1 • Dependant
not growing in His knowledge? The Bible
urges us to work out our salvation with fear
Part 2 Friday: Youth & young adults 18:00 www.hrm.org.za • Irresponsible and trembling. Let us invest time in the study
Saturday: Intercession 07:00 • Sensitive of God’s word, prayer and fellowship with
01 Beynon Close, Cnr Zuur- • Malicious other mature Christians so that we grow
Can you afford to 08 fontein & Orange River Drive, • Impressionable and begin making a difference in the king-
send your child Chloorkop dom.
to university? It doesn’t take much to impress a child. You
Reception: 011 976 0600/1 can offer them almost anything and they
Medical 09 Email: info@hrm.org.za will accept it. Likewise, when we act as
Website: www.hrm.org.za children in the things of God we are unable or
Care Pastor: henry@hrm.org.za unwilling to think it through and then we are
Know your rights Ops Manager: peters@hrm.org.za carried away like a flag
Part 2 03

New Addition 10 Cover Photo Article by Pastor Siphiwe Christopher Mathebula who is a co-founder and Senior Pastor
to the Family Special Design of Hope Restoration Ministries. He is also Editor in chief of Voice of Hope Magazine
Voice Of Hope Newsletter Voice Of Hope Newsletter

Celebrating Woman in transport

Balungile Nene
Gautrain Train Driver
Woman in Dietetics
Lerato Radebe

Woman What does your job entail?

My job is to drive the train thus ensuring
the safety of passengers. Service delivery
to customers (i.e. Punctuality, Comfort and
What does your job entail?
Typically there are three sectors in which
dieticians can work How do you deal with difficult times?
For me I have always felt my calling from the

Keeping up with Woman’s month, we bring you information). To ensure that the delivery of
safe service is achieved under normal and
• Clinical – which involves working in the
hospital/ health facility, visiting patients
Lord was to help others, so often when I face
challenges I go back and consult my biggest
four dynamic women who occupy not-so- degraded situations. and based on their diagnosis calculating supervisor (The lord) on what to do. The bible

common positions. How did you end up doing the job?

a diet for them. For example in patients
with renal failure, their bodies struggle
always renews my strength, passion and
patience such that I can continue.

I love challenges and I’m an adventurous to process among other things sodium,
Woman in Ministry Woman in Politics person and since driving the train is a typi- potassium, fluids and protein so based

A Godly
Mrs SM Mathebula Ntombizakhe Rubber Mcaba cally male dominated job, I wanted to prove on the patients weight and other health
Vice President – POPCRU to myself that as a woman I can do what is conditions, the dietician must them plan

What does your job entail? mostly believed can only be done by men. a low sodium, potassium and fluid diet.
I wear too many caps to work every day POPCRU stands for “Police and Prisons Civil For example my previous job was police • Community – which is based mostly
which makes it sometimes difficult sometimes Rights Union”, a trade union that represents official which is also the kind of job mainly on nutrition education, when that patient
to pinpoint my exact position.  I manage the police officers, prison warders and traffic of- associated with males. goes home he goes back to a com- Pastor SC Mathebula
finances of the ministry, oversee Human Re- ficers. POPCRU is affiliated to COSATU. The munity.
sources and manage the crèche as well.  On union ensures that the rights of the workers How do you keep yourself motivated? • Food Service – this involves working
most days I also help with counselling. are protected at their workplaces and negoti- By not allowing negative people to pull me in food service industries, whether in In all literature, one of the greatest tributes
‘It is in your hands to
ates for workers benefits such as salaries down especially male colleagues when they hospitals or hotels or school hostels, to to women is found in the 31st chapter of make of our world a
How did you get to this position? among other things. make nasty comments to degrade or demo- plan menus that are nutritious and also Proverbs. This beautiful acrostic Poem is better one for all’
Well, I married a Pastor, so we are both in tivate me as a woman; wanting to show that deal with related matters like delivering attributed to king Lemuel, and was taught
- Nelson Mandela
full time ministry.  While growing up, I never What does your job entail? as a woman you are incompetent. That gives meals or ordering utensils. to him by his mother. I dedicate it to all the
thought that I would be in full time ministry, My department is responsible for attrac- me even more drive to prove myself that I’m women at HRM. Happy Woman’s Day!!!
I always dreamt of becoming a Medical tion and retention of new members to the good for the job and suitable for it. I myself though work in the training area, On the 18th July South Africa’s most cel-
Doctor, but God always has his plans and union. I also meet with Senior Management where I train health professionals in nutrition 1. A Godly woman is a woman of value ebrated person enjoyed his 92nd birthday.
purposes.  in the various departments to ensure sound Advice to young ladies wishing to follow related matters. (Proverbs 31:11, 12, 15, 20 & 28) Tata Madiba as he is affectionately known is
labour relations in the workplaces. I am also your footsteps • She is worth far more than rubies. loved and respected by many both locally
What advice can you give those in full involved in the development of new policies My advice to young ladies out there is that, How did you get to this position? • She is valuable to her household and internationally. Mr Mandela has spent
time ministry as well? according to the challenges encountered at whenever you want to do something and you I studied Dietetics (a four years Honours • She is also valuable to the homeless. 67 years making the world a better place. He
Working for a ministry is different from work- workplaces while monitoring enforcement of have a passion for it, just follow your heart degree at the University of Pretoria (need has been making a mark on the world for 67
ing for a private company.  Nowadays a lot of current policies. and believe in yourself. Don’t allow negative maths, science to apply)) after that I did a 2. A Godly woman is a woman of virtue years, beginning in 1942 when he first started
people go into ministry with a hidden desire people to drag you down. There is nothing compulsory community service at Tambo (Proverbs 31:15, 15, 17, 25 & 26) to campaign for the human rights of every
to “make” money and that’s not what ministry How did you get to this position? impossible if you put your mind and your Memorial Hospital, at which point I was called • Her virtue shows as she shuns South African. In celebration of Mandela
is all about.  First your heart must be in the I started off as a police officer in June 1982. heart to it. Don’t let anyone take that away by the University of Pretoria who offered me a sinfulness Day, the world was called upon to celebrate
right place.  Ministry demands a great labour I was very much involved in the trade union from you. lecturing position. And recently I was offered • Her virtue shows as she speaks sweetly Mandela’s birthday by offering 67 minutes of
of love and patience because it involves as an employee and during meetings other the position of Chief Training Officer by the • Her virtue shows as she strives one’s time doing some form of community
people who are sometimes very difficult and employees elected me to be a shop steward. Department Of Health. steadfastly work or spend the time making a difference
rude.  Through serving as a shop steward, other in someone’s life. In line with this, The HOH
members identified leadership skills in me What advice can you give others who 3. A Godly woman is a woman of vision ministry visited All Starts homeless centre in
How do you go through tough times? and nominated me for higher position and so wish to follow in your footsteps? (Proverbs 31:25 - 27) Kempton Park on Saturday, 17 July.
The Holy Spirit is a great comforter.  During I progressed within the movement. Dietetics is a very interesting field, we take • She has a vision of faith
my darkest hour or difficult situations, then for granted that we can eat anything we like, • She has a vision for the future All Starts Homeless Centre, a non-profit
I draw closer to Him, He knows just what What advice can you give others who but disease and other conditions often limit • She has a vision for her family making organization depending on donations
to do, Psalms 142:3.  Sometimes talking to wish to follow in your footsteps? what other people can eat. It’s very rewarding and sponsors, is currently hosting 15 teenage
loved ones helps, but when no one else if Participate in the structures of the union in to assist other people in these challenging It is my prayer for all women at Hope Res- boys whose ages range from 7 – 21 who
there to listen, the Holy Spirit sticks closer your workplace. When you do that members times. Because food and nutrition are part of toration Ministries to develop to be women have one thing in common and that is being
04 than a brother.  will see your potential and you will progress. almost everything in life, it creates an oppor- God created you to be and that you will fulfil homeless. Hands of Hope Members, more 05
Also, it is important to study further and tunity for one to decide where and how they your purpose in life. WOMAN, stand up and than 50 church members, seven visitors from
develop yourself to make yourself more would like to work. influence your family and your community, for the United States of America and 25 students
marketable. you are the pillar of society. and youth from the neighbouring areas joined

story continues on the next page

Voice Of Hope Newsletter Voice Of Hope Newsletter

- in on the outreach. The house was found

to be in a very dilapidated state and not fit for A look at Know your Faith,
impossible to lie (Hebrews 6:18) or to treat
people unfairly, God of the arbitrary but rather

Night Clubs
human dwelling. After a touching worship perfect in his justice.

Know your Bible

service and prayer, the team immediately got

to work as they cleaned up, helped prepared Muslims today say that Allah is merely an
a vegetable garden, fix broken taps, windows R Arabic name for God, while this is true is not
and doors and giving the house a fresh new Pursuing the beneficial and constructive PA the whole story. There is substantial evidence
coat of paint. Among other others the follow- Boitumelo Shilubana (VOH Editor)
What sets us APART as born again CHRISTIANS? that Allah has roots in the pre-Islamic
ing items were donated; a television set, 33 – A brief comparison with Islam paganism. At the time of Muhammad there
blankets, 15 pairs of brand new shoes, winter ‘Everything is permissible”- but were 360 idols that were being worshipped in
clothing, 10 doors, carpets and curtains. not everything is beneficial. -primarily implies my ‘right’ to consider what In the previous edition we looked at high - in as far as it related to how women should Mecca with the supreme god of the Quraish
“Everything is permissible”- but makes me happy. I cherish that right and I level differentiators between the two biggest be treated, the bible acknowledges that tribe (Muhammed’s tribe) called Allah. Finally,
Being a ministry that has its heart entrenched not everything is constructive.’ 1 want to exercise it and if possible faith systems in the world these being Islam women are a weaker vessels that needs to Islam holds a very strange view of heaven,
in restoring hope to the world, mentors will Corinthians 10:23 to the fullest. and Christianity. In summary we highlighted be treated with respect, furthermore men are as the faith believes that paradise is carnal
be identified to mentor these youths on an the few similarities that exist between the two advised to love their wives however it is clear and very sensual, whilst alcohol is prohibited
ongoing basis to help them develop a sense In a world categorized by instant Here’s something to ponder on; ‘only a faiths and further suggested that the in the bible that things such as polygamy are here on earth by the Islam faith, it is the order
of identity and belonging. Transport has gratification and sensual indulgence it’s highly dead fish goes with the flow’ acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as the not of God (Mark 10:5-12) and not permitted of the day in heaven. Men will be rewarded
also been arranged for these teenagers to likely for one to give in and conform to these Son of God and Saviour of the world from its by Jesus Christ. It is also fair to state that with dozens of virgins devoted to sensual
be picked up from the shelter and dropped attractions. The luring to go with the flow Much as it’s within my Biblical right to consid- sins as the key point of departure. Further- the bible does also elevate a man to a higher enjoyment (it is not clear what women get in
at church every Sunday for a service. The is at times difficult to resist such that many er what makes me happy, that consideration more, we suggested that there is a general position as the head of the family as Christ is heaven) see Suras 2:25; 4:47; 13:3536:55-
outreach was very emotional for all who were a Christian youth are faced with important is not without perspective and such should appreciation of peace in human relations a head of the Church, however there is 57, etc. The above is not appreciated by
involved and HOH will continue its support choices and decisions to make in view of the be a beneficial one. What benefit will this be meanwhile there is an explicit motivation of condoning of practices that oppress women. Christians as this faith system believes that
towards the shelter on a periodic basis. showbiz. The appeals of leisure in any form to me? I need to sincerely ask myself. Mean- violence within the Islam faith. Let us delve The Qur’an and Hadiths teach that it is heaven is unmarred by carnal systems, in
or shape are on the rapid increase. Come ing, ‘does this characterize a life of honor further into the other aspects that differentiate morally correct to force women to have sex fact the bible teaches that the kingdom of
weekends and holiday seasons people go worth emulating? Does investing and acting these two faith systems. with their captors (Sura 70:29-30; Bukhari 3), God is not about eating or drinking (Romans
‘clubbing’ kuzekuse (from sunset to sunrise). on my consideration (of what makes me interestingly Islam teaches that the 14:17), in heaven people will not be married
Poor, helpless parents and guardians only happy) reciprocate good, improved character In as far as the Islam faith refers to majority of people in hell are women as but will be like angels (Matt 22:30) heaven is
hope and pray for safe home return. Being and sound reputation? marriage and the treatment of woman, there revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (Bukhari a place of perfect joy for men, women and
a Christian youth in a world fashioned after is permission for a man to marry up to 4 1:28; 1:3012:161). Christianity through Christ children equally.
this mannerism can be challenging. I have So, for purposes of getting a greater wives if the man so desires (Sura 4:3), the himself raises women as important and equal
often eavesdropped youth in conversation understanding of clubbing, I visited a club man is also permitted to beat up his diso- heirs in the kingdom of heaven.
with each other and was intrigued by their
assertions about the entertainment industry
in Sunnyside, Pretoria. I observed in interet
as young ladies and young men, some too
bedient wife (Sura 4: 34 and Bukhari (8:68).
There is record in the Sahih Muslim Hadith Let us briefly look at how these two faith
“At the time of
in relation to them as Christians who have to young in my opinion, some dressed in next to number 2127 of Muhammad himself beating systems view the nature of God. Muhammad there
live by Christian values. nothing, drank and danced, “having fun.” Yet his wife (note, the Arabic name for beat is the Christianity views God as Godhead revealed were 360 idols that
something didn’t settle about this fun in my same word for how you’d treat a camel or in three persons God the Father, the Son and
“No, hang on, Jesus came that I may spirit. I sensed an overwhelming atmosphere slave). It is further important to state that Holy Spirit whilst Islam deny this blasphemy
were being wor-
have and enjoy life…” of lust and debauchery, and realised that Mohammad himself had 13 wives, 2 (Sura 4:171; 5:17; 5:72-75), in Islam shipped in Mecca”
(John 10:10) argued one youth though clubbing may not be wrong in itself, concubines and four women of uncertain accepting the Christian view of the nature
“Yeah, after all we are no longer under one exposes themselves to so many spirits relationship. One of his wives was only 9 of God is the only unpardonable sin and
the law” (Gal. 3:25) reckoned another operating in such environments. years old when he consummated his condemns one to hell. While Islam has a high In conclusion it is clear that Islam and
“Guys I disagree because what marriage with her. It is also of interest that regard of Jesus as a prophet, it denies him as Christianity are not professing the same God,
fellowship can light have with Lastly, it is not only about what makes me records show that Mohammed also married a Son of God (Sura 9:30; 10:68; etc). as it is advocated by the treatment of women
darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14) another happy (permissibility) and desirable harvest his daughter in law Zainab (Bukhari 9: 516- Another aspect relating the nature of God as and views of God and the matters relating to
vehemently objected; (beneficial) but how does it link to my assign- 518) after he arranged for this adopted son seen by these two faith systems relates to heaven. We are indeed honoured to be called
ment and purpose (constructive)? I live not Zaid to divorce her Sura 33 gives account of the fact that the God of the bible is HOLY – children of the highest God – Yaweh! Join us
It’s in view of such that we need to apply our only on the basis of what makes me happy how Mohammed declared that there was no that is perfect in all aspects (Hebrews7:26) in the next edition as we look at the
minds to words that will aid us in making but I understand that true happiness is found evil in a man marrying his daughter-in-law as whilst the God of the Qur’an does not always differences between African faiths and
informed choices and decisions in how to in my pursuit of my God ordained assign- was revealed to him by Allah. come across as holy, he changes his mind, Christianity. The author can be contacted at
live circumspectly. In the above Scripture ment and purpose. These (assignment and changes his promises and does not offer johnstone.makhubu@gmail.com for further
passage the Apostle Paul is chatting around purpose) are my blue print and define who The above account is a far out cry from the assurance of salvation. Allah is arbitrary clarity on issues contained herein.
Christian freedom and the perspective I am. Therefore, there are places I choose behaviour and precepts as taught by Jesus (Suras 4: 116; 5:18; 9:15), also Allah
thereof. Freedom comes with responsibility not to be in primarily not because it’s wrong Christ (a man considered less by Muslims deceives people (Bukhari 8:577; 9:532).
06 to live a disciplined life in choices and of me to go there but because it does not compared to Mohammed)- Compare this to the God of the bible with 07
decisions one makes. A general human enhance and harness who I am. I will enjoy whom it is
tendency is to be careless and irresponsible life and have fun; fun that will not tarnish my
in the exercise of freedom such that freedom relationship with the Lord and compromise
enslaves than empowers one to act my assignment and purpose. Johnson Makhubu is a zonal pastor responsible for the Birch Acres area and enjoys spending time in the study of
various faiths including their fundamental writings.
responsibly. The permissibility of everything
Voice Of Hope Newsletter Voice Of Hope Newsletter

Medical Negligence
Know your rights! T2
ABOUT How does a patient prove medical may be discounted based on the degree of

negligence? your own carelessness.
The only legal way to establish that medical
negligence has occurred is to hire an expert The relevant example in the medical negli-
medical witness, usually a medical doctor gence case would be where for example, if
operating in a similar capacity as the one a patient is admitted to the emergency room
allegedly negligent, to examine the case and for treatment and they fail to inform the physi-
make an expert opinion. cian that they are allergic to a medication or

Can you afford to What amounts to damages or compen-

tell them about a pre-existing condition, they
may be guilty of contributing to the negative

send your child to

sable injury? outcome of the treatment they received. If
A person’s damages may include compensa- you are found to have contributed to your
Prosperity is simply having enough of God’s tory and punitive damages. Compensatory own injury, the judge or magistrate will

provision to complete his instruction for your damages are both economic and non-eco- consider the degree of fault of each party in
life.  One of the tools satan uses to destroy nomic. Economic damages include financial determining whether an award is justified in
incentive, goals and joy of accomplishment is losses such as lost wages (sometimes called the case and what amount the award will be.
financial difficulty. Success or failure depends lost earning capacity), medical expenses
With Fundisa unit trust, everyone should now be able to send their child to university. Fundisa on your believing a lie or the truth. In mar- and life care expenses. These damages Contributory negligence applies solely to the The method of determining who should
is the initiative between the Department of Education and the unit trust industry to help par- riage, in health, in spiritual matters and even may be assessed for past and future losses. conduct of the injured person. It means that bear which portion of the damage involves
ents save for the higher education of their children. R34 million bonuses have been set aside in finances, what you believe makes all the Non-economic damages are assessed for there has been some act or omission on a comparison of the respective degrees
to reward parents who save for the education of their children. The Fundisa fund was set up in difference. Thousands live unfulfilled and frus- the injury itself: physical and psychological the injured person’s part which has materi- of negligence of the parties involved i.e.
November 2007. In 2008 the Fundisa Fund paid out up to R390, 000 in annual bonus payouts. trated lives because they do not understand harm, the reduced enjoyment of life due to a ally contributed to the injuries sustained and physician and patient. Each party’s degree
The bonus increased to R1.2million in 2009. The bonuses are paid in October each year. the truth about money. disability or loss of a loved one, severe pain is of such nature that it may properly be of negligence is determined by expressing
  and emotional distress. described as negligence. This means that the its deviation from the standard of the
If you save R200 a month for 12 months, you would have saved R2 400 by the end of the year 1. Money is unimportant. Punitive damages are only awarded in the injured person was partially to blame for the reasonable person as a percentage, the
and the fund gives you a bonus of R600 each year. So your savings instantly grow by R600 from 2. Money is evil. event of wanton and reckless conduct by a accident. two percentages are then compared in order
R2 400 to R3000 before market related returns. R600 is the maximum bonus that you can get 3. Money never hurt anyone. doctor. to allocate responsibility in respect of the
each year. You can save from as little as R40 a month. If you save only R100 a month, you would 4. Money will cure your problems and Therefore in cases of medical negligence by damage in question.
get a bonus of R300 at the end of the 12 month saving period. There are no penalties if you fail guarantee personal happiness. Can patients contribute to medical doctors, contributory negligence is primarily
to make the the monthly premium. 5. Some Are Gifted For Wealth And Some negligence? relevant in limiting the extent of the medical What does the term “reasonable person”
Are Destined For Poverty. When accidents happen, one of the first practitioner’s liability and is thus of consider- mean?
Fundisa is a domestic income fund that invests mainly in fixed interest instruments as well as 6. God does not want you to be financially questions people typically ask is “who was at able importance in law. It is regulated by the This term means a person has acted neg-
longer-term instruments such as bonds. For the year ended October 2009, the fund earned a prosperous. fault in the accident?” or “who was the cause apportionment of damages act 34 of ligently if he or she has departed from the
return of 9.5%. According to Janete Nel of the Association for Savings and Investments SA, this 7. There Is Nothing You Can Do About of the accident?” The concept of contribu- 1956. Section 1 (1) a) of the conduct expected of a reasonably prudent
translates to a total return for the year of 34.5% on an investment of R2 400. Only the first R2 Your Financial Situation. tory negligence addresses this question and apportionment of damages act 34 of person acting under the same or similar
400 invested each year qualifies for the bonus. 8. Regularity Of Giving And Amount Of provides a way to allocate fault between 1956 stipulates that “where any person suf- circumstances.
Your Seed Does Not Really Matter To parties when the answer to this question is fers damage which is caused partly by his
You can open a Fundisa account for your nieces or nephews and even your house helper’s child. God. not entirely clear. own fault and partly by the fault of any other The duty of proving contributory
If the child does not study at a university, you can switch the benefit to another child. The learner 9. Money Is An Unspiritual Subject And person, a claim in respect of that damage negligence
must be under 35 years of age to use the funds. Not To Be Discussed In Church. What is contributory negligence? shall not be refused by the reason of the fault Where the physician in a case of professional
10. It Is Selfish And Wrong To Give Expect- The term “contributory negligence” is used to of the claimant but the damages recoverable medical negligence raises the defence of
The annual fee is 1.25% and it is cheaper for you to go direct than to use an independent ing To Receive More In Return.  describe the actions of an injured person that in respect thereof shall be reduced by the contributory negligence on the part of the
financial adviser. You can invest directly with Standard bank, ABSA or Nedbank or you can call may have also caused or contributed to his court to such extent as court may deem just patient, he has to prove such a defence on a
Fundisa Fund on 0860 386 3472. Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to make A full article of this teaching can be down- injury. For example, if you were hit by a car and equitable, having regard to the degree in balance of probabilities.
your child’s dreams a reality. Get Fundisa now. Source www.fundisa.org.za. loaded from our website, www.hrm.org.za while crossing the street, but you jumped into which the claimant was at fault in relation to
the street without looking first then your care- the damage”
lessness will be taken into consideration and
08 Article written by Phumelele Ndumo – Vilakazi; author of the book, 7 Secrets why
Mike Murdock any compensation money that you receive 09
the rich own their homes and founding MD of ThuthukaSA. Remember to visit our Dr Mike Murdock is a noted author of 250 books
website www.thuthuka-sa.co.za for more money tips. including the best sellers, Wisdom for winning,
Dream-Seeds, and Secrets of the richest man who Article written by G Phungula, Associate Pastor at HRM, Practicing Attorney and
ever lived.  He is also the founder and Senior Pastor conveyancer and founding member of lawyers voice. www.lawyersvoice.co.za
of “The Wisdom Centre”, a Church with interna-
tional ministry around the world. 
Voice Of Hope Newsletter

Hope Restoration News

The month that was…
Happy belated birthday to our Senior Pastor SC Mathebula who celebrated his
birthday on Wednesday, 21 July. May the grace of Christ Jesus continue to
become your strength. We continually pray for you, your family and the ministry.
Many more years of health to you!!! We love you…

Code of Conduct
On Saturday, 10 July, a leadership breakfast was held to introduce the new HRM
Code Of Conduct. Leaders in respective departments / ministries were taken

New addition through the code and signed to agree that they will abide by it. Leaders who have
not yet signed the code should call Mr. Segale on 011 976 0600 or email him on

to the family peters@hrm.org.za.

Akani is a TV programme that tackles the

Hands of Hope gets a facelift
Mr. Peter Segale, a soft spoken man is no Hands of Hope as we know it will no longer be known as such. The new name challenges that students face at University.
stranger to Hope Restoration Ministries. He and look “HANDS OF RESTORATION” will be unveiled soon. Hands of Restora-
has been a member of HRM for seven years tion (HOR) is now the new name of the ministry previously known as Hands of We explore the cause of the challenges
and has served in the executive board for Hope. Hands Of Restoration is now an officially registered NPO and will be able and seek help for those students who are
three years. Mr. Segale has also served as to cater for a wide range of services. People from the church and general public
an Elder in the ministry for a few years. He will also be able to donate directly into this organization’s account so that this willing to share their stories on television
is also a Zonal Pastor for the region Norkem ministry can make a stronger impact in the community and the church. More on to help others.
Park. Effective 1st July 2010; he has become this in the next issue of VOH.
part of HRM Corporate in the capacity of
Operations Manager and brings with him Youth Conference Akani seeks to solve the huge problem of
a wealth of knowledge and experience on Well done to the Youth for hosting such a successful youth conference. You are a
management acquired over the years from generation that will make a difference for Jesus – YEYE!!
university drop-outs. Don't miss it on
various workplaces. SABC2 at 11am, Thursdays!

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Mr. Segale will be looking after the operation-
al running of the ministry including, building
BOOK “The Youth Choir
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maintenance, some level of Human Re-

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sources, security and suppliers relationships.
Ensuring that the ministry runs smoothly and

at the Youth
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eases the burden from the Senior Pastors will
be his primary concern. He is married for 14
years to Nancy Segale and they are blessed
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with two beautiful daughters. In his spare
time Ntate Segale (as he is affectionately
known) enjoys watching soccer both at the
stadium and at home. Senior Pastors SC
- Bishop TD Jakes.

So many times as women we expect too

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and PM Mathebula, HRM Corporate, VOH much from ourselves and our husbands,
and the whole HRM community welcome you some of which only God can give.  This can
to the family and wish you a time of learning bring up in so much frustration and bitterness

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and growth. because of a lack of understanding.  Some-

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times we look for certain things from God
that He has already given unto us.  This book
will help women to understand their God, the Akani is produced by
men in their lives and themselves better.  A
on  5th  a ni@
must have for all women.  Available at most
credible book shops. 
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